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Poll: Roma - The New Era

This is a story of a new Era of Rome where we become the greatest team on earth and stay there
Started on 26 October 2014 by amass909
Latest Reply on 27 October 2014 by Zed
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So the journey begins, as you know I retired from football last year and have had a great brake with my wife, who is know expecting TWINS. Well we have been seeing some amazing places and learning about cultures around the world.
Then I got a phone call last month about a opportunity at management, you may know I done a series of couching courses when I was still playing. So I asked who for, I got told Roma, I was astonished I was even linked with a club like Roma for my first task. I thought I would have had to work my way up the ladder again, but I was lucky enough to be given a chance to manage Roma, one of the biggest clubs in world football history.
I would like to announce that my dear friend Adnan Januzaj (who's contract ran out in the summer) Has decided he would like to be part of my project and join the club on a three year deal earning 72k a week.
He will be the first of a new wave of players joining Roma and will be the start of our new era!
My Objective is to get Roma to become the greatest team in the world.
But this isn't going to happen over night.

Year One: In year one I expect a second - Third place finish, and I want to win the Europa league, I know we're not in the Europa league were in the champions league but we stand NO CHANCE in winning this completion yet so I decided to attempt a third place finish in the champions league group to get entered into the Europa.
I doubt I'm going to get far in the cup as I see the cup for a brake for my senior players and to let my youth have a go.

Year Two: In year two I expect a greater fight for the title (hopefully win it) and we also want to win the super cup the champions league vs Europa league winners. We will stay in the champions league this year and fight for a semi final place (Further the better). By now are youth ranks should have raised and we should have a number of quality youth (wonder kids) in our squad. With these we're hoping to get quite far through the cup if we reach the semi's we will start to play our best squad.

The next year plan will be made after the first season has finished.
These plans may change if the unexpected occurs.

Current "Key" Players

De Rossi (CDM)
Pjanic (CM)
Gervinho (LW)
Castan (CB)
Maicon (RB)
Ashley Cole (LB)
Totti (ST) #Legend
Adnan Januzaj (87) CAM
Romagnoli (84) CB
Jedvaj (78) CB
Sanabria (82) ST
Iturbe (over 21) RW
Kevin Strootman (over 21) CM

Board Communication
I expect the transfer budget to be around 20m
We might be able to persuade the board to up that to 25m or 30m If we're lucky.
The wage budget I'll ask to increase but not overly bother if rejected.
I hope we can increase training and youth facility's to maximum as I hope to create extraordinary players through our Youth system.
I'm currently happy with the stadium but we could discuss a new build at a later date.
I don't want any more affiliate clubs as I feel we don't gain much out of having them any way.

Main Transfer Targets (Total Predicted Cost: 20m)
Ruiz Salva (82) LB (Predicted Cost: 5m) or Jonathan Silva (82) LB (Predicted Cost: 3m)
Donis Avdijaj (85) ST (Predicted Cost: 5m
Matias Romero (82) RB (Predicted Cost: 5m)
Jack Grealish (81) LW (Predicted Cost: 5m)

Other Transfer Targets (Total Predicted Cost: 57.5))
Matthias Ginter (84) CB (Predicted Cost: 15m)
Tonny (85) CAM (Predicted Cost: 10m)
Óliver (85) CAM (Predicted Cost: 10m)
Angel Correa (84) CAM (Predicted Cost: 10m)
Lucas Romero (84) CDM (Predicted Cost: 7.5m)
Yassine Benzia (84) ST (Predicted Cost: 5m)

Who I'm Selling (Total selling Cost: 45-75m)
De Rossi 20-30m
Why? Because he's getting old and I need the budget for the new horizon of players at Roma.
We already have his replacement in the squad.
Gervinho 15-25m (After 1-3 years)
Why? He is 27 at the moment and is in his prime but will soon start to slack after he hits the 30 wall so I'm going to want to sell him around then. If his performances are good I'll hold onto him until 30 but if he doesn't preform then I'll soon sell him on.
We will buy his replacement in the first year and have him up to scratch to replace Gervinho when the time is right.
Maicon 10-20m
Why? He's on the edge of passing his day and we could do with the funds to get in a young RB that will stay for many years. He will sell for his most in the first year or January so he won't be staying long.

I have already agreed to sign a new assistant manager "Phil Neville" He's going to have a big influence at games as his inspirational team talks will hype up the players to destroy the opposition. He's also a great coach and will be able to give a few tips around the training ground.
The rest of the staff I have decided to keep the same but if I see a opportunity to sign a amazing coach/scout the old ones will be on there way.

My main rivals will include Juventus, Inter Milan, Ac Milan and Napoli.
I recon Juventus will snatch the title the first season with the Milan's and Napoli shortly behind us in the table.
Other Rivals will include Tottenham Hotspur, Sevilla and Schalke.
These three teams are going to be trouble to fight off in the Europa so we're going to need a bit of luck to surpass the opponents this season.

Hopefully I can create an alliance with Ajax, Man Utd, and FC Porto.
These three teams have great wonder kids growing through there ranks all the time and can help us become successful.
Ajax will be played my my friend Eddie and let's just say he won't be letting us get his players "cheap" if at all.
But I hope to use Eddie as a growth club for example if I let him loan Romagnoli For a season I'll expect him to have grown quite a lot as a player. (The deal will also include that they can't play against own club so if I come up against him in any of the cups I won't have to play my own players)
Great Start with the analysis and working out your transfer targets at the start, will deffenetly be following this series, when are you going to acturly start?
That's an awful lot of text; maybe try introducing some imagery to add a bit of variety. Either way, good luck :)
Free Agents On Our Radar

Christian Bolanos
After a great World Cup Bolanos is still a free agent and his great ability for a RW has got us interested, so we will be othering him a contract this summer.
Victor Valdes
Victor Valdes left Barcelona last summer and is still a free agent and are keeper isn't the best, so we have decided we will attempt to sign Valdes one two year deal, he would be a amazing signing and would surely save us in a lot of situations.
Sign Carlos fiero FM LEGEND!
1 month
Remember to sign older players as well to keep the team going until your youth are ready.
I'm trying to get a new team of young players assembled in the club, then have that team earn many trophies.
Good start, I'd recommend adding a few photos to make things more interesting. Also, take a look at the bbcodes thread, use these codes to make your posts stand out a bit more. Good luck!

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