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Genie Scout 15g FAQ

All you need to know about the 'g' version of Genie Scout for Football Manager 2015.
Started on 27 October 2014 by Stam
Latest Reply on 7 October 2015 by Stam
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I have been a g version for quite a while
In my 15.3.0 g version, the player rating GRF file is somehow showing wrong statistics
with Messi only have rating and potential of 42%
but some bad player have over 100% rating and potential
I have donated but as i wrote i other topic my G version doesn't work to well (ususally it crushes at loading GUI data). Is there any possibility to get the free version earlier? Right now i can't use neither of the available versions :/
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New 'g' version (compatible with 15.3.1) is now available. Open your GS15g and go to 'Help and Support' > 'Check For New Version' to grab it. You will also receive an email from Eugene with the download link.

@123: Seems like a problem with your key file. If you formatted or changed your computer, the unique id will be different and the key file won't work properly as a result.

@dabas: No. For all patches we have fast release for both 'g' and public editions. The only exception is the January Transfer Window patch (in this case 15.3). Eugene has chosen to thank his direct supporters with an earlier release of the 'g' version for this particular patch (same as last year).
Ok, thanks. I understand.
But there is another problem. I cannot get new G version. Through the app it tells me that an error has occured and i haven't receive an e-mail with the new version.
Please help.
Hi. couple days passed since i donated for g version, still no key file. How to get hold of Genie ?
@kadziaras: Eugene is currently on a trip abroad and has some trouble with internet access, so there will be a delay of 1-2 days for 'g' keys delivery.
Ive downloaded FM Scout 15 but do i need to donate to add a player ?
Hi, currently im experienced this problem with my Scout G Edition when i try to use the Top List/Players Features:


how can i solve it?
I have problems with FM Genie Scout 15g are normally opened the application I make loading of the game and the players are not correctly positions and statistics! please a help! Thanks!
Same as above, after Windows re-instalation, GS 15g shows wrong positions for players :/ ex. Neymar and Suarez are GK, ter Stegen and Neuer are SW, Pogba is WB... any help??
I have the same problem with FM Genie Scout 15g; after Windows re-instalation (windows 10), I open the application I make loading of the game and the players are not correctly positions and statistics! please give me a help! Thanks!
@bartolomeofc @diego85:
I've answered this many times before in several topics. When you upgrade Windows (or when you format your OS drive or when you change computer entirely), your unique id changes which results in having a key file that no longer works.
You need to email Eugene, explain the situation, provide your new unique id and he'll send you a new key file.

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