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Adam Chabukiani: Defying All Odds

The story of a young Georgian refugee, born through the chaos of the Abkhazia War to find his feet in the footballing world.
Started on 5 October 2015 by Jack
Latest Reply on 5 July 2019 by Justice
Jack: Yeah, I was expecting seeing him do some games in the premiership aswell. But, man, you really like to mess up with your readers feelings I guess :D
And congratulations on your SotM nomination, more than deserved.
C.J.Lippo: Can't beat joining the 10,000+ group :P It's overwhelming to have such comments made by a writer like yourself, who looks set to win the competition, and rightfully so as well! Thank you for following, man :D

Glenn T: Thank you, Glenn! :)

SooruSooru: Cheers, mate :D

Murtagh: The drama is what makes a story ;) Thank you for your kind comments also, much appreciated that you are taking your time out to read my story and catch up! :)
Oh my god Jack, this update when Adam gets back to the field :D :D
So great. Glad to see him signing for Bradford, this is so amazing.
23 August 2015

Dr John Dean sat at his desk hopelessly. He stared at the wall opposite him, the simple, plain black wall. He had a picture of him and John Deacey holding the Northern Premier League Premier Division Play-Off Final trophy at Horsfall Stadium.

Deep down, he wasn't sure if he would be taking part in the same kind of shot with current manager Adam Chabukiani. This was not because he thought Chabukiani wasn't good enough to win them something, it was just that Adam's arrogance and dismissive approach towards his chairman would lead him to hogging the trophy to himself.

Dean was in an impossible position. He felt like he was completely unwanted and disruptive to Head Coach Chabukiani, and would've liked to sack him. He couldn't, though. He couldn't because Adam had just been out celebrating with the clubs' fans after a 5-1 victory over AFC Fylde and a 1-0 win over Corby City. His reputation was high, and at this moment, untouchable.

Three bangs on the chairman's office door silenced the beautiful sound of the chirping blue jays outside in the trees. It was Adam.

"Mr Chairman! Dr Dean!" he shouted in from the corridor.

"Yeah, come in, Adam!" responded John through the oak frame of the door, attempting to sound cheery despite the chairman's thoughts about the young Georgian.

"Good afternoon, Mr Chairman," greeted the manager.

"Good afternoon, Mr Chabukiani," he replied, "How can I assist you today?"

Adam looked around the office that the chairman conducted his actions in. He spotted the photograph shot of Dr John Dean with Adam's predecessor, John Deacey. It was the same photo that Dean had just been studying earlier.

"Well, first of all, you can take that down right now," ordered Adam, pointing up towards the photo.

"What? The photograph?" asked Dean. He already knew what he meant, he just wanted to put the popular manager under a bit of pressure.

"Yes," he said sternly. "I'm not just the successor of Mr Deacey, as much as I enjoyed working under him. I'm the manager now. I am the new era. Mr John Deacey is in the past now, whether you like it or not. So take it down." Adam said imperatively.

John Dean felt his whole body tense up under the cold pressure of the 27-year-old man from Georgia. "Sure," he fell for Adam's demands. "I'll take it down as soon as I can,"

"No," Adam snapped back, "I want it taken down now."

Dr John Dean rose from his seat, without a reply. He walked over to the photograph of himself and John Deacey before returning to his chair.

Dean was just about to open his desk drawer to put the picture in before Adam stopped him. "No," he snarled. "Give it to me."

Dr John Dean once again gave in to his manager's demands, and obediently handed over the wooden frame. Adam pulled out a lighter before he received the picture in his hands. He had it because he was a smoker, not an addict, just a social smoker. Adam stood up and strolled over to the window, before setting the picture alight and throwing it outdoors onto the concrete.

"Now that's sorted, we can talk about what I'm really here for," Adam said to Dr Dean, returning to his position on his seat. "I want the transfer revenue increasing,"

Dr John Dean was not in the mood to argue nor negotiate with Chabukiani, and so he replied with the most unnerved "OK." that the manager had ever received.

"Ah, I'm glad we don't have any disagreements on that front, I'll have it increased to fifty per cent, thank you very much." he thanked his chairman, taking control of the 'negotiations'.

Adam simply received a slightly intimidated nod from Dr Dean, that was in acknowledgement of his request, and a request in itself for Chabukiani to leave the chairman's office. In respect of his chairman's request, Adam silently stood up, shook Dr Dean's hand and exited the room. It was definitely the easiest meeting he had ever had with... well, anyone, really. Dean seemed to just give up with arguing with Adam.
this story is sooo awesome keep up the good work
2015-12-04 23:17#222571 No1VillaFan : this story is sooo awesome keep up the good work
Thank you, much appreciated :D
well, that was...interesting
interesting update
Getting quite good at dealing with poor old Dean aren't you
Poor Dean, Adam's getting a little too big-headed isn't he :P
Awww Yeeees! What a great comeback from Adam to the pitch!!! :D
Saving Bradford, and really enjoying it against Leeds and this Lee Bowyer.
Man, what an emotional game that was, even his long-gone father came back. Wow!
Amazing job mate, amazing. This story gets better and better at each update.
InfraRed: To say the least ;)

SooruSooru: Thanks, mate :P

the champi0n fm: The man's being bullied ;)

Glenn T: Taking matters into his own hands ;)

Murtagh: Cheers, man, it's appreciated :D

August: Bright Beginnings

After a 'meh' preseason, we have really picked up our form at the start of the National League North season. I have began to search for my own new property to actually complete my work in peace and quiet without the regular teatime calls from my mum. But we, as in Bradford Park Avenue began the season at home in Horsfall Stadium against Alfreton. We fielded nine of our new signings against Alfreton, as we came to a 2-2 draw, earning our first point of the season.


BRADFORD PARK AVENUE (Potts 53 Pepper 75) 2, ALFRETON TOWN 2 (Ironside 7, 71)

BPA Lineup: Liversedge, Wilkinson, Greaves (Wylde), Piwowarczyk, Holt (Turner), Potts, Pepper, P Marshall, McCarthy, Hallahan, Fletcher (King)

ATFC Lineup: Duke, Moyo, Berry, Heaton, Allan, Bradley (Thanoj), Jordan (Wilson), Ferguson, Jackson, Robertson (Johnston), Ironside

STALYBRIDGE CELTIC 0, BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 4 (Fletcher 3, 18 Holt 22 McCarthy 53)

SCFC Lineup:
McMillan, Caines, Higgins, Shaw, Aird (Farrell), McKenna, Dixon, Chalmers, Chippendale (Wisdom), Tames, Johnson (Hughes)

BPA Lineup: Liversedge, Wilkinson, Greaves, Piwowarczyk, Holt, Potts, Pepper, P Marshall, McCarthy, Hallahan (King), Fletcher

NUNEATON TOWN 0, BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 3 (St Juste 17 Fletcher 25 McCarthy 60)

NTFC Lineup:
Smith, Clifton, Keane, Lane, Keane, Byrne, Chettle (Whitehouse), Williams (Repstad), Canavan (Harewood), Reid, Daniels

BPA: Liversedge, Wilkinson, Greaves, Piwowarczyk, Holt, Potts, Pepper, P Marshall, McCarthy, St Juste, Fletcher (Bentley)

BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 5 (McCarthy 9 Marshall 19 Fletcher 25 St Juste 44, 69), AFC FYLDE (Marrow 3)

BPA Lineup:
Liversedge, Wilkinson, Greaves, Piwowarczyk, Holt, Potts, Pepper, P Marshall, McCarthy, St Juste (Bentley), Fletcher

AFCF Lineup: Hinchcliffe, Collins, Langley, Hannigan (Gibson), Whittle, Marrow, Barnes (Charnley), Baker, Wilson (Jarrett), Rowe, Lloyd


CTFC Lineup:
Curca, Colmer, Courtney, Pepe-Ngoma, Kennedy (Revan), Taylor (Haley), Gascoigne, Wassi, Carruthers, Brown, Weir-Daley (Sammons)

BPA Lineup: Liversedge, Wilkinson, Greaves, Piwowarczyk, Holt, Potts, Pepper, P Marshall, McCarthy (Walshaw), St Juste, Fletcher

BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 2 (St Juste 18 Topliss (o.g) 58), NORTH FERRIBY UNITED 3 (Fry 25 Kendall 25 Emerton 84)

BPA Lineup:
Liversedge, Wilkinson, Greaves (Wylde), Piwowarczyk (Ainge), Holt, Potts, Pepper, P Marshall, Hallahan (Turner), St Juste, Fletcher

NFUFC Lineup: Nicklin, Plews, Hone, Gray (Forrester, Middleton), Davie, Emerton, Fry, Bolder, Clarke (Topliss), Bateson, Kendall


HTFC Lineup:
Crook, Turner, Ellis, Thirlwell (Kerry), McWilliams, Colbeck, Bloomer, Fallowfield (Beesley), Daniels, Clayton (Nyoni), Thewlis

BPA Lineup: Liversedge, Wilkinson, Greaves (Wylde), Piwowarczyk (Ainge), Holt, Potts, Pepper, P Marshall, McCarthy (St Juste), Hallahan, Fletcher

A highly-impressive month leaves us in third place in the National League North, just three points behind top-spot Boston United, who are currently unbeaten. We will face Boston in January, before doing it again near the end of the season. Just in front of us, though, is AFC Fylde, who we thrashed 5-1 at Horsfall Stadium this month, which is quite surprising.

Matthew Fletcher is our August Player of the Month after some excellent performances up front and firmly keeping the likes of our other strikers Warren Bentley and James Walshaw out of the running for the number nine spot. At the end of August, Fletcher saw himself as the joint-second top scorer in the league with five goals in seven matches.
Great start there mate! The side is definitely firing in front of goal!
You're doing very well with fair to say a crap team ;) Keep it up and loving the updates!

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