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Started on 21 March 2015 by Stam
Latest Reply on 22 September 2015 by RVallant
2015-03-26 05:12#210934 woksben : 1. Increase scoring of 1 on 1 chances.
2. Players get injured too much in the game, especially on international break
3. Cant have a private chat with some of my unhappy players, and sometimes makes my whole squad unhappy too.
4. Bring back talk to press on an individual(Manager, Player even own Player)
5. Bring back where you will choose a teams target man and play maker.
6. Players are too expensive unrealistic. like a small club asking for 120m for a young player who has high potential.
7. Cant sell a player for more than 45m but cant buy a player who is not as good as mine(which i sold for 40m) for nothing less than 60m, this is unrealistic.
8. after winning virtually everything in 5yrs in one club I don't get respect of the players and they complain too much this should be improved.
9. too much of silly back pass which leads to goal.
10. reduce the rate at which rebound is scored.


i totally agree with you in every point, which was more or less the same i have posted.

The matter about the transfers and the market drives me crazy, and i think that SI should only thanks FMSCOUT to release geniescout which resolve more of the problems with transfer, because you can anticipate more teams to buy a young player, but for those people which can't cheat with geniescout is really difficult to buy a cheap promising young player, and this sucks!

We need to make our voice heard!
What I find myself downloading every year is the lower leagues.
FM should have all these in place. For every league structure.
as I'm sure everyone does what I do and take a lower team to the top.
1. being able to do something with your wages...mayb invest in a lower league club..

2. have some kinda match of the day where u go on as a guest and talk about the weeks games..

3. being able to talk to other managers bit more, ask about players they got that our for sale..

4. corners and free kicks being able to design your own bit better cos no matter how you do it on fm15 never seams to work... free kicks like pass it round the wall instead of shooting.

5. more realistic transfers teams spending silly money on players to never see him get in the side sometimes not even on the bench
first of all i think that the improvement between fm 14 and fm15 is huge so keep up the good work..
i liked that in unknown countries you need to scout a lot a player to get a full opinion but at some point is getting way too long.I believe that this is needed to get balanced...
i wanted to see the players whinning less...for example i had two players in third category of england played 39 games in a season as first team players and still complaining for not taking enough games..
I also believe that it will be great if as a manager you can select to invest in youth camps in specific countries...
It would be good if you can manage youth teams (u21,u18 ) without being the first coach in that club...
the story with the favourite personel needs also to be changed. You can;t have a player for 11 years (since he was 17 years)being used as a key player,having won all the trophies and awarded the golden boot 5 times and still aren;t on of your favourite personel.The same applies to your can't be the second coach in the hall of fame after ferguson and don;t respect you..
too many injuries and for some kind of funny reason it happens on one specific position (it happened once to have 5 strikers injured in 10 days while i am playing with one striker!!)
It has to be changed the cheat that happens with bids on specific players...For example : i make a bid on dimbala around 17 millions and is rejected.. two days later a bid of 9 million from another team is accepted...
BUT..for me the worst is the transfers....after some years you are trying to buy a young promising player and you can;t buy him unless you spend 40 millions at least..
I would personally like to see managing the national youth teams being made easier to do. It is currently pretty buggy.
1)Changeable rivalries - If a club starts at the bottom and works it way up eventually competeing for the top league then surely it should have its competitiors for the league as its rival? Also rivalries should be increased when a club beats the other to end their league hopes such as liverpools and chelsea's did when chelsea beat them.

2)Qualifications with your own monaey - Your coaches do it so why can't you! The one thing i hate most is when you are managing a side and eventually get them to the top league but your still on a national C license because they can never afford to send you on one, it is stupid and unrealistic.

3)An academy - This has been the main wish of many FM'ers, it cant naturally be filled with real players as that takes too much work an is against the law but having regens fill your academy every season with you then working with them and improving them and the ones that are good enough promoting them, the current regen system doesnt give you enought control as you get in real life and is unrealistic.

4)Better player ineractions - The players complain too much and you dont have the right things to say to stop it the main one being your agent is being stupid and greedy.

5)Match engine - SI have made huge strides with this but there still too many scripted moments, too many losses out of nowhere that shouldnt happen such as me losing 6-0 to bottom of the table lens as st ettiene with the EXACT same team that beat top of the table PSG 4-0 a week earlier.
I am trying to make a new Football Management simulation game.

If you can take this small survey, it will be helpful.
A chairman mode.

Nuff said.
Where do I start....

Firstly, I want to be able to be real managers and take over as them in game so for example I can be Jose Mourinho instead of making a rip off profile of him competing with him or replacing him with no history.

Secondly, I would like to see where if you become a legend of a club (like Carragher of Liverpool) and you have left that team that you should be asked more questions like them like the AI people suchas Carragher do.

Thirdly, like in FM13 you could talk to the press at any time about any player/manager. I think they should re-introduce this but you should be able to talk about anything you like so referees, clubs etc. Also I would like it if you could be invited to punditry (I know its a long shot) but you see managers go on Match of The Day and that.

Also, you should be able to start off or even at any time be able to manage youth teams like you can with national teams.

More fan interaction would be nice as we recently saw in Dortmund after the match as there is minimal interaction with the fans atm in FM15

Maybe an option of sliders when you have tactics.

The black star is just annoying and makes things confusing.

You get players complaining like once a week and then the squad come to you once a month being unhappy all the time - it happens too often.

More options in teamtalks and when talking to players.

Transitional tactics where you can have a tactic when you are on the ball and a tactic when you're off the ball similar to PES 2015's fluid tactics.

When searching for staff and placing adverts you should be able to be more specific. For example I want an attacking manager who's preferred formation is a 4-3-3 narrow, I have to search through tonnes of managers to find him why cant I just specify that in the adverts/search.

More staff roles - Academy manager (similar to HoYD) - but he manages everything to do with the Academy (feeds back to you) on the running of the academy not just the players development.

Analyst - Someone who sends you a post match analysis of your teams performance.

More touchline talks and maybe shouts (although you could say that is in the team instructions)

Different starting points of a season - Start in January 2015 halfway through the season instead of holidaying all that time.

Option to talk to opposition manager/players after a match in certain circumstances (like Mourinho against PSG and Bradford and Sunderland– going into dressing room congratulating)

There is a lot more on my list but this'll do for now ;)
1.More detailed newspapers which would also talk about the new wonderkids.

2.Better 3D graphics

3.Being able tro manage U-21 or like teams they already have this for NT so why not?

4.A gamemode where no players are known.
I would like to see more of a personal life added. Yes, this is Football Manager and not a life simulator, but the introduction of a wife/family/kids etc can influence your decisions. For example, you may be managing in London and considering a move to Brazil, but your family chimes up and says I don't want to move there, just as you get irl. This would make the game more realistic as this kind of stuff happens.
Being able to control an actual real life manager would be good, rather than always playing as yourself (or a fictional profile). So if you chose David Moyes, you'd automatically assume the role of Real Sociedad manager (assuming he is still the manager when FM16 is released). You'd continue with his current traits, stats, relationships, history etc. It would be good if you could choose to retire a particular player over a certain age, who you could then control as a manager to continue their career.

Remember on Ultimate Soccer Manager where you could get involved in match fixing? Very unlikely that we'll see that in an FM game, but it would be interesting. USM had a great stadium-builder too. I think that's already been mentioned here, but for smaller clubs with small stadiums, it should be an option to improve the stadium as the club grows.
Players changing potential if they play well
I have another suggestion. How about player value charts? Like you can see if your managing has increased/decreased your player's value or help you sell that player if that player's value is rising/falling(Wonderkids wonderkids wonderkids)
1) consistent re-gens: so instead of them being randomly generated, i'd be able to know that in March 2015 there'll be certain players in certain positions, rather than having no clue. It rewards long term players.

2) luxury staff such as nutritionist: when your team's valued at £1.7bn, it'd be good if you could branch out a little for the things that could mean fewer injuries or a little better stamina

3) fix to the 'job security' bar: never seems to move away from 'wouldn't cost much to sack'.

4) option to meet with agents to discuss transfers: take him out for dinner and promise him the world ;)

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