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The Great North American Revolution

Started on 18 January 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 26 February 2016 by MJK46
Loudoun Soccer Club April/May Recap
Saturday May 14, 2016

The regular season is finally over for Arnold's Army. It has been an exciting season as well as an exciting month and two games. Loudoun played extremely well except for the final match against Kearny where they played mostly reserves and youth.

Here is the final league table. Loudoun finished nine points behind league leaders Staten Island in what was a very close season.

In sadder news head coach Kevin Arnold will be leaving the club once the season ends. "As much as I have enjoyed this year with the club I played with as a kid, i feel it is best to leave, I have been mentioned in a few rumors as well as a team I meet with back in December who I will most likly be coaching next year. I want to thank everyone for a great year and let's get promoted!!- Kevin Arnold.

This move is not a surprise at all due to his name showing up on clubs radars all across the nation. Even a few pro tams have been wanting him. We wish him luck.

With that Loudoun Soccer now will focus on the promotion playoff. The team will be facing United German Hungarians on May 22nd. During the regular season the two sides faced each other three times and Loudoun won all three contest.

Good luck to the club as they aim for promotion.
Arnold's Army loses in embarrassing defeat
Sunday May 22, 2016
(United German-Hungarians (red) celebrate their upset over Loudoun Soccer Club)

Loudoun Soccer Club were made the favorites of this playoff semi final against UGH. In their three previous meetings Loudoun was victorious in all matches. It had seemed as if the club was ready to win and it certainly looked as if the team was ready.

In reality it was a horror show for the visiting Loudoun side as they would get embarrassed 3-1. It seemed like the players were not as receptive towards their leader for this match. Rumors have been going for a few weeks now that Kevin Arnold would be leaving the club and was in the middle of interviews and contract negotiations with clubs looking for his services.

One player who wished to stay anonymous told me before the match, "All week coach just seemed switched off and couldn't careless if we were playing for promotion or not. He even was late to a big walk through practice the day before leaving for the game."

The match had started off fine for Loudoun as star striker Mikael Forssell got his club off to a 1-0 lead. He was able to score off of an error by UGH's Chris Morris who had passed the ball towards Mikael who then intercepted it for a goal. Despite the goal Kevin Arnold seemed to be out of it and was just didn't have the excitement as we have all seen before.

Things started to go down hill after half time ans within the first minute of the second half the collapse began. Right out the game UGH's Nigel Pacheco scored the equalizer. Loudoun's defense seemed to be out of it and just let him go in and score. It was not the end though. UGH would score two more times. Their second came from Luke Carter while two minutes later Pachenco would score his second.

Loudoun Soccer had nothing to counter and it was all dead in the water. Even on the bench Arnold was too switched off to care what was going on. At the end of 90 UGH would pull off the upset and advance to the promotion playoff final. For Loudoun County it was time to head back home and close up shop for the year.

Loudoun Soccer Club will be back at the start of July and will hopefully have a better ending to a successful year. For Kevin Arnold it is not know if he will be back or not.

Personal Log #3

May 30, 2016: Toledo, Ohio on the road to Chicago, Illinois

Well that was disappointing... How the hell did we lose to UGH??? I have no clue at all. The local media is blaming me due to my mind being pre occupied. Well I do think that is a small reason for our loss was my lack of focus. I will get to that later but for now just want to look back on the season.

It has been a good time with the club I played for way back in the day. Despite so many issues that lead me to the point where I am now I fell as if it was fun. I had a great group of players all season long and seeing a few of them improve was such an amazing thing to see. The thing i did enjoy the most was traveling by bus during cup matches especially in the Midwest. That is one reason for the move from Loudoun to where I will be next in Chicago.

What I think really helped was my changing of the tactic. I was using this 4-2-4 formation after the winter break and it pretty much made us unstoppable. Max Grieg really flourished in the system. He is not rated that high but this made him even better. I might bring him to this new club that I am now the head coach for.

Unlike my last coaching job where it was pretty much a volunteer job and got paid a small amount this club is giving me a part time job as the head coach as well as a job working for Paris Saint-Germain in the Chicago office. Ok I just spoiled who I am working for now. The club is known as Chicago Magic and have been around since the late eighties. I think this is the club I will be with for a long time. There is something that this club has that makes me want to stay. They have this factor that can be a top team, I have no clue what it is but I like it.

Well the next few days are going to be crazy. My wife and I arrive into the Chicago area tomorrow and then have to get to our hotel. On Wednesday the first I have my meeting with the clubs directors and some of the PSG people to finalize my contract. After that the next day I start getting down to business. I have a month until camp starts back so things will be crazy.

This weekend the wife and I are heading back to Virginia to pack everything up and head out here. I feel so bad that i put her in this situation that we have to pack up and go but luckily the club is helping us with the move by getting us a realtor and a moving company. During my downtime I will be joining Allison in looking for a place to live. So far we have narrowed it down to the western suburbs of the city in Wheaton, Aurora and Naperville.

Well here we go I am off to Chicago. Oh My God I am going to live and coach in Chicago. For some reason it has always been my favorite area despite never going there. It has this charm to it that I can't explain.

Well this is enough for now. Until next time friends.
Wonderful update, but a disappointing loss to UGH no doubt. I trust you will do a sterling job in Chicago ;)
Really well written story, keep it up :)
Jacki Thanks man, Chicago will be an awesome place to coach

Alicia Thanks for the kind words

Part II: In the Windy City:
Chicago Magic

Welcome to part two THE GREAT NORTH AMERICAN REVOLUTION. After the events of the last post I was on my way to Chicago, Illinois to start my new job as the head coach for Chicago Magic. This is a club that had played in the NPSL Midwest Premier League a season ago but were promoted to the USSF National League Eastern Conference. The crazy thing is that the club had no manager. You ask how the hell do they get promoted with no leader? Simple really, as they are partners of Paris Saint-Germain the club had their international academy director watch over the club.

So a little about this club. Founded in 1989 the club was formed as a youth outfit to serve the Chicago area. Since 2007 the club has been a member of the United States Development Academy of leagues. This is for all the elite clubs in the nation. Before last year Chicago Magic were know for producing some future stars including; Brad Guzan, Eric Lichaj, Ned Grabavoy, Perry Kitchen and more. You can see who else by visiting here Pro Alumni.

The club plays their matches and practices are at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL. Team offices are in downtown. There is parking at the stadium but you can also take METRA to the Glen Ellyn Station. We are currently in the planning stage of a state of the art stadium and training facility here in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.

Good luck with Chicago Magic. It looks like the pieces might be in place for you to help this club grow into one of the biggest in the USA.

On a side note, I've gotten back into my Canada story, using your edited database. It's going to be a lot of fun...good job with that.
Absolutely loving this story mate, it's so unique from any other! All the best for the Chicago adventure :D
Greyfriars Bobby Thanks! I look forward to reading it.

Jack Thanks I love doing these unique stories
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8 yearsEdited

First Day Jitters Part I: A Busy Morning

June 1,2016 6:30am-12pm Chicago, Illinois

Well today is my first day with this club and it will be very busy. I have to be up this early due to the fact it will be busy. In the morning I have meetings with club officials to finish signing my contract and get a tour of the club, area and a little introduction with my other job working for PSG. It will be one of those days that I don't think I will get any breaks.

Luckily for me the offices that I will have these meetings are a few blocks away so walking will not be a problem. The wife is joining me so i don't feel too awkward or anything. For real i am starting to shake like crazy because this club is a HUGE step up from where I was before. Chicago Magic are semi pro and six steps below the top plus they are partnered with a big time team and their influence is big. I just hope I made the right choice.

So after getting a tour of the building it was time to sit down and have a meeting with the clubs board as well as a representative from PSG who was with us via skype. This was all so surreal to me. So the meeting has began.

Mickey Thomas (Owner Chicago Magic): "Kevin it is nice to finally get things going here. I know it has been a crazy week for you so we will make things easier"
Kevin Arnold (me): "Sounds good I am very excited to get this underway."
PSG Representative: "Hello and let me first say welcome but we here at PSG are not really pleased with your hiring and it seems you were a panic pick. Tell me why you think you can lead the club forward."
(I say WTF to myself this is no interview but I see what's up). "Well yes I know I am only 29 and have been a head coach for a senior team for less than a year but I have a feeling this club has what it takes to be Americas best."
"Fine, but we in Paris will be watching closely."
Mickey quickly mutes the microphone.
"Sorry about that Kevin, these guys can be royal asses for no reason. He has one thing to talk about and then we will disconnect."
"Good that really shocked me."
Volume is back
"So as you are part of the PSG Family I need to make sure you will go by our rules and policy. The biggest thing is that we use Chicago Magic to scout in North America and we have first choice on all your players and signings you make. You must follow that rule or you will be fired."
Again I say WTF!!! "Ok no problem at all." (bull shit I won't do that.)
"Ok thank you and good luck, we here in Paris will have bimonthly meeting with you, have a good day."
The connection with Paris terminates and now it is just Mickey and I.
"Once again sorry. Below is your contract, this is for one year and you will be making around 30k a year."
"No worries and that is fair."
"Just to let you know there is only one staff member here from before so you will need to hire your staff."
Again WTF "Sounds good I might have some people that would work with me."
After a few more things and other business we get to this.
"Good, is there anything we should talk about?"
"Obviously you know how I want to take this club to the top, I feel that PSG is going to hinder that so much and we might not be able to obtain the goals we want, I think we should dump them."
"Oh I agree 100 percent but for now we need them for now. Once we make the USL I believe we could start cutting ties and go independent in a way."

So after the contract signing and meeting it is time for a city tour and a trip out to the stadium. Our guide is telling us everything and we really like it. We finally arive in Glen Ellyn and at the College of DuPage's field we will play on. What is cool during the tour of the facility our players will be able to go for their associates degrees at a reduced price if the players chose to.
Here is the field....

Now we got the tour and take a little trip to a house in the same town that is for sale. What is nice is that I can easily walk to the field for matches and take the METRA into the city to go to the office. What is crazy we fell in love with the house and might buy it. This is the House.

It is now almost noon and we head back into the city. I ask our tour guide where is a great place for a deep dish pizza and he takes us there. Oh my good it is so good. I start thinking Chicago was a great idea for the food!!! After lunch we had a little down time.

Next up is a press conference. Yes that is right I have an introductory press conference for the first time ever. I hope that goes well.
Wow, them PSG lot are massive dicks to you :O Another great update!
2016-02-17 08:27#226156 Jack : Wow, them PSG lot are massive dicks to you :O Another great update!

Need that drama haha
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8 yearsEdited

First Day Jitters Part 2: Press Conference

June 1,2016 2:00pm-2:45pm Chicago, Illinois

So after a nice break it was time to head back to the office where I will be holding my first ever press conference. I am very nervous but Alli says to me that everything will be fine and i will do amazing. I believe her but I have to have a very and I mean very good first impression to whomever is attending.

As I arrive I am greeted by both Mickey and the clubs PR person named Steve. Steve and I go over who is going to be there and he is telling me that theChicago Tribune, a local soccer blog, the clubs news letter people (Steve), PSGTV and the Loudoun Times-Mirror. Are you kidding me, the paper that covered me back in the day is covering this.

"Hello everyone my name is Steve Jones and I am the communications director for the Chicago Magic, today we introduce our new head coach, Kevin Arnold."

After introductions and a note from Mickey the questions begin.

"Brent Burns of the Chicago Tribune, Kevin Welcome to Chicago, what are your thoughts of Chicago so far?"
"Well Brent I am very excited to be in the Windy City and it has been a sort of dream to live and work here. It has finally came true and I love it."

"Matthew Anderson, Chicago Soccer Express, Kevin what are your goals for Chicago Magic?"
" I want to be here long term because I feel the club has the it factor for being a powerhouse in the country. I want to be promoted to the APL within the next 10 year and get some top quality talent.'

Brent again, What you are saying seems to be a bit much, what if you fail?"
"Obviously this will not be easy as it is going to take time but I feel we have all the tools and having Paris Saint-Germain has a partner club will help with recruiting and other things. If this fails then well it fails."

"Will you be bringing any former players or staff with you?"
"I will try my best but who knows if they want o sign for me or not. My big targets are Blake Smith and Lance Parker."

Paul Menez for PSGTV, Kevin please tell the fans in Paris your thoughts on the club and will they win Champion League this year?"
"Ok well honestly I have no opinion on PSG other than they seem to be a well ran club with tons of talent. I really do not follow French Soccer but I feel PSG and their owners do a hell of a job marketing. I see a lot of comments saying that the club are sellouts with the money and all but honestly they are playing the game in the 21st century. The sport is global now and they are keeping up with the times. On Champions League I am not sure it will be pretty close."

"Hey Kevin as you know this club started as a youth side and that they still want to be top in that category what are your plans?
"Well Steve I want all current academy players to know that they are a top priority. I would love to see this team grow with players all from Chicagoland and keep producing talent. This club has a great history with players like Brad Guzan coming through and I want to keep the tradition going. Last year with my old club I helped with getting our academy side the championship for Northern Virginia and I want and expect the same results."

"Kevin, this is Patrick Ashton from the Loudoun Times-Mirror, what would you like to say to those back in Leesburg that feel you abandoned them and quit when things went south."
"Hold the hell up buddy, are you accusing me of quitting and abandoning the club?/ You have no right to come out here and stir trouble by making things up. Look I did not quit the team we just lost when we shouldn't have. Please don't start making things up."

"You did quit and it shows on the fact you left. Why did you take this job anyway??
"It is simple the Magic offered me a lot of things I felt that were what I wanted in coaching and a team. I felt that this was a proper step for me and I am ready to take the responsibility of this club." Look for the rest of you I will take questions at a different time but I am honestly upset at this hack of a journalist who is trying to put words in my mouth.

"My final thoughts is that I am very proud to be apart of this club and I look forward to growing with it."

Oh my god I can't believe that happened. I am super upset and can't believe that this all happened. Well that is finally over and I can start coaching. Tomorrow the wife returns to Virginia to get things ready to move. I think we will end up buying that house. Anyways lets get this season started!!!
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Traning Camp Day 1

June 20,2016 All Day Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Finally today is the day my first training camp with the Chicago Magic. I am very excited to meet all the players and see how good this team is physically. It has been a crazy few weeks with the move and all but we are 100 percent settled in.

Other than the move I have been busy getting a coaching staff signed to the club. What is crazy is that before joining the club only had a head of youth, so I was really busy. So here are the people joining me. The first is Allen Jones. You might recognize the name as Jones was my assistant back with Loudoun Soccer. The next coach I added is kind of a big deal Juergen Sommer joins us after being fired from Indy Eleven where he was head coach. Sommer will also be the head of our reserves division. Other than that I am still looking to hire a few coaches.

One thing that is really cool is that a few days before camp begins we have our youth intake tryouts. Apparently the intake days were in December in the old system. I like how it is now before the season begins. Here is the list of who have joined us. New youth players. The one player who stood out the most came from Spokane, Washington. His name is Phillip Foose. Despite only being 15 I might have him on our first team soon. From what I was told he picked our club due to the reputation of the youth academy.

So now it is time to greet the first team for the first time.

"Hello and good morning, I would like to start off by introducing myself. The name is Kevin Arnold and I am your new head coach. Previously I was the head coach of Loudoun Soccer Club in Virginia. Lets start by going around the room and introducing yourselves.
Everyone does their introductions.
So now that we have that done lets talk about the upcoming season. I feel very positive about this season and feel that we could get promoted once again. What are your thoughts?
(The room is split)
Benson Sakala says "That is perfect coach we have what it takes and I know we can do it!!" (A few players nod in agreement)
" I see a few of you disagree and that is fine with me, of you all that disagree what do you think about that goal?"
Sergio Mares speaks up, "Coach I respectfully disagree and believe the goal is way too high going up as champions will be very hard, I feel we could still get promoted but not as outright champions." (13 players agree with Sergio)
"You know what Sergio is so right I was aiming way too high and I think we should aim for a playoff spot and get promoted from there, I am sorry that my over excited way was too much" (The players who disagreed at first seem very happy and the others seem to not show emotion)
Sergio says, "No problem coach it will be a great season anyways.
"So now lets talk about tactics. We will be running these two formations 4-2-4 and a 4-2-3-1"

A few more minutes of talk occurs and I go over the rules and schedule. Everyone seems happy and it is time for the physicals. What is cool is that the student trainers at the College of DuPage are helping us out as we don't have any medical staff.

2016/17 Schedule


Finally today is over and it was very good. Now it is time to get ready for the season. Our preseason is going to be crazy. We will struggle but that will make us stronger for the regular season. At least we got big names coming to town so they payouts will be nice.

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