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Paul McGrath: Building a Villan Legacy!

Started on 22 October 2014 by No1VillaFan
Latest Reply on 29 June 2015 by No1VillaFan
Nice job keeping Peruzzi on :)
It's about time that sky got some push back... far too much power for a single broadcaster! Good luck with the court case though, i've heard sky have the devil itself as a lawyer!!
Good luck with this case ! Hopefully Sky got tapped on the fingers and villa free from prosecution

Football Association Reach Final Verdict
The Football Association deliver final verdict

It has been a long and drawn out investigation into the Second City Derby being screened at 4pm on a Sunday but finally the F.A have finally come to a decision and that is that Aston Villa WILL keep there place in the F.A Cup but have been fined a huge amount of money and will have to play the next 4 matches behind closed doors, when they are at home.

But first the F.A wanted to talk about BSkyB and the punishment they will face and this was totally, totally unexpected. We spent about 2 solid weeks investigating this and we decided that the appropriate decision was to take away the ability for BSkyB to show any English Football for FOUR years.

We have not taken this decision lightly but we feel that it was there incompetence that meant that Aston Villa nor Birmingham City were to blame. We are also prepared for the fall out here but we are ready and our decision will not change so we are now going to announce who has the packages.

FIFA World Cup Finals: All 2018 and 2022 matches live on BBC or ITV[1]
European Championship Finals: All Euro 2016 matches live on BBC or ITV; all qualifying matches on Sky Sports and ITV (The matches that were on Sky Sports now move over to ITV)
UEFA Champions League: ITV (18 live matches including final) and Sky Sports (129 live matches including final) until May 2015 (ITV now have all the English Sides taking part with Sky Sports keeping the rest, If a English side make it to the final Sky CAN NOT show it and BT Sport will still take over as planned in 2015)

*** 2015–18: Live on BT Sport with highlights on ITV ***

Premier League: Sky Sports (116 live games (packages B, C, D, E and F)) and BT Sport (38 live games (packages A and G)) until 2016; BBC (highlights until 2016)

New Channels

Package B is now to be shown on BT Sport
Package c is now to be shown on ITV Sport
Package D is now to be shown on Eurosport
Package E is now to be shown on BT Sport
Package F is now to be shown on BBC Sport

England football team: All qualifiers and friendlies live on ITV until 2018;

FA Cup: BBC (16 live matches including one semi-final and shared final per season) and BT Sport (25 live matches including one semi-final and shared final per season) until 2018
UEFA Europa League: ITV (29 live matches including semi-finals and finals) and BT Sport (25 live matches per season) until 2015

*** 2015–18: Live on BT Sport with highlights on ITV ***

The Football League: Sky Sports 75 live matches per-season, plus live play-off matches and final (50 Championship, 25 shared between League One and League Two) until 2015; highlights on BBC until 2015 (Will now be shown on BT Sport)

*** 2015–18: ITV and BT Sports 112 live matches per-season, plus live play-off matches and final ***

Football League Cup: Sky Sports 15 live matches per-season, including semi-finals and final until 2018; (Is now to be shown on channel 5 with Highlights on BT Sport
FA Community Shield: Live on BT Sport until 2018, highlights on BBC
Football League Trophy: 2 other matches + Final live on Sky Sports until 2018; highlights of Final on BBC until 2015. (Now to be shown on ITV)
Football Conference: BT Sport 30 live matches per season until 2015

So this a major change in English Football and the winners seem to be ITV and BT Sport. BSkyB though have replied to all of this with a statement.

So now we come to Aston Villa and Birmingham City and they have both accepted there punishment which is as follows.

Aston Villa have been given a fine of £5,650,000 and ordered to play four matches behind closed doors. This might seem a very big fine but it was deserved and like we say they did not merit being chucked out of the competition because Birmingham, who were also fined £4,000,000 in one of the largest fines for two teams in the F.A Cup all live to fight another day.

We will update with BSkyB's response later on.
Rofl that are some peppery fines ! how will this affect you on the sporting side ?
And is there a possibility that Sky can appeal ?
I wonder what sky's response will be ;)
2014-11-05 13:42#198439 Ziechael : I wonder what sky's response will be ;)


BSkyB Hit Back!

Since The F.A said it was BSkyB's fault they wasted no time in releasing a statement so here it is.

"This is an outrage, we are being punished for the failure of others. Our only part in this whole tragic affair was to select this match as a late kick off in order to televise it as one of the best matches of the round. There is no crime in that, it is part of our deal with the FA that we can select matches in this way in order to promote the best of the rounds, the financial benefits to both teams easily outweigh the inconvenience of having to provide adequate security measures which is the real failing here.

Knowing full well that a later kick off would allow for more hours of drinking before hand it should have been the clubs who issued pleas for responsible attitudes from their fans. They should have also ensured that there were sufficient security checks in place to prevent weapons from being brought into the stadium and there should have been an increased steward and police presence separating the away fans in order to prevent such incidents from occurring. It is shameful that in this age that these things can still occur. Both clubs should be ashamed of themselves but Sky have no cross to bear in this.

Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the victim's family and Sky would like to offer them lifetime subscriptions for our inability to cut the feed before such a horrific event could be televised. We would also like to offer them legal assistance should they wish to make a claim against the clubs.

To be stripped of our right to televise England matches is simply disproportionate to the part we may have played in this. While the clubs get away with a relatively small financial punishment we not only have to lose all of our sponsorship and advertising revenue but our reputation as a sports broadcaster is irrevocably depleted, simply for broadcasting sport!

The biggest insult in this entire farce is that we don't even have the right to appeal. Well I am here today to tell the FA that we may not be able to appeal their decision but we can certainly refer their decision to the high courts which is where we will be seeing them soon.

That is all…"

We later then asked the Football Association for a comment but they said that no one was availiable. Aston Villa and Birmingham City were also asked for a comment and only Aston Villa commented saying that they had already agreed a compensation package with Mr. Bloggs' family.

Note Thanks to Ziechael for playing the paty of BSkyB
Ziechael's avatar Group Ziechael
9 yearsEdited
2014-11-05 14:05#198444 No1VillaFan : Note Thanks to Ziechael for playing the paty of BSkyB

Anytime mate, it's an honour to be involved in the story... although playing a sky rep did make me feel quite poorly (especially since i work for another international broadcaster!), i just hope i don't get fired for realsies lol.
Lifetime subscriptions , whoohoooooowwww!!!!! oh wait... Sky may not more broadcast football..
Sky is screwed anyway :p
Mate, the level of detail you put into this story is insane. Good job
That's one hell of an update, theres alot of drama going on already in your story Jason! lol
Ziechael Thanks dude, its a privledge to have you in my story and it was an amazing article so thank you

Red Devil Yeah I thought it was funny too haha and soon they will be completely screwed

TheLuckOfTheIrish Thanks, I just want to keep on improving

Icarus Cheers dude and there is always drama in football so has to be in fm too :)

by the way way guys I am over 100 comments and 2700 views already and for this I sincerely thank you :)

Sky Sports Lose More Sport

The fall out to the BSkyB saga escalated today even further as SIX other sports pulled out of being shown on Sky Sports.

The first sport is Formula 1. The Motorsport, ran by Bernie Ecclestone today released a statement saying, we as a company can not be involved in such a situation like this. We can not be seen to be involved with any corporation who move events to a dangerous time slot to please themselves. We will be moving now to BBC and BT Sport who will show every race live and Sky will now not be able to show Formula 1 for the forseeable future.

Other sports included more football in the form of La Liga (moving to BT Sport), Serie A (moving to Channel 4 & 5) and the Dutch premier league (moving to BT Sport). This is very move by all three football leagues and leaves Sky Sports 5 useless and will now close down.

To make matters worse David Beckham has said he can not be associated wth BSkyB as have Paul Merson, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher. Beckham has moved abroad to cover ESPN in America and there Premier League coverage, Neville and Merson move to ITV and Carragher has moved across to BT Sport to join David James and Michael Owen.

This is a huge blow for BSkyB as it seems that people think that they ARE solely to blame for the Second City Derby fiasco.

Other sports to have pulled out of there deals are Speedway (Moves to Eurosport), Snooker (moves to BT Sport), Darts (moves to ITV, Rugby Union and League (moves to BBC, ITV and BT Sport) and Cricket (moves to BT Sport and Channel 4) have all pulled away from Sky Sports in a amazing twist of events.

It leaves them now with only a handful of sports left to screen over 5 channels including Boxing, American Football and Nascar but they are all 'evaluating' there positions at the moment.
ouch, some big blows in there for BSKyB, but it's no less than they deserve!

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