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FMScout's Twitch Challenge - Sensational Stoke #1

Started on 31 December 2015 by JamieFMS
Latest Reply on 9 January 2016 by Martialvenom
Deleted's avatar Deleted
7 yearsEdited

Difficulty - Easy

Expires 4pm Saturday 9th January 2016


Stoke are currently second in the Barclays Premier League sat on 52 points in the 2020/21 season. 12 points away from leaders Chelsea but 4 points clear of 3rd place Arsenal, Stoke are looking contenders for Champions League next season. You job is to ensure this happens by winning as many of your 14 games left. The more clean sheets and the higher you finish the more points you will receive.

Abdou Diallo, Anthony Martial, Adbelhak Nouri, Luca Silva, Peter Zuidhoek, Ruben Garcia, Juanmi are some players you have to rely on and hope they stay fit in a push to finish as high as possible.

The manager has already been added, you just have to load the game
Save must be uploaded. Mediafire is a good one.(Tutorial at the bottom)
The game must only be saved once at the end of the challenge, please ensure auto save is turned off in the preferences. Game status shows us how many times its been saved, currently 9. This should finish on 10.
No use of any kind of editors, we'll be able to tell via the save game being uploaded.
No transfers allowed for this particular challenge

1st - 10 points
2nd - 9 points
3rd - 8 points
4th - 7 points
5th - 6 points
6th - 5 points
7th - 4 points
8th - 3 points
9th - 2 points
10th - 1 points
11th & below - 0 points

Each clean sheet - 1 point
Win the FA Cup - 5 points
Top goalscorer reaches 25 goals in all comps - 3 points
Highest assist player gets 20 assists - 3 points

Uploading the save
One of the easiest ways to upload the save would be mediafire, can automatically sign up via facebook if you don't have an account. Simply click the upload button and once you save it for the final time just go to the following location; My computer > Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2016 > Games You should find the save file, should be called FMScout Challenge 1, Once uploaded, copy the link and post it into this thread.

The Leaderboard #1

raeburn - 20 points

3Bale - 18 points
SammyArmy - 18 points
daveazopardi - 18 points
claudiogm - 18 points
Corin - 17 points
Lymlyte - 17 points
filec - 17 points
thefwf - 17 points
CopeyHD - 16 points
Potential Lunatic - 16 points
Stacardi - 16 points
Rgrey99 - 16 points
QuirkyDal - 15 points
TheFIFAPope - 15 points
Norbi - 15 points
cbarber871 - 15 points
iLewis_29 - 15 points
George 072 - 15 points
Dexter2388 - 15 points
Grainger - 14 points
igorbiscan - 14 points
Lenzar - 14 points
fotisk7 - 14 points
Oggyj07 - 14 points
coozzio - 14 points
therigg13 - 14 points
RowskyLFC - 13 points
lewie100 - 14 points
FMScout - 13 points
caspary - 12 points
Knickout - 12 points
madgolfer - 12 points
Molthen - 11 points
ooclanoo - 11 points
momoyusuf - 10 points
sootie9 - 10 points
michop - 10 points
Addicted2FM - 10 points
mark1reeve - 10 points
Cozens915 - 10 points
Fenech - 10 points
Cahil_11 - 9 points
GBRLionUK - 9 points
totalmugg - 9 points
HellsDoom - 8 points
Martialvenom - 8 points
Stigzee - 8 points
Rick Steele - 6 points

Other Info
These challenges will run as a fantasy league, so finishing the challenge no matter how bad you do could be vital even if you gain 4/5 points as the guy who wins this one may not be so good in the next challenge which means you can close the gap! The top 3 will win Football Manager 2017 on release day! The winner will be added to FMScouts official twitch channel in the panels located at Twitch

Pretty fun challenge. Not as many clean sheets as I would have liked which I think will make all the difference in the points table. Some good results in the league though.

Awarded 16 points.
stacardi's avatar Group stacardi
7 yearsEdited
Rgrey99's avatar Group Rgrey99
7 yearsEdited
Very fun save. Over the moon with 3rd place. Martial and Begovic were incredible! Keep it up FM Scout.

Awarded 16 points.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
therigg13's avatar Group therigg13
7 yearsEdited
Bottled the end of season run in. Really enjoyed the save

Awarded 14 points.
totalmugg's avatar Group totalmugg
7 yearsEdited
Fun But hard save lost Martial for 4 weeks in middle of it then lost out to liverpool for 4th on last day of season on goal diff but onto the next

Awarded 9 points.
Rick Steele's avatar Group Rick Steele
7 yearsEdited
Loved the Challenge but hey i'm gonna say it's the participating that counts right and someone has to prop up the leaderboard :)

I'll have to do better next time I guess oO

Awarded 6 points.
2016-01-01 00:55#224148 Rick Steele : Loved the Challenge but hey i'm gonna say it's the participating that counts right and someone has to prop up the leaderboard :)

I'll have to do better next time I guess oO

there are challenges weekly and all points will be added up so this is way better than nothing!
well done on the 6 points though!
lewie100's avatar Group lewie100
7 yearsEdited
cbarber871's avatar Group cbarber871
7 yearsEdited

very fun challenge...i tought i would not happen at one point..

Awarded 15 points.
My target is to get more than 1 point.

Good luck me. :P
iLewis_29's avatar Group iLewis_29
7 yearsEdited

My attempt of the challenge. Bring on the next one :D

Awarded 15 points.
George072's avatar Group George072
7 yearsEdited
Very enjoyable challenge, almost got 2nd but bottled it on the final day!

Awarded 15 points.
Norbi's avatar Group Norbi
7 yearsEdited

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