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Sporting CP: Welcome to the Jungle

Esforço, Dedicação, Devoção e Glória
Started on 17 November 2015 by Murtagh
Latest Reply on 5 February 2016 by ninjaskill
Murtagh's avatar Group Murtagh
8 yearsEdited

Arouca 2-3 Sporting - Round 4 Team
Rui Patrício, João Pereira, Naldo, Balanta, Jefferson, Adrien, Aquilani ( João Mário 64'),
Matheus ( Paulista 58'), Bryan Ruiz, Teo ( Montero 74'), Slimani

Jefferson 21', Slimani 43', N.Valente og 58'. Petrolina 1' 36' Assists
Teo (2), Adrien

Sporting 3-2 Atlético Madrid - Group Stage Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Naldo, Balanta, Jonathan, Adrien, João Mário, Zivkovic ( Gelson 55'),
Mané ( Bryan Ruiz 65'), Teo ( Montero 65'), Slimani

Slimani 32', Gelson 59', Montero 90'. Vietto 24' 45'+2 Assists
João Mário (2), Gelson

Man of the Match
João Mário
Murtagh's avatar Group Murtagh
8 yearsEdited

Rui Patrício

Rui Patrício arrived at Sporting in 2001, with 13 years old.
Today with 27 years old, the legendary goalkeeper is already one of the players who most games have played for the Lions.
He debuted in the main team in 2006, with 18 years old. It was in Madeira, against Marítimo. In that match, the young goalkeeper saved a penalty, helping his team to win for 1-0 against the home team.
In the next season Rui Patrício, - or "Saint Patrício", or "Rei Patrício" (King Patrício), as he's known for the Lion's fans - would be the main goalkeeper of Sporting, and he have kept that in this way until today.
He's, of course, know for his fantastic saves and for being one of the best portuguese goalkeepers ever. But this isn't everything. - In 2009, Rui Patrício scored a goal that would put Sporting in the next stage of the Champions League play-off's, at the 94' against Twente, after getting in the opponent's area for an last-minute-corner.
In 2010 he played for Portugal's National Team for the first time. And went on to play in the 2012 Eurocup, and 2014 World Cup.
With the green and white shirt, Rui Patrício have won 2 Taça de Portugal, and 2 Supertaça de Portugal.
Strong performance vs. Atletico and nice update about Rui Patricio, he's definitely a key player
Nice update on Patricio, great to see such loyal personalities in your team.
Murtagh's avatar Group Murtagh
8 yearsEdited
Walter: Thank you! 90' goal against Atletico. Luck there but we did play a little better than them.

Jack: Thanks a lot :) It's also great for the fans to have players like Rui Patrício in the team. A true Lion!
Murtagh's avatar Group Murtagh
8 yearsEdited

Sporting 4-1 Académica - Round 5 Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Naldo, Balanta, Jefferson, Adrien ( Paulista 51'), Aquilani,
Gelson ( Mané 62'), Bryan Ruiz, Teo, Slimani ( Montero 62')

Teo 21' 44' 51' 85'. Paciência 43' Assists
Jefferson (2), Gelson

Man of the Match

Belenenses 0-4 Sporting - Round 6 Team
Rui Patrício, João Pereira, Naldo ( Ewerton 67'), Balanta, Jonathan, William ( Paulista 55'), Adrien ( João Mário 59'), Aquilani, Zivkovic, Matheus, Teo

Teo 15' 23', Matheus 35', Zivkovic 66' Assists
Matheus, Adrien, Jonathan

Man of the Match

Wolfsburg 1-1 Sporting - Group Stage Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Naldo, Balanta, Jefferson, Adrien, João Mário, Gelson,
Bryan Ruiz ( Matheus 72'), Teo ( William 54'), Slimani ( Montero 77')

Teo 10'. Kruse 80' Assists
Murtagh's avatar Group Murtagh
8 yearsEdited


(A) 3-2 Arouca - Primeira Liga, Round 4
(H) 3-2 Atlético Madrid - Champions League, Group Stage
(H) 4-1 Académica - Primeira Liga, Round 5
(A) 4-0 Belenenses - Primeira Liga, Round 6
(A) 1-1 Wolfsburg - Champions League, Group Stage

Primeira Liga Awards

Jorge Jesus won the Primeira Liga - Coach of the Month Award. After getting 3 wins out of 3, with 11 goals for and 3 against. Favourite to all the games, the Lions didn't lose any points, altough they had to get a tough win in Arouca.
Teo Gutiérrez won the first place in the Primeira Liga - Player of the Month Award. Like Jorge Jesus, Teo also won the award in the first month of the season, and in the second he gets it again. This month Teo scored 6 goals and made 2 assists, in 3 league games. Jefferson won the second place in the same award. He mada 1 goal and 2 assists in 2 games for the Primeira Liga.

Primeira Liga table

1 - Sporting, 18 Points
2 - Vitória SC, 15 Points
3 - Benfica, 13 Points
4 - Marítimo, 12 Points
5 - Nacional, 9 Points
6 - Vitória FC, 9 Points

Champions League table

1 - Sporting, 4 points
2 - Atlético Madrid, 3 points
3 - Wolfsburg, 2 points
4 - Juventus, 1 point

Taça de Portugal

Sporting will go to Azores to play home team Operário dos Açores, in the first game of the Lions in view to defend their trophy this season.
The green-and-whites won the Taça de Portugal last year beating Sporting Braga in the final on penalties, after a 2-2 draw.

Next Matches

(A) vs União da Madeira - Primeira Liga
(A) vs Operário dos Açores - Taça de Portugal
(H) vs Juventus - Champions League
(H) vs Paços de Ferreira - Primeira Liga
Murtagh's avatar Group Murtagh
8 yearsEdited


Fernando Baptista de Seixas de Vasconcelos Peyroteo (b. 1918, March 10).
Peyroteo is the greatest portuguese goalscorer of all time. With the Sporting shirt Peyroteo scored 635 goals in only 393 matches, making an unbelievable average of 1,62 goals for game.
In the Summer of 1937, with 19 years old, he arrived to Lisbon, but he didn't sign a contract right away - he only gave his word he would play for the Lions, without even discussing money. In that Summer, another portuguese club, FC Porto, offered him better conditions, and more money fr him to play for this team. Peyroteo rejected, saying that h had aready signed for Sporting, which wasn't true, but he would kept his word as an honorable man like him does.
In his debut as a Sporting player, he scored twice, helping Sporting with to Benfica by 5-3.
He became known as the "Stradivarious" in the mythica l"5 Violinos" (5 Violins) - how it was called the 5 men of Sporting's attack, because as many that saw them described, "Seeing them playing was like listening to the most beautiful music". Among Peyroteo, there was Albano, António Jesus Correia, José Travassos and Vasques.
In the following picture, Peyroteo sits in the middle of the 5 Violinos.

Among many matches were he was the hero, as his statistics show, I'll record one of them. In April 24th, 1948, Peyroteo had sleep badly, with a fever. But in this day, the most important game of the season would be played, at Estádio da Luz - home to the eternal rivals Benfica. This game Sporting needed to win for a difference of 3 goals, to get with the same points as Benfica in the leadership of the league, but would then have the advantage in direct confront. The legendary Lion, Peyroteo, scored 4 goals, in a game that would end in a 4-1 for the Lions.
In his 12 years, as Sporting player, Peyroteo won 1 Campeonato de Portugal, 5 Primeira Liga, 4 Taças de Portugal, 7 Campeonatos de Lisboa and the Taça Império
Peyroteo was for 6 times the biggest scorer of Primeira Liga, establishing a record of 43 goals in 26 games as his best in one season. This record would only be broken, by another Sporting's legend - Yazalde - in 1974 with 46 goals in 29 games. In the next picture is the day Peyroteo gave Yazalde the "Golden Boot" for his season in 1974.

The Lion's Hero also scored 9 goals in one match one. 8 goals in one match one. 6 goals in one match, three times. And 5 goals in one match, 12 times.
He also played for Portugal's National team 20 times, in which he scored 15 times. Peyroteo wasn't a lucky man when it comes to the National team, during his glory days the Second World War would make impractible to be disputed any great international tournament.
Among his many records that Peyroteo still holds today, are included the follow:
- Portuguese player with more goals in Primeira Liga: 331 goals.
- The portuguese player with more goals in one game in an portuguese competition: 9 goals agains Leça, in February 22, 1942, in a game Sporting won 14-0.
- Portuguese player with more consecutive goals in a portuguese competition game: 5, against Vitória SC.
- Portuguese player with the best average of goals for the National Team of Portugal.
- Player with more goals against Benfica: 64 goals in 55 matches (1,2 goals per game, in average).
- Player with more goals against Porto: 33 goals in 32 matches (1,02 goals per game, in average).

Peyroteo was an honorable man, outside and inside the field. But sometimes, even the cleanest of players gets enough. In a game against Benfica, the Eagles defender Gaspar Pinto, a player that could never stop the legendary Peyroteo, insulted his mother. Peyroteo threw him a punch. With his mother name, Peyroteo wouldn't let anyone play.
In 1949, one of the saddest moments in Sporting's history had arrived. Peyroteo would retire. With only 31 years - the greatest of the greatest - stopped playing football, and made his farewell ceremony in Sporting's stadium.
His last game was in 25 of September of the same year, in a win against Atlético Madrid by 2-1.
The next picture shows Peyroteo doing what he knew best ... a goal.

In 1961/1962, Peyroteo would become the Portugal's National Team manager. But he would only be there for 2 games. The second game, a loss against Luxembourg by 4-2, in a game he launched the Eagles legend, Eusébio, with the Portuguese shirt for the first time, proved to be fatal for his manager carreer. The protest coming from Benfica fans were too loud, and Peyroteo was invited to leave his place. Finishing in this way forever his participation in any football-linked carreer.
In a veterans game, in Barcelona, Peyroteo suffered an injury and had to receive surgery. Unfortunately, it didn't go well, and some time later his leg hd to be amputated.
He died in 28 of November 1978, with only 60 years-old.
Although a short time on Earth, Peyroteo is imortalized among the millions of Sporting fans around the World. His name, and his accomplishments will always be remembered among those who love the club.

Rights to WikiSporting and Wikipedia
What a legend Peyroteo is. He's rarely remembered by many outside of Portugal though despite his unbelievable goalscoring records.
Absolutely flying at the moment. Well done!
Walter: That's true. The greatest legend. The fact that there wasn't any European competitions like Champions League or Cup of Winner's Cup at the time doesn't help in propagating his genius throughout the world. And also no International competitions due to the World War. Very sad about that, but anyway, in our club he will always be a imortal legend, and that's a beautiful thing.

Verdinho: Thank you :) Really enjoying our offensive football, although still trying to find our best momment defensively. With the return of William Carvalho, against Belenenses, we will have better options that might help us there.

SooruSooru: Thanks a lot, very happy that you're enjoying :) Zivkovic is doing very nice, although with Matheus, Gelson, Mané and Bryan Ruiz, I try to change them a lot. There's a lot of young talent to florish in the wingers.

União da Madeira 1-3 Sporting - Round 7 Team
Rui Patrício, João Pereira ( Esgaio 45'), Naldo ( Ewerton 74'), Balanta, Jefferson, William, Adrien, Aquilani, Zivkovic, Mané, Teo ( Montero 65')

Aquilani 19', Mané 20', Balanta 65'. E.Farías 26' Assists
João Pereira, Aquilani, Adrien

Man of the Match

Operário dos Açores 2-6 Sporting - 3rd Round Team
Boeck, João Pereira, Naldo, Sambinha, Jonathan, Willaim ( Paulista 58'),
João Mário ( Aquilani 58'), Gelson, Bryan Ruiz, Matheus, Montero ( Slimani 77')

William 5', Matheus 25', Gelson 27' 36' 42', Bryan Ruiz 77'. R.Rodrigues 35' 90'+1 Assists
Gelson, João Mário, Bryan Ruiz, Matheus, Jonathan

Man of the Match

Sporting 1-0 Juventus - Group Stage Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Naldo, Balanta, Jefferson, William, Adrien ( Aquilani 79'), João Mário, Zivkovic, Bryan ruiz ( Mané 65'), Teo ( Slimani 79')

Adrien pen 65' Assists

Red Card
Lichtsteineir 81'

Man of the Match

Sporting 1-0 Paços de Ferreira - Round 8 Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio. Naldo, Balanta ( Ewerton 73'), Jefferson, Adrien, João Mário,
Gelson ( Zivkovic 75'), Mané, Teo ( William 56'), Slimani

Slimani 40' Assists


In the last month 3 players suffered injuries.
In the match against União da Madeira, Ewerton, that only came in at the 74rd minute, had to leave the field ten minutes later due to a new injury. It lasted beetween 2 and 3 weeks, and by the last match of the month, Ewerton came back to substitute Balanta, and play the last 15 minutes in the reception to Paços de Ferreira.
After the Juventus match, in Alvalade, Sambinha got injuried at a training session. According to the Sporting medical exams, the injury as a estimate time of recovery beetween 3 and 4 weeks.
Finally, the hero of the last match of the month, Slimani, who scored the solitary goal of the match, got injuried in the last minutes of the game. He didn't came out of the pitch, as Jorge Jesus had already used all his substitutions. The recovery will take beetween 2 and 3 weeks. Very hard news for the Algerian man, that has not passing through an easy time with the Lion shirt, and when he gets back to the scoresheet sees himself out of the field for the next weeks.
Murtagh's avatar Group Murtagh
8 yearsEdited


(A) 3-1 União da Madeira - Primeira Liga, Round 7
(A) 6-2 Operário dos Açores - Taça de Portugal, 3rd Round
(H) 1-0 Juventus - Champions League, Group Stage
(H) 1-0 Paços de Ferreira - Primeira Liga, Round 8

Primeira Liga Awards

Sporting's coach, Jorge Jesus, have won for the third time in a row the Primeira Liga Award for Coach of the Month. With 2 wins out of 2, the Lion's coach, prevails as the only one winning this award in this season.
Alberto Aquilani was second in the Player of the Month Award. The italian played only one match this month, against União da Madeira, where he scored a goal, and assisted to another.

Primeira Liga table

1- Sporting, 24 Points
2- Benfica, 19 Points
3- Vitória SC, 18 Points
4- Marítimo, 15 Points
5- Porto, 14 Points
6- Braga, 12 Points

Champions League table

1- Sporting, 7 Points
2- Atlético Madrid, 6 Points
3- Wolfsburg, 2 Points
4- Juventus, 1 Point

Taça de Portugal

In the forth round, Taça de Portugal draw have got something special for the Lisbon big clubs. Sporting will receive Benfica, in Alvalade. This will be the third time this season that the Derby will be played. After two Sporting wins, in Algarve for the Supertaça, by 3-2, and in Alvalade for the Primeira Liga, by 3-0. The third game beetween the two will be, again, in Sporting's home, Alvalade.

Next Matches

(A) vs Braga - Primeira Liga
(A) vs Juventus - Champions League
(H) vs Vitória SC - Primeira Liga
(H) vs Benfica - Taça de Portugal
(A) vs Atlético Madrid - Champions League
(A) vs Boavista - Primeira Liga

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