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The Great North American Revolution

Started on 18 January 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 26 February 2016 by MJK46

The Decision

July 14, 2014 at 8:00pm EST
Loudoun Soccer Park in Leesburg,Virginia:

So tonight is a big meeting between the members of the board and us coaches. Not sure what it is but I have a feeling it is something to deal with the reorganization of US Soccer. It was a long day for me as Monday's are usually a pain. You know starting the work week and all.

So at 5:30 I get out of my office located in Reston which is located about 27 miles from my place in Hamilton. If it wasn't summer I would probably just drive to the park as traffic on the toll road is a big pain in the ass along with routes 7 and 28. Who am I kidding all the roads here suck. So I get home and greet my lovely wife Allison and we have our dinner. A little bit later it is time for me to head out so then I take the drive back to Leesburg....

So as I thought this meeting was to see if we were interested in joining in to this new system. I for one am for it and i know everyone else is as well. Before all of this was announced the club was in the process of starting a U23 squad. We were looking into joining the NPSL as there was no interference of DC United. With the announcement we are deciding if we want to focus funds to create a pro team.

It is 9:00 and we have been talking it over. After a vote we decide that it would be best to join the fun. Our Travel Program Manager Fionna Legg gave us the option of three different leagues we could apply for. With a vote we decided it would be best to try for US Club Soccer's Colonial Premier League. The colonial league is pretty much for clubs on or around the Atlantic Coast. We fit into the criteria as Leesburg is east of the westernmost boundary of Charlotte, NC.

Now comes the most interesting part of the night. So as we had decided that the best course of action is to join the party we needed a head coach. The current one Jack Edwards was leaving the club at the end of August due to a new job. Despite the fact I was one of the youngest people there I was the Assistant Technical Director and head of the U16 boys program. Our Executive Director Chris Pittman asked during the meeting if I would be interested taking over. Here is what went down.

Chris Pittman: "So we are in need of a head coach then. To all members of the board and coaching staff what do you think we should do?? Hire from within or from the region?"
Various responses are spoken
Chris Pittman: " Ok so I guess we will get someone from here. I guess it is the best way to start with this club who knows a few things on our history and way we operate.What about you Kev?"
The people in room shake their heads in agreement
Kevin Arnold (me): "Sounds good, I have always wanted to be a head coach and taking over for Jack would be an honor."
Chris Pittman: "You are the best choice as you were the ATD and I have seen your potential in coaching. Why don't we talk in the next week or two to hammer out the details and whatnot?"
Kevin Arnold: "Sounds like a great idea."
Chris Pittman: "Why don't we meet at a restaurant for dinner and go over everything"
Kevin Arnold: "Sounds good."

Ok well that was a crazy two hours that went on. Looks like I am now the new head coach for the Loudoun Soccer Club starting on September First. I will have the next several months to find players that are willing to play at the low level we are at. I finally get to start my dream of being a head coach in soccer.

Damn it is 11:30 and I just got home. I woke up the wife with the good news and we are so happy but damn i am tired, it is time to go to sleep as I got work tomorrow. Good night everyone.
Looking forward to seeing what clubs fall where, great stuff!
Colonial Premier League clubs are announced
January 1, 2015

WASHINGTON- Seven months before the 2015/16 US Club Soccer Premier Leagues Inaugural Season will kick off the Colonial Premier League (CPL) has announced the 12 clubs who will be participating this year.

The CPLs boundaries are Boston,MA to the north, Savannah, GA to the south and Charlotte, NC is the westernmost boundary. The 12 clubs were selected during a random lottery a few weeks before Christmas and all pretty much have been around. Here are the 12 Clubs.


LOUDOUN SOCCER CLUB Leesburg, Virginia

IFK MARYLAND Baltimore, Maryland

STATEN ISLAND UNITED Staten Island, New York

QUEENS PARK SC Queens, New York

DC STODDART Washington, DC

DELAWARE UNION Newark, Delaware



KEARNY SCOTS Kearny, New Jersey

READING REVOLUTION Reading, Pennsylvania


PHILADELPHIA UKRAINIANS- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

These 12 clubs will be starting league play on August 12th of this year. In cup play the teams will be in both the US Open Cup and the National Amateur Cup. Good luck to all 12 clubs this season!
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4 yearsEdited

The Start of Camp

July 1, 2015
Loudoun Soccer Park- Leesburg, VA

Wow today is the day that I have been waiting for since I took the job last September. We finally start training camp today. I am excited and nervous at the same time because I have no clue how well we will do or how they will react.

On the player front I signed several people from around the area that I felt could contribute to the team. We have a few kids from the local high schools, a few ex college players and then those who pretty much play rec league that had impressed me and the staff during the tryouts. This is our roster as of today. I have a feeling that we are going to be moving players around like crazy. As crazy as this sounds I am getting offers already for a few players..

Using the USSF Player database here it honestly scares me as there are a lot of players with the want icon next to their name. I hope we can keep most of this team intact especially Alfredo Urso, Anthony Smith and Arthur Ramos. These three might have what it takes to lead us to promotion if we can get that far.

League wise we will be very busy with the CPL, US Open Cup and National Amateur Cup.

It is 7am currently and it is time to have our first meeting.

Kevin Arnold (Me) "Good morning and welcome to the Loudoun Soccer Club, today we start our journey together!! I am sorry it is so early but I felt that it would be best due to the extreme temps this summer. For the next week or so we will have two practices. The first will be from 8-12 and then in the evening from 7-10ish. The schedule will change due to weather.

During the presentation I start a PowerPoint with the season goals and other things

2015/16 Loudoun Soccer Club Goals:
  • Finish top half of league
  • Reach First Qualifying Round of the USOC
  • Reach Third Qualifying Round of the National Amateur Cup

  • Key Dates:
    July 1, 2015: Start of Preseason
    August 8, 2015: Start of season vs UGH
    August 15, 2015: US Open Cup First Preliminary Round
    September 5 2015: National Amateur Cup Preliminary Round

    Also added the kits to the PowerPoint

    So after the meeting it was time for the players to head over to one of the local sports medicine places in town their physicals and tonight we will have conditioning practice so I can see where the players are physically.
    Well written update and some nice kits there. Will definitely be following this journey!
    LFC Thanks man, finally I am playing haha

    Preseason 2015

    August 1, 2015

    Well my first preseason was a weird but very good preseason. Somehow before things started we managed to have all matches at home. I have no clue how we pulled that out but I am very happy. We managed around 17 people showing up for the first three matches but somehow in the final match 300 people showed up.

    The first match on July 4th was against semi local club Fredericksburg FC of the NPSL Division One South. We were not really expecting to do much as they are better than us but we still worked hard. Somehow we pulled off a 4-3 victory with two players scoring. Arthur Ramos kicked things off in the 31st minute with his only goal. The star though was Alfredo Urso who scored a hatrick.

    Match two we faced NPSLNEP side Frederick FC of Frederick, Maryland. That was a very short trip for them pretty much across the border from us. We got shutout 1-0 but saw many positives especially as it was a little over 100 degrees during the early part of the match.

    Match three on the 22nd starts our second out of three Maryland based clubs and first of the two that are in the Baltimore area. Facing Baltimore Bays United (NPSLNED1) we would shut them out 3-0. Urso would kick off the shutout with a beautiful goal during the 34th minute. Paul Scully would finish things up by scoring two goals.

    Preseason matchday four saw us play the worst so far. Despite the fact we lost by a 2-1 scoreline we actually didn't score as they scored an own goal. The Comets are two divisions above us in the same league as Frederick so I was not expecting much.

    Sad news to report though. On July 31st our star of the preseason Alfredo Urso was picked up by the Detroit Express on a free transfer. I am really pissed off that he was picked up but not surprised due to his amazing preseason. I wish him luck though. Now here comes the hard part tying to find someone just as talented as him. There is a month left in the window and I need someone just as talented.

    In better news if you can call it that we were drawn in the opening round of Open Cup play. This was very exciting as this is a true Open Cup. The board wants me to advance a few rounds we will see how I do. We will be traveling to Raid City, South Dakota to face the Rapid City Titans who are in a lower league from us. This should be interesting but crazy as Rapid City is just under 1,600 miles from us. The match is set for August 15th. I wish we could fly out as the regional airport is across the street but right now we don't have those type of funds. Maybe I should contact them for a sponsorship and discount flying out. A 24 hour bus trip will suck haha. Below is the route we will be taking.
    Loudoun Soccer Club gets first victory in thrilling fashion
    Wednesday August 12, 2015

    (Travis Jones scores the game winner)

    LEESBURG- It is a night to remember for many who are involved with Loudoun Soccer Club. In a year the team went from a youth club to where it is now as a full functioning club the team had one of the best debuts anyone could ask for. It was a night of first for the club founded back in 1978.

    After a decent preseason head coach Kevin Arnold was ready to get things going and in front of 93 spectators at the Loudoun Soccer Park. The team lined up in what the staff calls a 4-3-3 formation and they were ready to kick off. They played United German-Hungarians of Pennsylvania.

    Within the first five minutes of the match Loudoun was awarded a penalty kick due to a foul from UGH's Daniel Cardenas. He would illegally shove the home player and giving LSC a chance to score their first goal ever. Midfielder Anthony Smith would be the one to line up. After a few seconds the ref blew his whistle signaling Smith. After the whistle Smith takes the penalty and Loudoun get their first goal ever.

    From that point on Arnold's Army would keep up the pressure by getting so many chances on UGH. On the other hand UGH would be doing the same thing. A few times they had a chance to tie it up but failed. Then the whistle blew for half time. Loudoun would take a 1-0 lead at the half.

    The score stayed the same until the 59th minute. When UGH were setting up for a set piece off the corner somehow a player on the Loudoun side did not hear a call from the goalkeeper thus causing UGH to equalize. Abel Berry would score off a header due to the mistake from the home defender. UGH would score their first goal ever as well.

    With this match being so close and tense there was some controversy to bloom. During the 63rd minute 16 year standout Chad Luxbacher committed an unsportsmanlike play on the opposition. He was booked. Within the minute Luxbacher would scream an expletive towards the referee causing him to leave the field. Loudoun were down a man in a very close match.

    The two sides stayed level for the remainder of the match until stoppage time. For the last 25 minutes Loudoun seemed to have the advantage and found an exploit in the UGH defense.The winner came about 15 seconds until the referee would blow his whistle. Striker Travis Jones scored with seconds left as he crossed up a defender. Loudoun Soccer would win their first match.

    Despite the victory Arnold's Army would suffer in the injury department. Starting Striker Brent Richards who signed last week went down with a torn calf muscle and is expected to be out between 5-6 months. Also Paul Scully will be out for the next match due to an injury the same match.

    "I am very happy with the result despite the few negatives that occurred. Seeing Richards go down the way he did was very heartbreaking and I hope we can get someone to fill his role, said Arnold. He would go on addressing the red card. "I am very upset at Chad, what he did was extremely unprofessional and unacceptable, he will be punished for this incident."

    After the match the club go on a bus en route to Sioux City, South Dakota to face the Rapid City Titans in the First Preliminary Round of the US Open Cup. The club returns to the Loudoun Soccer Park on August 28th to face Manhattan Soccer Club.
    You're just really doing well here. But as an aside, I've been on more than a few bus trips to South Dakota for sports. Be careful what you wish for!
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    4 yearsEdited
    August recap and transfer roundup

    August was a very busy opening month for the club as they faced a total of five teams in two different competitions. The team had a very successful month going 4-0-1 in all competitions. In league play the club managed to win two out of the three matches finishing in third place at the end of the month.

    It was also a very busy month in cup competition facing two clubs while finding out who they would face in the National Amateur Cup. For the Open Cup the team traveled for both matches to Rapid City, SD and San Antonio,TX to face the teams in the two rounds. The club would win both matches getting a chance to advance. On September 12th the team will host the Hickory Hotspur (NC) in the First Qualifying Round. On the Amateur Cup front the club was drawn FC Peoria and will be facing them on September 5th.

    September will be a very busy month with several matches from cup play to league play. Below is the schedule

    During Kevin Arnold's first transfer window he was busy with adding players with such a high departure rate. Below are some of the more significant arrivals and departures.


    Brian Locklear (D) RVA FC
    Brent Richards (ST) Free Agent
    Lance Parker (GK) Free Agent
    Mikael Forssell (ST) Free Agent

    Alfredo Urso (ST) Detroit Express
    Stuart Stephens (AM) Rochester Lancers
    Mohammed Nyarko (AM) Baltimore Comets
    Arthur Ramos (ST) VSI Tampa Bay
    Pretty good month and looks like you've picked up some good players there. Forsell is the only one I've heard of but the others don't look too bad to me!
    2016-02-09 17:24#225794 LFC : Pretty good month and looks like you've picked up some good players there. Forsell is the only one I've heard of but the others don't look too bad to me!

    Thanks man! I hope they help out a lot as the two strikers are both out a while

    Personal Log #1

    September 6, 2015: Somewhere in Indiana

    Well this is my first little journal entry that I have decided to do. The reason is that I want to keep a tab on my personal thoughts and all of that with my coaching career. You never know I might become someone someday and these will help with writing a book or an account to my coaching career.

    It is about 2:00 am in the morning and I can't sleep at all, that is probably the true reason why I am writing this at such an ungodly hour. Ok well a few hours ago we had won our first match in the National Amateur Cup against FC Peoria by a score of 1-0. It was a really tough match and we worked hard for the victory.

    Everyone is pretty tired from it and we have a few days before the next match against DC Stoddart. That match will be our only home one for two weeks as we embark on a three game away trip. It seems I am not the only one still awake. A few players are reading or listening to music.

    Well anyways I have no clue why I am looking outside my window because it is dark out, but from what I can tell it is very flat. At this point many things have been going through my head. It must be this late summer weather effecting it but it feels nice.

    Being a head coach is pretty cool but very rough at the same time especially in the lower amateur leagues. What makes it hard is the travel due to the fact we can only bus right now the club has been and will be on the road more than we would like. Since the season started I have been home a handful of times, it might be more but it sure doesn't feel like it. I feel the most for my wife Allison as I haven''t been home as much as we would like. Shes so amazing and patient with this. I love her. I am going to hate the next few weeks as we will be traveling for four straight matches. At least the teams are relatively close by.

    I will be honest here as much as being an amateur club having to travel by bus across the American Midwest sucks, I really like it for some odd reason. It feels very American and gives you these weird goosebumps if you can call them that.

    I can't wait to get back to the stadium and go home and we should be in Leesburg around 930am. Well writing this was nice and I feel more relaxed and ready to go to sleep.
    cmon Portsmouth SC ahah
    Loudoun Soccer Club September Recap
    Thursday October 1, 2015

    For head coach Kevin Arnold September was a very busy month. In total the club played eight matches with the majority being played away from the Loudoun Soccer Park. Overall for the team it was a decent month as they are sitting in fourth place three points behind league leaders Queens Park. The club will be looking to improve in the coming month.

    The month started with a trip to Peoria, Illinois for the opening round of the National Amateur Cup. The team won from a late goal by David Duran. With the victory over FC Peoria the club will now be hosting the Shawnee Sting of Shawnee, Kansas in the First Qualifying Round. The match is set for a 7pm kickoff on October 3rd.

    In league play Arnold's Army played the majority of the matches away from home. During these matches the team went 2-2-1. Assistant Head Coach Allen Jones believes that the travel has a big issue. Jones said "As you know we have to bus everywhere plus these guys have other things going on so there are plenty of issues that cause this lack of fitness or total dedication, that is the thing of being an amateur club and you deal with it."

    The first match against DC Stoddart was a success as the club demolished them with a 5-1 victory. Paul Scully was the key player with a hatrick. The next was part of their four game road trip. They would be playing the Delaware Union and losing an an embarrassing collapse. Loudoun would let four goals go in unanswered from the 57th minute until the end. In other matches the club had a scoreless draw against Portsmouth and a 1-1 draw against Philly.

    In US Open Cup play the club lasted until the Second Qualifying Round where they got knocked out by Hoboken in a match that went to a shootout. Before that Loudoun hosted the Hickory Hotspur and won 3-2. The clubs board of directors seemed pleased that the team went that far and now can focus on the amateur cup and league.

    October will be another busy month with a total of seven games to be played. The club starts off against Shawnee in the amateur cup and finish on Halloween hosting Queens Park. In injury news the club expects that Mikael Forssell will be returning mid to late October or early November. Forssell has been out of action since September 5th where he went down with a twisted ankle against Peoria.

    You are reading "The Great North American Revolution".

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