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Rags to Riches

Valued at just £45k, time to climb the rich list.
Started on 21 July 2015 by Nastymiller
Latest Reply on 15 August 2015 by Jer
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Thank you IWelshWizrd, not a great start at all.....monthly update to come. But the fans calling for the formation change and a team meeting means things have have had to change.


Following a 4-2 defeat away at Stockport where we went 4 down, the fans have asked for something a little different. 4-4-2 I am going with, let's see what that does for me.

Calling the players into a team meeting I advised them we had enough quality in the dressing room to change results, and with that a change in playing formation. The lads left the dressing room buzzing, and I hoped this would kick start the season.

The 3rd qualifying round in the F.A.Cup saw an old school 4-4-2 formation and my position as manager insecure.
Keep at it. It'll come good eventually! Good to see a diarist here too. Fun way to write about FM.
Nastymiller's avatar Group Nastymiller
7 yearsEdited
Thank you tenthreeleader but I feel nothing will save me from the sack this month! I overheard the board giggling about our chances of getting a result away at top of the table Lowestoft and the fact it gives them a reason to sack that in mind, I wonder where the next stop will be


A positive start and finish to last month, with uber pap results in-between. The change in formation has not really done much for me, as the players are the same. Or should I say the defense is, they are totally and utterly rubbish, we have the worst defense in the league for a reason and ship nearly 3 goals a game in.

The board tell me I should be doing slightly better, they don't have any money, they want me to sell our players to raise cash to keep the club afloat. All in all, this was a poisoned chalice and I never even knew it. They were the lowest valued club in the country for a reason.

But you never give in, you keep going, you keep going until you get hammered away from home 5-0 to the top of the table club and enjoy the period leading up to Christmas looking for a new club, or that's how I see this playing out.

Apart from a memo from the coaching staff now telling me Nathan Modest has had a brain freeze and is forgetting all the tactics they are trying to teach him. I just keep staring at last months fixtures and results and think "feck me".

Current club value £18k

Not the worst results, not the best, and I am still in a job (just).

A couple of loan signings went back to their club and a couple came in. First through the door was 24 year old Adam Bailey-Dennis, closing in on 200 league games, Adam currently plays for Bromley and has joined me on a 3 month deal, I would class him as my 13th best player.

Next in is my now 8th best player Louie Soares, at 29 years of age he will no doubt have been through what we are going through now before. Just 6 games short of 300 games he has a wealth of experience and I am hoping will cause problems down the right hand side when match fit.

Going into the 3rd game of this month I called a team meeting to try and shake the players up a little and get some confidence into them, it worked, now will it get me 3 points?

Well I made it another month! I really don't understand why the club are keeping hold of me? Maybe it's my loyalty of not handing my notice in, maybe it's my honesty during the dreaded boardroom meetings. All I know is I have given the fans what they wanted, which was a new formation. The board have been given what they wanted and I have offloaded some players, so maybe that's what is keeping me at the club, as it's certainly not the results as these continue to be rubbish.

14 best player comes in on loan and with over 200 games to his name, Sean Cronin joins the club on the mission of growing and saying up.

Keeping the boardroom happy has seen a number of players leave a squad already tiny

And a look at the table shows us in need of picking points up as soon as possible and with a shocking goal difference, we need to start chipping away at that too.

Current club value £18k
Ouch, this season isn't going to plan, to say the least. Hope you can turn it around, but it's not looking like it right now :/
Nastymiller's avatar Group Nastymiller
7 yearsEdited
Thank you Zed, your right and the board have finally decided the same too. I have to somehow grab 6 points from 5 games to keep my job. Let's see what happens in January shall we.


Well, the time came where the meeting with the board did not go great. I basically had to blag it and ask what I needed to keep the job. Get 6 points in 5 games and I keep my job, I promised them I would get the points....I promised them!

The first 2 games of those 5 ended in defeats, meaning the job center was coming up fast. Brackley away were next followed by 2 home games against North Ferriby and Gainsbrough, Gainsbrough should see 3 points, so I only needed a win from Brackley or North Ferriby...we could do it, couldn't we.

Amazing the club's valued has risen to £22k

Brackley ended in a 5-2 defeat, North Ferriby was called off due to our frozen pitch and a day before playing the team bottom of the league the fans moaned about our formation.

Pondering on the fact that I changed the formation before and it did nothing for our fortunes, and the fact I needed a win, and the team I was playing was bottom of the league. I decided to throw caution to the wind and decide our weak link is our defense and as such play as few of them as possible.

I went for a 2-5-3, shit or bust

Bust turned to shit and we lost again! Losing 3-2 meant it was impossible to fulfill my promise and I was sacked. 27 games during my time with just 3 wins meaning just a 11% win ratio.

Time to try and find a new job, where would I go next?
It was coming.. hopefully you can find a new job soon and do better. :)
Nastymiller's avatar Group Nastymiller
7 yearsEdited
Amazed it took so long IWelshWizard

It took just 17 days of job hunting when the call came and it was interview time, I knew I would piss the interview. I did and it was time to move house, and country and get ready for my next challenge.


Spain was my next stop and a club called El Palo who currently sit in 19th place in the Spanish Second Division B4. A club with a 1,000 all standing capacity the media expected us to finish in 15th place and just about stay up.

15 games to go and 4 points off safety I really have a chance to keep this club up, the team play a 4-4-2 formation yet we don't have any left backs - so a contract was given to one of the U19 players.

With no money, and no players worth bringing in on loan, I gave recruitment reigns to my chairman and also asked him to try and bring in back-room staff. just 7 people were helping me with running the club.

In regards players, the best player at the club is Manuel Gaspar Haro and is good enough to play in the LIGA BBVA and with 282 games to his name with clubs such as Malaga and Levante he really is a great player for this club.

I had a week to work with my new players before a home game against 5th placed Melilla.

Time to get the phrase book out and try and get some type of result out of this job, my only goal.....a better than 11% win ratio please.

Current club value is £180k and are ranked 86th out of 122 clubs so a great outcome to my sacking and a bigger club.
Nice story mate, shame about Gloucester but hopefully you can revitalise yourself at El Palo :)
Dayumm... it took so long to sack you haha! Best of luck in Spain!
Thanks Jack, I never felt like I was going to do anything at Gloucester to be fair, the scouts fooked me over. Pauker, they gave me plenty of chances before sacking me. These Spanish dudes don't have a great number of players and they too are skint. I just hope the youth intake gives me a chance to keep them up. I don't fancy 2 sackings so quick, I may never get another job!


So it was match day, and I was ready - but the players were not, 5 players injured and 2 suspended which is basically half my first team out but lets not start with the excuses eh!

This is how the team is going to climb out of the relegation zone:

Bring it on!
Best of luck in Spain, it's a great country to manage in!

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