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New version: ReEvo

Started on 19 April 2015 by Stam
Latest Reply on 23 April 2015 by Abbas
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It finally happened.
After an entire month of coding, I have just released the new version in public.

2 primary goals:
1) Make it mobile friendly
2) Streamline content

I'm confident both goals have been achieved, but this is just the initial version. I intend to keep adding new stuff and applying tweaks for the next 4 weeks. So if there is something you don't like or something you wish to request, this is the topic to post to. Even if it's a very minor thing, please don't hesitate to share it with me. I will consider all feedback carefully and apply changes accordingly.

Criticism is welcome as long as it's constructive and points out to a better solution.

That's it for now.
I hope you will enjoy the new version :)
Well done Stam! You can finally rest! I know the hard work, blood, pain and sweat you have been through the last month, and the results are just amazing. Congratulations!
After weeks of brilliant hard work you get to take a break - it is brilliant work aswell :)
Congrats for all your work!
Really like the new set up may take a while to get used to again but it all looks really slick!
Excellent work, Stam! The new site design is looking very impressive, is sleek and professional. Well done for making this all possible, with all your hard work and the countless hours put in.
Well done Stam! Loving the whole new layout! One small problem however; where has the section for your account gone? Apart from that I think it's pretty much flawless!
Fantastic work Stam! Got to say I am really liking the new design.
Site looks great only issue would be it leans too much towards being mobile friendly .... i think it looks very "wordy" and the images could do with being a bit bigger, especially those at the top of the home page

However, i really like the new drop down menu's at the top, makes things a lot easier to find and helps those who are new to the site :)
I'd like to see a Latest Reply button like the old skin.
This is beautiful. Looks clean and perfect timing ;)
I'm still not sold on that home page Stam. Don't get me wrong, its very well presented but to me nothing "pops".

The latest articles, posts, comments should draw the eye more imo. Not sure if you can play with fonts or sizing. I'd go bolder & try different fonts rather than resizing tbh.

Other then that fantastic work mate! Glad you re-added the latest post button(?)too! All in all a very minor criticism of the sensational job you've done!
Looks amazing, so clean and professional looking - great work, Stam!!
Thanks everyone for your feedback so far. Don't hesitate to post more criticism rather than praise because it will help me more with improvements.

@Josh: I still need to investigate why you didn't see the contents of the top bar in older browser versions, but for now try updating to the latest build.

@MCFCDAP: I agreed about the homepage being too wordy and will work on making it better, but I think the rest of the site is not too wordy.

@Feliks: The latest reply link is back in topics view.

@C.J.Lippo: I agree the homepage needs more work, like a missing centerpiece as in featured articles with large pictures sliding around. Also the latest stuff need better styling as you pointed out. I'll try out some ideas and apply changes accordingly.
This site revamp is amazing, the skin is simple and easy to read - the content is quality and I see alot of potential for the site to grow! Right now, there is no limit.

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