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A Flawed Genius

A tale of arrogance and overcoming adversity
Started on 24 October 2014 by Ziechael
Latest Reply on 26 February 2015 by Cappy13
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The Concept

As always, I wanted to do something a little bit different. So this year I have decided to write a story from the perspective of a single player. Using the editor I will be creating a new youngster (aged 14) who has the potential to go far but first he will have to overcome some major flaws in his personality.

The Creation
I want my player to have a chance at being the best so I will be setting his PA to -10, however at age 14 I don't want instantaneous success and will be setting his CA low enough to make him work for it. The flaws will be represented by a ridiculous level of arrogance (Teamwork set to 1) and a propensity to get injured (Injury Prone set to 20). It is my hope that these set stats should mean that my player will have some good times and some bad times throughout his career.

The Start
At 14 a lot of players have already been scouted and selected for top teams, I don't want this to be the case and so we will begin our tale at low league side Guiseley where it will be his chance to show the footballing world what a young kid with potential can do... if only he can get on with the other players.

Let the story begin...
Haha I hope he has more bad times than good times :P
I am really looking forward to this Ziechael!
Louis O. - That is certainly the hope, didn't want a rags to riches story, more a rags to bloody rags story lol.

No1VillaFan - Cheers mate, I hope it works! Oh and doing a McGrath story... great idea, will be following :)
Can't wait for the next update...Already! Really good idea, will follow :)
AaronHJFT96 - Then i'd best not keep you waiting long!
Love it! I can not wait to see how this goes
An interesting choice of setup but it is what I come to expect from you. Good luck.
Good Luck. This is looking like it's going to become a huge success.
Awesome, I've done this sort of thing before! Had a young player go from Crewe to Bolton to Brondby to Aston Villa where he really made his name! Have fun with this! Might start one myself!
Good luck Ziech, looking forward to this! :)
No1VillaFan - Cheers mate, I have to try and compete with your creativity!

Jamesg237 - I'll take 'interesting' :D Thanks

TheLuckOfTheIrish - I'll also take 'huge success'!!!

tomtheone - Cheers, I'm really looking forward to this one, no playing pressure and a completely random journey to enjoy. Just don't make a story out of yours until mine is established please :P

Feliks - I shall try to do your keen interest justice mate :)
Great Idea, and great letter! did you use a template from one of the school notes your kids get irl? ;) looks waaaaayy too realistic haha!
Icarus - I'm from the other side of Leeds but I did lift the graphics from the official school site ;) I changed some of the contact details though for legal reasons lol! More unique graphics coming soon, just got an article or two to write first...
Cheers though mate, I'm hoping this can be an interesting story, i've even got a twist in mind ;) as always...

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