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Emile Heskey - Rebuilding The Reputation

The epic tale of Emile Heskey in his bid to rebuild his tattered reputation.
Started on 23 November 2014 by Feliks
Latest Reply on 28 February 2015 by Feliks
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Emile Heskey Fan Mail

2015-01-09 12:07#205749 Walter : Dun dun dun.

Interesting build up to a mysterious sideplot, I wonder what is going to happen next. Owen might have to call on the help of Heskey himself. ;)

It's not like he hasn't enough trouble or anything :))
Feliks's avatar Group Feliks
9 yearsEdited

August To December 2014

And so it began, as someone once said somewhere some time. In the space of little more than 3 months, Emile Heskey had gone from Newcaste Jets player, to unemployed player, to unemployed manager, to Leyton Orient manager and that 3 month period of self discovery all culminated here. The first half of his first campaign.


Sky Bet League 1

Predicted to finish 1st, there was an element of pressure on the Leyton Orient squad going into their first match. But, with the additions of James Wilson, Ryan McLaughlin and Luke Garbutt, all playing the first game, everyone knew it would be a win. Nothing like a 3-0 win to kickstart your campaign.

The rest of August went down smoothly, bar one hitch. Despite beating Chesterfield, Oldham, Walsall and Fleetwood, Leyton came undone against a strong Bristol City side, losing 5-2. Despite this, Leyton sat in 3rd position after 5 games.

After a lengthy break, September turned out to be a very positive month for the O's as the frustration of 3 consecutive draws was soon forgotten as they complimented them with back to back victories. An undefeated month saw Leyton finish 3rd after 10 matches, trailing Bristol City by 4 points.
James Wilson showed his incredible skills in the early parts of the season; despite missing 2 weeks through injury he bagged 5 goals in the opening 2 months.

After an impressive 7 game unbeaten run, October saw Heskey's men finally slip up, losing to Swindon 2-3. They were unpertubed by the hiccup however, winning 3 of their next 4 games for the month and being reward by sitting in 2nd place after 15 games.

With the marauding Bristol City dominating the league, Leyton Orient only had to consolidate their position in November, but were unable to do so with a shaky end to the month. After 2 comfortable wins, they experienced a shock 2-0 loss to Gillingham on the road and only recovered marginally to draw with Bradford 2-2. After that hiccup, the O's finished the month in 3rd place after 19 games.
Written off at the start of the season, Kevin Lisbie proved himself to be valuable despite his age, coming off the bench as a shocktrooper up front.

After a slightly disappointing month, December unfortunately wasn't much of an improvement as Leyton picked up just 5 points from 4 games. A 3-0 thrubbing at the hands of Barnsley wasn't the best Christmas gifts for O's fans, but luckily they hung on to finish in 4th place after the first half of the season.

Sky Bet League 1 Table

So after half a season, Bristol City appear to be the favourites for promotion. Leyton have been far from disappointing, but you'd like to think they can improve on that 4th place with the players they have.

FA Cup

After a strenous league run, Leyton Orient were drawn against fellow League 1 side Walsall in their 1st Round clash. Prodigious striker James Wilson was simply too much for the Swifts to handle, striking twice in the first half to down Walsall 2-1.

Walsall were far from tricky, so it came as a huge relief when they were drawn against League 2 side Stevenage in the Second Round. The fans expected big, and they sure got it as they raced away to a massive 5-0 lead at half time. James Wilson and Darius Henderson had both amassed braces by this stage, and they both added goals in the second half to record a monumentous 7-1 win, including not one, but two hat tricks.

After a relatively easy draw getting Stevenage, Leyton's luck ran out, drawing Sky Bet Championship side Bournemouth. Currently sitting in 2nd, the promotion hopefuls will be a hard task for the O's but even a respectable loss will be good enough for the pessimistic fans.

Capital One Cup

The League Cup is always an odd fixture for lower league English clubs; lacking the prestige of the FA Cup and the non-importance of the Johnstone Paint Trophy. But for Leyton Orient fans, they didn't have to worry about it for long as they lost out in the 1st Round to Newport County. With a heavily rotated XI, Leyton lost 2-0 to the League 2 side. Could this be a blessing in disguise however?

Johnstone Paint Trophy

With no pressure from the board, Heskey could experiment with his squad in the Johnstone Paint Trophy and used the opportunity to play some of his rotation players.

In their first round clash with AFC Wimbledon, the O's were non-plussed by their heavy favourites tag and got off to a flyer. Stand-in captain Darius Henderson scored 3 minutes in whilst 17 year old sensation Tony Leese executed a fine header himself. After the break, Leyton extended their lead considerably, with Henderson bagging a further 2 goals to secure a hat trick and an eventual 5-1 win for Leyton Orient.

Fellow League 1 club Colchester awaited them in the 2nd Round, and with the inclusion of Jimmy Wilson the writing was on the wall from the start for the U's, as the 18 year old turned a 1-0 lead for Colchester into a 2-1 lead for Leyton. Mathieu Baudry added the 3rd and although Colchester got a consolation goal late, the result was a 3-2 win to the O's.
As well as setting up James Wilson for 7 cup goals, Darius Henderson scored 6 himself, all of them coming from hat tricks in the Wimbledon and Stevenage games.

After some scintillating cup performances against equal and better sides, Luton didn't seem like the most intimidating of opponents and some may argue it was complacency that defeated Leyton Orient. A quick one-two punch from Luton in the first half gave them an unassaible lead, and the 2-1 loss for the O's sees them bow out of their second cup competition.

Player Performance

James Wilson

Despite being just 18, James Wilson showed why he has an EPL brace to his name with some truly spectacular goalscoring feats. Often scoring in the first half hour, and often multiple times, his speed is a real worry for opposition defenders as much as his finishing. He's also formed an excellent pairing with target man Darius Henderson and could well go on to win personal accolades this season.

Ryan McLaughlin

Expected to tussle with Elliott Omozusi for that right back spot, McLaughlin truly made it his own, constantly out-performing his older rival and giving Heskey plenty of reasons to select him. His attacking style has showed on occasion, but mostly he leaves Garbutt to attack and instead plays as a solid, defensive minded full back. The Liverpool loanee has proved himself to be a great pick up for literally nothing.

Luke Garbutt

Whilst McLaughlin patrols the right, Garbutt provides width on the left flank, using his brilliant crossing skills to cover for Dean Cox, who usually cuts inside. The 21 year old went on an amazing run in the early parts of the season, scoring 3 consecutive Player Of The Match awards and stunning the league with some great free kick goals. A real staple of the Leyton Orient first XI and one of the league's finest full backs.

Now A Word From...

Emile Heskey

It was certainly a very positive start to the season, going on some nice runs but there were a few let downs here and there. Overall, I think we're doing well, gotten into the rhythm of the league but now we need to work on rising into those automatic promotion spots. We've got the personnel and now we just need the mindset, and I'll be sure to start pumping my boys up for a promotion run.

Michael Owen

I think it's been a very successful campaign thus far for the O's, definitely some positive signs and they'll be up there at the end of the season. When you've got players like James Wilson and Jesse Lingard firing the way they are you're always a shot, and going on that, when Wilson's on the park you can never write them off. His goalscoring ability never ceases to amaze me, if he keeps it up Leyton are sure to get promoted come season's end.

Nathan Clarke

As captain of the club, it's been amazing to see just how uplifting Heskey is. He really brings morale to the camp, especially with the form we're in. For the time being I'm content to rotate through the squads, because Shane, Mathieu and Tony are playing superbly. I'd like to mention Tony as well, because at 17 it's tough to play in the heart of defence but he seems to do it with ease. He's a real presence, physically, which always helps and I reckon he's destined for great things.

James Wilson

I've been pretty determined to prove that I'm no one-brace wonder, that I can back up my performance last season in the Prem, and coming to Leyton has been amazing in helping me prove myself. Playing alongside Darius, who's teached me a lot about the game, has been incredible and we've really played well on the pitch as well. I'm in a rich vein of form at the moment, finding the net often, and I hope I can prove to my coaches back in Manchester just how good I am with some more goals this year.

Can't talk now, on urgent s- erm, urgent business for Heskey. You didn't see me....

Next Time on "Emile Heskey - Rebuilding The Reputation"


The authorative voice was not asking a question, he was demanding it. Owen was not easily intimidated, but he knew a powerful figure when he heard one. He sat.
Nice detailed overview of the opening to the season. Lots of different perspective and the taster of the next update!
What an update Feliks, thats immense! Heskey has got the team performing really well, so top marks to him :P
Superb overview of the season so far, Feliks. Heskey has done a great job to be fair to him, and it's also nice to see players like James Wilson performing so well. Here's to a great second half of the season, and that you can maintain the push for promotion!
Walter Thanks Walt, it was a very fun update to write as well :D

Tallery Yes, top marks to him indeed :P

pompeyblue Thanks for the kind words pompey, I certainly hope I can push for promotion. :D

"I've Been Expecting You, Mr Owen" - Part 2

Part 1


The authorative voice was not asking a question, he was demanding it. Owen was not easily intimidated, but he knew a powerful figure when he heard one. He sat.

Eyeing off the security guards, his curiosity heightened. Who was this mystery owner, and what did he want with him? Even the nosiest of journalists had no clue, but the man had the money to buy Liverpool, he had the money to stay concealed. It 'business as usual' for the club but Owen suspected something far more sinister was going on.

"I've been expecting you, Mr Owen." The man spoke again, breaking Owen's thoughts.

"I'd imagine you would, kidnapping me and all," he replied.

The man ignored Owen and continued. "I'm sure you're very curious about who I am, and what I stand for. Heck, half of Britain is." Owen could hear the journalists start to gather at the entrance. Apparently his entry had caused a stir.

"And you will find out in due time, Mr Owen. For now, I need something from you."

Owen wasn't convinced of anything. "What's in it for me?"

The man behind the chair chuckled, and Owen watched in shock as 2 guns were trained on him simultaneously. "The continuation of your life span, Mr Owen." The man clicked, and the guns dropped again. "Now, I'm not a sinister man, and I really don't want to kill you. Only your folly will result in you dying, and besides, my task is quite simple."

Still fully aware of the threat made, Owen asked weakly. "And what is this task?"

"Tell me everything you know about Emile Heskey. Tell me everything he does, all of his little habits, especially as a football manager. I want to know Heskey inside out. I want to know him better than you. Can you do this for me Mr Owen?"

And Michael Owen nodded, not easily intimidated but thoroughly intimidated on this occasion.
Walter's avatar Group Walter
9 yearsEdited
ooooh, interesting. This new character is enigmatic, wonder what he wants to know about Heskey?

Great to see you updating this again Neal :D

Edit: why the fuck did I write neal o.o
Great update, who knows what will happen next!
2015-01-20 07:19#206460 Walter : ooooh, interesting. This new character is enigmatic, wonder what he wants to know about Heskey?

Great to see you updating this again Neal :D

Edit: why the fuck did I write neal o.o
To be fair, Neal is usually the one who writes the drama-fantasies ;)

In all seriousness, an intriguing update! :O
2015-01-20 16:52#206538 Justice :
2015-01-20 07:19#206460 Walter : ooooh, interesting. This new character is enigmatic, wonder what he wants to know about Heskey?

Great to see you updating this again Neal :D

Edit: why the fuck did I write neal o.o
To be fair, Neal is usually the one who writes the drama-fantasies ;)

In all seriousness, an intriguing update! :O

Yes, but the difference is mine are quality...

Only joking Degs, wonderful update, on the edge of my seat! :)
Walter Yeah, he certainly wants his own way, I wonder how Heskey is involved?

Haynesy Cheers mate!

Justice Don't tempt him! :P

Neal Justice, you tempted him. :P

New Year's Eve 2014

People might not think it, considering he's only 27 and isn't exactly the greatest footballer of all time, but Jay Simpson owns one of the best houses in London. Maybe it was those years on the Arsenal payroll, albeit the reserves payroll. Maybe he's a brilliant investor. But at the end of the day, he's incredibly rich and the perfect house to host the Leyton Orient New Year's Eve party.

Almost everyone was there. James Wilson and Jesse Lingard were chatting up one of Paul Montgomery's daughters to his dismay; you had Nathan Clarke and Kevin Lisbie drinking beers and complaining about being old, and Romain Vincelot and Mathieu Baudry singing some hearty French song. Even Tony Leese was there despite being only 17, with Kevin Nugent keeping an eye on him. The night was young, the mood was great, and everyone was having a good time. Emile Heskey especially.

"Balotelli?" chortled Michael Owen. "He could take a leaf out of your book Emile, move to a crap league so his shooting doesn't look as bad!"

Heskey laughed with the rest of the crew at the table, before shooting back. "I used my head, Michael, got out of this goddamn crappy weather. And speaking of using my head, I'd like all of those goals I gave you over the years."

Heskey got up to go get another beer, watching Jesse Lingard's failed attempts to woo young Carrie Montgomery, and ran into Martin O'Neill.

"Martin! I had no idea you'd be coming!"

The Irishman looked tired though, very tired. "Nice to see you as well Emile."

"You OK Martin? You don't look so good."

"No, no, don't worry about me. I'm fine. Just..just looking around."

O'Neill walked off briskly, and was soon lost in the night and the crowd. Heskey wondered if he had made a mistake letting him do that undercover work, which was surely the reason he was so tired. Before he could mull over it much longer however, he encountered his Head Physio, Gary Fleming. Heskey wasn't expecting him either.

"Hey Emile! I was just popping by to see Joe, need to talk to him about something. This was on the front step," said Fleming, holding out a bottle of wine. "Someone left it there, it's addressed to you though."

Heskey looked at the wine, and decided against it. "Nah, I don't feel like wine. Share a glass with Joe, you both deserve it. I might get onto Francesco about a pay rise as well."

"You're a good man Emile, I'll have a glass or two before I go."

Fleming clapped Heskey on the back and walked off, whilst Heskey entered Simpson's house. It really was something special. Trying to remember where he kept the beer, he stumbled around the house for a while before finding the attic. He grabbed a couple of bottles and headed off into the house. Outside however, there appeared to people running.

Heskey made it outside and saw defensive coach Richard Naylor running back at him.

"What the hell's going on Richard?"

"I'm flagging down the ambulance, Gary, he's been poisoned or something!"

What the f**k?

Heskey had just given the wine to Fleming, but no, surely not, who would- Who would ram you off the road?

He ran to the courtyard, where a crowd had gathered. They departed as Heskey came to kneel behind Gary, who's eyes were white and rolled back into his skull. In his hands were the shattered remains of a wine glass and the unmistakable red stain.

And that wine was meant for him.
Awesome update - very captivating and intriguing developments!

Also Lingard pick up your game you're a pro footballer and you can't even seduce a girl :))
A really interesting update Feliks, thoroughly enjoyable to read. It should be even more exciting when all these storylines link in with one another, and we can find out who this mystery man trying to kill Emile, is!

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