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Struggling and always have been

Started on 1 December 2014 by DillonHoodHMFC
Latest Reply on 1 December 2014 by DillonHoodHMFC
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I have always loved fm and have played it since like fm08 but I have always been getting really frustrated with it as I can never ever seem to make a tactic that works doesn't matter who I go or who I play I can either win 5 nil against bayern or I get beat 5 nil by Leeds in the cup which is what happened to me last night :( I have tried near enough every kind of tactic and player instructions etc but I just can't seem to make the right tactic looked on YouTube read other forums just won't work for me, was just wondering if someone could help?

I am not saying this tactic is for you but by watching it may help you understand a logic behind why I structured the tactic as I did.

I, like yourself, can find it frustrating. Best way to test is create a tactic you think is how you want to play, save the game and tactic and turn auto save off. Then go on holiday for the season with "use current tactics" and "current team selection where possible" checked.

Make a note of your results, points etc etc and then re load the game again. Change one thing in your tactic and then do the above again, make note of your results and then do it again and again and again.

By changing one thing each time you will get to understand what makes that tactic better, or worse. You can then start to tinker, piece things together and slowly understand what does what.

You will be very surprised what some things do. For example, I can get more possession by doing with direct passing than I can with short passing. (I know there are other factors as to why you can lose possession of the ball but just an example)

Be warned though. What may look good for a set formation can look different for another. It really is about playing around with different variants for different tactics.

I went through every single formation, style etc etc in thousands of combinations to help me understand. Took me nearly two weeks of automated playing with the same base value team and game save to figure a few things out.

You will of course have some factors you cant control. Injuries and the fact its a computer game, but you are not looking for little improvements, you are looking for massive swings.

Example of a tactic for a good team can b e found in my video here

I am just doing one for Man Utd as we speak. Can get them to win the league on holiday with 86 points and no transfers but want better. Still tinkering.

Hope that helps. Sometimes its better to think in a methodical way than a football tactic way.

One tactic may work for one team, but another. If you have a team you want to play with then happy to try some testing on that team and do a video for you with results.
What I do when building tactics for myself is I visualise in my head how each tactical choice will work inside a match. I consider how the player(s) will move, act, etc and the pros and cons of this. Admittedly it does take a certain amount of tactical knowledge/experience but in terms of building tactics, everybody starts from the bottom. It is all about improving your understanding of how tactics in football work and how each decision will affect your game plan. I would recommend studying tactics used by managers in real life and by other FMers and contemplating the choices which they made and the reasons behind those choices.

With a bit of experience and some more in-depth study of how tactics do work, I'm sure you'll find yourself a winning formula! :)
Cheers guys I think one of the problems with me is that I played football for so long but I was a striker so I'm always so attacking and just think that I'll score more goals than them and the fact that I'm a fifa guy aswell and like to play with fast skillful wingers, also I really want to make a successful 4-2-3-1 formation and everyone seems to do it but I attempted it in my second season with man utd and got sacked after finishing 2nd in the league in the first season my second season was absolute shambles my formations from the first season just wouldn't work so I made a 4-2-3-1 and I even made a formation with a sweeper to attempt to stop the goals going in but it just got worse, think I'll start one with napoli and find my winning formation! Cheers though big help!

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