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Adam Chabukiani: Defying All Odds

The story of a young Georgian refugee, born through the chaos of the Abkhazia War to find his feet in the footballing world.
Started on 5 October 2015 by Jack
Latest Reply on 5 July 2019 by Justice
great start adam. I expect more of the same. :D . Disobeyance means I will smoke you with the Wrath Of Tyneside :P
Just got to Adam's retirement.
His father was such a dick :(
Well, he did have his glory moments. Now it's time for a new challenge.
Let's see Adam becoming the great coach, he could never become as a footballer.
Adam on the road to immortality :D
Great work on this amazing updates ;)
C.J.Lippo: Certainly can't argue with our goals tally, no! :)

TayBAFC: It's the Chabukiani effect ;) Cheers, buddy!

SooruSooru: Thanks :P And I certainly don't like the sound of that ;)

Murtagh: Glad to see you're catching up quickly! Thank you so much for all the kind words recently, it's much appreciated :D
Man, congratulations on becoming the first-team manager for Bradford Park Avenue.
What a great place to start :D
Let's make Bradford Park Avenue move ;)
Great story so far and hopefully you make this team big
I'm getting the feeling that Adam is not a man to f@#k with!

Another great update mate. Really can't say enough about how well this is written. :)
Great start at Bradford PA. You're putting your own ideas into the club. Good to see that happening :)
Nice first press conference at Bradford PA. You sure put the club's chairman in his place there to get Waren Bentley :)
Congratulations on your very nice preseason, looks really consistent for a preseason.
And specially for the match against Bradford City, very nice result, and great to see their fans still remembers their once hero.
10 October 2015

It was pretty much a month since the incident in Boston Curry House with David. I had missed our fixture against Solihull Moors, with Micky Engwell leading the team to a 3-0 win at home against Marcus Bignot's side. I missed the match as I was sat in police custody following my 'assault' on the racist cunt that was David.

I had to sober up inside a cell before being questioned by officers in the Police Station. That was while Steven McCarthy and Matthew Fletcher were leading us to victory at Horsfall Stadium. My court date with David is set for 17 November this year.

Anyway, since then we have both drawn against Tamworth and lost to Brackley in the League upon my return. This could be put down to the huge dent in my reputation.

But today we had just won 3-0 against Salford City - recently put in the media limelight due to the consortium of Phil and Gary Neville, Nicky Butt and Ryan Giggs taking over the club, as well as the billionaire Singaporean Peter Lim owning 50% of the club.

It was almost seven o'clock at Moor Lane, the squad had all gone home, but I had been offered to stay by Salford City manager Anthony Johnson. The match had finished over two hours ago as goals from James Walshaw, Adam Pepper and Matthew Fletcher led us into an FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round tie with Thurrock, in the Ryman Divisions.

Myself and Johnson had a good natter about football, from the top-level right down to Sunday League Football, from Lionel Messi to Danny Webber. He had read about the incident in the curry house in the papers and asked me about it, to which I insisted it was all David's fault and whatnot.

As I made my way out, though, I stumbled across Ryan Giggs - who was in attendance of today's game. He owned 10% of the club and we had quite a memorable chat to say the least.

"Now then, Adam," he said to me, prodding me on my shoulder. He had called me by my first name, as if we were mates at school meeting up twenty years later.

"Alright, Mr Giggs?" I laughed nervously.

"Yeah, not bad, Adam," he responded. "There's something I wanted to talk to you about, you know, since the draw was announced for this round,"

I raised my eyebrows at the footballing living legend. "What's that, Ryan?" I asked.

"I know that you have turned things around at Bradford Park Avenue, and Anthony, our manager, he's not meeting our expectations." he pointed out.

He let the silence pass us by for a few seconds, I felt like I should have broken the silence, but I didn't know if Giggs had finished speaking.

"We're ten points off the top of the table in our league, and with men like myself, the Neville's, Butt and Peter Lim behind the club, we aim to be at the top. I know about your court case next month, but I don't care. I want you to be our manager. Soon." Giggs stunned me. I took a step back, my mouth hanging open. He just offered me a job on the spot, just after speaking to their current manager, Anthony Johnson.

"But Ryan, I don't think you realise. I love this club. I love Bradford Park Avenue. I have supported this team since I was seven, I used to break into the stadium at half-time just to watch them. I can't just leave them!" I protested.

"I'm just saying, Adam, we are keeping Johnson until you decide you're up for the job. Just give me a call." and with that, the 41 year-old kept walking, back to his office.

I stood still. Spellbound by the exchange of words I had just had with a Manchester United legend.
Damn, when it comes to FM Scout stories with the best drama this story takes the cake imo! Half of me thinks Adam managing Salford would be very interesting to see, but I would also love for him to stay loyal to his beloved BPA! Well, regardless of what I think, let's see what Adam decides to do.
C.J.Lippo: You simply don't mess with the Chabukiani ;)

Murtagh: Glad you're getting up to speed with the story finally! Been great of you to catch up and your kind words along the way are much appreciated :D

Glenn T: A good story isn't just what's on the pitch ;) But we'll have to wait and see! :)

September/October: Brought Back Down to Earth

Due to there only being three matches played in the four weeks of September, I have split the results into two months of September and October. We played two F.A. Cup matches in the past two months, with us advancing both times. September started these two months off fairly well from the 3rd placed position we were in by the end of August, drawing 1-1 with Telford before a 3-0 win over Solihull Moors when I was in custody. However, by the end of October, we had finally been brought down to Earth. This is where the nitty gritty of this league begins for us.


Horsfall Stadium | Att. 401
National League North


BPA Lineup: Liversedge, Wilkinson, Greaves, Piwowarczyk (Wylde), Holt (St Juste), Potts, Marshall, McCarthy, Pepper, Hallahan, Fletcher (Walshaw)

AFCTU Lineup: Montgomery, Gilbert, Deaman, Tilt, Néhémie (Brownhill), Reid, Dawson, Clancy (Paratore), Gorman, Glover, Hibbert (Hassan)

Horsfall Stadium | Att. 392
National League North

BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 3 (McCarthy 39 Fletcher 44, 71),

BPA Lineup: Liversedge, Wilkinson, Greaves (Ainge), Piwowarczyk (Wylde), Holt (St Juste), Potts, Marshall, McCarthy, Pepper, Hallahan, Fletcher

SMFC Lineup: Lewis, Streete, Nottingham, Cowan (Byfield), Franklin, Gittings, Walker, Leslie (Daly), Williams, Asante, Knights (Moore)

The Lamb Ground | Att. 582
National League North

TAMWORTH FC 2 (Green 21 Newton 22),
BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 2 (Marshall 52 St Juste 59).

TFC Lineup: Belshaw, Burns, Preston, Tomassen, Strong, González, Green, Clarke, Durrell (Racchi), Taylor (Dyer), Newton (Mettam)

BPA Lineup: Liversedge, Wilkinson (Ainge), Greaves, Piwowarczyk (Wylde), Holt, Potts, Marshall, McCarthy, Pepper, Hallahan (St Juste), Fletcher

Horsfall Stadium | Att. 408
National League North

BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 2 (McCarthy 37 Fletcher 45),
BRACKLEY TOWN 3 (McDonald 6 Smith 47 Martin 92).

BPA Lineup: Liversedge, Wilkinson, Greaves (Ainge), Piwowarczyk (Wylde), Holt (St Juste), Potts, Marshall, McCarthy, Pepper, Hallahan, Fletcher

BTFC: Matthews, Bennett, Graham, Austin, McDonald (Sinclair), Mills, Whittall, Odhiambo, Martin, Winters, Smith

Moor Lane | Att. 804
F.A. Cup 2nd Qualifying Round

BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 3 (Walshaw 8 Pepper 48 Fletcher 83).

SCFC: Lynch, Cook, Clarke, Faulkner, Giverin, Lynch, Holland, Moses, Poole, Livesey (Allen), Webber (Seddon)

BPA Lineup: Liversedge, Wilkinson (Turner), Greaves, Piwowarczyk (Ainge), Holt, Potts, Marshall, McCarthy, Pepper, Hallahan (Walshaw), Fletcher

Horsfall Stadium | Att. 381
National League North

GLOUCESTER CITY 1 (Connolly 89).

BPA Lineup: Liversedge, Wilkinson (Turner), Ainge, Greaves (Wylde), Holt, Piwowarczyk, Marshall, McCarthy (Walshaw), Pepper, Hallahan, Fletcher

GCFC Lineup: Barker, Green, Bosch, Richards, Jones, Salapatas, Miller, Hanks, Hall, Anoruo, Parker (Connolly)

Horsfall Stadium | Att. 748
F.A. Cup 3rd Qualifying Round

BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 5 (McCarthy 4 Greaves 10 Pepper 15 Hallahan 46 Marshall 51),
THURROCK FC 3 (Devyne 20, 48 Hastings 82).

BPA Lineup: Liversedge, Wilkinson, Ainge, Greaves (Wylde), Holt (St Juste), Piwowarczyk (Potts), Marshall, McCarthy, Pepper, Hallahan, Fletcher

TFC Lineup: Walker, Currie, Gillman, King, Waters, Joseph-Baudi, Maslen-Jones, Spence, Demontagnac (Williams), Devyne, Hastings

Edgeley Park | Att. 2,527
National League North

STOCKPORT COUNTY 2 (Fontaine 73, 80),

SCFC Lineup: Tyson, Connolly (Tonge), O'Hanlon, Chilvers, Roberts, Evans, Palmiero, Montrose (Robinson), Johns, Fontaine, Hawley

BPA Lineup: Liversedge, Wilkinson, Ainge, Greaves (Wylde), Holt (St Juste), Piwowarczyk, Marshall, McCarthy, Pepper, Hallahan, Fletcher

Horsfall Stadium | Att. 291
National League North

BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 5 (Fletcher 23, 51, 91 Hallahan 87 King 92),
LOWESTOFT TOWN 1 (Jarvis 41).

BPA Lineup: Liversedge, Wilkinson (Turner), Ainge, Greaves (Wylde), Holt, Piwowarczyk, Marshall, McCarthy (King), Pepper, Hallahan, Fletcher

LTFC Lineup: Jaimez-Ruiz, Ainsley, Nunn, Edwards-King (Fisk), Diallo, Mitchell, Gleeson, Jarvis, Eagle, Crow (Bammant), Reed

From the end of August, we have dived four places down into seventh place now. We are two places away from the final playoff spot, but four points and a game in hand away from it also. Boston United have had a similar fall, as they go from top spot at the beginning of September to sixth place at the start of November. However, one thing that is obvious here is the tightness at the top. Despite it being fairly early on in the season, only five points separate us and Stalybridge Celtic (8th) between the top of the league, and that's not taking into account the games in hand a team has.

The Player of the Month for September/October must go to Paul Marshall, who has played in every single game this season for us, and has done brilliantly well in doing so. He has three goals in sixteen games so far this season, alongside two assists, one Man of the Match and an average rating of 7.39 this season. He has been superb for us.
17 November 2015

Me being an average sort of man, I never thought I'd think that way about someone but looking at the others in the corridor outside court. I did feel I was better than them; they were dregs and I wasn't. I couldn't help it, it was the way that they acted and the way they dressed. Not that I was suited up to the nines or anything but at least I had a washed shirt and tie on with decent trousers on. They looked like they had dressed as scruffy as possible, in jeans and trainers and that.

And of course most of them had tattoos didn't they? I had nothing against well-designed ones, you know the artistic sort, but anyone with 'CUT HERE' next to a row of dots on their neck is a bit of a prick to me. Obviously, I kept this to myself because they looked like psychos, even the women.

It wasn't just how people were dressed, though, it was the rebel-without-a-cause attitude: smoking when it was 'No Smoking', staring out coppers and court officials, cracking chewing gum bubbles and shouting and swearing all of the time.

What sort of saddo spends their time in court in the Public Gallery for Christ's sake? Cheaper than a bull 'fight' I suppose but just as sick, if not worse. People who do it should take a long, hard look at themselves and consider why they were here. I shouldn't let trivial stuff like that bother me as fortunately, no one turned up to watch 'The Chabukiani Case'.

The Court Attendant had called my name out and led me into the courtroom. I was standing in the dock with my legs shaking, gripping the bar in front of me to steady myself. I looked up at three people looking down at me a few yards away: a middle aged woman seated between two grey-haired blokes. They were the Magistrates and she was in charge, I guessed.

It hit me just then, before anyone else said a word that never, never, did I want to be there again. I didn't want to go near thinking about what it must be like facing a long-term prison sentence, Jesus, there was some touching cloth going on in my underwear, I swear.

But then the lady smiled at me and I felt much more relaxed straight away, I thought, I'm in here, I'm gonna be alright. But then she asked me quite an important question: where was my solicitor, Thomas Sugar?

I felt like asking the same question - shouldn't they know? "I don't know, sorry," I said and she smiled again. For a second, I really thought she might let me off seeing the predicament I was in. I smiled back, hoping.

"Well then, Mr Chabukiani, would you like to defend yourself?" what would you have done? Forget that, what would you have done as a clueless, totally bricking it, totally on your lonesome uneducated man.

"I don't know, sorry," I said again. If I defended myself, I'd probably have ranted on about how the racist/fascist/whatever-ist wanker had deserved what he'd got and the book would definitely have been flying through the air in my direction.

My stepdad rang up the solicitors, I was too flummoxed by it all. Thomas Sugar finally turned up, apologising for some underling in his office which he blamed for his lateness.

According to David's statement (he wasn't in court), I'd threatened him on the bus home, had followed him to the curry house and had shouted threats and obscenities at him. And I'd commenced a completely unprovoked attack on him. Yeah right, tell us another one. I did attempt a protest for a second but the judge barked at me to shut up before I could complete the word 'but'.

I do remember him saying that no one had the right to use violence to express their political beliefs and that drunkenness was no excuse. It's a good job I forgot his name, otherwise their would've been no excuse for me making abusive phone calls and sending parcels of dog shit to him in the post, either.

I pleaded guilty, as instructed by Thomas Sugar, 'For the best'. The Magistrate finished by saying I should be ashamed of myself, especially holding the role I do in society as manager of Bradford Park Avenue and that he never wanted to me in a court of law again.

Like I wanted to see him again, anywhere, he's a monumental bellend. He'd loved it, especially when he slapped me with a £200 fine and bound me over to keep the peace for two years. Prick.
Great to see Adam moving to his own place, and having someone like Jeremy helping him, his mom his definitely better with him
And your boss, very well getting Adam his wishes ahaha, he knows who's the real boss ;)
Great first month in the season, the team is looking really good, and amazing updates as always :)

November: Bouncing Back

As much as I dislike using an Alan Partridge term to describe my side's upturn in form since October, it does sum it up pretty well anyway. We only managed to fit in two league games this month due to drawing both of our cup games early on - leading to replays forced upon us. But with the lack of league games, it meant we had a better chance of a 100% win ratio for the month, which we achieved despite being knocked out of the F.A. Cup by Tranmere Rovers.


Steel Park | Att. 189
F.A. Trophy 1st Qualifying Round


CTFC: Curca, Colmer, Courtney, Brown, Owen, Casey, Gascoigne (Pepe-Ngoma), Wassi, Taylor, Lucas, Hales

BPA: Liversedge, Wilkinson (Wylde), Ainge, Piwowarczyk, Holt, Potts, Marshall, McCarthy (St Juste), Pepper, Hallahan (King), Fletcher

Horsfall Stadium | Att. 244
F.A. Trophy 1st Qualifying Round Replay


BPA: Liversedge, Wilkinson, Ainge, Greaves (Wylde), Holt, Piwowarczyk (Potts), Marshall, McCarthy (King), Pepper, Hallahan, Fletcher

CTFC: Curca, Colmer, Courtney, Brown (Revan), Owen, Casey, Gascoigne (Pepe-Ngoma), Wassi, Taylor, Lucas, Hales (Weir-Daley)

Prenton Park | Att. 5,491
F.A. Cup 4th Qualifying Round


TRFC: Davies, Brister, Ihiekwe, Riley, Hill (Kearns), Jennings, Close, Patten, Taylor-Fletcher, O'Donnell, Stockton (Ridehalgh)

BPA: Liversedge, Greaves, Ainge, Piwowarczyk, Holt (Wilkinson), Potts, Marshall (St Juste), McCarthy (Wylde), Pepper, Hallahan, Fletcher

Horsfall Stadium | Att. 1,665
F.A. Cup 4th Qualifying Round Replay

TRANMERE ROVERS 3 (O'Donnell 17 Stockton 45 Mangan 71).

BPA: Liversedge, Ainge, Greaves, Piwowarczyk (Wylde), Holt, Potts, Marshall, McCarthy (St Juste), Pepper (Schofield), Hallahan, Fletcher

TRFC: Davies, Maynard, Holness, Riley, Hill, Jennings, Patten, Close, Taylor-Fletcher, O'Donnell (Kearns), Stockton (Mangan)

Horsfall Stadium | Att. 325
National League North

BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 3 (Fletcher 61 Coleman (own goal) 72 Marshall),

BPA: Liversedge, Greaves, Ainge, Piwowarczyk (Wylde), Holt (Wilkinson), Potts, Marshall, McCarthy (King), Pepper, Hallahan, Fletcher

HTFC: Parton, Bailey, Coleman, Regan, Disney, Smith, Digie, Williams, Heath, Obeng (Perry), Knight

Whaddon Road | Att. 259
National League North


GCFC: Singh, Green (Webb), Evans, Bosch, Jones, Richards, Miller (Connolly), Hanks, Hall (Harris), Parker, Smith

BPA: Liversedge, Greaves (Turner), Ainge, Piwowarczyk (Wylde), Wilkinson, Potts, Marshall, McCarthy (King), Pepper, Hallahan, Fletcher

As expected, the league has been twisting and turning, with us only moving up one place due to our lack of league games during November because of our cup replay commitments. This also means that we have a few games in hand on the teams above us, including one on top of the league AFC Fylde, who are currently five points ahead of us.

For this month, Adam Pepper wins Player of the Month, and just like last month's winner Paul Marshall, Pepper has also played every single game this season alongside an attacking force of Fletcher, McCarthy and Hallahan. What is more promising is that Adam is only a young lad and has years ahead of him to continue developing and hopefully being able to keep pace with the clubs ability.

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