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F.A Premier League Chairman Game 2016

Started on 8 January 2016 by No1VillaFan
Latest Reply on 22 February 2016 by Michael
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Welcome to FM Chairman Game 2016. If you would like in, pc me or pm me and we will sort something out if we can.

To keep things fair, certain people who are regulars and will be able to play the Chairman Game are to be contacted asking if they wish to join. Each entrant will pick a number from 1 to 20 and each number will be a certain Premier League side. The team that they get is the team they will use. Only members who are active and trustworthy will be asked to join. This means that if you are not asked to join at the start of the game, you will not be in the game to begin.
However, you may ask to join the waiting list, which allows you to take over a team if the chairman drops out.

2. No co-chairmaning is allowed unless discussed with me beforehand.

Game Rules:

1. You may sack the Manager at any time. You will have to pay out £5m in compensation to the manager, making it an expensive and risky strategy.

2. At the start of the game you will have the manager set in the game, but if you dont like him you can fire the manager for free before the season starts in each season and you may pick your manager

3. you have upto 2m wage budget but if you are getting close to it I will let you know

4. Your manager will be given the remainder of your transfer and wage budgets to sign players that he so desires. This means that you will be able to rely on him to find a player to fill a gap in your squad rather than having to do it yourself. However, the manager may sell any one of your players to another team. Perfect reason, I think, to shell out £5m and give him the sack. you then may look to employ a new manager of your choice.

Posting Rules:

1. You do not have to do press releases or any kind of updates if you don't want to. However, if you do, please put effort into them to keep them neat and presentable in the same way that you would with a story.

2. You must be able to regularly check the thread for updates, read your PMs, and follow the rules of the game. Failure to be active or repeatedly violating the rules of the game will see you being removed from it.

Transfer rules:

1. To sign a player from another team in your league you must contact the Chairman of that team and agree a value with them via PM. (You can then calculate their wage using one of the rules below) Both Chairmen will then need to PM me. with the agreed transfer fee. You have a maximum of 4 domestic transfers so pick carefully (again that could change window to window).

2. You may sign a certain amount of players on a permanent transfer or loan from other English Premier League clubs which will be determined at the start of each window as detailed in rule 1 of transfer rules.

3. You may have 5 foreign transfers and 3 transfers from the lower leagues in England (this may change from season to season. To do this, you must name the player and his club in a PM. In this PM you must also post the transfer fee you wish to pay, which must be over the player's value (see below). You first offer will be final

For the transfer fees of foreign and lower league players:
Aslong as you bid atleast £3,000,000 over the value, then the highest bidder of that player takes it. Be careful though you only get 5 bids, so if someone beats you to all 5 you will make no foreign signings

4. You may release any players from their contract in any transfer window.

5. If you wish to sell players then you need to post them in the thread as available. Other Chairmen can then make offers for them if they wish.

Wage rules:

The wage for each signing will be given in game.

Training and Youth Upgrades:

This will be added soon.

Managers and what budget they have to spend

Nearly game time woop
Rank n00b To Be Awarded Premiership Team

Press Association (London) - Tenthreeleader, an American oldster, is a surprise choice to chair the board of one of twenty Barclay's Premier League Teams.

When asked for comment, Premier League Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore said simply, "who the hell is this guy?"

We don't know either. We're hoping one of you might.

??? complete takeover


[secret club] are confirmed to have completed a takeover from businessman Princess Clip-Clop, in a deal worth around £200 million.

The deal was said to be "too good to refuse" for former chairman [secret name], and was done pretty quickly.

Clip-Clop, 41, owns a large company in his country of birth, Romania, but moved to the south east of England in 2013.

More facts about Princess Clip-Clop
♦ Born in Bucharest, Romania, on the 17th July 1974.
♦ Mother is Romanian with Polish roots.
♦ Father is Bulgarian with Greek roots.
♦ Is a lifelong supporter of Steaua Bucharest, and in England, supports Watford.
♦ Was in Steaua Bucharest's youth team for 6 months before injuring himself and retiring at the age of 17.
♦ Owns a large company, Magari Clip Clop, in Romania.

In an interview with the Romanian billionaire, Clip-Clop said the following words: "It is a great honour for me to be chairman of [secret] football club shone in England. I followed their progress for many years, and I can not wait to turn them into fantastic club their potential could enable them to be. With many billions of pounds can contribute to future football superpower, we can become the best in the world. [secret] thank you and good night!"

Although later controversially said: "There is a bit strange that every Premier League club has a brand new president billionaire? Still, I am the best. I will always be the best. Clip Clop Princess takes over [secret], take football and then take over the world! Not that these idiots and pigs are worth taking in the first place... disgusting peasants. Fast, Cabron, you do my limo and this hole!"

We don't think he speaks very good English.

Chairman Game's Runners and Riders

Saved Game


Click on link to download, then open Football Manager 2016 folder on desktop.

Documents>Football Manager 2016> Games and drop file into there.

Open FM up and load the game up to make transfers etc.


When you arrange a transfer with another chairman, do not worry about the wages, but the actual transfer fee must be added or subtracted off your total. If you go over your budget, including Foreign and lower league transfers, you will not get that player.

Who is Who?

Foreign and Lower League Transfers

You must bid atleast £3m over the asking price on MY SAVE and you are allowed FIVE foreign and five English lower league transfers in this window.


I have left the manager section blank, you all get one free manager movement but be warned if more than oneof you go for the same foreign manager you will be asked to bid and if you lose, you will keep your original manager. if you want a manager already in the premiership, you must agree compensation with the other manager.

Free Transfers

As usual you get one free transfer.

Aston Villa take Ciprian Marica

AlexTHFC's avatar Group AlexTHFC
8 yearsEdited
Swansea take Ronaldinho. ;)
Utd take Ron Vlaar.
Feliks's avatar Group Feliks
8 yearsEdited

American Businessman Bankrolls Liverpool

In one of the biggest acquisitions in football history, the Fenway Sports Group has sold their majority stake in Liverpool FC to American billionaire Bruce Wayne, president of Wayne Enterprises, in a deal thought to be worth over £5,000,000,000. Wayne, 37, inherited most of his wealth through inheritance but has vowed to bring a new, exciting approach to Liverpool.

"I don't have much to say on my takeover. This is a new area for me and one I have not touched, but I cannot wait to get underway, I will be the chairman you deserve."

Wayne has insisted that his ownership of Wayne Enterprises will have no impact on the club, keeping his business away from the workings of the football club. However, one of the most notable members on the new board of directors is Wayne Enterprises vice president Lucius Fox in a major reshuffle of the backroom. James Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth and Richard 'Dick' Grayson have also been instated as directors, with the latter also being tasked with the day-to-day running of the club. Grayson spoke to the press shortly after Wayne.

"Liverpool are a club that should be doing a lot better than they are now. Moneyball? What is that s**t? We're playing trophy-ball. Big signings to fire us to a league win. Bruce and I are going to work together to take this club to where it should be."

Jurgen Klopp, who's position has been confirmed by the new ownership, has been given a rumoured £90 million budget to play with and some big names are reputed to be on the wish list of Liverpool. Whether or not the new hierachy can indeed make Liverpool a powerhouse again remains to be seen.

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Liverpool take Gourcuff
Also related <3

Wayne's World: The American At Anfield
Bruce Wayne's last public appearance in Gotham

Liverpool fans will welcome their third new set of American owners as Bruce Wayne finalises paperworks to overtake one of England's oldest and finest clubs. But who is the man who is set to take over and is he the right man for the job, asks BBC Sport.

Bruce Wayne is a 37-year old American man born in Gotham City, where he resides to this day. Wayne was an orphan from a young age. His parents were murdered when Bruce was only a small child. He inherited their real estate fortune and promptly founded Wayne Enterprises. He is known in Gotham as a socialite and philantrophist and runs the nonprofit organisation The Wayne Foundation alongside his main business.
Wayne Tower, the source of Liverpool's new wealth

In recent years, however, Gotham journalist Jason Todd explains that Wayne's character has radically changed and has not made a public appearance in the city for well over two years.

"In his younger days Wayne was viewed as a socialite. He regularly held parties at his home Wayne Manor in the districts of Gotham, holding auctions selling off expensive cars and lavish jewellry, with complimentary meals. Nowadays... well nowadays we don't know who he is. He is a recluse."

An event being held at Wayne Manor, where the owner has lived for the past two years

Wayne possesses a large net worth and his takeover of Liverpool is seen as a left field move. Nonetheless, Wayne himself will remain at his home Wayne Manor and allow Dick 'Robin' Grayson to run the club from its headquarters in Liverpool. Grayson has been associated with Wayne Enterprises and the 29-year old will be in complete control of a transfer committee that includes himself, Lucius Fox and manager Jurgen Klopp.

Alfred Pennyworth will serve as a director on the board at the club, holding an advirosy and supervisory role to his youngers statesman Grayson. Wayne, however, will hold full responsibility of important decisions. Todd stresses that Wayne is a patient man and that Klopp, who recently signed from German side Dortmund, will get plenty of opportunity to mould the squad and attempt to create a title-winning side.

Grayson held a press conference with Klopp, alongside Pennyworth and Fox, and described Wayne Enterprises' unnerring ambition to bring success and trophies to Anfield, a stadium of fans deprived of a Premier League title for well over two decades.

Bruce Wayne was unavailable for the press conference and for comment with BBC Sport.

Out of Character: Sorry for the double Liverpool update, thought Feliks and I should both introduce ourselves
West Ham take Ronaldinho
Scratch that, West Ham take Ricky Alvarez

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