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The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

Started on 7 June 2015 by Feliks / First Post
Latest Reply on 15 July 2015 by LFC / Last Post
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4 yearsEdited

Now with our first few games under our belt it was time to push onward and up the table into true finals contention in November. We played 5 games, including the FFA Cup semi final, so let's have a look at how the boys did.


Hyundai A-League


Redmayne, Germano, Chapman, Wielaert, Garuccio, Paartalu, Retre, Koren, Dugandzic, Duff, Kennedy


Paulo Retre (9.0)

This game was a close one, with an extremely eventful second half. The Roar scored just before half time with a great header, but the brilliant work of Paulo Retre created a great goal for Robert Koren and eventually Josh Kennedy as we broke our way into the lead. Brisbane had the last laugh however with an equaliser against the tide and the game finished 2-2.

Hyundai A-League


Redmayne, Germano, Wielaert, Kisnorbo, Garuccio, Paartalu, Mooy, Koren, Retre, Duff, Kennedy


Aaron Mooy (8.3)

All of our previous close games seemed to spur the boys to do better in this one against the Mariners, where we dominated and were unlucky to not win 5-0. Josh Kennedy and Aaron Mooy scored our two for the day but numerous other players came very close. A great confidence booster for the lads.

Hyundai A-League


Redmayne, Germano, Wielaert, Kisnorbo, Garuccio, Paartalu, Mooy, Koren, Retre, Duff, Hoffman


Robert Koren (6.9)

After our last game, and our earlier win over them, I saw the Sydney FC clash as extremely winnable so it was annoying to go 1-0 down early in the match. To the boys' credit, they fought back well and eventually snagged the equaliser through Josh Kennedy in the 77th minute. 1 point is better than 0, I guess.

FFA Cup Semi Final


Redmayne, Retre, Chapman, Kisnorbo, Smith, Retre, Murdocca, Mooy, Garuccio, Hoffman, Kennedy


Josh Kennedy (9.5)

We continue to get an easy run into the FFA Cup Final as we vanquished our semi final opponents, the non-league Brisbane City FC. A 21 minute blast saw us put 4 goals past them before Kennedy added his second to top off a brilliant win. Now, the FFA Cup Final awaits and we have a great chance to pick up some silverware in my first season.

Hyundai A-League


Redmayne, Germano, Kisnorbo, Wielaert, Smith, Paartalu, Mooy, Koren, Retre, Duff, Kennedy


Damien Duff (7.3)

An extremely infuriating match in which we should have won comfortably after a Phoenix centre back picked up his second yellow in just the 24th minute. However, we weren't able to score until the 53rd minute and even then we couldn't hold on due to a shocking error by Andrew Redmayne, which I do not what to talk about it. The Phoenix's other centre back got sent off shortly after but we STILL couldn't grab a winner and the match ended in a very annoying 1-1.

A definite improvement as we rise to 4th, although we are still behind the leaders Newcastle Jets. Plenty of draws for sure, which we'll need to improve on, but so far I'm happy with that position.

The fact that this bloke does not have a futhead speaks volumes about his season so far - he has come out of nowhere to be somewhere. An extremely versatile player, so far I've played him at right wing, right back and central midfield but he's thrived at right wing most of all, displacing Dugandzic from the first team. 1 goal, 4 assists and 2 BOG awards for the 21 year old who is making a name for himself so far this season.

Manager's Thoughts

A good month in my opinion, finishing undefeated but once more lacking that clinical finish as we drew 3 games. A huge plus side is that we're into the FFA Cup Final against our archrivals Melbourne Victory, which will hopefully be a huge game, and we move up the table to a solid 4th. Great first couple of months and onward to December!
You definitely need someone to fire up that frontline and help Kennedy out because you can't put away teams week in week out. FFA Cup final glory maybe? :D
decent start to the season,, not to far off the top, and you have some breathing space with the bottom club,

uummm, how on earth are Newcastle Jets first hhaha
Good position to be in so early in the season and congratulations on reaching the cup final! A big step taken already
Good start to your season
Sweet start.
C'mon m8, get in there!
Everyone Cheers for the support guys, it is certainly a positive start

Melbourne Derby To Decide Inaugural FFA Cup

The FFA Cup Final is set to be contested for the very first time and the game is sure to excite with the combatants being 2 sides of one of the country's biggest rivalries. Melbourne Victory and Melbourne City make their way to the MCG to play out the first ever final of the country's first ever national cup, with both taking very different routes to the match. Let's see how each team made it, how they're going to play, and how they're going to win.

The Victory have historically been one of the most successful clubs in Australia so it isn't much of a surprise to see them contesting the inaugural FFA Cup Final. The club overcame 4 A-League clubs to make the final, beginnning with a thrilling extra time win over archrivals Adelaide United in the 1st Round which saw youngster Chris Cristaldo score a 120th minute winner. They then dispatched the Western Sydney Wanderers 4-1 in a relatively simple win and beat the Phoenix 3-0 to make it to the semis. There, they ground out a 1-0 win over Perth Glory to book their spot in the final.

Congestion has gone against the Victory for the match, with 3 of their stars set to start on the bench in Besart Berisha, Fahid Ben Khalfallah and Gui Finkler. There is a definite emphasis on youth, with 16 year old Ben Carrigan starting at centre back, 18 year old Dylan Murnane at left back and fellow teenagers Jordan O'Doherty and Chris Cristaldo in the midfield. In the absence of Berisha, youthful striker Jesse Makarounas will be the main supply of goals whilst experienced Frenchman Mathieu Delpierre will be marshalling the defence. Veteran striker Archie Thompson is present, along with Leigh Broxham, both of which were members of the club's original squad.

In comparison to the Victory, Melbourne City have had an armchair ride to the finals playing all of their games against non-league sides. They began the campaign with a comfortable 3-0 win over Swan United, before continuing on with wins over Manly United and FNQ FC. In the semi final, they turned on the style with a smashing 5-0 win over Brisbane City, and now travel to play their first A-League team of their campaign - rivals Melbourne Victory in the final.

The team lines up with a weakened line up due to injuries to wingers Duff and Dugandzic, meaning that Ben Garuccio and Paulo Retre will step up to the plate. The absence of Jonatan Germano also means Jason Hoffman, a natural striker, will fill in at right back alongside Smith, Kisnorbo and Wielaert. The midfield trio of Paartalu, Koren and Mooy will be crucial in creating chances while a lot of responsibility is placed on marquee striker Josh Kennedy to score the winning goals.

Prediction - Victory To Win On Penalties

If it was any other match-up, it might be easy to pick a winner. However, this is the Melbourne Derby and is sure to be nothing but a close match. With the omissions to both teams, the divide is almost non-existent and it will most likely come down to one on one match ups and who can beat their opponent on the day. I, however, predict the game to go down to penalty shootout and that the class and experience of Melbourne Victory will win the cup. It is certain to be a thrilling match so do not miss it!
Hoffman at right back wtf?!

Go beat the victory scum COYC
Bloody hell! How easy was the City's draw!

Good luck for the final!

(Out of curiosity, is it actually at the MCG?!)
nice build up i'm excited for the game
Nice match preview there Feliks, now go do the business on the pitch and win the cup!
Nice previews, Feliks! Racking them W's man!
Feliks's avatar Group Feliks
4 yearsEdited

Thanks Fos, and welcome viewers to this historic occasion at the MCG. The first ever FFA Cup is going to be decided today between Melbourne City and Melbourne Victory and joining me for the coverage is David Basheer. Bash, welcome.

Cheers Speedie, this is definitely going to be a cracking match and it's a privilege to run through it with you.

Well the teams are out on the pitch now, let's have a little run through the line ups.

Both teams playing a similar system, 4-3-3, the Victory have Coe in goals, Murnane, Carrigan, Delpierre, Georgevski across the back 4, Broxham, O''Doherty and Valeri in midfield and Thompson, Cristaldo and Makarounas up top.

Meanwhile City have got Redmayne in goals, Smith, Kisnorbo, Wielaert and Hoffman in defence, Paartalu, Koren and Mooy in the middle of the park and Garuccio, Retre and Kennedy the front 3.

Match official for today is Tom Klaver, and it looks like he's ready to get the match underway. About 40,000 people in the crowd today, ready to see who will be crowned the inaugaral FFA Cup champions. Melbourne City vs Melbourne Victory, starting in 5, 4, 3, 2, ...

Kick Off

Josh Kennedy rolls it to Aaron Mooy and the first ever FFA Cup Final is underway!

19th Minute Chance - 0-0

Smith's cross deflects off the defender and falls to Valeri for the Victory, he's got time and space and picks out a lovely pass to Makarounas in the middle. Makarounas, on his own up front and he makes a diagonal pass waiting for some support, gets it with Thompson on the left flank. Thompson makes the run but Makarounas ignores him, now he'll use him with a tricky little throughball as they swap positions, Thompson on the edge of the box, he cuts inside and swings in a cross, Broxham unmarked at the top of the box, BROXHAM!! WHAT A STRIKE FROM LEIGH BROXHAM!!!! Andrew Redmayne couldn't do anything, that was a great shot, top left hand corner, stunning volley from the midfielder and the Victory go 1-0 up!

32nd Minute Chance - 1-0

Georgevski takes the throw in for the Victory, to Cristaldo, little header to Makarounas, good movement by Cristaldo into the box as he gets the ball back, Kisnorbo with the challenge and a little shove and Cristaldo goes to ground, no hesitation from the referee it's a penalty!!! Kisnorbo is not happy but Tom Klaver is pointing defiantly to the spot and it's going to be Carl Valeri to take the spot kick. He steps back, Redmayne trying to put him off... saved!! Redmaye dives to the left and sticks a hand out to block the shot, wonderful reflexes from the City goalie and keeps his side in the match! Hoffman clears as his teammates congratulate him, fantastic stuff.

Half Time - Melbourne Victory 1-0 Melbourne City

So we come to the end of the first half with the score Victory 1, City 0 thanks to a stunning strike from Leigh Broxham, Bash, what did you think of that goal?

It was a brilliant goal Speedie, straight out of the top drawer and from a player like Broxham completely unexpected. He's scored less than 10 goals in his entire career, so to score a goal like that in a cup final - brilliant stuff.

And of course it could have been 2-0 if it weren't for a great penalty save by Andrew Redmayne, keeping his team in the game.

Well he couldn't do anything to stop the first one so he made up for it by making a fantastic stop on Carl Valeri, denying him the penalty goal after a bit of careless defending from Kisnorbo.

Well let's talk through the save. Valeri went left, about head height, and Redmayne dived with it but went a bit low so he stuck out his hand and managed to deflect it. Top, top class stuff.

So at half time, two brilliant passages of play have seen Victory lead City 1-0. Where do you think the game will head from here Bash?

I reckon the City need to start being a bit more creative, Mooy and Koren need to get more involved and not just rely on the wingers to fashion chances. Victory have a decision too - do they sit back and defend or push forward and try to score again? They have Khalfallah, Berisha and Finkler on the bench so I'd suggest bring them on and try the latter - although that's my opinion simply because it would be better football aha.

Nonetheless, the players are out on the pitch and we're ready to get underway.

Half Time Kick Off

Makarounas and O'Doherty begin the second half as the Victory try to hold onto their lead; if you're just joining us we're about to play the final 45 minutes of the FFA Cup Final at the 'G. Melbourne Victory one, Melbourne City nil, and we're underway in this second half.

68th Minute Chance - 1-0

Broxham plays it to O'Doherty's feet who sprays a first time pass out wide to Thompson, Archie cuts in on Hoffman and delivers a great cross into Berisha who has time to turn and shoot!... but Redmayne gets down to tip it wide and it's out for a corner. City still have time to turn it around.

77th Minute Chance - 1-0

Mooy tries to find Dugandzic but Murnane rises to head it away, the distribution by City today has been really ordinary. Thompson plays it into the middle to Broxham, he is having a great game today and has picked out a lovely throughball to Berisha on the edge of the box on an angle, he's got separation from Hoffman but Wielaert's closing in, he shrugs both aside with a clever cut back and has time for the shot.... well wide from Berisha, good work getting into the position but lacked the finish. Victory could have put it to sleep by now but City aren't threatening anyway.

Full Time - Melbourne Victory 1-0 Melbourne City

Mooy plays a hopeless long ball to Hoffman and it's easily intercepted by Carrigan, the players will be looking to the ref now and there it is!!!! The final whistle has blown, Melbourne Victory are the FFA Cup winners of 2015!!!

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