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Liam Drury: Return To The Top

A young footballer's career is blighted by injury early on. As he turns to management, is he able to return to the top or will he crash and burn like before?
Started on 23 February 2016 by LiamDrury8
Latest Reply on 10 June 2016 by LiamDrury8
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not the best pre-season, but that win at the very end will give you some momentum; good luck mate!
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Infra-Thanks mate and IVe already played August and I can safely say it was a decent month. Shame I missed out on SOTM.
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Sorry I ain't uploaded guys but my internets been down at him and its been quite busy at work so hopefully the next update will be some time tonight. Thanks to everyone who's been following the story and remaining patient.

. Liam Drury
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8 yearsEdited
August has been a relatively good month in my opinion, especially regarding the league and all. I've got the team playing some sweet possession football and they really have impressed me with it. Yes, the drop down from Aston Villa to South Shields has been a tough one to take but Weston really did prepare me heavily for that and I owe everything to that club. I believe August has set this team up nicely and this is how August went:


[size=15](Northern Divison 1)6.8.2017-South Shields 2(Ironside 62, Emson 72) Consett 0 [/size=15]

Shields:Graham, Libuird, Hohn, Robson(Draper 63), McCann, Feasey(Bowskin 73), Wilkins, Osborne, Ironside, Emson, Henderson.

Consett:Price, Mills, Varga, Jenkinson, Brown, Crofts, Wood(Maknillos 67), Rudd, Gray(Kelleher 72), Anorou, Mackay(Guerin-Lokonga 45).


[size=15](Northern Divison 1)9.8.2017-Ashington 3(Moore 69, Bolder 79,Johnson 81)
South Shields 3(Emson 28, Green 40, Henderson 88)

Ashington:Graham, Atkin, Burgoyne, Taylor(Ure 62), Gilleat, Bolder, Williamson, Broufort(Moore 56), Moore, Harris(Reid 45),Johnson.

Shields:Greenwood, Bowskin, Robson, Draper, McCann, Feasey, Wilkins(Osborne 70), Green, Ironside, Henderson, Emson.


[size=15](FA Cup Extra Pre. Round)12.8.2017-South Shields 0 Northampton Spencer 0 [/size=15]

Shields:Graham, Libuird, Bowskin, Draper, McCann, Feasey, Robson, Wilkins (Osborne 90),Ironside, Henderson, Emson.

Northampton Spencer:Flinders, Bolger, Edwards, Wood, Sanders(Brewer 62), Noble, Robbins, Slawson(Forster 56), Prosser(Doran 68), Charles, Purkiss.


[size=15](FA Cup Extra Pre. Round Replay)15.8.2017-Northampton Spencer 1(Forster 39)
South Shields 2 (Emson 48, 50)

Northampton Spencer:Flinders, Bolger(Brewer 61), Edwards, Wood, Sanders, Noble, Robbins, Forster, Slawson, Charles(Jhodu 49), Purkiss(Ball 56).

Shields:Graham, Libuird, Bowskin, Robson, Hohn, Wilkins, Draper, Green, Ironside, Durham, Emson.


[size=15](Northern Divison 1)20.8.2017-South Shields 0 Bedlington 0 [/size=15]

Shields:Graham, Libuird, Bowskin, Draper, Hohn, Feasey, Robson(Green 84), Wilkins, Durham, Emson, Ironside.

Bedlington:Broxup, Bell(Robinson 61), Nellis, Ramsey(Assenso 67), Yilmaz, Brindley, Firth, Dawson, Farrington(Butterfield 51), Walton, Sharpe.


[size=15](Northern Divison 1)23.8.2017-Penrith 2(McIntosh 28,Magtoto 78) South Shields 2(Ironside 32, Henderson 55) [/size=15]

Penrith:Newton, Waterston, Gray(Moffatt 61), Mortimer, Edgley, Magtoto, Savage, Hall, Blackwood(Dawes 61), McGowan(Saxton 56), McIntosh.

Shields:Graham, Libuird, Draper(Bowskin 87), Robson, Hohn, Durham, Osborne, Green, Feasey, Henderson, Ironside.


[size=15](FA Cup Prelim. Round)26.8.2017-Seaham 0(Forecast S/O 54) South Shields 0 [/size=15]

Seaham:Richardson, Morris(Oliver 45), Aziakonou, Forecast, Dudley, Donaghey, Sterling, Coo, Odour(Marrison 45), Steele, Chilaka.

Shields:Greenwood, Libuird, Hohn, Robson, Draper, Wilkins, Green, Osborne(Sawko 80), Feasey, Durham(Emson 80), Henderson.


[size=15](FA Cup Premlim. Round Replay)29.8.2017-South Shields 0 Seaham 1(Aziakonou 83)

Shields:Graham, Libuird, Robson, Hohn(Draper 85), McCann, Wilkins, Osborne, Green, Ironside, Feasey(Sawko 85), Henderson.

Seaham:Richardson, Morris, Aziakonou, Clarke, Dudley, Donaghey(Marrison 56), Oliver, Coo(Peal 62), Odour, Steele, Chilaka(Robinson 45).


League Table[/size=15]

I am pleasantly happy with how we are sitting pretty in 9th after the first month, which consisted of 4 games. We are at the minute 4 points from the top where West Auckland sit, but that is our next game so it's our chance to pull 1 point away from them.


Player Of The Month-Nathan Emson[/size=15]

Nathan has been our best player of the month in my opinion. He has banged in 4 goals in all competitions and half of his goals got us into the FA Cup Prelim. Round. Emson and Henderson have formed a formidable partnership up front and hopefully Emson can continue his fine goalscoring form into the autumn.
Great month
Slight coding issue there mate, but great update regardless.
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This was a very difficult month and it was one we were able to capitulate in. We didn't even
win a game in this month and for me as a football manager, that was deeply upsetting and it
made me angry at the same time. It was a month that we could have done well in based on August,
but it instead turned out to be a month that we couldn't even do well in. We are nowhere near
the team we were a month ago and I need to change it. This is how September went:


(Northern D1)5.9.2017-South Shields 1(Henderson 59) West Auckland 3(Laidler 13,
Richardson 66, Smith 83)

Shields:Graham, Liburd, Hohn(Draper 71), Bowskin, McCann, Durham, Osborne, Wilkins(Robson 71),
Ironside, Emson, Henderson.

Auckland:Nixon, Barker, Bellamy(Marron 65), Wilkinson, Dodd, Lacey, McMillan(Davies 84),Smith
(Warrender 84), Richardson, Saeed, Laidler.


(Northern D1)9.9.2017-Newcastle Benfield 2(Panzavolla 39, Eustance 43) South
Shields 0(Draper S/O 33)

Benfield:Pearson, Henderson, Wilkinson, Madidilani, Scott(Watson 67), Burrell, Devanney, Briggs,
Eustance(Dieyte 83), Panzavolla(Carr 77), Halvorsen.

Shields:Graham, Bowskin, Liburd, Robson, McCann, Durham(Ironside 78), Draper, Osborne(Sawko 78),
Davies(Green 78), Emson, Henderson.


(Northern D1)17.9.2017-South Shields 0 Shildon 2(Connor 32, Robson OG 87).

Shields:Graham, Liburd, Hohn(Laidler 73), Bowskin, McCann, Robson, Green, Osborne, Ironside
(Durham 73), Davies, Henderson(Emson 88).

Shildon:Nicklin, Nelson, Goods, Wood, Trodd(White 63), Nowakowski, Hodgson(King 78), Ward,
Curran(Carole 57), Daniels, Connor.


(Northern D1)20.9.2017-Seaham 1(Sharvin 43) South Shields 0

Seaham:Richardson, Morris, Aziakonou(Edridge 57), Clarke, Dudley, Donaghey(Oliver 51), Sterling
(Emms 45), Davies, Odour, Steele, Sharvin.

Shields:Graham, Bowskin, Hohn, Liburd, Draper, Robson, Aspinall, Osborne(Green 87), Ironside
(O'Brien 87), Durham, Henderson(Emson 87).


(Northern D1)24.9.2017-Sunderland RCA(Gillam 6, Allen 76) South Shields 0

RCA:Smith, Noble, Duxbury, Evans, McManus, Price, Roscoe(Wade 57), Cooney(Filton 62), Allen,
Gillam(Randell 62), Crosdale.

Shields:Greenwood, Bowskin, Robson(Draper 80), Liburd, O'Brien, Hohn, Green(Aspinall 80),
Osborne, Ironside(Sawko 80), Durham, Emson.


(FA Vase 2nd Qual. Round)30.9.2017-Ashington 2(Shillto 51,79) South Shields 0

Ashington:Graham, Bruce, Burgoyne, Atkin, Moore(Taylor 45), Bolder, Blandford(Williamson 73),
Reid, Shillto, Ince, Moore(Johnson 78).

Shields:Greenwood, Liburd, Draper, Bowskin(Hohn 65), O'Brien, Ironside, Green(Osborne 80),
Aspinall(Robson 65), Durham, Emson, Henderson.


League Table
We sit 20th in the league table, which is the relegation zone in this league. I, of course,
have memories of managing a team in relegation team and I really don't want Shields to go the
same way. We are -2 goal difference away from climbing back out but I don't intend to stay
in the relegation zone so the sooner we are out, the better.


[size=15]Player Of The Month-Jordan Henderson

We only managed to net 1 goal this month in 6 games and that is dismal for this level of footy
we are playing. I expect to see more from my strikers and when I do, it's going to be a real
race for places. Jordan has clearly been trying his hardest since I joined through his effort
in training and this is only going to get him more starts in the future.[/size]
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After this month, I am starting to warm to the idea of taking South Shields to a new possibility of league football. Yes, we continue to lose games that we struggle to perform in but this season, we have been playing some slick passing football along the ground and this leads to chances. I am confident of our chances in the Mileson Memorial League Cup after scraping through the 2nd round this month. This is how October panned out:



(Mileson Memorial League Cup)3.10.2017-Whickham 0 South Shields 1(Liburd 116)

Whickham:McDermott, Barrett(Rush 63), Armstrong, McDonald, Rose, Barrett, Buckley, Afful, Hall, Higdon(Wyke 51)(Harris 56), Parkes.

Shields:Greenwood, Bowskin, Draper, Hohn, O'Brien, Ironside, Robson, Osborne, Durham, Liburd, Emson.


(Northern D1)7.10.2017-South Shields 1(Emson 68, Durham S/O 15) Marske 1(Home-Jackson 5)

Shields:Greenwood, Liburd, Draper, Bowskin, O'Brien, Ironside, Green(Aspinall 72), Robson(Osborne 72), Durham, Henderson, Emson.

Marske:Seery, Stephenson(Coulson 45)(Burns 56), Bolt, Thornton, Hollingsworth, Green, Grant, Mason, Donelly(Slater 51), Lane, Home-Jackson.


(Northern D1)14.10.2017-West Allotment 0 South Shields 1(Osborne 8)

Allotment:Alfolabi, Hare, Guest, Hunter, Lafferty, Dale, Gillead(Lee-Walker 68), Ferguson, Coulson(Crockett 75), Cash, Lyon(Fenton 52).

Shields:Greenwood, Liburd, Hohn, Robson, McCann, Draper, Aspinall(Green 80), Osborne, O'Brien, Sawko, Ironside.


(Northern D1)21.10.2017-Whitley Bay 3(Youhill 21, Kerr 23-67) South Shields 1(Emson 87)

Whitley:Fish, Wilson, Seward, Hopkins, Evans, Clement, Tait, Norris(Kerr 45)(Thompson 61), Youhill(Duncan 73), Peacock, Kerr.

Shields:Greenwood, Liburd(Bowskin 90), Robson, Draper, McCann, Hohn, Osborne, Green(Aspinall 73), O'Brien(Ironside 90), Sawko, Emson.


(Northern D1)29.10.2017-South Shields 1(Henderson 10) Dunston(Lyn 25, Armstrong 78)

Shields:Greenwood, Bowskin, Hohn(Draper 74), Liburd, Miller, O'Brien, Aspinall, Robson(Green 74), Feasey, Henderson, Emson.

Dunston:Cook, Barnes, Coulson(Barrow 79), Smith, Lowe, Smith, McDermott, Shaw(Armstrong 75), Lyn, Bradbury, Thomas(Wharton 58), Kelly.


League Table

At the end of October, we sit 19th, which is one spot above the relegation zone, with 1 point
away from the drop zone. I am proud of the team's efforts during this tricky month, but now we
have started to build some momentum and I intend to make this last for as long as possible. If
the team keep plugging away during games, the results will come and we can slowly continue our rise.


u]Player Of The Month-Nathan Emson/size]

My two main strikers, Nathan Emson and Jordan Henderson, continue their ongoing battle to be the best striker in my team, with Emson pulling level on POTM awards this season with Henderson with 2 awards each. Emson achieved 2 goals and 1 assist during the month and hopefully he carries his form through to November so we can push on and score more goals and hopefully win more games.
Tricky month there mate, but you just need a few points to push yourself away from any relegation battle!
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I'm begining to realise that South Shields is becoming a massive struggle and we are struggling to escape the drop. I don't know what's going to happen if I did end up getting sacked, because I have no back-up plan prepared if I do get my P45. I presume I would be allowed back at Weston, but the boat may have already sunk due to me leaving them for jobs when I've been there twice before. This is how November's panned out:



(Northern D1)1.11.2017-South Shields 1(Henderson 81) Washington 0(Mass S/O 55)

Shields:Greenwood, Liburd, Bowskin, Robson, Miller, Durham, Green, Aspinall, Feasey, Emson, Henderson.

Washington:Dixon, Roberts, Hadfield, Cunningham, Mason, Mercer, Lowther, Briggs(Coghian 66), Thompson(Henderson 55), Ingham(Price 60), Pond.


(Northern D1)11.11.2017-Newton Aycliffe 2(Kingston 3, Young 56) South Shields 0

Newton:Mooney, Hurley, Hickman, Benn, Young(Taylor 56), Gardiner, Durham, Robinson(Potts 62), Whyte(Langthorne 45), Kingston, Wroot.

Shields: Greenwood, Bowskin, Liburd, Draper, Miller, Aspinall, Osborne, Robson, Feasey, Durham, Ironside.


(Northern D1)18.11.2017-North Shields 2(Waddecar 8, Whitham 48) South Shields 1(Durham 39)

North Shields:Otte, Richardson, Semple, Thistlewaithe(Suddock 60), Corregan, Waddecar(Roberts 66), Whitham, Cotter, Osmord(Barlow 54), Mason, McGorrigan.

South Shields:Greenwood, Bowskin, Draper, Liburd(Hohn 86), O'Brien, Aspinall, Osborne, Miller, Ironside, Durham(Feasey 86), Henderson(Emson 86).


(Northern D1)21.11.2017-South Shields 4(McCann 20, Ironside 32, Feasey 43, Durham 45+1) Morpeth(Townsend 10)

Shields:Greenwood, Liburd, Draper, Hohn, McCann, Feasey, Aspinall, Osborne(Miller 85), Durham, Henderson, Ironside.

Morpeth:Maher, Salmon, Skelton, Saxton(Wallace 65), Lancaster, Winter, Carr(Dixon 67), Wood, Graydon(Mellor 51), Townsend, Smith.


(Mileson Memorial League Cup Third Round)28.11.2017-Morpeth 0 (PSO scored: Townsend, Venios, Carr) South Shields 0 (PSO missed Emson, Draper, Bowskin)

Morpeth:Harrison, Wallace, Saxton(Winter 72), McIntosh, Barlow, Carr, Mellor(Skelton 61), Graydon, Venios, Townsend, Ilesanmi(Smith 67).

Shields:Greenwood, Bowskin, Draper, Liburd, McCann, O'Brien, Aspinall(Osborne 79), Miller, Durham, Emson, Henderson(Ironside 79).


League Table

Out of 18 games this season, we currently sit 19th in the league with 16 points and we sit 2 points outside the relegation zone. I believe that my job is really on the line now after how this month has gone and how we sit in the table I really want somebody to try and turn around this poor form from Shields and I feel that if I dont do it by the end ofJanuary, then I may not be in my job for much longer and the board may look toward someone else.


Player Of The Month-Brad Aspinall

This player really has been one of the shining spark this month apart from the likes of Luke Durham and Jordan Henderson. Brad has managed to achieve 3 assists during this month, all against Morpeth in that 4-1 win and hopefully he carries his form through to December.
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Future Shield:Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson has fought through the youth academy at South Shields to get his chance within the first team for the Geordie-based side this season and Jordan is looking like a bright spark.

Henderson has managed to appear in 46 games for South Shields during his short career and has managed to bag 7 goals competitively since he broke through into the team at just the tender age of 15.

Manager Liam Drury appears to be a big fan of the striker, with Drury recently speaking out about Jordan's movement off the ball being impressive, with him also having decent finishing and that in 5-7 years time, Henderson may well be a 20-goal striker somewhere.

This season, Henderson has made 21 first team appearances at The Kingsley Park Stadium. The 17 year-old, who stands at 6'1", is only used as a striker primarily but Drury has recently stated that he may try and drop Henderson down into a CAM position to enable his development.

Henderson is not the only youngster at the club who has managed to break through under newly appointed manager Liam Drury, with such players like Mark Osborne, Liam Greenwood and recent signing Max Brown all developing a name under him. Only time will tell though if Henderson can become a South Shields legend.
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So, we are finally at the end of 2017. It's been a long and hard year for me, what with this new job and all but I managed to pull through it, even if it did make me age a couple of years by the end of it. Here's how December panned out:



(Northern D1)2.12.2017-Thornby 4(Davidson 13 16, Furness 24, Robinson 40) South Shields 0

Thornby:Hornby, Spooner(McGuane 73), Wilkinson, Robinson, Gibson, Furness, Shaw(Hogan 67), Boshell, Capper, Davidson, Forbes-Swindells(Turnbull 62).

Shields:Greenwood, Liburd, Draper(Hohn 87), Bowskin, McCann, Sawko, Aspinall(Osborne 87), Miller, Ironside, Feasey, Emson(Henderson 87).


(Northern D1)5.12.2017-South Shields 0(Miller S/O 60) Bishop Auckland 2(Elliot pen 14,61)

Shields:Greenwood, Liburd(Bowskin 74), Hohn, Robson, McCann(Feasey 74), Osborne, Aspinall, Miller, O'Brien(Ironside 74), Durham, Henderson.

Auckland:Johnson, Greasley, Dickson, Coulson(Hopper 74), Jefferson, Lynam, Hotchkiss, Giraud Hutchinson, Elliot, Musakwe(Hardy 77), Gallacher(Fofana 71).


(Northern D1)12.12.2017-South Shields 0 Norton & Stockton Ancients 5(Williamson 2 15 59, Evans 52, Harrison pen 78)

Shields:Kimberley, Liburd, Robson(Hohn 80), Bowskin, McCann, Aspinall, Osborne, Draper, Durham(Ironside 80), Feasey, Henderson.

Ancients:Knight, Harrison, Reynolds(Cotterill 60), Clarke, Williams, Taylor, Gardner(Seaton 71), Pond, Green(Windle 71), Evans, Williamson.


(Northern D1)16.12.2017-Consett 4(Gray 32, Jenkinson 54, Guerin-Lokonga 59 84) South Shields 1(Henderson 28)

Consett:Price, Mills, Jenkinson, Varga, Brown, Crofts, Turnball, Rudd, Gray(Wood 65), Anarou(Makrillos 71), Murray-Jones(Guerin-Lokonga 45).

Shields:Greenwood, Liburd, Draper(Hohn 84), Bowskin, McCann, Feasey(O'Brien 84), Robson(Aspinall 84), Osborne, Newton, Ironside, Henderson.


(Northern D1)23.12.2017-Northallerton 1(Gray 68) South Shields 2(Brown 52, Liburd 64)

Northallerton:Calvert, Gascoigne, Sampson, Holland, Deagle, Wondolowski(Jennings 74), Rokka, Campbell(Teraud), Wilson(Ferguson 85), Wilkinson, Gray.

Shields:Greenwood, Bowskin, Draper, Robson, McCann, Feasey, Aspinall, Osborne, O'Brien, Liburd, Brown(Ironside 66).


size=15](Northern D1)26.12.2017-South Shields 0 Ashington 1(Harris 65) [/size]

Shields:Greenwood, Bowskin, Hohn, Cooke, McCann, Feasey, Osborne(Miller 50), Aspinall, O'Brien, Brown(Ironside 79), Henderson.

Ashington:Graham, Atkin, Ure, Burgoyne(Reid 56), Downes(Bruce 56), Bolder, Blandford, Williamson, Moore, Moore(Harris 50), Johnson.


(Northern D1)30.12.2017-Bedlington 0(Firth S/O 85) South Shields 1(Robson 86)

Bedlington:Malone, Bell(Parkes 45), Nellis, Ramsey, Yilmaz, Brindley(Tait 57), Sweet(Towey 57), Firth, Goldman, Walton, Sharpe.

Shields:Greenwood, Bowskin, Cooke(Hohn 86), Draper, McCann, O'Brien, Robson, Miller, Feasey, Ironside(Henderson 31), Emson.


League Table

Things just aren't going our way at the moment and its really starting to annoy me. We can never get a run of form going, which is seriously hindering our progress up the table. We currently sit in 19th, 1 spot above the relegation zone, with 22 points achieved, which is twice as manay as which bottom placed, Northallerton, have achieved in the same amount of games. One thing is becoming clear to me, and that is Northallerton are most certainly going to be going down if they don't turn around their run of form soon. But on first thought, I need to get the boys to win some consecutive games to have a chance of staying up.


Player Of The Month-Nathan Liburd

Nathan has impressed me hugely this month. Nathan has consistently improved this month, and despite him primarily being a right-back or a centre-back at the start of my plans when I originally joined back in the summer, I have recently seen Nathan's ability to be able to play up top with a partner during training. So, during this month, I decided to give Nathan his 2nd chance up top, and he impressed me there yet again by grabbing a goal and an assist against Northallerton. Liburd impressed me this month with his link-up play, finishing ability and his defensive qualities. I think he deserves another chance up top!
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I have decided to take drastic action in attempting to wrestle against my team's poor form this season by bringing in 3 new players to the South Shields training ground, but unfortanately 2 players have departed from the side at our expense.

Steve Howsonwas the first player to join the Geordie side from Seaham this January. The central defender made 9 appearances for his old side, Seaham, this season before linking up with me at South Shields this season. I believe Howson has what it takes in defence to save us.


Craig Laightalso followed his defensive partner Howson from Seaham to South Shields this January. I consider Laight to be something of a coup for this club, with the defender having made 25 appearances for Seaham this season, while chalking up 5 goals and 3 assists from defence.


I then managed to pick up goalkeeper Gareth Rees from Cammell Laird. Laird has been able to make 4 appearances for his former side this season, while letting in 3 goals over those games. And for a keeper at his level, that is a pretty impressive stat!


From the departing side of view at the club, I have let two talented wingers go. The first was Danny O'Brien who I had decided to leave on a free. The next player to depart was Todd Sawko who left for Chaddertown, after appearing for Shields 7 times this campaign.
Deleted's avatar Deleted

So this month, to the contrary, has been a very poor one by all accounts. Yes, we only played 4 games, which is probably the least amount we have played in a single month all season, but somehow we managed to lose them all, which has made me a bitter and angry man, which Darcy does not like about me. Here is how the first month of 2018 managed to go:



(Northern D1)9.1.2018-South Shields 0 Penrith 3(McGowan 23, Heywood 51, Joyce 88)

Shields:Kimberley, Bowskin, Howson, Draper(Hohn 58), McCann, Aspinall, Millar, Robson, Brown(Ironside 90), Feasey, Emson.

Penrith:Newton, Heywood, Mortimer(Boardman 70), Stennett, Edgley, Waterston(Saxton 82), McMurdo, Hall(Joyce 87), Blackwood, McGowan, McIntosh.


(Northern D1)13.1.2018-West Auckland 1(McKenna 62) South Shields 0

Auckland:Nixon, Barker, Bellamy, Dennis, Dood, Lacey, Smith(Richardson 45), Davies, McKenna, Saeed(McMillan 45), Lavery(Morris 45).

Shields:Rees, Bowskin, Laight, Hohn(Howson 78), McCann, Aspinall, Draper, Millar(Robson 78), Ironside, Durham(Henderson 78), Emson.


(Northern D1)20.1.2018-South Shields 1(Millar 12) Newcastle Benfield 2(Eustace 10,90+2)

Shields:Rees, Bowskin, Draper, Howson, McCann, Aspinall, Osborne, Millar, Feasey, Durham, Brown(Henderson 38).

Benfield:Pearson, Henderton(Penzavolta 57), Carr, Middleton(Slaughter 73), Watson, Wolfenden, Devanney, Scott, Baker(Cocks 57), Eustance, Hatvorsen.


(Northern D1)31.1.2018-Shildon 3(Hohn O/G 10, Shaw 52, Curran 83) South Shields 0

Shildon:Russell, McLaren, Gooda, White, Trodd, Stockdill(Nowakowski 66), Tetteh, Hodgson(Thewlis 72), Curran, Daniels, Shaw(Connor 72).

Shields:Greenwood, Draper, Hohn, Howson, McCann, Feasey, Millar, Aspinall, Durham, Ironside, Henderson.


League Table

South Shields currently sit 19th in the table (again!) after struggling for form over the winter period. We are 1 point above the drop zone, and I feel that it is time to instill some fear into my players and aggression into my players if we have any chance of staying up. There are 14 games of the season left, and everything is to play for so hold on to your hats!


Player Of The Month-Christian Millar/size]

I have decided to pick Christian out as my one shining light throughout January due to the fact he managed to grab our only goal in the 4 games we played. I was also impressed with the way that my central midfielder was able to step up during the month and really take control of proceedings in the middle of the park.
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14th February 2018

It was a cold, wintery Wednesday morning in Weston-Super-Mare. The schools were on their half- term breaks and I had decided to take a few days out from my job by driving down to Weston with Darcy and Holly to see all the people I wanted to see. I had arranged for Darcy and Holly to go and see Darcy's mum for a few hours so I could sneak away and help Matt out with Weston's development day. I pulled up outside Weston's ground, The Woodspring Stadium, before kissing Darcy on the lips. "Bye love. See you later" Darcy said before she hopped out of the car with Holly and walked up the road.

I sat in the car with the heater on before I suddenly saw Matt walking across the carpark. I jumped out of the car with glee. "Oi. Matt" I shouted before Matt turned and looked at me. I saw Matt smiling before walking toward me. "What are you doing here?" Matt asked me. "I thought I would come and help with the Development Day" I said. Matt nodded his head. "You best follow me then" Matt said and I followed Matt out to the training pitch changing rooms. There, I was greeted by the players I used to coach and I smiled as they all welcomed me back to Weston.

"Follow me boys" Matt said and the boys all trudged out after Matt onto the training pitch. I jogged out behind them as the boys all did their warm-up and stretches. Me and Matt were stood by the bag of footballs. As the boys stretched their muscles, I rolled the balls out next to each cone before calling the boys back in. I explained to the team that they had to line up in 3 equal rows. The man on the first cone would pass the ball to the man on the 2nd cone, who would then pass it back before the man on the 1st cone would hit a long ball toward the man on the 3rd cone.

Me and Matt watched the boys attempt this countless times and I was certainly impresses with how Aidan and Jake were doing. Then, I took the strikers and goalkeepers aside for us to shoot into the big goals. I showed the lads that a player had to have the ball on the wing before playing it into a player 30 yards from goal. The central player would then pass the ball back to the winger, who would inadvertently whip the ball into the box for the defenders to defend and the attackers to attack.

I decided to join in and help the attackers out. Josh had the ball on the wing before passing in toward Finlay. Finaly played the ball back out before Josh whipped in a lethal left-footed cross. I raced to the back post with Callum before powering a header back across goal. James went up for the header and won it but it was easy enough for Tom to hold in goal. "Let's go again" I said. The same exchange happened outside the box and this time the ball was pumped into the mixer. I challenged Dan for the ball but was taken out in the air and Tom could gather easily.

Me and the U15's continued to practice our crossing situations until Matt called us all back in to him. Me and the boys then laid out a mini 7-a-side pitch for us to play on and we divided up into 4 teams. I was put on a team with Owen, Callum, Matthew, Ethan, Ben and Michael. Being the former footballer I was, I decided to partner Michael up front. I was impressed with the whole way my team played, and I could finally see that Michael held a goalscoring touch which I had not seen when I last managed him 2 years ago.

After our tournament, my team finished in 2nd and we all trudged off to the changing room. Me and Matt stayed outside though."Where are you managing now?" Matt asked me. "South Shields" I replied. "Hows it going?" Matt asked me afterward. "Absolutely terrible. We're 20th in the league and not getting out anytime soon" I replied. "You should think of getting a good coach alongside you" Matt said. "Nah. There's no point. I like the coaches I have. I need to go now. See you around mate" I said before walking back to my car and begining the short 5 minute drive to where Darcy was.

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