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Liam Drury: Return To The Top

A young footballer's career is blighted by injury early on. As he turns to management, is he able to return to the top or will he crash and burn like before?
Started on 23 February 2016 by LiamDrury8
Latest Reply on 10 June 2016 by LiamDrury8
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28th July 2015

I slammed my car door shut as I stepped out of the car and walked across the carpark toward the Bodymoor Heath training ground. I walked through the automatic doors and signed some various Aston Villa shirts laid out on the tables on the right by the single door that led through to the training centre. I then signed in with the receptionist before walking through to the training centre and I then embarked up the stairs toward my office at the top floor. I entered my office before throwing my jacket on the sofa by the window and sitting behind my desk.

I began drawing up my plan for today's training session when assistant manager, Reginald Ray, entered the office and settled down behind his desk. One of the first things I had altered at the training complex as manager was by getting permission from Randy Lerner to insert an extra desk into my office so that me and Reginald could office-share so we didn't have to scale 6 floors just to talk about a club matter. "Morning boss" Reginald said as he slung his fancy coat over the arms of his chair and searched through his papers on his desk.

"You all ready for training?" I asked Reginald as he continued to flick through his paperwork. "Certainly am. You ready for your first training session?" Reginald asked me kindly. "I'm nervous about it but it shouldn't be too bad. I'm just going to try and make them fitter for the upcoming season" I explained to Reginald. I checked the time on my watch before leaving the office with Reginald at 10AM and heading out toward the training pitches.

One by one, the players began to filter out of the changing rooms between 10:30AM-11AM and as they came out, I sent them on a 3-lap run of the pitch. I even got some hearty welcomes from each player as they trudged out to begin their first training session under the new man in charge. Gabby Agbonlahor was one of the first to leave the changing rooms and when he caught sight of him, he came over and introduced himself professionally. And it was Gabby's action that really set the tone for my thinking of the squad here.

After the players had all done their 3-lap run of the pitch, I made them pass the ball around themselves while we set up the training drills. When the goalkeepers eventually completed their 3-lap run of the pitch, I sent them and goalkeeping coach Tony Parks over to one of the far goals to train the goalkeepers up. Me, Reginald Ray and head coach Eric Black set up a shooting drill in one of the goals while the fitness coaches set up fitness drills on both sides of the pitch.

When I decided that we were ready to begin the actual training session, I walked over to the players who were joking about as they passed the ball to eachother before I called them all in towards me and the coaches. "Alright, lads, most have you may not have heard of me but I am the new man in charge here. My name is Liam Drury, and I am your new gaffer. I am going to show you all respect, because you are professionals, and I want you all to show everyone amongst the backroom staff your utter respect. Is that understandable?" I demanded of them.

"Yes" they all muttered as they took in the words of their new gaffer. "Now, this upcoming season is going to be a big one for you lot. I want us to fight against relegation and I expect us to beat it. You are all capable of achieving that and from day one to the very last day, I want to see 100% from you otherwise you can forget about playing for this club" I said and the players all nodded, arms crossed, at my words. I clapped my hands together at them while smiling and I jogged over to the fitness exercise with them.

"Right. So, I want you all to get into a queue and I need you all to jump through the ladder, run around the cones, play a 1-2 with Eric here then play a 1-2 with Dejan and run to the back of the queue. Once the person ahead of you has run around the cones, you can then begin your turn" I said. Micah began his turn and then, me and Reginald took a step back from the exercise and began to inspect the players taking their turns around the fitness exercises. I then turned to Reginald as we continued to inspect my crop of players.

"There's some good players amongst them" I said as Rudy Gestede took his turn around the fitness exercise. I saw Reginald smile as I stood there watching the players and their body movements. I then stepped forward toward the exercise before shouting "COME ON". The exercise stopped and I then led the players over to the shooting exercise. I explained to them that they had to play a 1-2 with me, run round the cone, receive the lay-off and then shoot past the keepers in goal. I smiled as Jordan Ayew netted the first shot and thought that this was time to battle relegation...
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30th July 2015

I barged into Randy Lerner's office at Villa Park, as Randy was watching Sky Sports on his TV. "Mr. Lerner, get the documents ready. We have a player coming down in 10 minutes" I said.

Randy immediately turned off his TV and swivelled around in his chair to face me, before giving me one of his death stares. "Right, Liam, I'm ok with discussing transfers, contracts and staff signings but please give me some type of warning" Randy said as I stood there.

"Now, listen to me, Randy. If I want a player, I'm going to go out and get him because this is my team" I said to Randy as he nodded at my words.

"But, Liam. I know you are eager to stamp your mark onto this Aston Villa team but please give me some chance of a say in the running of my club" Randy said, but was cut off from his words.

"Now, Randy. This player is arriving at the club today and he will hopefully be signing today, whether you like it or not" I said as I leant over the chair on my side of Randy's desk before watching Randy's facial expressions.

"So, Liam, who exactly is coming down today?" Randy asked me.

"Frank Keita from Boreham Wood. A 17 year-old striker" I said.

"Boreham Wood? Your signing a 17 year-old from Boreham Wood? A player from the sixth tier of English football" Randy said as I paced around the room quickly.

"Sorry, Mr. Lerner. But I don't have enough to buy big-name players because I don't have a transfer budget to work with" I said, argumentatively.

"I'm sorry Liam but I have made it clear to you before that you are allowed to change money over from your wage budget" Randy said as I continued to pace the room.

"I have heard good things about Frank Keita, Randy, and he's expected to be playing at this level in 10 years so I am bringing him here to develop him" I said.

Randy let out a heavy sigh as he leant back in his chair before indicating for me to take a seat on the other side of the desk. But as I parched my bum on the seat, a knock from Tom Fox, the Villa Managing Director, poked his head round the door.

"Mr. Lerner and Mr. Drury. I have a certain Frank Keita here telling me he is here to sign a contract with the club" Tom said. I turned to look at Randy, as if to say that he can't cancel now.

"Thanks, Tom. You can tell him to come right through" I said without letting Randy speak.

"Of course I can, gaffer" Tom said and I smiled at him before his head disappeared round the other side of the door.

I turned to look enquiringly at Randy. "Let me do the talking to Frank. Your here for the paperwork" I said.

Me and Randy then went into a deep lull of silence as we both waited for Frank Keita to make his way into the room, a deal which I had put in place over the phone, and I drummed my fingers on the desk as I waited patiently for my new striker.

Keita then knocked twice on the door and I shouted "COME IN" before the door eventually creaked open as Keita, the 5 foot 11 inch striker and my first signing of my managerial career, walked into the room, beaming at me and Mr. Lerner as he stood before us.

Frank was wearing a black and blue tracksuit top with Boreham Wood's logo on it, with black trousers and formal black shoes which had clearly been polished this morning. "Good afternoon Mr. Drury and Mr. Lerner" Keita said before shaking our hands and indicating for him to sit.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Keita. Was the trip a good one for you?" I asked him as he made himself comfortable in the chair. I smiled at Frank as he turned to look at Randy in shock and amazement at being in the Villa Park Owner's office.

"It wasn't a bad time yeah, Mr. Drury" Keita said, clearly becoming more comfortable by the second as he awaited to sign his new contract here at Aston Villa.

"Good man. Are you excited to be here?" I asked Frank and he sat up in his chair, trying to act like a model professional at the tender age of 17. "Mr. Lerner is currently printing out the forms that we need to make the transfer official for the club and the forms that we need to send off to the league" I said and Frank added "I can't wait to sign for the club".

"I bet you wouldn't go on a 4-hour trip just to have to go all the way back him I bet eh Frank" I said and Keita smiled weakly in his chair at me.

"Here we are. Almost printed off now, you two. Just hang on Frank. Won't be long till your a Villa player" Mr. Lerner said, looking over at the printer.

"So, last night we agreed £200 didn't we Mr. Keita? Are you still interested in that amount of money?" I asked Frank, making sure he would be happy with that amount of money.

"Yeah, definitely. I was only on a non-contract deal with Boreham Wood and for a 17 year-old to be earning £200 per week is a good amount" Frank said.

"Well, hopefully your able to prove to us and most importantly your manager for the U18's that you deserve a place here at Villa Park" I said.

"I really can only do the best I can boss. Don't go overestimating me mind. I am still only 17"Frank said, calling me 'boss' the moment he signed the formed, before rising and shaking my hand.

"Welcome to Aston Villa, Frank Keita. It's a pleasure to have you on board" I said to him.

"It's a pleasure to be here boss. Thank you for giving me this once-in-a-lifetime chance" said Frank and he exited the office with me and Tom Fox, as we planned to show the new signing around...
Boy, Liam sure wants to be the man around the club; any more secret signings that Randy doesn't know about? ;)
I really like your writing but I don't like the unrealistic progression in the story line and just a few details such as "Me and Andrew" for example instead of "Andrew and I" put me off a touch.

All feedback trying to see you improve but don't think im not enjoying your story!
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2nd July 2015

I exited the office of my head coach Eric Black who had busily been helping me prepare today's training session ahead of the last pre-season friendly against Gil Vicente.

I was followed out of the office by Eric who was carrying a set of keys in his hand. Me and Eric walked toward the changing rooms before entering the store cupboard.

Me and Eric then began to hunt around for cones and footballs before finding the necessary equipment that we needed and headed out to the training pitch.

Me and the coaching team began to lay out cones for a passing drill and a shooting drill before the players arrived for training.

Around 20 minutes after we had finished laying out the drills, the players began to filter out of the changing rooms.

I then all sent them on their way for a 2-lap jog around the pitch and when they were done, I told them all to stand in two queues and pass the ball back and forth to eachother before joining the back-end of the other queue.

In my eyes, I feel that this drill was perfect before we moved onto the shooting drill.

In the shooting drill, I made the players act out a free-kick and corner-kick situation with splitting players into defence and some into attack.

I issued out instructions to the players if I saw something they needed to improve on and I was glad to see they all took their personal instructions on board.

"Are there any drinks available boys?" Joleon Lescott asked. "Yeah sure. GO AND GET YOURSELVES A DRINK BOYS" I shouted to them.

They all ran off to get themselves a drink, and the sweaty group all crowded around the drinks carriage as I stood there waiting for them.

"What are you planning on saying to them?" Reginald asked me. I turned to look at my assistant. "Now, Reginald, would you want to take charge of the friendly tomorrow?" I asked.

Reginald beamed at me. "Definitely. Thanks boss" Reginald replied. "ALRIGHT BOYS. GATHER IN" I said to my players.

During the last 4 days since I had spoken to Randy Lerner and signed Frank Keita, I had signed 5 more players.

These 5 players were: Jay Porter, Solomon Sambou, Jack Hankey, Leeroy Maguraushe and James Hodd.

I have also decided to recall the injured RB Jose Angel Crespo from his loan so he can continue his recovery here at Aston Villa.

"So, boys, as you all may know we have a friendly tomorrow against Gil Vicente. But I have decided to take a bold step and leg Reginald Ray take control of the team" I said.

The boys all nodded happily at my decision to let Reginald take control of the last friendly. Reginald then stepped forward and clapped his hands.

"So, boys, tomorrow is obviously our last friendly..." he began and as he began to tell the team his instructions, I walked off toward the changing room, beaming from ear to ear at my team's progression...
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8 yearsEdited
4th August 2015

I awoke from a deep sleep with my pregnant girlfriend, Darcy, having her arms wrapped around my neck.

I turned to look at the beautiful face of Darcy as she lay beside me, her long eyelashes evident as she slept.

I then rose from the bed and chucked on my Villa tracksuit before heading into the living room and turning on the TV, where the highlights from our 3-0 win over Gil Vicente were being shown.

I smiled as I rewatched Idrissa Gueye, Rudy Gestede and Gabby Agbonlahor score our goals. I then left mine and Darcy's apartment on the 5th floor of a block of flats.

I climbed into my car in the flats car-park before driving off to Villa Park where I walked up to Randy Lerner's office at the top of the stadium.

"Come in" Randy said as I knocked on the door and entered Lerner's office tentatively. Randy smiled when he saw me and I took a seat opposite him behind the desk.

"So, Liam. What can I do for you today?" Randy asked me as I placed my hands on the desk and leant back in my seat.

"Well, yesterday after our 5-0 win, I realised that we were playing 1st team players and that the team could do with younger players in the U18 and U21 sides" I said.

"Carry on" Randy said. "Well, I want George Coy, a 19 year old LM. Speedy. Good on the ball. I also want another CM and Mitchell Thomson takes my fancy. He's 23 but can still grow".

"I would also like to bring Marc Marshall in. He's a 29 year old CB but he's talented on the ball and in the air. I also feel James Ellison, a 23 year old, will be a good player up top".

"And finally, I feel that we are lacking in the LB department so I feel that Shakir Khan can add something to the position with his good experience and decent technical stats" I claimed.

"Also, I would like to try and loan out Leandro Bacuna, Jordan Amavi, Jerell Sellars, Harry McKindy, Liam Hadley and Joonas Sundman so they can gain experience and match fitness".

"Ok, Liam. I will try and see what I can do for you. Good luck for the season" Randy said. "Thank you" I replied before standing up and stepping out of the Owner's office.
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Preseason Review

Preseason is over now for the might side that is Aston Villa, and that I have been able to complete my first 2 games of football management despite joining right at the back end of July. I have only been given a year by Randy Lerner to impress everyone here at this club, and I have immediately marked my stamp on this club by trying to appoint every staff position available at the club to make sure I have the backroom staff to achieve my goals this season. I have only been at the helm of the team for 8 days but those 8 days have been the stepping stone in my managerial career and hopefully they are only the start of my career.

I have also been trying to insert my mark on the playing staff by signing 1 player: 17 year-old Frank Keita from Boreham Wood. Keita is a composed finisher of the ball and is regarded for being able to get his head to the ball from crosses and using his pace while running through the channels to scare opposition defenders.

But however, this was the end of Preseason. The club have had a very impressive performance out on the pitch and I have been very impressed with how they have performed, both attacking and defensively. I saw impressive things from the likes of Gabby Agbonlahor and Jack Grealish over the 2 games I witnessed but I feel that we need a younger defence to cope with the fast strikers in the league such as Sergio Aguero, Theo Walcott and Saido Berahino to deal with. The defenders have shown that they have the right mentality to cope with aggressive players such as Diego Costa and Olivier Giroud. After friendlies against the Villa U21's and Gil Vicente, this is how the team got on:


Aston Villa 3 (Ayew 34, Richards 58, Agbonlahor 63) Aston Villa U21's 0

Team: Guzan, Hutton(Bacuna), Richards, Lescott(Clark 64), Cissokho(Amavi 70), Agbonlahor(N'Zogbia 64), Veretout(Westwood 64), Gueye(Sanchez 64), Grealish(Gil 64), Gestede(Sinclair 70), Ayew.


Gil Vicente 0 Aston Villa 3 (Gueye 57, Gestede 70, Agbonlahor 72)

Team: Guzan, Richards, Clark, Lescott, Sanchez, Grealish(N'Zogbia 56), Veretout, Gueye(Westwood 76), Cissokho, Ayew(Gestede 63), Agbonlahor.


Player of Preseason-Micah Richards

The new Aston Villa signing and club captain has been the most impressive during the Preseason campaign, with a cool and composed head on his shoulders when under pressure and even bagging himself a goal against the Aston Villa U21's when finishing from close rnage after the ball rebounded to him. But I can say is that the interim manager before I took over did a fine job when bringing in Micah to the club and I can say that I am extremely impressed with my new club captain...
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16th August 2016

It was 5AM in the morning and I awoke, to the sound of birds tweeting outside my window. I looked to my left expecting to see Darcy but all I saw was a window with the Aston Villa training pitches through it.

I remember now. I must have fell asleep having watched the DVD of yesterday's game. I shook myself awake before I saw the TV still on above me with Sky Sports being played. I picked my notepad up off the floor before flicking back through my notes.

I saw around 5 pages of notes I had written down before I headed outside onto the balcony to see if the cold breeze of air could awaken me. After 5 minutes on the balcony, I felt awake now and headed back into my office before locking the balcony door up.

I then picked up my notepad and ejected the DVD from yesterday's 3-0 loss to Manchester City before placing it back in the case and heading out of the office. I closed the door behind myself before locking it.

I then headed down the 7 flights of stairs before leaving through the automatic doors at the front of reception. I then climbed into my car, which was safely parked in my very own parking space, before reversing.

I drove out of the Bodymoor Heath car park before driving the 2-minute drive back to my apartment. I parked in the flat car park before climbing the stairs to the 5th floor where I unlocked my front door and entered the apartment before shutting the door.

I flicked the light on in the living room and found Darcy sitting on the couch in her work clothes, her nurses outfit. Darcy had recently got a job as a nurse at the local hospital and I knew that she was due to have work in a couple of hours.

Darcy stood up upon seeing me enter the room. "Where have you been?" she demanded of me and I stared blankly at her. "I fell asleep at work. Things have just bene getting on top of me at the moment" I said.

Darcy then walked up to me and hugged me. She began to cry. "I thought something bad had happened to you" she said tearily. "I'm fine. I will always come home to you" I said. I then placed my hand on Darcy's baby bump before smiling at her.

"Listen. I've bene thinking about our relationship for a while now and I think it's time that me and you moved house. This apartment would be good enough for the baby and now we have somebody else to think about" I said.

"How can we afford it though?" Darcy asked me. "The club have said they can give me the money to be able to buy a new house" I said. "Ok then. Let's do it" Darcy said and I smiled at her as I thought this is just the beginning of our new lives together...
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Anxious August

After a Pre-Season in which we managed to brush aside the Villa U21's and Gil Vicente, we went into August with pressure on our shoulders. And that pressure seems to have got to the players with a mixed August. The players struggled in the first 2 games with struggling to score goals there, but afterwards we finally got ourselves going but failed to keep out the goals. This is how August panned out...


Premier League

Norwich 2 (Brady 16, Bamford 28) Aston Villa 0

Norwich side: Ruddy, Wisdom, Klose (Jarvis 67), Bassong, Olsson (Martin 57), Tettey, Dorrans, Redmond, Naismith, Brady, Mbokani (Bamford 11).

Villa side: Guzan, Richards, Clark, Khan (Lescott 76), Sanchez (Westwood 76), Bacuna, Richardson, Veretout, Agbonlahor, N'Zogbia, Gestede (Ayew 88).

Aston Villa 0 Manchester City 3 (Kolarov 32, Nasri 49, De Bruyne 75)

Villa side: Guzan, Hutton (Ayew 88), Lescott, Richards, Khan (Cissokho 76), N'Zogbia, Westwood (Sanchez 76), Richardson, Agbonlahor, Bacuna, Gestede.

Man.City side: Hart, Sagna, Demichellis, Otamendi, Kolarov (Clichy 76), Fernandinho (Fernando 76), Toure, Nasri, Sterling (Navas 81), De Bruyne, Aguero.


Aston Villa 2 (Gestede 37, Agbonlahor 52) Crystal Palace 2 (Sako 12, Adebayor 29)

Villa side: Bunn, Lescott, Richards, Khan, Hutton, Richardson, Sanchez (Cissokho 63), Bacuna, Veretout, Gestede (Sinclair 82), Agbonlahor.

Crystal Palace side: Hennessey, Ward, Hangeland, Delaney (Mariappa 71), Souare, Jedinak (Ledley 61), Cabaye, Bolasie (Zaha 66), Chung-Yong, Sako, Adebayor.


Liverpool 3 (Benteke 45+1 55, Skrtel 52) Aston Villa 1 (Gestede 27) (Bacuna S/0 90)

Liverpool side: Mignolet, Clyne, Skrtel, Sakho (Lovren 82), Moreno, Milner, Can, Lucas (Allen 51), Coutinho, Firmino (Lallana 77), Benteke.

Villa side: Guzan, Richards, Khan (Marshall 85), Lescott, Richardson, Grealish, Veretout, Sanchez (Bacuna 63), Sinclair, Gestede (Ayew 85), Agbonlahor.


Capital One Cup Second Round

Aston Villa 3 (Agbonlahor 29, Bacuna 45, Gil 54) Nottm Forest 1 (O'Grady 76)

Villa side: Bunn, Richards, Clark, Lescott, Cissokho, Veretout (Richardson 81), Sanchez, Gil, Grealish, Bacuna, Agbonlahor.

Nottm Forest side: De Vires, Lichaj, Hobbs, Mills, Pinilos, Mancienne, Vaughan, Mendes De Graca (Burke 45), Lansbury (Osborn 45), Ward, Blackstock (O'Grady 60).


League Table

Villa languish at the bottom of the Premier League after earning a solitary point at home to Crystal Palace. We are, however, only 1 point off of safety and I believe that if we can gain a few results through September, we can be back in the running of escaping relegation. We have also drawn Man. City away for the Capital One Cup Third Round.


Player Of The Month

Gabby Agbonlahor has delightfully earned the player of the month award for August at Aston Villa. Gabby had featured in all the games throughout August, and netted 2 goals while doing so. Agbonlahor will continue to be our main attacking outlet throughout the season, and hopefully he continues his good form.
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2nd September 2015

The transfer window was finally over, the month of August has ended and my first month of being a professional football manager has ended. I was happy at the way the team have been playing in the last 3 games against Crystal Palace, Nottm Forest and Liverpool. I was currently sat in my office, soaking up the late, summer sun as it flooded through the window.

I was watching Sky Sports on the TV above me as the reporters and pundits were summing up transfer deadline day and in their views where they feel teams could improve. I saw our segment come up and pundits agreed that we could do with an extra goalkeeper and some back-up defenders just to be on the safe side. I agreed with them as well but we had a slim budget.

I then heard a knock at my door and I shouted "COME IN". As I swivelled around in my chair, I saw the 24 year-old receptionist, Bethany, enter the room carrying a tray of biscuits, a sandwich and a cup of tea. She placed the tray down on my desk before standing up straight to face me.

I could see that Bethany had long, blonde that came down to her shoulders, was a tall person and had long, skinny legs that really did show off her beauty. "It's getting late, Mr. Drury, so I thought I would bring you some food up" Bethany said. "Thanks Bethany. And call me Liam" I replied.

Bethany sunk down into a nearby chair and tears began to roll down her cheeks. "Bethany. What's wrong?" I asked her as I stood up and guided her over to the sofa facing the wide window in my office. I sat Bethany down before I slumped down beside her on the sofa and handed her a box of tissues.

Bethany took out the nearest tissue and dryed her eyes as she began to sniffle her tears back as much as she could. "So, are you going to tell me what's wrong?" I asked Bethany as threw her tissue in a nearby bin. Bethany turned her head to look at me before she smiled and made herself more comfortable on the sofa.

"I found out last week that my boyfriend was cheating on me. I had a suspicion that he was cheating on me from the very start. I once saw him with another girl. He was hugging her. Then I saw them exchange numbers and he left without knowing I saw him. I saw him with the same girl, as well, going into a restaurant together in the city centre" Beth explained.

"So what happened next? How do u know they just weren't friends?" I asked Beth. She looked at me again and sighed. "Because one of my best friends saw him kissing another woman in public. She took a photo of them together and sent it to me. I confronted him and he laughed it off, saying they were both drunk" Beth explained again.

"I then caught him and the woman from the photo in bed together. In the act. He immediately tried to explain it was just one big mistake, but I told him to get out and to take his things with him. Anyway, how's your relationship?" Beth asked me. I stared at her. "It's ok. Darcy's expecting her baby in 2 months time and I'm looking forward to becoming a dad" I said.

"It's probably great being single for you isn't it?" I asked Darcy. Darcy pondered on my opinion for a minute. "No. It's not actually. Sometimes I wish I could just sleep with any man I wanted. I've even wanted to do it to some of the players at this club" Beth said. "And have you slept with any of the players at the club?" I asked Beth.

"No. Not yet anyways. I know some have been interested in me" Beth said. Beth leant forward from her seat before me and her locked gaze. Beth leant in for a kiss and caught me on the lips. She then backed away. "I'm so sorry" Beth said. "It's ok" I said before I leant in for a kiss. Me and Beth quickly unwrapped our clothes before getting dirty on the sofa...
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12th September 2015

I was sat in my office, with my suitcase next to me. Tomorrow, we were set to face Sunderland at Villa Park in what could be an important game come the end of the season. However, I wasn't going to the game because I was set to go on holiday with Beth.

That's right, BETH. The Aston Villa and Bodymoor Heath receptionist. I knew I shouldn't be doing what I am doing, but Beth was too stunning to keep my hands off her. The past few months had been tough for me and Darcy and me and her had been struggling to rekindle our love.

So, because I was feeling so lost in my life and because my relationship with Darcy has been slowly breaking down, I've basically been forced to turn toward Beth for comfort and for someone to talk to.

Beth then entered my office and smiled at me as she sat down on top of my desk. "Are you all ready to depart?" Beth asked me. I finished typing up an email to Reginald Ray, my assistant, who was currently taking training and I turned off my computer and the TV.

"Yeah. Are you ready?" I asked Beth as I stood up and grabbed my suitcase handle. "The car's all loaded up with my bags and we are ready to go when you are" I said. Me and Beth exited the office before I shut the door and we turned left and walked that way.

Me and Beth exited through the fire escape to make sure we weren't seen leaving together and I put my suitcase in Beth's car boot before climbing into the passenger seat. I strapped myself in with the seatbelt before Beth turned the key and reversed out of our parking space.

Beth drove out of the Bodymoor Heath car park before exiting onto the motorway. We then drove down to the edge of Sutton Coldfield where we turned down another road.

We pulled up to a cottage called Cold Fill Cottage before me and Beth stepped out of the car and into the gravel pit that surrounded the cottage as we had driven down to the front door. "Well, it looks nice" I said to Beth as I walked round to the back of the car.

"It would do for 1 day, babe. We're only here till tomorrow then we head back home" Beth said to herself and I smiled as I lifted the car boot up before pulling my suitcase from the car and then I lifted Beth's bags out as well.

I slammed the car boot shut before I wheeled the suitcase up to the front door and unlocked it. I held the door open for Beth to carry her bags in to the cottage with her before she placed them down by the stairs. I entered the cottage before closing the door.

"Well, it's certainly cosy" I said to Beth upon first sight inside the cottage. Beth nodded her head as she took a look at the kitchen. "Definitely" Beth said as she exited the kitchen and took a sneak peak at the cloakroom.

I then headed upstairs and immediately found the master bedroom. The place where me and Beth would be sleeping together tonight. I then searched through the other 2 bedrooms upstairs and I also decided to search the bathroom. I then headed downstairs where I found Beth cooking some eggs and bacon for tea.

Beth then laid out some eggs and bacon on a plate for me before I ate my food and me and Beth then spoke in the living room for ages before retiring to bed.

I took off my Villa training top and shorts to find myself all dressed in my boxers. I climbed into bed and lay there, before I heard Beth climb in next to me and I heard her quickly fall asleep.

I lay awake in bed, staring at the black ceiling. I then thought to myself what I was doing with Beth when I had a perfect woman and a kid on the way at home. I think it was time to end my short fling with Beth...
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20th October 2015

I was sat in my office, watching a DVD of Watford's recent loss to Manchester City on Saturday when one of the analysts, Mark, entered my office.

"Ah Mark. What do you want doing today?" I asked him cheerily as I paused the DVD. Mark sat down in the chair on the other side of my desk as I watched him intently.

"It's about the upcoming game against Watford. I have recently done some research on them independently and I feel a 4-4-1-1 formation would be most appropriate" Mark said.

I pondered this thought for a moment before I sat upright in my chair. "Why do you think that Mark?" I asked him.

"Well, Watford like to play with their CM's high up the pitch and if we have a CAM playing behind the striker, we can have the CAM drawing the defenders in, leaving space for the striker in behind" Mark said.

"Ok Mark. That's a fair point you make. Anything else you want to add?" I asked him.

"Well, I feel that we should also play with a fast tempo. If we play the ball along the ground quickly, then we have a chance of opening up Watford's defence" Mark said.

"Ok. Thanks for the guidance Mark. I will take your thoughts into account" I said before Mark stood up.

Mark then turned toward me and leaned toward me over the desk before whispering "I know you had an affair with Beth" Mark said before he left the room and closed the door.

I made sure Mark was out of sight before I quickly head downstairs to reception. I entered reception to see that Beth was the only person on reception today.

"Ah, Mr. Drury. Is everything ok?" Beth asked me. "Follow me" I demanded and I was happy to see Beth gleefully stand up and follow me.

I led Beth through a side-door into a corridor that was rarely used. I grabbed Beth by the wrists.

"I knew you wouldn't be able to keep your hands off me for long" Beth said playfully before I let go of her and stared at her with intent.

"The analyst, Mark, knows about our little fling together. That's all it ever was. A fling. And nothing will ever happen with us again" I said angrily.

Beth placed her hand on my chest before I wrenched her arm away and she placed it next to her side. "Why not? I thought you enjoyed our little fling" Beth said.

"I didn't. Alright. I was cheating on my pregnant girlfriend. Our baby is due next month and I don't need people like you ruining my chances of having a happy family" I said as anger poured out of me.

"I understand" Beth said before she walked back up to reception, leaving me alone in the corridor...
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Sour September/ Odd October

I have decided to post the September and October Review together because results were near enough identical in most games. The team are still struggling in the league with our troubles in keeping the goals out however we have put in some massive performances in the Capital One Cup with the team managing to overcome he massive challenge of topping Crystal Palace as well as Premier League powerhouse Manchester City. This is the story of how Aston Villa's September and October went...


Premier League

Aston Villa 1 (Pickford OG 64) Sunderland 0

Villa side: Guzan, Hutton, Richards, Clark(Lescott 62), Cissokho, Grealish, Veretout, Sanchez(Westwood 56), Sinclair(Gestede 56), Agbonlahor, Ayew.

Sunderland side: Pickford, Jones, O'Shea, Kone, Kaboul(Brown 68), Van Aanholt, Larsson, Cattermole(Rodwell 80), M'Vila, Khazri, Defoe(N'Doye 74).


Arsenal 2 (Koscielny 27, Sanchez 31) Aston Villa 1 (Sinclair 64)

Arsenal side: Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker(Gabriel 75), Koscielny, Gibbs, Coquelin(Elneny 65), Cazorla, Chamberlain(Campbell 70), Ozil, Sanchez, Giroud.

Villa side: Bunn, Westwood, Richards, Lescott, Richardson, N'Zogbia, Veretout(Hutton 65), Sanchez(Cissokho 77), Gil, Grealish(Gestede 85), Sinclair.


Aston Villa 2 (Cameron OG 20, Gil 90+1) Stoke 2 (Bojan 27, Wilson 52 pen)

Villa side: Bunn, Crespo, Marshall(Richards 67), Lescott, Amavi, Richardson, Westwood(Veretout 89), Traore(Gil 89), Sinclair, N'Zogbia, Gestede.

Stoke side: Butland, Johnson(Bardsley 66), Cameron, Wollscheid, Wilson, Arnautovic, Ireland, Imbula(Adam 61), Shaqiri, Bojan, Diouf(Joselu 72).


Chelsea 3 (Falcao 25 29, Terry 75) Aston Villa 0 (Marshall S/O 16)

Chelsea side: Courtois, Mayke, Zouma, Ter(Oliveira 69),Terry, Azpilicueta, Matic(Oscar 64), Fabregas(Ki Sung-Yeung 64), Willian, Pedro, Hazard, Falcao.

Villa side: Guzan, Crespo, Hutton, Marshall, Richardson, Traore, Sanchez, Bacuna, Grealish(Cissokho 77), Gestede(Ayew 77), Sinclair.


Aston Villa 1 (Gil 88) Swansea 2 (Gomis 26 62)

Villa side: Bunn, Crespo, Clark, Khan, Amavi, Westwood, Sanchez, Gestede(Gil 63), Richardson, Bacuna, Ayew.

Swansea side: Fabianski, Naughton, Amat, Williams(Bartley 71), Taylor, Cork, Britton, Ayew(Howson 63), Sigurdsson, Gomis, Paloschi(Emnes 71).


Watford 2 (Amrabat 16 pen, 39) Aston Villa 0

Watford side: Pantilimon, Valera, Prodl, Hoban, Holebas, Suarez, Behrami(Badu 67), Anya(Abdi 73), Jurado, Amrabat, Deeney(Ighalo 73).

Villa side: Bunn, Bacuna, Okore, Crespo, Amavi, Ayew, Gueye, Westwood, Cissokho, Agbonlahor, N'Zogbia.


Aston Villa 0 Manchester United 1 (Depay 3)

Villa side: Guzan, Westwood, Lescott, Clark, Crespo, N'Zogbia(Sinclair 85), Sanchez(Gueye 68), Veretout, Agbonlahor, Ayew, Gestede(Traore 85).

Manchester United side: De Gea, Valencia, Smalling, Rojo, Blind(Jones 68), Herrera, Schweinstieger, Young, Mata(Calhanoglu 56), Depay, Rooney(Martial 61).

Capital One Cup Third Round

Manchester City 1 (Aguero 80) Aston Villa 2 (Marshall 50, Grealish 55)

Manchester City side: Caballero, Zabaleta, Kompany (Demichellis 68), Mangala, Clichy, Fernando, Silva, Navas(Iheanacho 45), Nasri, De Bruyne(Garcia 74), Aguero.

Villa side: Bunn, Crespo(Richards 83), Hutton, Marshall, Lescott, Traore, Thomson, Westwood, Amavi, Grealish, Sinclair.


Capital One Cup Fourth Round

Aston Villa 2 (Richardson 81, Gueye 90+2) Crystal Palace 1 (Zaha 88)
Villa side: Hoad, Richards, Khan, Clark(Okore 84), Lescott, Richardson, Gueye, Gil(N'Zogbia 84), Grealish, Bacuna, Ayew.

Crystal Palace: McCarthy, Ward, Mariappa, Hangeland, Souare, Ledley, Cabaye(Jedinak 61), Zaha, Lee Chung-Yong, Sako(Puncheon 61), Wickham(Adebayor 45).


[size=15]League Table

Aston Villa are currently languishing at the bottom of the Premier League table but still have every chance of escaping relegation. We are also through to the Cup quarter final.


Player Of The Month

My Player Of The Month is deservedly Carles Gil who has come into this Villa side and blown other teams away with his directful running, silky passing and having a knack of scoring goals.
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25th November 2015

I entered my office from the balcony. I had been soaking up the cold air which breezed across my face in the few minutes I had taken outside before sitting back down behind my desk. I swivelled around in my chair to face the computer screen before I hit play on the screen.

I watched around 5 minutes of the 2-1 loss to Everton 2 days ago. My assistant, Reginald Ray, then strolled into the office before settling into the chair behind his desk. "Morning boss. How are you today?" Reginald asked me.

"I'm good Reginald. How are you?" I asked him. "I'm not feeling the best boss. I just want us to put an end to this poor form" Reginald said to me. "I agree entirely. It's something we need to work on and address in training" I said.

Reginald nodded his head before turning away from me and searching through some paperwork on his desk. After around 2 minutes of searching, Reginald found what he was looking for before standing up and handing me the piece of paper.

"What's this?" I asked him. Reginald sat back down before addressing me. "It is the training schedule for the rest of the week. I feel that a need has to be on us practicing real match situations with the boys" Reginald said.

I nodded my head at Reginald's situation. "I agree. Let's try it today in training and see how it manages to work out" I said before my phone rang on the desk. I didn't recognise the number but still answered anyway.

"Hello" I spoke. "Hello. Is this Liam Drury?" a woman asked me. "Yes" I replied. "That's good. I am a nurse at Birmingham Hospital and we have to inform you that your partner has just turned up and is going into labour" the nurse said. "I'rr be right there" I replied.

I placed my mobile phone in my pocket before standing up and throwing my coat around my shoulders. "I've got to go Reginald. My daughter's gone into labour. Are you alright to take training?" I asked me as I picked the car keys up from my desk.

"Of course. Now get to that hospital" Reginald said and I sprinted out of the office door before racing down 6 flights of stairs and out into the car park. I unlocked the car door as I ran before jumping in and immediately driving out of the Bodymoor Heath car park.

I sped through the quiet morning roads as I drove my way toward the Birmingham Hospital before arriving at the Hospital where I parked my car before leaping out and locking the car behind me. I sprinted into the Hospital before the receptionist pointed me toward the maternity ward.

I ran into a nearby lift before heading up toward the 3rd floor where I eventually sped out toward the maternity ward.

I quickly asked the receptionist where Darcy Brussel was being kept and I was being pointed toward room 5. I ran into room 5 before hearing Darcy's screams at the top of her voice.

"I'm here for you. It's ok. I'm here" I said to her as I tried to calm her down. "I can see the head" the nurse at the end of the bed said. I grabbed both of Darcy's hands before soothing her with the palm of my hand on the top of her head. "One big push" the nurse said. Darcy gave one last big push before Darcy screamed with joy.

The nurse sighed with relief as she held our new child in her arms. "It's a girl" she said and Darcy sunk back into her pillows as sweat poured down her face. I kissed Darcy on the forehead as the nurse wiped the blood off my child.

"I'm so proud of you" I said to Darcy and she kissed me on the lips before smiling weakly. The nurse then moved away from the table at the other side of the room before handing her over to Darcy. "What's a good name for her?" I asked Darcy. "How about Holly?" Darcy replied. "That works for me" I said joyfully as me and Darcy cooed over our new baby girl, Holly...
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Normal November

I am now in some doubt as to why I left Weston and took over this really average Aston Villa side, but I'm the type of manager who will always stick with a team unless I get a chance to go somewhere better or get myself sacked. I can safely say that November was hard on us, with us losing games that we didn't deserve to lose and earning one lone solitary point against Midland Derby Rivals West Brom.


Premier League

West Brom 1 (Berahino 71) Aston Villa (Sinclair 45+1)

West Brom side: Myhill, Dawson (Chester 70), Olsson, Evans, Pocognoli, Morrison (Sandro 65), Yacob, Fletcher (Pritchard 65), Brunt, Rondon, Berahino.

Villa side: Guzan, Hutton, Coates, Richards, Khan, Agbonlahor, Bacuna (Gueye 72), Richardson, Sinclair, Ayew, N'Zogbia.


Aston Villa 1 (Ayew 56) Everton 2 (Mirallas 2, McCarthy 15)

Villa side: Bunn, Crespo, Hutton, Okore, Clark, Sanchez (Gueye 56), Veretout, Ayew (Traore 560, Grealish, Gestede (Agbonlahor 86), N'Zogbia.

Everton side: Howard, Coleman, Stones, Jagielka, Baines, McCarthy, Gibson (Barry 61), Lennon (Deulofeu 77), Barkley, Mirallas, Lukaku.


Newcastle 3 (Wijnaldum 4, Doumbia 24 54) Aston Villa 1 (Sinclair 12)

Newcastle side: Krul, Janmaat (Anita 72), Mbemba (Lascelles 72), Colccini, Colback, Townsend, Saivet (De Jong 67), Tiote, Wijnaldum, Perez, Doumbia.

Villa side: Guzan, Bacuna, Crespo, Lescott, Khan, Traore, Gueye, Veretout, Sinclair, Agbonlahor, Ayew.


League Table

Villa currently sit in 20th of the Premier League table. Villa have been struggling for points recently and although we have been banging the goals in, we have been struggling to keep them out for the whole season so far. However, I feel that we have a strong chance of stopping our slide as we head into December.


Player Of The Month-Scott Sinclair

Sinclair deserves the Player Of The Month for November after his recent performances, mainly on the Villa left wing, during this month. Sinclair has managed to bag himself two goals during November and the opposition defenders have been aware of his threat so far this season but this month has been known for the month where Sinclair explodes onto the club scene and hopefully he can help pull us through December.

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