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Adam Chabukiani: Defying All Odds

The story of a young Georgian refugee, born through the chaos of the Abkhazia War to find his feet in the footballing world.
Started on 5 October 2015 by Jack
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1 July 2015

It was a cold, wet summer day in West Yorkshire, with industrial fumes diffusing into the condensed air. Adam's acceptance of the senior managerial role had not yet been revealed to the press, nor any of the playing squads. Only the League knew because the forms had to be sent through to show that Adam was the new manager of the team, but Dr John Dean had personally told the League not to inform any public media institution, in case Adam wasn't happy with something. And he wasn't.

Adam marched up to Horsfall Stadium, soaked from head to toe in rain. He had his Adidas tracksuit bottoms on, with a puffa jacket bloating his figure about five stone larger, if nobody knew who he was. Truth be told, it was the new Bradford Park Avenue manager, Adam Chabukiani. Nobody knew, they only saw him as an assistant manager, still.

Adam saw his favourite steward, Dean on the gate again, "Just need a word with the chairman, that's all, Dean." even Dean didn't know about Adam's promotion.

He knocked on Dr Dean's door again, like he had the day before. He had a few worries that he needed to sort out with Dean. The door did it's regular creak as Dean pushed the handle down.

"Hello, Adam! Didn't expect to see you today, what can I do for you?" Dr Dean saw the concerned expression on Adam's face. "You're not having second thoughts about the job, are you? I've already sent the forms to the League! You can't jus-"

Adam cut the panicked man short. "Mr Chairman, I don't want to leave the club, don't worry," Adam laughed, causing a relieved look on Dean's face. "No, it's just a few things I need doing that I forgot to say yesterday, I was so caught up in the hype of being the new manager!"

"Oh! Please, sit down, tell me what you need doing and I'll try sort something out." Dean exclaimed, relieved that it wasn't what he thought was the problem with Adam.

Adam took the same seat he had the day before. "Yeah, it's just that I've been here ten years, I've seen a lot of things happen, obviously,"

"Yes, absolutely." agreed the chairman, understanding where his new manager was coming from.

"I don't believe I have enough backroom resources to do what I want to do with this team," admitted the Georgian.

"How do you mean?" inquired the chairman.

"Like, I don't even have an assistant manager, I need faces behind the scenes to put the success on the table."

"So how many new staff are you wanting?"

"Eleven." Adam said, worried he was pushing his demands too far.

Okay," said Dean. He was shifting uncomfortably in his seat. "Eleven, you say?"

"Yes," Adam stared at Dr Dean. "Eleven."

"Well, okay, you must have a few names in mind, tell me, who are these eleven people?" asked Dean, under pressure from Adam's glare.

"Well, we haven't got a single scout here, so I want four new scouts. Kenny Lindoe, as Chief Scout, he's from Consett. The other three are Elliott Harrop, Matthew Ashton, and Levi Andrew. This will help with my recruitment massively." suggested Adam.

"I want one more general coach, I want a Fitness Coach and a Goalkeeping Coach to aid our players' development. Alan Lee, from Ipswich's Under-18's, Kwaku Agyemang from Burnham and Dhami Emanuel-Williamson, who is unattached." he continued, before Dean cut him off.

"Okay, any more names?" asked the chairman, adding up the costs of these arrivals as Adam was naming them.

"Yeah, I need my assistant manager, someone with experience, I want Micky Engwell. After working in the youth teams for so long, we desperately need to monitor progress, so I think Lewis Hayes should be our Head of Youth Development."

"Any more?" asked Dr Dean, panicking now.

"Yeah, two more Physio's. I want Pete Abassi and Lee Bullock. Oh, and to cut costs, I want Jamie Price completely out of the club." demanded Adam.

"Hell, that's going to cost a lot. Do you really think you will do better than any other recent coach with these people?" asked Dean, making sure that he wasn't being ripped off.

"Yes," said Adam. "Add a few signings in there and job's a good 'un." he smiled at his chairman.

"Bloody hell, you know how to get a man's wallet out. Okay. We'll sort it.

Adam exited the room with a gleaming smile plastered across his face. Everything was going to work out for him. Hopefully.

Chabukiani Lands Top Spot at Avenue

In a surprise appointment at Horsfall Stadium, former Leeds United wonderkid Adam Chabukiani has landed the Bradford Park Avenue senior management role, along with a host of backroom staff joining alongside the 27-year-old.

The Georgian-born player retired from football at the age of seventeen years old, after what is a heartbreaking story of a kid who had it all, but injuries got in the way of everything. His career-ending injury came on his loan debut at Bradford Park Avenue, against Harrogate Town, when Charlie Smith put in a horror tackle on the seventeen year old, sent out to Avenue after a training ground bust-up with Bradford City's new signing Dean Windass back in January 2005.

But the former midfielder has now taken over from John Deacey, who left the club back in late April and will lead Avenue out in their first preseason match against Buxton FC on the 18th July. The club came 13th in 2014/15 in Vanarama National League North under Deacey, but Chabukiani hopes to take the club beyond midtable this season.

The 6'4" Georgian signed a one-year part-time deal at the Horsfall Stadium club a few days ago, yet has been kept under wraps while Chabukiani and chairman Dr John Dean looked for suitable backroom staff to aid Chabukiani's push for success.

Perhaps the most notable backroom arrival is former Ipswich Under-18's coach Alan Lee as Bradford Park Avenue first-team coach. He will be working alongside fellow coaches such Danny Schofield, Kwaku Agyemang and Dhami Emanuel-Williamson, with Agyemang and Emanuel-Williamson being new arrivals also.

Chabukiani has also hired former Boreham Wood assistant Micky Engwell as the 27-year-old's number two. 49-year-old Lewis Hayes also joins the club as Head of Youth Development, as well as four new scouts arriving at the club and two new physiotherapists.

The new Bradford PA manager is said to favour the 4-2-3-1 Wide formation, justifying it by saying it will pack out the midfield, as well as link up the play between the midfield and the forward closely.

Avenue striker James Walshaw welcomed Adam Chabukiani's arrival as Senior Head Coach, saying the squad was 'delighted' with the appointment after working for six years as John Deacey's right-hand man since 2009.

Chabukiani's first task as new Head Coach is to get the current team playing to his philosophy, as well as gelling new players into the system throughout the summer transfer window.
I sense a shift of power coming for football in Bradford! No more boring Stan's with Adam at the helm!
2015-11-28 19:44#222259 C.J.Lippo : I sense a shift of power coming for football in Bradford! No more boring Stan's with Adam at the helm!
I'd like to think so too ;)
Amazing! I just caught up man! Good luck at Avenue!
3 July 2015

"Gather round, lads!" called Adam to his new team, that he was manager of now. "Right then, I'm guessing you've all got the newsflash that I'm your manager now, this is my first day on the job, I'm having an interview with the press after training so be gentle, boys!" Adam smiled, to which the expression carried its way across the crowd of players surrounding him.

"Ey, have you just got your GCSE's back, boss?" shouted James Walshaw, the 31-year-old striker, joking at his new manager's age.

"Hahaha, very good, James, now, now, boys, listen," commanded the new manager "You're alright to have a bit of a laugh today because I understand it's your first day back off your holidays, you've all got your stories to tell, how many lasses you've shagged, how you passed out in Ibiza on ket, but at some point we're gonna get our game heads on, yeah? We can't stay pissing about forever."

The word 'yeah' murmured around the crowd in disorderly fashion, with the word ending at different times around different areas.

"This isn't to scare you in any way, but football is football, we're gonna see some new faces arriving over the course of this summer, just like any other summer - I'm trusting you lot to welcome them into the team like you're family, yeah?" Adam requested the squad.

"I know how it feels and I'm sure you all know how it feels to be the new kid on the block, nervous as shit, no friends at all, it's not nice, and it's not the place I want this to be. Are we clear?" once again the unclear murmurs of 'yeah' spread around the crowd.

"Good, that's what I like to hear. As you'll be able to see, I've brought my own staff into the club as I've been promoted to Head Coach, treat them well and they'll return the favour," Adam looked over to Alan Lee and Kwaku Agyemang setting up the cones, "Won't you, lads!" Adam shouted over.

"Err, yeah!..." shouted back Alan, completely oblivious to what Adam had just shouted, the team chuckled as it happened.

"Right then, get over to Kwaku and he'll get you sorted with some fitness training, then we'll get onto the five-a-sides!" Adam exclaimed enthusiastically, trying to provoke some sort of energy into the tired bunch of lads.

The squad jogged over to Kwaku Agyemang, who had set up a tiresome fitness course to get the lads back on track. "Done yourself good there, boss," said a cheery voice from behind him. It was Micky Engwell, Adam's new assistant manager.

"Aye, they're a tricky bunch, but I'll get to them eventually," replied Adam, watching Micky haul the five-a-side goals to either end of the small pitches, giving Adam a slight flashback to Archie Fairclough's gruelling exercises he had made Adam to do turn him back into the footballer he once was. Adam smiled a little, as he turned to face Kwaku's exercise, which the lads were already puffing out at.
3 July 2015

After what was an eventful training session, with Alan Lee getting pelted with the ball in the face from a James Walshaw shot and Kwaku Agyemang accidentally tripping over Adam Clayton in his fitness training, it all screamed 'Sunday League Football', and now it was time for Adam Chabukiani to face the press for the first time as Bradford Park Avenue manager.

The Georgian giant had his bottle of Harrogate Spa in his hand at the ready if his mouth was to go dry with so much talking, but he hoped that he wouldn't have to use it at any point during the conference.

After a short word with the Director and Head of Media at Bradford Park Avenue, Kevin Hainsworth, he appeared in front of a whitewash of flashing cameras in the Horsfall Stadium press room. There was about five rows of chairs going all the way to the back of the room, in lines of eight, with a gap between the fourth and fifth chair. Most seats were taken, but there were some journalists still to arrive at the conference.

Dr John Dean, the chairman, and the man who handed Adam Chabukiani the managerial role at Horsfall Stadium was going to sit next to his new Head Coach throughout the conference, and he was the one to choose who was going to ask Adam the questions and when.

"Good afternoon, ladies, gentlemen, welcome to the official press conference unveiling of our new club manager Adam Chabukiani. We all wish you a warm welcome to Horsfall Stadium and we hope we get all your questions answered," there was a pause to make sure Adam had time to speak if he wanted to, but he didn't. "We might as well get started then! Yes, sir, over there." he pointed to a man in casual clothing.

"Paul York, The Non-League Paper. Adam, we understand that you come here as manager of a club you are a big fan of, is this a dream come true for you?"

"Absolutely. You know, I've been at the club for ten years now, since I was seventeen, and even ten years before I was seventeen I was coming down here and watching all the matches at the good old Horsfall Stadium. Obviously, this is my first job in any form of football management and I'll be under a lot of pressure to succeed after what previous managers like Mr Deacey and Mr Porlock brought to the table. I worked under both of them people and the best I can do is take what I learned from them, and develop it into my own personality. What happens on a matchday is down to my own tactics and selection. But going back to the original question, then yes, it's something I've dreamed of for years." Adam received a grin from the chairman as he answered his opening question.

"And, do you feel that your ambitions for the club is matched by the man sat next to you?" Dr Dean laughed, before Adam answered.

"You know what, right, this man sat next to me, I told him what I needed if I was to become manager, and the next day, when I was introduced to the public as manager of this great club, he had all of my requests given to me the very next day. Chairmen like Dr Dean are very, very hard to come by and I'm a very lucky bloke to have a job working for this man." Dr Dean's chuckle turned into a knowing smile towards his new manager.

"You have a fixture against your old club Bradford City coming up in preseason at Horsfall Stadium, in what is currently your last game of preseason. How do you feel about coming up against them once again?"

Adam shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "I don't wish to speak about Bradford City or my time there, thank you. This is for me and Bradford Park Avenue only." the memories of Dean Windass' phone call in the car park that time over ten years ago now.

"What are your aims for this season, Adam?"

"Well, I'd like to push for the top half of the table, and depending if I've earned another contract at the club, I'd love to build on that and push for the Play-Offs or maybe even the title. That's the plan I have in my head, anyway."

"You've stepped into a senior management role at a football club at the raw age of twenty-seven years old. Critics have suggested you will struggle to command respect in the dressing room. What do you say to that?"

"I've been working here in both the youth team and the senior team for just over ten years now. In that time I've met the players and they saw the respect that people like Raymond Porlock and John Deacey showed me, they know I mean business here. I've taken training this morning and there was a bit of banter going on, but we're a very professional outfit going into this season."

"You come from Georgia, don't you, yet you grew up in England. Can you explain the story behind that for us?"

"No. It's very easy to Google the Abkhazia Crisis, so do that and you have your answer to that question."

"Micky Engwell has been hired as your assistant manager, are you looking forward to working alongside him?"

"Absolutely, Micky has all the experience you need at this level, that's not mentioning the other backroom staff that Dr Dean here has brought to the club under my recommendation. With me and Engwell, we're looking very strong."

"Who are you looking to sign this summer?"

"I don't wish to talk about transfer targets as it is an internal decision that doesn't need to be broadcasted to other teams who can poach our targets as a result of being too open."

"Thank you. I think that's all we have time for today, me and Adam must return to our jobs now so I hope we've answered as many questions as you hoped." said Dr John Dean, ending the press conference there.

Well done, Adam, you conducted yourself very well in there. I'm impressed." said Dr Dean, putting his arm around the six foot four figure of Adam Chabukiani.

"Thank you, Dr Dean, it's appreciated. Thanks for being with me in there today."
Had a feeling it would all start at Bradford Park Avenue! Good luck Jack, and Adam Chabukiani of course.
4 July 2015

"Doctor, get the documents ready, we've got a lad coming down in about, errm, ten, twenty minutes?" Adam barged into Dr Dean's office impatiently, without so much of a warning.

John was startled and shocked by the demands made by his new Head Coach, "What?! Adam, I'm okay with discussing transfers and getting players to come down but for God's sake, please give me some kind of advance warning that it was taking place,"

"Doctor, if I want a player, and I want him now, I go and get him, are we clear?" Adam glared at his chairman as he uttered them words out.

"Adam, I realise you're eager to get things in place, but it's muc-" Dr Dean was cut off as he tried to ease the tension that had been lifted by Adam.

"Mr Chairman, this player is coming down, whether you like it or not, and he will be signing for the club. Today." Adam was wandering around the chairman's office, trying to create some sort of energy within himself.

"Well, who's coming down?" asked Dean.

"Warren Bentley. Winchester City." answered Adam.

"Winchester?! You're signing a lad from Winchester?! Jesus Christ, Adam, I thought we were aiming higher than that," Dean chased Adam around the room, trying to implement an element of calmness into the 27-year-old.

"Oh, sorry? I didn't realise you wanted Lionel Messi? Tell you what, I'll ring up Luis Enrique right now, alright?" said Adam, sarcastically.

"No, I didn't mean it like that, I meant players that will get you out of this league, game-changers, you know?"

"How does a 24-year-old striker scoring 39 goals in 40 games sound to you, Mr Chairman?" asked Adam, rhetorically.

"Fine. We'll have a lo-" Dr Dean's sighs were cut off by the Bradford Park Avenue Managing Director, Gareth Roberts, who had entered the room with two quick knocks on the chairman's door.

"Dr Dean, Mr Chabukiani, a Warren Bentley has arrived, he tells me he has a meeting with you two?" Dean looked at Chabukiani knowing he can't cancel now.

"Thanks, Gareth, bring him in," ordered Adam, before John had any chance of saying a word.

"Sure," said Roberts, "No problem." Adam smiled at him as he exited the office.

"Let me do the talking," said Adam, sternly to Dr John Dean. "You're just here for the paperwork."

The room fell silent as they waited for the 24-year-old striker, who had travelled 240 miles from Hampshire to West Yorkshire to finalise this deal, which Chabukiani had put in place the night before over the phone.

Bentley knocked twice on the office door, before a 'come in' was shouted by the Georgian manager. The door did it's traditional creaky opening as the five feet eight inch figure of Adam Chabukiani's first signing in his managerial career, Warren Bentley walked in.

He was wearing a barbour jacket with navy blue jeans and formal black shoes. "Good afternoon, Mr Chabukiani, Dr Dean, nice to see you," said the striker, tipping his head to both bodies in the room, before shaking the cold hand of Adam Chabukiani, and then Dr John Dean.

"Good afternoon, Mr Bentley," greeted Adam, motioning for Warren Bentley to sit on the chair in front of him. "Glad you could make it, safe trip?" asked Adam, opening up the conversation with his pleasantries.

"Yeah, not bad, bit of a trek, but glad I'm here," admitted Bentley, getting less edgy and more comfortable in his seat now.

"Good man, so are we," said Adam, glancing over to his chairman, who had his stare firmly fixed on his computer as he printed off the documents needed to complete the transfer from Winchester to Bradford Park Avenue. "Dr Dean here is just printing off the forms we'll need to finalise the transfer, if that's if you still want to sign!" joked Adam, provoking a short laugh from Bentley.

"Yeah, I wouldn't go on a four hour trip just to go back home, haha!" said Bentley, replying to the joke.

"Yep, here we are. Almost printed off now," pointed out the chairman, who looked over to the printer.

"So, last night we agreed £50 per week? Is that what we're going for today, Mr Bentley?" checked Adam, making sure his signings deal was perfect for both parties.

"Yeah, absolutely," smiled Bentley, "I was only on non-contract over at Winchester, only got paid per goal," he explained.

"Aye, if we're working on that basis then you should be a millionaire by the end of this season, isn't that right, lad?" laughed Adam.

"Can only do my best, boss!" said Bentley, calling Chabukiani 'boss' the moment he had finished penning his signature, before rising from his seat to shake his new managers' hand.

"Welcome to Bradford Park Avenue, Warren Bentley," said Adam, "Glad to have you on board."

"The feeling's mutual," winked Bentley. "Thank you for giving me this chance, Mr Chabukiani, Dr Dean."
InfraRed & Glenn: Thank you, guys :D
17 July 2015

It was an extremely flushing Friday morning as Adam Chabukiani called in his team from their five-a-side matches at the Bradford Park Avenue training ground, Cemetery Road. Tomorrow, at The Silverlands, against Buxton Football Club, he will be making his debut as Bradford Park Avenue's new manager.

"Come on lads! Jog in! I know it's bloody hot but you're not sixty yet!" shouted Adam to his team, who were slumbering over to the bellowing voice of their manager.

"Fucking hell, boss, I'm knackered," said Danny Schofield.

"Aye, me too, have we got any drinks about?" requested the red-faced Nathan Turner, he was bent over, fanning himself to keep cool.

"Yeah, Nathan, there's a few over here," Kwaku Agyemang told Turner.

"Yeah, that's it, get a few drinks down you, boys," said Adam, looking over to the huddle of the sweaty bunch, crowding around the drinks like beggars around passers-by.

"What you saying to them, boss?" quizzed Mick Engwell, Chabukiani's assistant manager.

"Oh, just going over tactics for tomorrow, line-ups, who we're bringing on, you know," Adam responded, turning to look at Micky.

Adam waited for the group to condense around him, as they tipped the bottles of water endlessly down their throats and over their faces to cool themselves down. Mr Chabukiani had swapped and changed the squad over the past couple of weeks, bringing in six players, with four leaving the club.

He had signed Warren Bentley, Jordan Holt, Kasjusz Piwowarczyk, Steven McCarthy, Nick Liversedge and Luke Greaves, all on free transfers. He had let Jamie Price, Chris Howarth, Tom Burgin and Seb Carole leave the club, all of them having their contracts at Horsfall Stadium terminated.

"Now then, hope you've all had a nice cool down now," began Adam, his eyes searching among the crowd of whom most had water soaked into their short-sleeved training tops, designed by Nike. "It's time to talk about tomorrow,"

The squad leaned in, eager to listen to Adam's next few pieces. "I don't want to bore you with manager talk, but for those of you who do want to listen, and do want to know how we're gonna win this game tomorrow, please, stay." Adam only said that to give him thinking time before he spoke next.

"We're going to play a four-two-three-one (4-2-3-1) formation tomorrow against Buxton, God kn-"

Steve McCarthy jumped into Adam's sentence, "With wingers or just attacking-midfielders, boss?" he asked.

"Luckily for you, Steve, yes, we are," Adam smiled at his new Irish right-winger, before continuing. "I am aware that we should be ripping this team to shreds with constant attacks, but I, as a manager believe in a surprise attack method of playing. I want us to play on the counter, basically.

"I want us to close them down and Nick, I don't want any short passes out from your area, are we clear?"
Adam said, glaring at his goalkeeper, Nick Liversedge.

The defensive line, I want you four pushing quite high, but I don't want to utilise the offside trap, do you hear me? It's just too risky, especially with referees at this level. I want us to get proper stuck in, defence," he said, mainly looking at Simon Ainge.

"I want us playing out of defence and looking to the wings to hit some early, whipped crosses into the box. Midfield, I want you to be expressive in your creativity, you get me?" Adam asked, openly.

"I think that'll be all you need to know for now, the team will be announced tomorrow morning but the lineup will be revealed just before the match, in the dressing room." and with that, training ended.
Amazing work mate I see a SOTM coming your way if you haven't already got one. (:
2015-11-30 06:32#222331 the champi0n fm : Amazing work mate I see a SOTM coming your way if you haven't already got one. (:
Thanks, man! Great to hear comments like this :D
19 July 2015

It was a cold, damp Sunday morning in the midst of summer. The players didn't train on Sunday's, so Chabukiani had no reason to be here other than to speak to the chairman, of whom he was banging on the door of right now, impatiently.

"Let me guess, it's Adam, right?!" said the voice behind the door.

The office door swung open right in front of Adam, causing a little flutter in the manager's blinking. Adam knew that it was only 6.32 a.m. and even when training was on, it started at seven o'clock. He was surprised to see that Dr John Dean had arrived at work so early.

Dr Dean looked half-dead. His face was as pale as he'd ever seen it before, the scent of coffee was emanating out of his office, breezing through out into the open air. One eye was falling asleep on the chairman's face, with bags created underneath the chairman's eyes, which were red with tiredness.

"Jesus, Mr Chairman, you don't look too good!" pointed out Adam.

Dean pretended to be surprised, almost as if he hadn't noticed in the reflection on the window all night. "Yeah, long work shift, league campaign coming up, it's all very tiring," Dr Dean explained. "Adam, if you're gonna be anything, don't make it a chairman, it's suicide,"

"Lovely," replied Adam, with a wry smile appearing on his face.

"So, what can I do for you today, Adam?" asked the chairman.

Adam was recalling the match yesterday, his managerial debut against Buxton FC. The team had ran out 2-0 winners, thanks to goals from new signing Steve McCarthy and James Walshaw.

"I want a few more players, Dr Dean," said Adam. "The team is still looking very small and weak. If we want a good season we need strength in depth."

Adam looked into his chairman's red, tired eyes, before saying, "I've done some of my own work recently, and I've got rid of a few faces. Luke Dean and Alex Pursehouse have both gone out on loan to Kettering and Warrington. Chib Chilaka and Massiah McDonald have both gone to Sutton United, and Adam Clayton and Adam Mather have both been released." he informed the chairman.

"I see, I'm guessing that means the budget has been broadened, then?"

"Yes," Adam said, "I want another five new players."

The pair were still stood up in the centre of the room, following on from their initial greeting. The chairman motioned Adam to sit down on the chair beside him, before finding his own position on his comfy blue armchair.

"Jack Hallahan. Kenny Lindoe, the new Chief Scout here sent me a report back on him after he played in a national trialists match a few days ago. The boy was released from West Brom earlier this summer. He's a left-winger, pacey, 18-years-old. He could do a job for us, Mr Chairman," assured the manager.

"Okay," said Dr Dean, typing notes down on his computer. "Carry on,"

"Adam Pepper, he's another player that Kenny Lindoe spotted at the trialists match. The boy is 23-years-old. His last club was Stalybridge Celtic, but before that, Aberystwyth Town and he was a Liverpool youth graduate. Central-midfielder."

Dr Dean nodded his head at Chabukiani, telling him to carry on via body language. "Michael Wylde, next, he's spent most of his recent past in the National League, played for Alfreton Town twenty-eight times last season, he's a 28-year-old centre-back,

"Now this next player, I am absolutely desperate to tie down," Adam told his boss. "Matthew Fletcher. He's barely made a first-team appearance in his life. Mainly because he's been contracted by the likes of Sunderland, Oxford, Sheffield Wednesday and Hull City of recent times. He's a 22-year-old Australian, if anyone's gonna do a job in scoring goals here, it's Fletcher."

"Finally, there's a lad with the name of Ross Wilkinson - he has an agent called Tom Turner. He's an absolute giant of a full-back. He'll win you everything down the flanks. He's 28-years-old and he's currently contracted to F1 Racing in the York Football League. That's all." the manager finished.

"I see," said the chairman, finally looking up from his keyboard to look Adam in the eye. "Adam, you're going to get all of them players." surprised Dr Dean.

"Seriously?" a shocked Chabukiani asked.

"Seriously. If you and your scouts believe these are the players we need to take us further up, they're all yours. I'll get in touch with them shortly."

"Well, I don't know what to say, sir... thank you!"

"All for the Bradford Park Avenue cause, isn't it!" Dr Dean exclaimed, opening the door for Adam's exit of his office.
Brilliant mate Adam Pepper will do a good job for you and chip in with some goals too

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