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How do you score from Corners(Question)

Best team in League for Heading but cannot score from corners
Started on 15 December 2014 by etipac
Latest Reply on 15 July 2015 by cena
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Anyone has any tactic or tip on how I can make my team score from corners pls, it is set to default for now

The best way to maximise your chances at corners is to set your tactics to play to your strengths.

Poor crossing? Put your big guys on the near post and long shooters outside the box and play short corners.

Good crossing but no good headers/big guys? Start outside the box and attack the goal, try to exploit that space, or pack the box but target your crack shot outside the box to give him space to unleash hell.

Poor crossing, no big guys, no long shooters? Buy some better players!

Ultimately it is about looking at your players stats and working out what will work for you. There is no point setting up corners in a way that has been developed for another team as your players might not be capable of pulling it off.

Experiment if you aren't sure but it is quite logical really, figure out how your players best work as a unit from a set piece and tell them to do it... then sit back and get frustrated when they fail time and time again to do as you asked... but that one time, when it is 1-1 in the cup final in the 93rd minute when that 6'4" donkey of a defender rises up and nods the ball into the back of the net... well my friend, thats when you'll be glad you put in the hard work initially ;)
I always play short corners to my winger/inside forward, who will either cross it himself or try and find room to get a shot off
Put your biggest CB or Striker to mark the opposition goalie and play corners into 6 yard box ...old trick
Alternatively rush the front or back posts with your best players who have high jumping and heading and strenght attributes ....

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