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Genie Scout donation and key file

Started on 21 November 2015 by Stam
Latest Reply on 7 July 2024 by Lovetyger
I bought the g version and I still don't get the key

thats my email [email protected]

I send you my id in the email

btw, it passed 24h
Hello, I lost the program link because the e-mails in the mailbox were deleted. Could you please send the 'G' version link to my e-mail address that I have donated?
e-mail: [email protected]
How can I contact with Eugene? He doesn't reply to my e-mails. I am waiting for a key-file for a few days

ID: 17-FB15-3B03
[email protected]
Same here, I did not receive they key-file and there is no reply to my emails sent to [email protected].

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!11

[email protected]
ocsisajt78's avatar Group ocsisajt78
2 yearsEdited
It's so embarrassing coz got new keyfile month ago after 9 nine days waiting but i would like to ask a new one because I had issues with my prev custom OS (ghostnspectre) and I switched to original one...

My "old" ID was: 99-A6F0-F25F
New ID (promise it's gonna be final one :D ): 29-ACF0-F44F
[email protected]


Edit: Got new key, awesome!!! THANX!!!
Hello, 1st time here.

I want to donate, but it says I need to put the unique ID on the donation page; problem is I can't see any field to put that in, only my name, e-mail and address info.

Can any1 please show me where can I put that UID? Thanks in advance
If you open Genie Scout and click on the Genie Scout symbol in the top left hand corner, a menu will open up. Click on Help and Support and them Donate. A dialogue box will open and the bottom right hand corner will have your unique ID
Like some people above i didn't still receive key-file

ID: C7-A5D0-F2DF
e-mail: [email protected]
I have still FM20 and I had FM20g on previous computer. Do I need a new key file as I changed computer or there is a free g edition like I had in FM18.... Also still I couldnt find download link of g edition as links seems broken from my old mails. If there is no full edition for FM20 g edition I will re-install FM18 on my laptop and wait for fix for my original PC....
Same problem. No key.. A4-FD25-3D93 mail. [email protected]. HELP.
I donated to get Genie Scout 22g, I received a key for my PC, but I also have my laptop that I use as well too play. I know it says that you may request an additional key for other devices, but have not received an email back from [email protected]. Would love to get that key for my laptop as I’m loving the genie this year.

ID: 3D-A8F0-FA5F
Email: [email protected]
Hi, I had to format my hard drive and now I need the key file. My unique ID is as follows: 7C-A3F0-FF4F. And my e-mail address where I made the donation is: [email protected]
Paid twice via Paypal, still not received key file. Mail: freecs (at) unique id 3E-E360-F02F
Hi, I've been waiting for my key for a week. I have sent emails and I still have no response, what should I do now?
no keyyyy man!!!! this is insane!!!

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