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Sporting CP: Welcome to the Jungle

Esforço, Dedicação, Devoção e Glória
Started on 17 November 2015 by Murtagh
Latest Reply on 5 February 2016 by ninjaskill

Vlaar signs for Sporting

After the sucessive injuries on the center of the Lions defence, Jorge Jesus decided he would need another centre back for his team.
The chosen one was Ron Vlaar. The dutch international was a free agent since the summer, when his contract with Aston Villa expired.
He signed for the Lions until 2017.
Ron Vlaar is now part of the lot for centre defenders in the green-and-white team, along with Balanta, Ewerton, Naldo and Sambinha. Although the last two will be out of the competition because of injury atleast until the end of the year.
nice signing and amazingly good story I cant wait to see how it develops
Great signing, especially with the absence of Naldo!
No1VillaFan & Jack: Thank you guys :)

Sporting 1-0 Porto - Round 12 Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Ewerton, Balanta, Jefferson, William, Adrien, Zivkovic ( Matheus 74'),
Mané ( Bryan Ruiz 51'), Teo, Slimani ( João Mário 67')

Teo 76' Assists
Bryan Ruiz

Missed Penalty
Osvaldo 49'

Sporting 4-2 Wolfsburg - Group Stage Team
Rui Patrício, João Pereira, Ewerton, Balanta, Jonathan, Paulista, João Mário ( Adrien 69'),
Gelson ( Zivkovic 69'), Matheus, Montero, Slimani ( William 81')

Matheus 31', João Pereira 44', Montero 50', Zivkovic 85'. Kruse 42', Balanta og 63' Assists
Slimani (2), Matheus, João Mário

Man of the Match
You bossed it in them two matches! Great results!
Jack: Thanks mate :)

Manuel Fernandes

Manuel José Tavares Fernandes (b. 1951, 5 June)
Manuel Fernandes was a striker with an amazing technique and a rare goal instinct - a natural born goalscorer.
With 24 years old, some of the biggest portuguese clubs wanted to contract him. Beetween them, the club Manuel Fernandes loved since kid, the one he would choose - Sporting Clube de Portugal.
He arrived at Sporting with a very hard task, wich not many people believed he would suceed in - to substitute Yazalde. The truth, however, is that he did it with brilliance and became one of the greatest goalscorers in the history of the club, a simbol of the Lions, and the team's capitain.
He's debut was in a friendly against Académica, and he scored an hat-trick. Sporting would win this game by 5-3.
In twlve years with the green-and-white shirt, Manuel Fernandes played 441 matches and scored 260 goals.
He was the greatest goalscorer of the Primeira Liga in 85/86 with 30 goals.
Manuel Fernandes made, with Jordão, one of the most fearsome pair of strikes in the portuguese football's history.
In Sporting he won two Primeira Liga, two Taça de Portugal and one Supertaça.

There's some moments from the time he played at Sporting that Manuel Fernandes like to remember.
One of them the time when he scored the winning goal against União de Leiria that would give Sporting the Primeira Liga title in 79/80.
Other when he scored 4 goals in the Sporting win against the rivals Benfica by 7-1 in Alvalade.
About that, Manuel Fernandes said: "I scored 4 goals, an unforgettable feeling, but I'm convinced that if the match would last some more time ... But, sincerely, more than any goal or any match, the most glorious moment of my life was when I wear for the first time the Sporting's shirt".

In the season 2000/01, Manuel Fernandes returned to Sporting to become the coach of the first team, and he won the Supertaça.
In 2011 he returned to Sporting, and was part of the Staff in the Academia Sporting, and Sporting's B team.
He left after the arrival of the President Bruno de Carvalho in 2013.
But, already this season, Manuel Fernandes returned, once again, to his home - Sporting. Jorge Jesus, Sporting's coach, asked for the return of the Lion's Legend, and his desire was conceeded. Manuel Fernandes is nowadays the head of the Scouting at Sporting.

Rights to WikiSporting and Wikipedia
Your knowledge of the club and its history is incomparable to any other story on here, man! Love it!
Jack: Thanks :) I do require some research to write this posts, but I love to show some of our history and legends.

Nacional 1-2 Sporting - Round 13 Team
Rui Patrício, João Pereira, Ewerton, Balanta, Jonathan, William, Adrien,
Zivkovic ( Bryan Ruiz 76'), Mané, Montero ( João Mário 48'), Slimani ( Teo 65')

Slimani 38', Mané 44'. Wanderson 47' Assists

Man of the Match

Sporting 2-1 Moreirense - Round 14 Team
Rui Patrício, João Pereira, Ewerton, Balanta, Jonathan, Adrien, João Mário ( Paulista 82'),
Gelson ( Sambinha 52'), Bryan Ruiz, Teo ( William 52'), Slimani

Slimani 41' 60'. R.Cardoso 90'+1 Assists
Jonathan, Gelson

Red Card
Balanta 52'

Man of the Match

Académica 0-5 Sporting - Group Stage Team
Rui Patrício, João Pereira, Vlaar, Naldo ( Sambinha 70'), Jonathan, Paulista, Aquilani, Gelson, Bryan Ruiz ( Slimani 70'), Matheus ( Mané 85'), Montero

Matheus 4', Paulista 9', Gelson 26' 38', Montero 62' Assists
Montero(2), Gelson(2)

Man of the Match
Great 3 matches. keep it up
SooruSooru: Thank you :)
Just caught up with this mate. Loving your presentation & everything else really. Some good pick ups, nice results & interesting posts on the clubs history etc. KIU!
C.J.Lippo: Thanks a lot, I appreciate your support. :)

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