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West Ham United - Loose Nails

Started on 20 April 2015 by Icarus
Latest Reply on 29 April 2015 by Tallery
Arsenal are even failing 4th :)
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November's to Remember

Three great results for the Irons, two wins and a draw in Novemeber really puts them in a good position (5th in the League, 2 points behind 3rd). Uncle Sam still had a few pecks about the last game with Leicester, he didn't agree with the sending off which ended up in costing the 3 points to the Hammers in the end, but he can probably still agree that their path has been a prosperous one regardless the injuries of Valencia, Carroll, and Downing during the International breaks.

Now the aim is to head into the winter transfer in the higher side of the table, make some reinforcements and try to repeat the performances again and hope for a glorious finish amongst the top 4 of the country. The project will remain that to sign English players only, and they've been eye candying the likes of Jacob Murphy, Dan Crowley and Domenic Ball - all very young players to build for the future, a very bright future for the Hammers.

Player of the Month!

For a player that averages 7.50 match rating so far and has had 5 assists in 9 games it's the least we can acknowledge of him, a very solid winger that does his bit week in and week out. Sam's particularly proud of the developement hes made since last year, and has now become a key member of the team.

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doing really well, keep it up! Good results against Arsenal.
An unbeaten month! If you can maintain these sort of performances, you'll be in with a real chance of achieveing a European spot, which would be excellent. Also, it's nice to see Matt Jarvis hitting top form! Long may it continue...
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Super December

What the supporters had seen in November carried on to December, going up to 8 games undefeated in the League! an impressive feat for the Irons lead by Sam Allardyce. Though wins over Burnley and Palace were to be expected in the form they were in, the win over United took everyone by surprise! With a three goal come back, one of which an own goal from van Persie - but Sam was philosophical enough about it, saying how it's all part of the game and that the better team had won from what they showcased this evening.

Definetly a rampage for the Hammers thus far, despite the loss at Anfield dealt by Sturridge & Co. the morale remains high, and expectations even higher. Two more derby wins followed after that, first against low table team Queens Park Rangers, then against upper half team Tottenham Hotspurs. Supporters couldn't have asked for anything more thus far, and you can hear it in their chants how they stand proud in being 5th in the League right now, before the Winter Transfer opens up; although West Ham will have to be careful as some players chose not to renew as of yet, and could end up leaving on a free as they're being targeted for their amazing performances so far.

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Excellent month barring the Liverpool game which was bound to be tough anyway. Good work :D
Great story! Some nice results and transfers, I'm going to follow this one.
Great wins against United and Spuds!
I love the look of the graphics - simple but effective. They do look a bit small, however. Perhaps centering them could make them look better? It's your story though.

You seem to be doing very well with West Ham somehow and that game against City has to be the greatest triumph yet, surely! ;) Let's hope you keep it up!
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Winter Magic, Transfers & Reports

January approaches for the Hammers, and with the entire team still in superb form Sam Allardyce maintains the standards by starting his highest average rating players, those most in form - and they repay him tenfold with performances such as playing away at West Brom and winning 5-2. Another key feat to mention this month is the proceeding of the F.A. Cup, now onto the 5th Round after beating both Bury & Manchester United 3-0! They've taken a liking to beating the Red Devils, and they can't wait to host them at Boleyn Ground when the league fixture arrives.

Most games were played at home this month, which was key for their victories; whilst their only loss was away at the Liberty Stadium. The man most in-form could be 31 year old striker Carlton Cole, who most likely will be leaving on a free at the end of the season, but with great respect is performing and making the most of his time left with the Irons. Now placing in 3rd, with 3 points behind 2nd (Chelsea who are in 2nd have a game to play) they're having one of the best seasons ever since the club has been established, and the man to thank is the ever inspiring Sammy Allardyce.

Transfer Talk

West Ham have agreed with Birmingham to sign young English winger Demerai Gray for a nominal fee of £6m + other intricate bonus fees. The lad is to stay another two months with Birmingham before moving definetly to West Ham and is enthusiastic to join such a fantastic Premier side currently in the battle for International Football placement in the League. The wingers prime ability reside in his dribbling and his pace, therefore in the years could prove to become a valuable assist-man for the Irons, and fans are hoping Sam has seen the talent within to pay such an important fee for the kid.

End of January League Table Positions

West Ham in 3rd place, 6 points behind 2nd place Chelsea seems like a miracle to most.

Pundits say West Ham United are likely to finish above teams of the prowess of Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs, and Manchester United; which the club have played away and beaten 3-2.

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Unlucky about the Swansea result, but other than that, a superb month. 3rd place is a terrific position to be in at this point of the season, and hopefully you can remain in the top four for the remaining matches. Also, Demari Gray is an exciting young talent and so it should be interesting to see how he performs at West Ham - good signing!
You're flying! Very good month other than the Swans game, I think you might have overpaid for Gray slightly but we'll see.
Pompey: Yea I suppose you can't win em all. I wonder how long we can last up there before we crumble lol, and I have high hopes for Gray! I'm sure he'll grow with me :)

LFC: Flying Hammers! And yea, maybe... Didn't have many options for "young" English wingers out there, for other players like Murphy teams were asking for £15-25m bids.... :/

Frantic Februrary

West Hams form is starting to slip, tendance is that to lead the scoring in the first half to then slip up and completely lose concentration in the second half - even in dying minutes of the game. Sam has adressed this issue numerous times throughout the month and is not happy with the lads at back, even if mistakes come from up top aswell, with wingers often losing the ball and leading to counters. West Ham still sit on 5th place, only 2 points away from 4th at the end of the month, therefore still an exciting campaign all together, where the silver lining also includes the proceedure through the F.A. Cup against Bournemouth.

Fans will be hoping to end the season with silverware, as the team has never been this competitive. They're also happy to draw with City after losing to them in the first half of the season 7-0, taking a point away from them as they sit on 4th above West Ham, they really hope they'll eventually surpass them in the table, as a way of revenge for the dramatic loss earlier on. Though not the same can be said about the Arsenal slip up, leading right until the last 10 minutes, and then players going blank and letting everything past them - truely demoralizing for the fans.

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Overall, a solid month. Good work.

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