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Paderborn: Born to Win

Started on 19 November 2014 by Icarus
Latest Reply on 15 March 2015 by Icarus
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Good start! Really looking forward to this. (P.s. If you want another center back sign Mammama the lesser known Balanta)
Thanks guys, I'm looking to stick with this story as long as I can and build a Paderborn dynasty :)

Theres been talk of take over, at Paderborn recently. A rich deutsch businessman from the mother land had acquired interest upon the club, despite the small stature in european football; the rich business man had seen into the future, the club had a bright road ahead of itself and wanted to monetize on it. Although the discussions took over week in and week out, unfortunately they eventually broke off when it was found out that the business man could not give any financial security to the club, and therefore had broken down for now - but whos to say that there wouldn't be other enqueries in the future to come? A small sigh of relief came from the manager who could finally start signing players again.

If I had known this story existed, I would have commented thrice on every update :P
Great updates so far! Really looking forward to seeing how you do :)
wow! if you are getting a new owner who will you be buying? I am already in love with this story- beat bayern next time?
I know it takes ages, but that update style is absolutely beautiful! I'm loving the story so far, hopefully you can qualify for the Europa League. :)

Paderborn in Paderdise

Heres to September, a great month. Not only did we manage to end the month at the top of the table, we've kept quite a good streak of form! I've finally managed to adapt my tactics fully to this lot, and they've been repaying me quite well on the pitch with exquisite performances, time and time again.

So let us take a quick look at the results we've had:

So, a few close games and a satisfying victory over Koln all together put a great month for Paderborn, which for it's debut in Bundes is doing quite well currently in the league; although pundits don't believe we'll be able to keep it up for much longer, they've rated us a lower mid table team that does still have to think about fighting not to relegate... Well, I was out to prove them wrong.

And with that, heres where we ended up on the table:

Bayern and Schalke can suck it.

Septembers Player of the Month

It's still Colak. Because A. He scores often, and B. He scores beautiful free kicks. Need I say more? I could practically marry the guy, that's how much I love him right now.
Excellent results, but the pun ruins everything! :))
2014-11-24 17:13#201126 JasonRM : Excellent results, but the pun ruins everything! :))

On the contraire, it's the cherry on the cake ;)
Loving the updates, especially the Bayern one!
Woah, what a set of results there! Never would have expected you would be top by this stage :D
And dat pun tho
I am TheKingOfPuns69 lel
Pretty decent month right there aside from beign whipped by Koln. Can't quite believe that Bayern are stumbling so badly :O

Theres been a new transfer announced recently, but the term is new is used very loosely as it's a return for defensive midfielder Markus Palionis. Markus had played with Paderborn on their year to promotion in 2. Bundesliga, but due to falling out and the Club deciding not to renew his contract he had been freed up. The manager, due to lacking a substitute for the fantastic Mario Vrancic who couldn't play all 38 fixtures + Cup games, decided to get in touch and call him back in for duty, obviously the player had no issues and looked forward to playing again with Paderborn; this time in the Bundes.

Key Stats: 16 Heading / 17 Jumping Reach.

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