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The Great North American Revolution

Started on 18 January 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 26 February 2016 by MJK46
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So now that I have both the US and Canadian databases finished I have decided that I will be doing a story based off of the databases. Just to let you all know they will be released publicly later in the week when graphics are complete (as I type at 8pm on January 17th I am about 60 done on graphics)

So this story and the databases follow a change in the sport in North America due to its rising popularity since the 2010 World Cup. In this story you will see what these databases will have and how the CONCACAF Champions League has changed.

Story wise I will be starting in the lowest US playable league that could take a little over a decade to make to the top. Will I stay with this club and move up the latter or will I move from job to job improving my stock as a manager. We will see.

I really hope you all enjoy this story as well as give the files a shot. (Currently no file to download)

This story begins a few weeks before the start of the 2013 Major League Soccer Season

Career Information

Loudoun Soccer Club: 2015-16
Chicago Magic: 2016-

Trophies and Awards


Part I: The First Steps of Management
Loudoun Soccer Club

Part II: In the Windy City
Chicago Magic
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Soccer Insider
Major League Soccer in Trouble??
BySteven Goff February 15 at 1:00 PM
A month before the 2013 MLS season kicks off I have been hearing these very interesting rumors

Sources are pointing towards possible sanctions to Major League Soccer due to a lack of following direction. According to that FIFA document from the USA 1994 bid in 1988 that created what we would know as Major League Soccer has been brought back in the news.

According to CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb the document states that when Major League Soccer becomes successful enough and financially stable the league will get rid of its franchise model that the league controls and that clubs will be independent.

All of this was uncovered during a recent meeting between Webb and FIFA President Joseph "Sepp" Blatter that Major League Soccer was abusing their end of the contract and that it is time for the changes to occur.

As it is known FIFA does not interfere with domestic issues but this is a special case as everything was worked and agreed between the USSF and FIFA. In the past when this has happened sanctions have been places by the leagues federation stripping away their participation in all FIFA approved activities.

When MLS President Don Garber god hold of this news he was not pleased at all. "I find these actions both by Mr. Webb and Blatter to be false. Major League Soccer is fine the way it is and will never change under me or the others franchise owners." Garber went on saying, "Blatter has never liked the United States and is just jealous that things here work he keeps saying if we want to be taken serious we need to change everything I have done for this league and I will not stand for that."

USSF President Sunil Gulati has stated he will back both CONCACAF and FIFA as it was the USSF who signed the document. "To me it seems like MLS is becoming bigger in an ego sense and it is going to be hard to stop unless we find something to stop them from defying a contractual agreement,"-Sunil Gulati

With this things should be interesting on how Garber will be dealing with the USSF, CONCACAF and FIFA in this matter. Things might get so ugly that the Court of Arbitration for Sport might get involved with this mess.

Could MLS be forced to comply with the mandate in 88 or will the league go rogue and break off from FIFA???
Very, very interesting start! Good luck with this, mate :)
Looking forward to this, good luck!
This should be great... good luck! :D

Also, there's something about the layout I really like, so keep that up. ;)
Jack Thanks

Switch Thanks for the positive vibe!!

Alex It has to be the simple text haha
Not a thing wrong with simple text, man. Curious to see how you handle the "great reorganization"!
2016-01-18 19:50#224995 tenthreeleader : Not a thing wrong with simple text, man. Curious to see how you handle the "great reorganization"!

You are about to see
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MLS to be no more by 2016
ByESPN STAFFf August 1 2013 at 10:00 AM
Don Garber meets with media during his mid season state of the union

KANSAS CITY- Despite a very competitive match between both the MLS All-Stars and AS Roma there was a lot more talk and focus on the eventsthat occured a few hours before kickoff. During Commissioner Don Garber's annual mid season state of the union he had dropped a massive bombshell on the league and it's fans.

There was already speculation to what it could be. Many were thinking expansion or maybe leaving FIFA due to the ongoing dispute between the League, USSF, CONCACAF and FIFA. The talk on social media after the announcement was big.

Garber announced that sometime before 2016 MLS will no longer operate in its current form and that the league will no longer operate as the primary owner of all teams and players. He even hinted to promotion and relegation being a possibility with the new structure.

"As much as this pains me it by 2016 Major League Soccer will no longer be what it is today, due to so much pressure from the USSF, MLS Players Union and a lawsuit we all felt that change was inevitable and delaying things would hurt the game." Also Garber had notified everyone that this is his last MLS season as the commissioner. "I feel that it is time for me to step down at the end of the season and that these last few years have been fun but now it is time to focus on something else"

The key to this seems to be from the MLS Players Union. The league was on the verge of being stripped of their license to operate thus infuriating the players. One unnamed player said that the league was being too stubborn and we needed to take action or else we could be unemployed soon. If MLS didn't go with the plan we would have when on strike said another.

With Garber stepping down USSF President Sunil Gulati will be taking over as the interim commissioner in the leagues final days. After Garber made the announcement Gulati took to twitter stating "Starting tomorrow I will be starting a plan for the future of the game in this country. and that this group will find the best possible solution for Soccer in America."

This committee will be featuring members from The FA, Bundesliga and a few other major leagues around the world. The USSF is looking to revolutionize the game. With input from some of the worlds soccer leaders this all might turn out really good.

The Canadian Soccer Association's President Victor Montaglini said he will be looking into something similar for Canada. "I will be looking to bring home all Canadian based clubs in the US and hope to start a competing league that will help grow the sport in North America" said Montaglini.

As of right now there is no plan in place but something should be set by next summer. Please stay tuned to ESPNFC for more breaking news on the sudden change of Soccer in North America.
FINALLY! I have waited so long for this day! Good luck mate!
USSF Announce new system a year before kick off
By:Adam Jackson Jul 1, 2014 7:30 PM EST

Earlier USSF President Sunil Gulati announced the structure to the newly revised United States Soccer Pyramid. In the press conference he went over what the divisions are and what teams could be participating.

Since the all star game of of the 2013 Major League Soccer Season many in the soccer community have been a buzz over the news that things are changing in this country. Fan interest in the sport has grown and many clubs around the nation have been excited to see where they could end up.

One such club to be looking to join the ranks is Bethlehem Steel FC of Bethlehem, PA. Known as the Steelmen BCFC is considered one of the most well known and successful clubs of the early period of US Soccer. During their original run the club won five US Open Cups. This team has been relaunched in anticipation to the new era of soccer. The current owners were able to secure the rights to all club properties from name and history. Along with many other clubs they are anticipating to see where they will start out.

Here is the new structure. All current MLS, USL, NASL, PDL and NPSL Clubs have first choice with here they will be playing and most likely stay grouped together. Clubs from other leagues will still have to gain a license from what ever league they will compete in. There will be 8 leagues ran by the USSF and Levels 9 and lower will be ran by the US Club Soccer organization.

The season will be starting in August and ending in May. Now that might be a big surprise but the USSF felt it would be easier to attract talent in the transfer window as well as easier scheduling around national team dates. Now you must be thinking what about competing with the NFL, NCAA and then the issue of cold weather?? Well the first part is still to be seen. Weather wise there will be a winter break between the first weekend of December until the first weekend of February.

American Premier League
USL Championship
USL League One
USL League Two
USSF National League
USSF National League Conference
National Premier Soccer League
National Premier Soccer League Division One
US Club Soccer Premier
US Club Soccer Lower Divisions

Now as you can see no numbers or teams have been set but it will most likely follow the English FA system. Despite the fact the USSF is in control of the top 8 divisions both the USL and NPSL get to operate their leagues. In a way the USL would be the equivalent of the Football League and so on.

Cup wise so far the USSF is trying to emulate what England has in their system. All we know so far is that first the first time in it's 100 year plus history the US Open Cup will truly be open with at total of 736 clubs in it. The 3 Canadian MLS clubs will be apart of it as well. Puerto Rico Islanders have also accepted an invitation.

You must be asking why is everything mimicking England??? Well during the past year the USSF has been working closely with the FA on the structure.

The USSF will open registration for clubs to join the system starting September First. Around the start of 2015 there will be a lottery type of drawing to see where all clubs will be placed. The only clubs that have reserves spots are from MLS. All Current clubs plus Orlando and NYCFC will be part of the new American Premier League.

The 2015/16 American Premier League Season is set to kick off in August here on NBC.
We'll see how closely the systems mimic each other in our respective saves. Curious to see how it all turns out!
2016-01-21 09:21#225086 tenthreeleader : We'll see how closely the systems mimic each other in our respective saves. Curious to see how it all turns out!

Same here!! As we are both starting in the lower levels it will be great to see where we can take our teams and careers

The name is Arnold.Kevin Arnold

Well hello there my name is Kevin Arnold and I am a 28 year old who is pretty big into the sport of soccer. For me it has been a passion of mine since I started playing at a friends house when I moved to Virginia back in 1997. Before then I was living in Central New York playing mostly hockey and basketball.

At the time of the move down to Virginia hockey was pretty non existent and people looked at me funny when I brought it up. Soccer for the most part wasn't a foreign concept due to the massive immigration from all over the world. The sport really intrigued me as it was pretty much hockey and lacrosse but using your feet instead of a stick. Sadly they frown on physical contact.

So about a year into my move a friend from my neighborhood introduced me to the sport and got me into a local youth league. I played for the Dragons in the Ashburn Youth Soccer League as a goalkeeper the position I would play my whole career. Now my first few years I really sucked but with going to camps and practicing I would improve.

A few years later I gave travel soccer a chance. Unlike overseas if you want to play for a good team or in a good league you would have to pay to play. It was expensive but oh well I had fun. The club i signed up for is known as the Loudoun Soccer Club based in Leesburg. Founded in 1978 they re considered the premier club in the county.

Well after that I would become one of the best players in the county and as well the region. In high school I made Varsity my Freshman year. Didn't play at all during that year with them but started half of the JV season. During the non school sports season I would be with Loudoun and still work my craft.

Eventually I would sign with a Division 1 college (Top college sports division) Marshall University in the Winter of 2006. Actually on my Birthday on February 8th. At the end of my high school/ U18 career i was ranked in the top 200 players of the class of 2006. I was ranked at 112 and the 30th best goalkeeper.

So college we were really bad and I didn't play much at all during the season but was able to play in the PDL each summer back at home with the Northern Virginia Royals. After college I was signed with what is now Minnesota United when they were in the NASL during 2011. I got cut before the season began thus ending my career. At the time and still to now I have myself as a free agent so if anyone wants to sign me please call.

Ok so currently in 2015 I am working, have wife and coaching. Yes I said coaching. I am back with Loudoun as a coach for their U16 squad. I don't get paid or anything but it is something I enjoy doing this as a hobby.

The news about the reorganization of the sport has me really happy. I might be able to get some playing time once again. I think this system will work out really well and I can't wait to see how much the US will dominate in a sport.

Well that is all about me. I am hoping and praying that somebody calls me. Having a 9-5 job is awesome but soccer is where I believe I should be.
nice update mate, looking forward to this

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