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The Tale of the Rise of the Cavallucci Marini

Cesena's own tale of greatness
Started on 19 July 2015 by Jer
Latest Reply on 21 August 2015 by Jer
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Fantastic update! Was a riveting finish, had me walking into light poles as I read it on my phone walking home xD. Leali is a beast!
What a win. Leali was brilliant.
@Walter: I was ready to slit my wrists when they scored so late..
@Feliks: Thank you! After a couple of world-class saves, I knew that Leali was going to be MoTM and nothing was going to stop him, bar a mistake from a fellow defender.
@Mo: Indeed, I was pacing around looking at my screen throughout this match.

Cesena Gala

I put my classic black Armani Exchange suit, along with a blue tie and headed to the clubs' end of season awards. Inside of my car, I thought of Agnelli's call and the meeting that would take place tomorrow. As I parked my car, I saw Vincenzo Renella and Andrija Zivkovic, both with their respective couples, having a laugh as they entered the gala. I joined them, much to their pleasure as we chatted our way inside the ball. There, we saw everyone, gleefully drinking as we celebrated the clubs first ever Coppa Italia win. Lugaresi and the rest of the board were there, with the title in-hand celebrating as the media took photos of the celebration. I quickly took my seat, next to Franco Brienza and Nicola Leali, along with their partners for the night. All the players were invited, from the U18's to the senior squad that had just beaten Milan yesterday.

Lugaresi started with a speech, and I saw all the happy faces that the Cesena players had, something that I might struggle to find if I ever leave the club. Nothing was official yet, and I didn't even know what the meeting with Agnelli was. My thoughts had gotten deep, and I had failed to pay attention to Lugaresi's speech, to a point where Brienza gave me a little tap and whispered to me that I was being called to the stage. Quickly, I got up and calmly got up to the stage, where Lugaresi and I gave each other a big hug and a firm hand-shake

"Thank you Giorgio", I said. Hell, I started sweating more than the penalty-shootout the day before.. I continued..

"I'm here to announce a host of prizes to categories throughout the club, ranking from the youth sides to the main squad."

Giorgio passed me down a shiny and heavy golden ball award that was for the best player in the U18, along with a paper. I looked down at the paper and it read Matias Mancini. I called the youngster up, to my surprise he was only 16, and was accompanied to the stage by his parents. He quickly thank the coaching staff, his family and God for the chance to be at Cesena. During that time, pondered to whether this would happen at Juventus.

He sat down and showed his U18 team-mates the golden ball, to where the gala continued. I was to announce the same prize, but in the next category, the U20's. I recalled that the U20's had just won the title for what is thought as the U20 Serie A. I was handed, once again the golden ball with a sheet of paper. It read Mirco Severini. Severini came up, this time with his girlfriend and thanked the coaching staff, family, God and his girlfriend for the award.

We took a small break as Lugaresi had to attend a call, to which he quickly returned to the stage. He stated that the awards would include, best transfer of the season, top goalscorer, top assists, best player of the season, best youngster of the season and revelation of the season. He whispered in my ear that I would choose those that were not obligated by stats, much to my surprise

I called up Nicola Leali for the best transfer of the season, as was an important player and character in the dressing room. He was followed up by Vincenzo Renella, who scored 18 goals to be the top-goalscorer and Andrija Zivkovic as he assisted 10 times this season. He was held by Lugaresi as the poster-boy as the club's record signing.

It was the time to reveal the best player of the season.. I looked at Bernaderschi, Krajnc, Volta and Renzetti, but in truth, there was only one player who consistently played all season. I called up Luka Krajnc, to much of the amazement of the crowd. The best youngster of the season, behind Krajnc was Bernarderschi, so I called him up to the stage. As for revelation of the season, I took my time and the crowd started whispering. There was only one person I could only call up, and that was Franco Brienza. I didn't expect him to be a starter or play as much as I thought he would, and he won the Cesena faithful over with performances and of course, his long-range goals. A tearful Brienza came up with his son in his arms, and thankfully accepted the award. He of course, retired and this was his last award he will ever receive. We all took a picture as a group, with Lugaresi joining in.

The rest of the night I was talking to the squad, having some old fashion banter with the guests. Most of the youngsters went early, but the senior squad remained until dawn came. Lugaresi pulled me over and told me that he learned about Agnelli's meeting, which did not shock me at all. Right before I was going to answer with my decision, I was pulled away by the players. I celebrated with the team as if it were the last time I would do it..

Juventus Bound?

I nervously walked into the Turin cafe shop, where I saw Andrea Agnelli calmly sipping down a double-shot cappucino. I had taken my car all the way from Cesena to Turin, in order to maintain secrecy, as the press would get the information that I had flown into Turin had I taken such measure. I left myself a beard, a black cap and a hoodie on top in order to maintain secrecy. I had done my best to keep it a secret, only for Lugaresi to find out soon after, leaving me puzzled to whom might he have been told by. I was tired from driving all day, and Andrea noticed it as my hand-shake was not as strong to when we met at Dino Manuzzi, a couple days before Allegri had been sacked.

He said,"Pierpaolo! You look very tired.. You could've told me to send the clubs' jet and I would've done it with no hesitation!"

I let a low reply, saying,"It's no problem, it's better this way. No leaks about this meeting either, right?"

Andrea took my hint and snapped his fingers. The shades were closed by the employees and the cafe was quickly closed. He then proceeded to tell his driver, Luca, to fetch the car.

While we waited for the car to come, he said,"You look tired my friend, let's go to my villa where the board members are expecting us. The media have their cameras pointed at the clubs' training ground and facilities for any manager who arrives. This way there is no leak."

I nodded in agreement.

He continued,"As you are so tired, you will be given a room to rest there, in whichever way you please. We will be expecting a casual dinner with the board-members and myself, where we will discuss to whether you are the right man to lead Juventus next year."

My eyes opened, and my heart started beating harder, my throat dry.. The driver interrupted our talk and stated that the car was ready to go at Agnelli's command.

Right before he scolded the driver,"Thank you, Andrea. I will be ready for any questions by supper-time. Shall we go?"

We both left the cafe and entered the car, where the engine revved up and we were on our way to Agnelli's villa.

On the way into the villa, Andrea was a wonderful host, offering me biscotti and more coffee, to which I gratefully accepted. It took us a while to get there, and Andrea kept talking me about how he had been impressed by my style of play that I had at Cesena and working on a tight-budget and extraordinary circumstances. He compared me to Antonio Conte, the manager that rebuilt Juventus and was now the Italian national-team manager. Could that be me if I take the job in a couple of years, I thought to myself.

He continued by telling me of the proud winning tradition that must be kept at Juventus, and that Allegri failed to do that, even with such a talented squad. Although his personal assistant kept telling him that he got calls from Philip Cocu, Edoardo Reja and Eugenio Corini he rejected them to keep telling me about how the Agnelli family have a proud tradition of Juventus ownership. He said,"100% Italian and proud."

We arrived at the villa, where I was greeted by Pavel Nedved, a former legend of Juventus folklore who was now on the board of directors. After a few hand-shakes Andrea Agnelli showed me my room, which was about the same size of my apartment. He had a way to impress people, and thus far he had done it. He politely asked to leave, leaving me to my own. I jumped towards the bed, which turned out to be unbelievable comfortable and said out loud,"Is this really happening?"
Cesena > Juve :D
It's going to be hard to turn down Juve, but Cesena needs you!
@Tango: Nah :P
@Walter: But do they :(?
Jer's avatar Group Jer
8 yearsEdited

A night in Turin

Although I had much to think about, the bed was so comfortable that it only took me a couple of moments to get knocked out and have a nice sleep. I gazed into a dream where I was watching from the sidelines Juventus into a Champions League final win, something that had eluded them in recent years. As I walked along Chiellini, Buffon and Tevez to the steps to get our rewards, someone started shaking my shoulder.

'Mr. Bisoli?' said a very old butler. I could feel all my body sweating, even though the air conditioner was on.

The butler continued by saying,"I've been sent by Mr. Agnelli to let you know that you have one hour to get ready. The bathroom is located there, where you will be allowed to take a shower.

He continued,"Mr. Agnelli has also provided you with a Ermenegildo Zegna tailored, classic suit. He's expecting you to use it." I nodded and thank the old man for his piece of information. After a long hot shower, I put on the suit that Agnelli had provided me with, and had 15 minutes remaining before the meeting began. I asked for the butler to take me either way, as I always had a rule to be 5 minutes early before any meetings of sort.

He recognized this, and told me,"It's a very good impression you are giving Mr.Agnelli. He'll enjoy it."

I responded by saying,"It's over the years that you learn these type of things. Much like in management, the little details can get you a win or a loss."

The old man nodded, and he seemed to like my ideas. We continued our long walk towards the room where we would have dinner, and of course, talk about the offer. He told me three things that he learned throughout his life.

One was, never forget where you came from, home. I thought of Cesena when he said that.

The second one was, don't forget those who gave you second chances. Once again, I thought of Cesena as they gave me the job a couple years ago, when it all seemed to go bad for me. The final one, according to him, is the most important one. Don't let life-time offers go away on emotions. I took the hint, he was basically telling me that managing Juve was one in a life-time opportunity.

He led me to the room, where I thanked him and gave him a handshake for his wise words. There, I saw Andrea Agnelli, chatting with Pavel Nedved with a glass of Amaretto Disaronno on the rocks. While I greeted Agnelli, I noticed Nedved had a two glasses of red wine in his hand, to which he proceeded to give me one. We took a sip together, while two other of the board-members arrived.

After a delightful dinner, Agnelli quickly had the table cleared and started talking business.

He cleared his voice, and said,"We know how good this season was for you, and for Cesena of course. But we have our doubts, as we had with Allegri. You've managed only a full season at Serie A, with small stints at two clubs that sacked you." Great, a trip down to memory-lane, I thought. "There are people here who doubt you, thinking that your good season at Cesena was down to luck, really. I'm not of those people, and I think that under a young manager like you, Juventus can achieve greatness once again."

I nodded in agreement. He quickly took a sip to his drink and continued,"All of the board-members think that we must continue operating under a Director of Football, would you be comfortable with that?"

I said,"I've been working with a Director of Football at Cesena for three years now. I'm totally comfortable with it, and at times it is better with one."

Agnelli went on further, with a different question. He said,"We all know that Allegri lost his dressing room at the end of the season, making his job untenable. Do you believe that you got the capacity to keep a dressing room at place, Pierpaolo?"

I answered,"I do. If you see my record at Cesena, several players have asked for a move, and when the fee has not been to the valuation of the club, it has been denied. The player can make a show out of it, but he knows that if he does he will be playing in the reserves. That's my secret to success last season."

A couple of board-members whispered in the back-ground, to which Andrea Agnelli asked them for silence.

Agnelli then continued,"Allegri had a terrible relationship with our fans, and that's why he got sacked, along with the poor results. Are you capable to have a good relationship with our fans, regardless of success?"

I boldly answered,"I think that to win over fans, you must do it with success. Success means titles. Fondness off and on the pitch must be done as well, of course."

I saw a majority of the board-members nodding in agreement. Agnelli then posed me with the question that had been looming ever since I picked up that phone-call..

Will you be the Juventus manager for 2015/2016?
Awesome update, you've made it a hard choice for your readers, too! xD
However, you should stay in Cesena - you are on the rise with them ;)
@Walter: It's all about to be announced..


I felt my breathing get heavier, my throat getting closed and my lips were dry. I took a deep breath and answered his question, with yet another question..

"Can I have some time to decide this? It's a life-changing decision.."

"Of course.", said Agnelli. "You have a week, and if we don't hear from you until then, we'll take it as you have rejected our offer. In the meantime, let's enjoy the night!"

We continued talking about the national team, Antonio Conte and how Italy needed a team as a beacon in the Champions League. It was soon until dawn, and that's when I paid my farewell. I thanked them all for the delightful evening, and told them that they would hear from me soon. The butler then proceeded to take me to my room.

I took off my suit and continued to go into the bed, soft, cozy.. I woke up around 10 a.m., to find Agnelli swearing to his press officers through his food. The cat was out of the bag. Somehow, the press learned that I was in Turin, and not for a holiday. Headlines in the biggest sports newspapers in Italy. Agnelli started apologizing about this and I only had to listen to his apologies.

I listened to him for a few minutes, before excusing myself to get my luggage and leave in my car back to Cesena. Not only had I have a life-changing decision to make, I had to explain to Lugaresi all of this. I was still contracted at the club, after-all. Agnelli offered me to take the club's jet, as the news had already broke out. I agreed and he promised me to have my car arrive by tomorrow morning at the latest, with the keys to be left inside of it.

I arrived at the airport to Juve's own private hangar but a journalist had snuck in, and took a picture of me getting inside of the jet. More explaining to do. I checked my WhatsApp and the group chat of the main squad was blasting, with some players expressing their gratitude, whilst others asked me whether I was taking the job. I messaged them stating that I had an offer, and nothing else.

I arrived at my apartment, and had Lugaresi over as soon as I could. When he arrived, I could see how nervous he was that I would leave. He tried to hide it, but I still could see through it.

He said,"You're taking it, no?"

I answered,"I've taking nothing yet, Giorgio."

He smiled and said,"Oh thank God, you're staying!"

I was shocked, and said,"I didn't say that either, I have to think about it."

His smile faded away, and he sighed. "It's okay if you take it, you know? We aren't going to stop you to achieve your dreams. It IS, the biggest club in the country. Nevertheless, we would be sadden by your departure, as you have achieved great success at the club."

I had no words for what he said. "What about convincing me to stay at the club?", I thought to myself..

Lugaresi continued,"Just let me know, when you take the decision. Either way, we'll have to do a press conference if you stay or leave. I'll be leaving you to yourself and your thoughts now, Pierpaolo."

He closed the door behind him, and I started to get deep into my thoughts. It was time to make a decision, and soon as the deadline for my answer loomed nearby.
Nice update... but we want an announcement! :P
Just caught up with this and a great first season and what a way to win the final! It would be good to join a bigger side but I reckon you could stay and build something big with Cesena :)
@Walter: Haha.. :P
@Minus: Thank you! Should Bisoli be ambitious or should he build something at Cesena -_-

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