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Started on 21 March 2015 by Stam
Latest Reply on 22 September 2015 by RVallant
I think it takes /way/ too much to get on a club's favoured personnel list, I got Leyton Orient promoted twice and wasn't on the favoured personnel list let alone legends. I think this needs to be fixed, just a little annoying thing. FM15 overall was really good (except for dodgy backpasses!)
I would like to see some improvements in the 3D match engine. For example, better ball physics and fixing the issue of giving offsides when the player is on-side and in an attacking free-kick situation the opponent's defensive line is way too high which results in an automatic offside if any of my players get the ball.I would like to see much less injuries happening in the game and during international breaks which are really irritating. and lastly, fixing the issue of some players not wanting to join certain clubs. for example Mats Hummels doesn't want to join Manchester United at all.
bringing back fm 14.3.0 ME :)
When you have a player that is out of contract in the summer and signs a pre-contract with another club in January, there should be the option to loan this player to the club for a negotiable % of wages. This is realistic as it benefits all three involved, the managers club as frees up wages, the player as he gets same terms (until summer) and game time, and the new club as they get their man early.

Also like to see more realistic stadiums, for example a designated seat colour(s), not all clubs have seats same colour as their home shirt - very simple addition

Another small niggle of mine is Dundee Utd becoming much better in the game than they become in real life, been the case in past 4 editions - nothing to do with the chief Scotland editor being an Dundee Utd fan though?
Interactive stadium builder. Been wanting this since 08 version. with detailed blueprints/images of stadium, and get to choose where and what type of seating to add.

Escpecially for the smaller teams, would be great to invest some money in building up stadiums
Duncanwilliam7's avatar Group Duncanwilliam7
9 yearsEdited
Totally agree with the players complaining way to much. With my Benfica save I played Bebe over 20 games in the first season despite him being third choice right wing and he complained about 4 times that season for lack of games as did many other backup players who got amble gametime.
Sorry for multiple posts. Last thing is to be able to interact with other managers/clubs.

Needed for loaned out players who arent performing or playing, be able to threaten other clubs and potential recall player
1- a new interface for daily training,with the full schedule of the daily training, ..i think this interface is worse that the old fm training interfaces.
2-more interaction between coach and players(which this year have increased) convince a player who retired to join your team for one more opportunity...o talk with player of other teams..etc.
3- increase reality of the matches...e.g. : 50 shots 60% lost 1-0 1 shot 40% possession (opposing team)...and this is the main problem that i have read on all fm forums. ps: it can happen! but not every match!!
4- TRANSFERS & MARKET - this sector really need to change...e.g. players between 180 - 200 PA are really expensive, and this is ok...but for a player between 140-180 PA a team can ask you like 40!
to say nothing of the young players!! the worst team in the world that has a promising young player(with low CA) can ask you 60-80 million for one player!! this is simply unrealistic!!! it may happen that man city, barca, chelsea...or anderlecht ajax etc. may ask you 30-40 million for a promising player...but not a sudamerican team or sudafrican...unless the player don't have yet 140-150 of CA which is different...
5- BETTER FINANCIAL INTERFACE- Possibility to view the detailed earnings and losses of your team...interfere with the owners in the financial strategies

For the rest, i always read people talking about 3D Graphics or features about personal life..but i think it's not the essence of CM starts only with commentary, and 2D i think is the best view you can have...A simulator game like FM should increase the reality of the Game and not the graphics and little features.
2015-03-21 20:58#210797 Walter : Firstly I think FM15 was a huge improvement from FM14 and the game has taken a lot of strides. The addition of attributes for our own manager was fantastic, but now, I think after certain periods of time or specific trophies or achievements, we should get the option to add people to our own 'Favoured Personnel' list or 'Favoured Club' after winning a title or something.

And I do think even more diversity when speaking to players/press is needed. Still I get players complaining to me and I can't tell them why they're not starting/why they don't have a new contract etc.

yees i totally agree with you, players should have more respects of you after 5-6 years on the club winning everything!
I'd also like to see the ability to ask players how theyd like to play, for example, ask a central attacking midfielder what role they prefer.
Audio commentators on skandinavvia (Danish, Swedish, Noway, Finland and Iceland)
More tactics Options
More personal Life
More realistic transfers! I am 4-5 years into the game and everyone is asking for 80+ million for players tha worh 20-50..
Interface. It would be nice to have support for dual monitors. The way I picture it is that you can have two screens at the same time, so squad on one monitor and training on another. I'd think this would be particularly useful in matches where you can have all the stats and information on one screen and the match on another. I'm not quite sure how the interface would work though.

Statistics/Match view. I would like to be able to see all situations in game. So when I'm analysing the match I can see all clear cut chances which either me or my opponent made. It could also show all of a player's involvement so you can see why the player missed that chance or this pass.

Job offers. It should be possible to go via your agent to hear if another club would consider hiring you as a manager before formally applying. This would have less of a detrimental effect to your current position. It could also happen the other way around where a club might ask if you'd be willing to consider moving to their team before offering an interview. This offer could be made before they have even sacked their current manager so they have the backup ready as soon as they sack their current one (As in the case with Poyet - Advocaat at Sunderland)
I would like for SI to allow me to use wingers all the way up, like I used to in FM14. In the current setup I can't replicate the WM due to the game not allowing me to put wingers where they're supposed to be.
1. Increase scoring of 1 on 1 chances.
2. Players get injured too much in the game, especially on international break
3. Cant have a private chat with some of my unhappy players, and sometimes makes my whole squad unhappy too.
4. Bring back talk to press on an individual(Manager, Player even own Player)
5. Bring back where you will choose a teams target man and play maker.
6. Players are too expensive unrealistic. like a small club asking for 120m for a young player who has high potential.
7. Cant sell a player for more than 45m but cant buy a player who is not as good as mine(which i sold for 40m) for nothing less than 60m, this is unrealistic.
8. after winning virtually everything in 5yrs in one club I don't get respect of the players and they complain too much this should be improved.
9. too much of silly back pass which leads to goal.
10. reduce the rate at which rebound is scored.


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