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Sporting CP: Welcome to the Jungle

Esforço, Dedicação, Devoção e Glória
Started on 17 November 2015 by Murtagh
Latest Reply on 5 February 2016 by ninjaskill
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William Carvalho
"Sir William Carvalho", or "The King", as he's known from Sporting fans, his a son of the club. Raised and molded in Sporting's Academy, William is nowadays the most valuable player on the team. It was in 2013 that Leonardo Jardim, then Sporting's coach, saw William Carvalho playing for the team in the pre-season. And if he wasn't known by most of Sporting fans, things were about to change.
Leonardo Jardim picked him for the team, and William started playing for the first time in the first team of Sporting in 2013/14 Pre-season friendlies. His value became indesputable, and by the first official game of the season it wasn't a surprise that William was chosen to play in the front of the defense. In this season William would become one of the most important players of the squad, and would be very important for the second place of Sporting in the Primeira Liga.
In the end of the season, William was part of the 23 that raised the "Quinas" on their shirts in the 2014 World Cup. William played in the World Cup, but Portugal had a dissapointing performance and failed to qualify for the Knock-Out Stage, finishing third behind Germany and United States.
The next season would see William raising his first trophy. Sporting won the Taça de Portugal, beating Sporting de Braga in the penalties after a 2-2 draw in the 90 minutes and no goals in the extra-time. This year Sporting failed to qualify for the Knock-Out Stage of Champions League, and was relegated for the Europa League were they were beaten by Wolfsburg in the first round they played.
In 2015 summer, William was called to be in the U21 Euro Cup. He was considered the best player of the tournament, but failed to win the cup after losing in the penalties for Sweden in the final. And that's where it comes his injury. He played the tournament with an injury, only agravating it. Upon his arrival at Sporting the news were devastating for every fan - William would be out of competition between 2 and 3 months.

Ewerton arrived at Sporting in January of 2015. And he won his place in the team in the same month.
He became an important piece in Sporting's defence at the side of Paulo Oliveira. He would help Sporting get the third place in the Primeira Liga and to win the Taça de Portugal.
However, in one of the last games of the season, Ewerton was badly injuried. His time to recover is still between 2 and 3 months at this time.

Montero arrived at Sporting in the summer of 2013. In the first official game of the season, he would score an hattrick on the 5-1 win over Arouca.
And for the next months Montero was a goal machine. He quickly reached the 15 goals in the season until December. But that would change...
After this fantastic beggining, Montero would experience an 9-month-dry. Not one single goal. Everything that seemed impossible - was happening.
Already a second choice, after losing his place for Slimani, Montero would score again in October 2014, and end the season with 15 goals. One of them was of extreme importance.
It was the last game of the season, the final of Taça de Portugal. Sporting was losing by 2-0, and down to 10 men, since the first quarter of hour of the game. 10 minutes to the end, Slimani would restore the hope of the Lions, reducing for 2-1. And then, already 2 minutes past the 90, there he was - the "Avioncito", Freddy Montero - to score the equalizer. Sporting would beat Sporting de Braga in the penalties, an win their first title in the last 7 years.
This pre-season, Freddy Montero got substituted in a friendly match after complaining about his pain. The medical tests would determine that "Avioncito" was to be out of the competition for a month.
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8 yearsEdited Teams
Sporting: Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Paulo Oliveira ( Naldo 62'), Balanta, Jefferson, Adrien, João Mário, Bryan, Gelson ( Matheus 65'), Mané, Slimani ( Teo 49')
Benfica: Júlio César, Nélson Semedo, Luisão, Jardel, Eliseu, André Almeida ( Fejsa 62'), Samaris, Talisca ( Cristante 84'), Pizzi, Gaitán, Jiménez ( Jonas 67')

Sporting: Mané 45'+1, Bryan Ruiz 49' 62'
Benfica: Gaitán 48' 78' Assists
Sporting: Bryan Ruiz, Gelson, Mané
Benfica: Talisca, Pizzi

Sporting: Balanta 59'
Benfica: Samaris 1', Gaitán 53'

Man of the Match
Bryan Ruiz

Jorge Jesus's post match press conference

Reporter: What do you think about Samaris's red card, at the 20th second?
J.Jesus: What Samaris did was an agression, he attacked my player from behind and the ball wasn't there anymore. It doesn't matter if it's the 20th second or the 20th minute, agressions must be punished and I'm very happy that the referee made the best decision.

Reporter: Can we say that Sporting won because of this red card?
J.Jesus: Well you can say whatever you want, I'm not God to judge you, I'm only Jesus.

Reporter: What do you take out of this game?
J.Jesus: The cup. (laughs) - But this was a very positive game for the team. We are playing with very different ideas of game and it's very nice to win, and play well, our first game. We know we need to improve, and that's what we'll do in the future.

Reporter: According to the rumours, Manchester United, Liverpool and PSG are thying to buy Paulo Oliveira. What can you say about that?
J.Jesus: These teams made offers but the club didn't believed they were good enough. We want Paulo with us this year, he's a very important piece in our defence.

Reporter: Sporting will receive Benfica in the 3rd row of the Primira Liga. Do you think this result might be important for that game?
J.Jesus: I don't believe it.
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8 yearsEdited

Sporting 3-1 Vitória FC - Round 1 Team
Rui Patrício, João Pereira, Paulo Oliveira, Balanta, Jefferson, Adrien, João Mário ( Aquilani 62'), Zivkovic ( Matheus 65'), Bryan Ruiz ( Slimani 65'), Mané, Teo

Teo 1' 80', Adrien 60'. Hyun-Jun 8' Assists
Aquilani, Slimani

Man of the Match

Sporting 1-1 Young Boys - Play-off Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Paulo Oliveira, Balanta, Jefferson, Adrien, João Mário ( Aquilani 79'),
Zivkovic ( Gelson 51'), Mané, Teo, Slimani ( Bryan Ruiz 69')

Adrien pen 79'. Sulejmani 90'+3 Assists
Bryan Ruiz

Tondela 0-2 Sporting - Round 2 Team
Rui Patrício, João Pereira, Naldo, Balanta, Jonathan, Adrien, João Mário ( Paulista 58'),
Zivkovic ( Gelson 45'), Matheus ( Bryan Ruiz 45'), Teo, Slimani

Adrien pen 54', Teo 56' Assists
Balanta (2)

Man of the Match
Very solid start with the Supercup win and your other three games. Hope you finish the job off in Switzerland :)
Nice work in the Super Cup :)
Verdinho: Thank you. Sulejmani sure difficulted our job, it would have been much better to take this 1-0, but there's still 90' to play. :)

Walter: Thank you. A little luck there with Samaris stupidity :D
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8 yearsEdited

It was the last minute, and everything was lost. While the red-dressed player was running to the ball, a man inside the pitch was praying to anybody and everything that would want to help him. That kick would put end to all the dreaming he had for the last year. It had to be now, when everything was so close, that they had to lose the title, unbielivable.
The player with the decision on his feet reached the place where the ball was waiting him atleast for a minute now - the penalty spot.
Fire. That's what felt like when the ball was shooted and the praying-player saw the eternal legend fly for the right place. Rui Patrício had saved it. In one second, what was lost forever was now possible. The fire inside of this one man had burst as high as it could, and now he was capable of everything.
With a rush like he never felt, he looked to Rui Patrício. Now he knew exactly what to do. Dressing green and white, with the Lion high on his chest, he ran and ran. He didn't remerbered running as fast on his whole life.
The inconfundible sound of a fierce kick in the ball was heard, and he turned his head just in time to see the ball coming right at him, as he knew it would. The path was a long one, but nothing could stop him now, he was not alone, he had more than 3 million by his side.
He flew to the ball to make a perfect reception still in the air. He was now on the midfield circle, and the first public enemy was already approaching. The red colour of his shirt, moving so fast, was enough for the one with the ball to understand what he had to do. A little touch to the right side of the man, and just as predicted, that was nothing he could do. The ball passed and so did the man who dressed the green and white uniform, by the opposite side.
He returned to the ball, a couple meters ahead. Like an old friend, this ball knew everything about him - and he knew everything about her as well. The pace he was going, was incontrolable, but he didn't want to control it either. He had only one goal to reach, and slow down wouldn't help him at all.
The two players at his front, were two solid defenders. But they had commited a huge mistake - both were running to him at the same time. - Easy - he thought, while passing in the middle of the two while jumping to avoid any contact.
There was just a dozen meters to go now, and only one last player before the goalkeeper. - A tall man. A player he knew to well. - He simulated to turn for his left side while controling the ball on his feet. With a last minute turn, he made the ball go through the middle of the other's legs. And then, he was alone.
After all that, the goalkeeper surely wouldn't be a problem. He chose a side, and he shot the ball. With little more than nothing to go, the goalkeeper also decided to choose a side. That would certainly give him more chance to save it. But he chose wrong.
The ball went right into his goal, and the player who had done it, was already running towards the ecstatic fans.
Some minutes later, his name was sang throughout all the stadium, white he raised the cup high above his head.

The birds outside announced a new day. The morning sunshine got in the through the window that Fernando forgotten to close in the night before.
The fact that he didn't remembered a thing about his dream where he'd been the hero for some moments, obviously couldn't hurt him. He woke up with a smile on his face anyway. He was an happy man
Fernando was reaching his mid-thirties. Married to his beautiful wife and with a daughter that would get in the first grade in school the next year, he felt like a complete man.
The other great love of his life? Sporting
He had suffered a lot for this love, in the last decades. Sucessive desastrous board directions were taking the club into the mud. But a couple years ago, when the man that he supported in a previous election, became president, his love, that was slowly fading away, came back with a renewed and better sense.
The season had started well, and his expectation were rising day-by-day. He didn't remembered to have so much hope since the season that ended in 2005. - Oh, the year of 2005. Better not to remember such sadness - he though, letting this sad memory go back to the obscure place from where it had came.
However, ten years later, he had regained his confidence. After the first couple games of the season, Fernando knew this could be a good season for Sporting. The win against Benfica, and the start of the league were a burst on his moral. There was also this game, against Young Boys. - Lack of luck. - Fernando though, trying to hide from himself the fact that Sporting never really was a dominant force in the game.
He turned on himself, and in the other side of the bed, his wife was opening her eyes.
- Hi sweetheart. - said Fernando, while kissing her.
- Oh my God! Go brush your teeth, for fuck's sake. - was her reply.
Always moody in the morning - he tough, before getting up. - Last night you didn't complaint. - said Fernando to himself.
- I'm taking the breakfast in the cafe. - He said to his wife, ignoring the fact that she had fallen asleep again.
While going to the front door, he passed through the living room, where his daughter was watching TV.
- Good morning baby!
- Hello daddy. - said the small child, with the palpable sweet inocence all over her voice
- What is it you're watching?
- Pokemon.
- All right. Daddy is going to the cafe. Did you ate something already?
- No. Mommy will make my cereals in a while
- Ok, if she doesn't wake up in the next hour you go wake her up. See you baby.
- Bye bye daddy.
Fernando left his home, closing the door behind him. In his walk to the cafe, he started thinking about Sporting's team for the season. More specifically, about the center of the defence. It had given the club so much trouble last season, but now it was looking much better. Balanta and Naldo looked like good signins to Fernando, and there was Paulo Oliveira, the defence's boss. He also though about Ewerton, that would be a very good option after come back from his injury, and laugh to himself about how competitive those places in the center of the defense would be for this year.
A few minutes later, he arrived to the cafe. The familiar smell rose to his nose right at the door, and his stomach started screaming for food.
- Good morning Manel, can you give me a toast and a coffee please?
- Sure thing, Nando. I'll take it to you in a moment.
- Thanks a lot. - Fernando said, while going to an empty table.
He looked though the cafe, and he didn't believe what his eyes saw. - How dare he come back here? - he though when he saw a man he rapidly remembered, coming towards him.
- Hey how are you this morning? - The man said, with a smile on his face.
- Fine. Just taking my breakfast. - said Fernando, showing an obvious lack of interest in carring on the conversation, - he couldn't forget how just a couple weeks ago, this same man would listen to the Supercup game in the radio, and scream "goal" atleast half-minute before Benfica scored.
- Did you heard the news? - asked the man, while sitting on his table.
- I though last time you were here, Manel had putted you out for making all the party when the ball was on the midfield.
- Oh, that. It was just a misunderstood. I've apologised to Manel, and it's all part of the past. - declared the man looking vaguely allienated. - Did you saw what was on the TV just a couple minuter ago?
- Not really.
- It looks like Paulo Oliveira is in Manchester to sign for United.
If he wasn't seated, Fernando would probably fall. - What did they say? - he asked, clearly losing his voice.
- They said he passed the medical exams, and will sign a 5-year-deal in the next hours.
- Oh shit! I don't believe they're doing this. If he was to sell, atleast they sould wait until the end of the month. We've probably the two most important games of the season until then.
- It looks like Jesus just lost his defence's boss. (laughs) - Let's see how he does now. - sentenced the man before getting up and leave the cafe
Fernando had lost his hunger, and couldn't ate more than two bites out of his toast. He wanted to scream. And it was with a bad taste on his mouth, that he went home, trying to forget that he ever leaved it.
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8 yearsEdited

Paulo Oliveira leaves Sporting

Portuguese sports newspaper, "Record", confirms it's official.
In the last hours, Paulo Oliveira had traveled to Manchester, and the deal was close to happen.
The online edition of "Record" have now confirmed that Oliveira, have signed a 5-year-deal with Manchester United.
According to "Record", Sporting will receive a 21M € fee for the portuguese international.
After seeing players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani or Rojo, leave to Manchester United, once again, Sporting see themselves losing one of it's most important players to the "Red Devils".
The recent news had appointed that Paulo Oliveira was not happy when Jorge Jesus stopped his leaving, upon the time Paris Saint Germain, Liverpool and Manchester United made offers for the centre back. Paulo Oliveira had complaint to some of his teammates, and players like Ewerton and Naldo, were taking Oliveira's side. Fearing that this complication would take bigger proportions, Sporting's coach, Jorge Jesus, informed his president of the disponibility to lose Oliveira.
With the insistence of Manchester United, Sporting have gotten to a more desirable price - 21M € - and so, the deal was made.
Sambinha, from the B team, will integrate the main squad, to take on Oliveira's place.

Young Boys 2-2 Sporting - Play-off Team
Rui Patrício, João Pereira ( Esgaio 18'), Naldo ( Gelson 45'), Balanta, Jonathan,
Paulista ( Adrien 45'), Aquilani, Mané, Bryan Ruiz, Teo, Slimani

Gelson 70', Mané 90'+2.' Cavallini 8', Steffen 23' Assists

Man of the Match

Sporting 3-0 Benfica - Round 3 Team
Rui Patrício, João Pereira, Naldo, Balanta, Jefferson, Adrien, João Mário ( Aquilani 73'),
Zivkovic ( Gelson 73'), Mané, Teo, Slimani ( Bryan Ruiz 50')

Zivkovic 11' 57', Teo 55' Assists
Teo, Adrien

Man of the Match

Adrien Silva on the move

"O Jogo", portuguese sports newspaper, affirms that Adrien Silva, is moving to Paris.
The french-born player, that have already played for the portuguese National Team, is to move in the last day of the Summer market.
According to "O Jogo", Paris Saint Germain made an offer of a little over than 21M €, and Jorge Jesus might be able to liberate the midfielder.
The newspaper reported that Sporting's board is happy with the offer, and Adrien Silva will negotiate a contract deal with the french side in the next hours.

"I'm not leaving"

One of Sporting's captains, Adrien Silva that in the last hours have been linked to PSG, have come forward to deny that he's on negotiations with the french champion.
Adrien wrote in his facebook account that everything that he wants is to rise the Primeira Liga title above his head with the Lion on his chest.
The portuguese international confirmed that he was informed by Sporting about a PSG offer, but that it wouldn't be accepted do to the price be far from what the club expects to release the 26-years-old player.
Adrien Silva arrived in 2002 to Sporting, with only 13 years-old. - And that's what he remembered to his social network followers. - "I'm with Sporting for a long, long time. And I wish to continue dressing green-and-white. It's an honour to be Sporting's captain, and now I dream with the league title." - affirmed Adrien, before finishing with an popular saying by Sporting fans. - "And Sporting is our great love!".
Wooo! 3-0 vs Benfica! Bailando!! ;) Curious to see if you'll replace Paulo Oliveira and who with. Maybe someone like N'Koulou, Maksimovic or Dragovic would be good.
Some great results and transfer dealings!
Verdinho: "Inspired by true events" :D Well for now I'll put Sambinha in the main squad, and wait for Ewerton to came back in the end of September/start of October. There's 3 solid centre backs, and Tobias Figueiredo & Rúben Semedo will be back next season. But if I'm not satisfied until January, I'll probably get someone then. And thanks a lot for the suggestions, very kind from you :)

Walter: Thanks. It was a miracle against Young Boys there. And Paulo Oliveira was making me have problems with other teammates for not letting him go. :/


(N) 3-2 Benfica - Supercup
(H) 3-1 Vitória FC - Primeira Liga, Round 1
(H) 1-1 Young Boys - Champions League, Play-off
(A) 2-0 Tondela - Primeira Liga, Round 2
(A) 2-2 Young Boys - Champions League, Play-off
(H) 3-0 Benfica - Primeira Liga, Round 3

Primeira Liga Awards

Jorge Jesus won the Primeira Liga - Coach of the Month Award. After getting 3 wins out of 3, with 8 goals for and 1 against. In the first month as the coach of the Lions, Jesus have beaten 2 times his ex-club, Benfica, one of them for an incredible 3-0 in Alvalade for the Primeira Liga.
Teo Gutiérrez won the first place in the Primeira Liga - Player of the Month Award. Arriving to Sporting just this season, the 30-year-old colombian scored 4 times and assisted once in the first 3 games of the portuguese league. In the same award, Adrien Silva got the second place, after scoring twice and adding one assist to the contability in the 3 games that the Lions played in August.

Primeira Liga table

1 - Sporting, 9 points
2 - Estoril, 7 points
3 - Vitória FC, 6 Points
4 - Benfica, 6 Points
5 - Nacional, 6 Points
6 - Vitória SC, 6 Points

Champions League Group

Atlético Madrid

Next Matches

(A) vs Arouca - Primeira Liga
(H) vs Atlético Madrid - Champions League
(H) vs Académica - Primeira Liga
(A) vs Belenenses - Primeira Liga
(A) vs Wolfsburg - Champions League

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