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Liam Drury: Return To The Top

A young footballer's career is blighted by injury early on. As he turns to management, is he able to return to the top or will he crash and burn like before?
Started on 23 February 2016 by LiamDrury8
Latest Reply on 10 June 2016 by LiamDrury8
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Weston vs Hayes & Yeading-46 minutes

I emerged from the changing room around a minute after everyone else due to having been tidied up to make sure people didn't notice that I had been involved in, or what looks like, a fight. I could feel the top of my head throbbing as I emerged into the sunlight.

I jogged out onto the pitch to join the rest of my team, who were now milling around waiting for the other team. There had been one half-time change with Nathaniel going off and Brett Trowbridge coming on.

Before long, the Hayes team jogged out onto the pitch and the ref blew to get the second half underway. Our first chance came in the 51st minute and it came because Craig had moved me over to the right wing.

I was thrown the ball by Jamie Price from a throw-in midway within the Hayes half. I turned the Hayes left-back and played the ball inside to Kayne. He released the ball to Ben, who got past his marker with his first touch and drove the ball straight at goal.

The keeper palmed the ball away and I got to the rebound. I played the ball back to Pricey who found Kayne, who was lurking on the edge of the centre circle. He played the ball over the top to Ashley, who shot straight into the arms of the keeper.

However, we conceded the first goal of the game 2 minutes after that chance when our constant pressurising of the Hayes attack led to their chance. The Hayes defender played the ball into the midfielder, who was able to turn.

He sped past me as I slid in to try and win the ball, before the Hayes midfielder played a pass to Jamie, drawing him out of position. The ball was played back to the winger, who controlled the ball and realising there were no other options, cut inside and was dragged down by a stumbling Jamie Price.

The Wells midfielder stepped up and floated a free-kick past Llyod in goal to give his side the lead and as I watched on, I was angry to see my brother celebrating the goal.

We had a good chance to get level again 4 minutes after Hayes took the lead however we were unable to take it. It all started with me being moved back onto the left by Craig, which I thought was a massive risk, but it all came from my feuding with Josh.

I received the ball from Ben as I turned and attacked the defence. I rode the challenge of their midfielder well before sprinting full power at my brother. I cut onto my left foot, then my right, and then the left as I drew his challenge and went down in the area.

The ref blew for a penalty, and I dusted myself off before picking the ball off and handing it to regular taker Ben. Ben placed the ball on the spot before taking a few steps back. The midfielder, however, didn't look confident, and this proved when he blasted the penalty over the bar.

Then, in the 64th minute, we managed to grab our well-deserved equaliser when I once again went on the hunt to get my brother carded.

I sped toward my brother at full-pace and his challenge sent the ball out for a throw-in. The ball was thrown into my feet and I held it tightly despite Josh's attempts to get it off me and I laid it back to Jamie Laird.

Josh, however, hauled me to the floor as I played the pass and the last thing I saw when I was on the ground was Jamie swinging the ball in. I then heard the ball being smashed at goal and the Weston fans going ecstatic. I picked myself up to find Brett wheeling away, celebrating.

I was, however, substituted in the 83rd minute thanks to my good-for-nothing brother. I picked up a loose ball after a touchline scramble and sped at him.

I knocked the ball past my onrushing brother and before I knew it, I was being sweeped out by his legs. I landed in a heap and the ref had to stop the play for me. The physio, David Callow, raced over to me.

"Where does it hurt Liam" David asked me. "My ankle. I cant carry on" I replied. David helped me to my feet and as I was slowly being helped over toward the dugout, the subs' board was held up for me going off and Dayle Grubb replacing me. I sat down in the dugout as David tended to my ankle and I realised that my brother just had to go and ruin my competitive Weston debut...
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4th July 2013

I have just returned from holidaying in Spain at the end of a long season in which Weston finished 7th in the league.

In the season, I had managed to play 2,469 minutes across all competitions, make 37 appearances, start 29 games, be subbed in 8 games, be subbed off 12 times, be an unused sub 9 times, score 7 goals and receive 1 booking.

In my opinion, for me at the age of 17 years old, it had been a very successful season.

It was the first day of training after the holiday at Weston, and I arrived already dressed in my training top, shorts, socks and trainers.

I checked in with the staff on the players' entrance and walked straight onto the training pitch.

There, I found a few of the players already getting ready to train. Craig and Mark told us that there was to be only 10 of us today due to the rest not being in good condition or still being on holiday.

The pair then sent us on a jog around the pitch as we caught up on how our holidays were.

The players at training was me, Liam Feeley, Greg Rigg, Luke Jeanne, Jake Llewellyn, Brad Middleton, Luke Purnell, Llyod Irish, Mark McGreggor and Kayne McLaggon.

When we jogged back into Craig Laird and Mark McKeever, Craig made us all pass the ball in a square with one guy trying to dispossess us. First up in the middle was myself.

I managed to win the ball back quite easily from Jake as he tried to nutmeg me but failed. Then we began to pass the ball around Jake before tragedy struck...

As Greg back-heeled me the ball, I played it off first-time as Jake ran towards me. Jake's tackling foot came around half-way up my leg as my leg was planted and I felt my leg snap underneath me.

I crumpled to the floor and immediately, I heard Craig, Mark and Llyod rush over toward me. "Liam. Can you hear me?" Llyod said.

I silently nodded as I tried to pick my head up but couldn't as I felt physically sick. "Jake, go and get David now. Tell the first person you see at the club to phone for an ambulance as well" Craig demanded.

I could hear Jake's feet sprint off as I was still lain on the floor.

After around 5 minutes, Jake and David arrived on the scene and David knelt next to me. "Alright, Liam, stay still" David said. I silently complied with his words as I could hear Jake sobbing at the accident.

Before long, I could hear the ambulance pull up and slowly but surely, I was given oxygen to help me breathe and I ended up falling asleep.

However, my final thoughts before falling asleep were that my leg was broken and this could potentially spell the end of my career...
Well... that was... nasty
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It was. Imagine if I start the save and my best player breaks his leg...
NASTY.......NASTY......NASTY...... :O
Anyway great story man
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10th July 2013

I was lying in a hospital bed, having been sedated only a few hours ago before I was wheeled in for my operation. I had told my Mum to go home before the operation and now I was lying alone in pain. I was thinking to myself what could have happened to my football career when Jake Llewellyn entered my room.

"How are you holding up?" Jake asked. "I'm fine mate. How's Weston doing?" I asked him as he made himself comfortable in the chair next to me. "We won our pre-season friendly yesterday 2-0 against Swindon Supermarine" Jake said happily. "That's good. Who scored?" I asked him. "Kayne and Matt from the U18's" Jake said.

I was happy at the thought of Matt scoring on his first team debut. "It's good that Matt scored" I said. "Yeah. He played a decent game in the centre of midfield" Jake said. I nodded my head at Jake's heads. "You do realise that me breaking your leg was an accident" Jake said. I looked at Jake. "Course I understand. You would never hurt someone deliberately" I said.

"Have you got training today?" I asked Jake. "Yeah" Jake said, looking at his watch. "It starts in half an hour so I better get going". Jake heaved himself from his chair and walked toward the door. "Get better soon mate" Jake said and departed the room.

A few minutes after Jake had departed, a nurse came into the room and took my oxygen and blood pressure. "Ok then, Liam. How are you currently feeling?" she asked me. "I'm feeling a lot better than I have done since the accident. How did the operation go?2 I asked her. "The operation was a success. There have been screws inserted into your bone to keep your leg straight as well" the nurse replied.

I smiled at the nurse's words, ecstatic that I was on the road to recovery. The nurse then flicked through her notes and looked up at me. "Also, there is a physio from Weston-Super-Mare AFC, going by the name of Darcy Brussell, to check you over later today" the nurse said.

"Oh ok. Darcy's the new physio. We haven't met yet but she joined the club a few days before my accident" I said. "That all seems to be in order then" the nurse said and she noted down my oxygen level and blood pressure before leaving the room. I leant back in my bed and fell asleep once more.

A few hours later, I was awoken by somebody nudging me and I slowly lifted my eyes to look around and see who was disturbing my sleep. "Liam, Darcy's here to see you" the nurse said and I sat up in my bed before latching eyes with Darcy.

She must have been between 17-18 because she had a really smooth face, red lipstick on. She was also wearing mascara and she had wavy, blonde hair. She must have had a boyfriend because she was that stunning. The nurse left the room and Darcy walked up to my side. "Ok, Liam, I'm Darcy Brussell. I'm the new physio at the club and they've sent me here especially to check on you every few days" Darcy explained to me.

"So, Liam, am I allowed to look at your leg?" Darcy asked me. "Yeah, sure" I replied. I pulled back the covers and lifted my broken leg with all my might up onto the top of the bed. Darcy kept pressing down on my leg and told me to say something when it began to hurt. "OW" I shouted when Darcy got halfway down my leg and Darcy noted this down on a clipboard.

"So then, do you mind telling me a bit about yourself?" I asked Darcy. "Well, I'm currently single. I'm 18 years of age. I work at Weston-Super-Mare AFC for a job. And I have one older sister who stole my last boyfriend from me" Darcy said. "Oh, right, what is it like when you found out your boyfriend had cheated on you with your own sister?" I asked.

"Well, it wasn't a nice feeling. I told my sister she could have him and that they were welcome to eachother. And they stayed together ever since" Darcy said. "Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that" I said to Darcy. Darcy smiled weakly and stared into my eyes. "Thanks, Liam. Any girl would be lucky to have somebody like you. A young, charming athlete" Darcy said as she complimented me.

"Thanks" I said. Darcy also took my oxygen and blood pressure before noting this down on the clipboard. "Well, then, I better get back to the club to tell David of your predicament" Darcy said.

"Darcy, wait" I said as she made to leave the room. "Yes, Liam?" Darcy said as she turned back around to look at me. "When I'm out of hospital, do you fancy going on a date with me?" I asked her. "Yes, Liam. Of course" Darcy said. Darcy wrote her name and number down on a piece of paper before leaving it on the bedside cabinet, winking at me and leaving the room. Then I thought to myself I've bagged the best looking physio Weston's probably ever had...
Trying to get with the players, good way to start in your new job...
haha, nice update mate! Gotta get out that hospital and get on that date!
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3rd December 2013

It was late at night and I left the training pitch with the rest of the U18's side after they had finished training. I walked along with Matt and Ash, who had been made captain and vice-captain during my recent absence. "How's the leg feeling, Liam?" Matt asked me. "It's getting better, mate. I should be fine for next season hopefully" I replied.

"Well, it's been different not having you play games for us Liam" Matt said. "Yeah. I've practically missed the whole 2nd year of the U18's cause of this injury" I said angrily. Suddenly, the manager, Dan, walked up behind me and clapped me on the shoulder. "How you holding up captain?" Dan asked me.

"I'm getting better. Only because of the physio team at the club" I said. "Do you fancy coming out with us tonight?" Dan asked me. "I need to go physio first. Where you lot heading?" I asked. "The Loft. Got us V.I.P entrance" Dan said. "Yeah. Alright then. I'rr meet you there after physio" I said and I turned the opposite way down the tunnel.

I could see the physio room as I approached and I knocked on the door before hearing Darcy's call of "come in". I opened the door, walked into the room and closed it. Darcy was over by the sink and turned to look at me. "Hiya babe" Darcy said. "How are you today?" I asked Darcy. "I'm good. How are you?" Darcy replied.

"I'm in more pain than usual" I said. Since I had broken my leg, I had been able to go on 5 dates with Darcy and entered a full-fledged relationship with her. Me and her had had sex on a few occasions, and she was probably the best girlfriend I had ever had. "Lie down on the bed then, Liam" Darcy said.

Me and her were yet to alert the club to the situation we were in with our relationship, but we were planning to announce it at the Christmas party. "How do you fancy going out tonight?" I asked her. "Nah. I'm not really feeling it Liam. I'm just too tired today" Darcy said. "Ok. Did you drive to work today?" I asked her.

"Nah. I got the bus" Darcy revealed. "I can give you a lift back to yours" I said. Darcy considered this option for a moment. "Yeah. Ok" she said and accepted my offer. Darcy put me through my usual paces of stretching my leg and trying to get myself back to full fitness and peak condition.

Before long, I grabbed my jacket from the side and Darcy put her coat on before me and her left the stadium together. We climbed into my car before driving out of the car park and onto the main road. "So, when am I next gonna see you" I asked Darcy as I drove along. "Depends in what way. Girlfriend-wise or physio-wise" Darcy said cheekily.

"Anyway" I said as I looked at her slightly and smiled. "Well, physio-wise would be next week sometime. And dating wise, how about in a few days at the weekend?" Darcy said. I nodded to myself as I stopped at some traffic lights. "Yeah. That works" I said. "So, is it ok to talk about our next relationship steps?" I asked her.

"Yeah, sure, Liam. Anything for you" Darcy said to me as she touched my arm slightly. "So, we've been dating for just over 5 months now and we haven't even spoke about moving in together. Can we do that now?" I said to Darcy as the traffic lights turned green again and we began to drive again.

"Yeah sure. So you want to move in together do you?" Darcy asked me flirtily. "Of course I do. I'm in love with you, Darc. Would you move in with me or would I move in with you?" I told her. "You would move in with me. I've got my own place and nobody else lives with me" Darcy said. "Is it alright if I move in this weekend?" I asked her.

"Yes, Liam. I can't wait for it" Darcy said. "Great. Is there anything you want to say to me?" I asked Darcy. "Well there is one thing" Darcy said. "What could that be?" I asked her. "Would you want children with me?" Darcy asked me. "Course I would. Your the person I've fell in love with the most and that's not going to change" I said.

"Right then. Ok" Darcy said. I turned down into Darcy's road and stopped outside her house. "Here we go. Home safe and sound" I said to Darcy as I put the handbrake on and leant back in my seat. "Do you want to come in for a cup of tea?" Darcy asked me. "Yeah. Alright then" I said to Darcy as she got of the car and I jumped out as well.

Darcy walked up to the house and pulled her front door key from her handbag. I stood there in the cold as Darcy fiddled with the key and eventually unlocked the door. Darcy entered the house and I quickly followed. I closed the door behind myself and Darcy flicked the hallway light on.

I saw shoes scattered around the hallway as I stepped onto the doormat and I entered the brightly lit living room. On my left was an entrance to the kitchen and I could see Darcy bussling around, searching for the correct things that were needed. "How many sugars do you take?" Darcy asked me.

"2 please" I replied and I could hear the kettle as the water was being warmed up. I entered the kitchen and Darcy passed me the biscuit tin. "Here you are, sweet" Darcy said and as I took some biscuits from the tin, I could see Darcy's blond hair sparkling in the light. The kettle finished boiling and Darcy poured the water into a cup.

Darcy added the milk and sugar before stirring and taking the teabag out before binning it. Darcy handed me my cup of tea before I sipped it. I entered the living room with Darcy before placing my drink on the coffee table, as to which Darcy did the same. Darcy then turned the TV on and then flicked it onto the news.

Me and her watched some interesting news segment about the way sports people were being treated in foreign countries as Darcy laid her head on my chest. A sudden though then occurred to me. This thought was that whether or not I spent my life with Darcy me and her were a solid item and someone we could always fall back on for support emotionally or physically...
Just caught up mate, lovely stuff here!
Movingggg fassstttt!!!!!
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29th January 2014

I had turned 19 only a mere matter of weeks ago, and already I was lying on Darcy's sofa, eating crisps and a variety of sweets while she was at work. Before long, Darcy walked through the door, placed her bag down and sunk down into the armchair.

"How was work" I asked Darcy as I lay there, watching the football highlights on Sky Sports. Darcy breathed a huge sigh of relief before opening her mouth. "It was alright, I suppose. Craig came to speak to me personally today" Darcy said.

"What would Craig want with you?" I pondered as I stared across at Darcy. "He came to congratulate me on the work I had been doing for the club recently and he has offered me the opportunity to be on the 1st dugout during games" Darcy told me.

"What did you say to him?" I asked Darcy. "I thanked him for the offer and I accepted straight away" Darcy revealed. "That's brilliant news" I said ecstatically and Darcy smiled as she looked at me.

"There is something else Craig talked to me about" Darcy said. "Go on" I said. Darcy looked me in the eyed as I sat tentatively on the edge of my seat. "Well, you know that we told the club about our relationship at the Christmas Party" Darcy said.

"Yes" I replied. "Well, Craig said he has been thinking it over and he feels that as long as it doesn't get in the way of my physiotherapy and your playing form, then he says that our relationship is perfect to have under working conditions" Darcy said happily and I smiled at her before congratulating her on her promotion.

"Anything interesting happening in the world of football?" Darcy asked me. "No" I replied. "Unless you count your promotion" I smiled cheekily and stared over at Darcy. Darcy slapped me on the arm and stared into my eyes.

"Your such a kidder, Liam" Darcy said before letting go, standing up and heading into the kitchen. "Do you want a cup of tea?" Darcy asked me. I pondered this for a moment before swivelling my head toward the kitchen doorway.

"Yes please" I called back as I watched Bristol Rovers handing out a thrashing to AFC Telford on the Sky Sports highlights. A few minutes after this question, Darcy walked back into the room and handed me my cup of tea before I placed it onto the coffee table.

"So are you looking forward to sitting in the dugout at 1st team games then?" I asked Darcy as she sat back down, holding her cup of tea in her hand. "I am. It's gonna be a new experience for me though so it might work for me but it might not" Darcy said optimistically.

"True" I said as I took a sip from my cup, where the burning liquid burnt the back of my throat as I sipped it. "I'm planning on going into the club tomorrow night" I told Darcy. "Oh really. What for?" Darcy asked.

"Well, my brother does play for the U14's so I thought I might go down and help Dan Jackson with the training. He's invited me along to provide my expertise" I said. "Oh. Taking steps into coaching now are we?" Darcy said. "I might. It's an option I'm exploring" I said.

"I've always wanted a boyfriend who was adventurous and somebody who always treated his woman right" Darcy said. "Is that why I'm still with you?" I asked. "Of course it is. And now I think it's time that I gave you your reward" Darcy said as she stood up.

Darcy took my hand before forcing me to stand up and leading me into the bedroom. Darcy pushed me down onto the bed before closing the door and seductively taking her clothes off. I can quite easily say this was the best night of my life...
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5th February 2014

It was approaching 6PM at The Woodspring Stadium and I was patrolling the group of U14's as they passed the ball around in squares. Due to Will having been taken ill a few days ago, I had been offered the chance by Dan to step in and act as assistant and coach during the training session.

Dan was stood across from me, on the other side of the boys, and I slowly made my way around the squares toward him. "Thanks for stepping in today mate" Dan said as I stood there, watching the boys continue to pass the wall around. I watched a specific pair, central midfielder Aidan and striker Jamie, as they passed the ball between them.

Aidan drove the ball into Jamie, who failed to control it, and the ball squirmed underneath his foot. Aidan did the same thing on his second attempt and I immediately walked over to the pair before leaning down next to Aidan. "When you pass the ball, try using the side of your foot. When you drive the ball, that's better for a striker running behind the defence" I instructed the youngster.

Aidan nodded his head and I stepped aside before Aidan passed the ball to Jamie with the side of his foot. This time, Jamie was able to control and the ball and he played the ball back to Aidan. "Well done Aidan. Good lad" I said and I folded my arms before strolling a short distance toward Dan.

"How you finding your time as coach?" Dan asked me. "I'm enjoying it. It allows me to pass my knowledge on to the younger players" I said. Dan raised his eyebrows before raising his whistle to his lips and blowing it. "GATHER IN THEN" Dan shouted.

All the boys slowly but surely trudged in toward us and sat down in front of me and Dan as Dan stood there with his arms crossed. "Right, boys, that was impressive with the way you passed the ball. The way you were able to keep it under control with your partner" Dan said and he picked up the bag of bibs behind him.

"Right, so now, I want you lot to play possession football between the lot of you" Dan said. Dan then handed the bibs out to 10 of the players and they then all stood up before jogging off into the square. Dan rolled a ball out from underneath his foot and played the ball into the square. "PLAY" Dan shouted.

Dan drove the ball into the square and two of the players challenged for the ball. The ball was won by the bib player and he played the ball back to his defender. The defender passed the ball to the central midfielder, who was dispossessed by the plain team. The ball was heaved up into the air and as our central midfielder and striker challenged for a header, our central midfielder crumpled to the floor in a heap.

Our central midfielder was clutching the side of his head, and Dan immediately blew his whistle. Me and Dan ran over to the midfielder and Dan lifted the midfielder's hand away from his head. There was red blood all down the side of his face and Dan helped the midfielder to his feet.

"Liam. Can you take him to the physio please?" Dan asked me and I wrapped my arm around the midfielder's shoulder. "Come on then" I said and I walked off the training pitch with the midfielder. I strolled past the first team pitch with the midfielder and entered the main bulk of the stadium.

I helped the midfielder down the corridor and I knocked on the physiotherapy door. "Come in" Darcy said in her usually cheery voice. I entered the room with the midfielder and upon our entry, Darcy turned around to look at us. "Aw my god. What happened?" Darcy said and she hurriedly walked over toward us.

Darcy took the midfielder by the arm and led him over toward the chair. "What happened?" Darcy asked me. "Um. He went up for a header and got elbowed in the face" I replied. "Ok" Darcy said. Darcy reached for a bandage and some scissors before bandaging the midfielder's head up and wiping away the blood.

"There we go. All done. You feeling any better now?" Darcy said. "Yeah" the midfielder said. "Thanks" he added on at the end. The midfielder stood up and walked out the room. "Tell Dan I need to go now" I said to the midfielder, who nodded at my words and turned down the tunnel. I walked up to Darcy, before grabbing her by the waist.

"Your amazing with kids" I said to Darcy. "Yeah, well, I'm the Junior physio ain't I" Darcy said. "Come on. Let's go home" I said. Darcy took off her white coat and placed it on the side before taking my hand and leaving the room. Darcy threw something in the bin and little did I know that Darcy had thrown a positive pregnancy test in the bin...
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9th February 2014

It was 7AM in the morning and I was listening to Darcy yet again throwing up in the toilet. This had been the third time this week she had thrown up. Darcy then left the bathroom to find me standing there, waiting for her. "Your up earlier than usual" Darcy said. "This is the third time you've been sick this week. Are you sure your ok?" I asked her.

"I'm fine Liam. You don't need to worry about me" Darcy said as she gushed down some water before heading downstairs and I watched her walk. I headed back into the bedroom and chucked on my Sports Active Seagulls Active Community Tracksuit. Today, I was heading out with the Weston Community Team to schools in the local area.

I then headed downstairs and walked into the kitchen, where I found Darcy eating some dried toast at the kitchen table. I poured myself some Cornflakes before settling down opposite Darcy as I began to eat. "So what are you doing at work today?" Darcy asked me. "I'm going out with the Community Trust to some schools in the local area" I replied.

"Alright then" Darcy said and she finished eating her toast before placing her plate into the sink. As Darcy turned around to face me, she twinged and kneeled over the sink in pain. I immediately stood up and helped Darcy into a seat before kneeling down next to her. "Are you sure everything's ok?" I asked her.

Darcy, this time, refused to look me in the eyes and I took her by the hands and forced her to look into my eyes. "Look at me, Darcy. Look at me. Please, just tell me the truth" I said and this time, Darcy tearily looked me in the eye and smiled. "I'm 1 week pregnant" Darcy said. I heaved a sigh before heading outside.

I leant against the wall before Gregg, the head of the Community Trust, pulls up in his car. "You ready to go yet Liam?" Gregg asked me. I jogged up to Gregg's car and popped my head through the window. "Is it ok if I stay on your coach for a few days?" I asked him. "Yeah sure. How come?" Greg replied. "I'rr explain on the way" I said as I climbed into Gregg's car and Darcy made her way outside in tears. Gregg drove off as I thought to myself was I about to turn myself on a pregnant woman...

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