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Liam Drury: Return To The Top

A young footballer's career is blighted by injury early on. As he turns to management, is he able to return to the top or will he crash and burn like before?
Started on 23 February 2016 by LiamDrury8
Latest Reply on 10 June 2016 by LiamDrury8
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nice update and congrats on 100 replies :D
Hopefully you can fight your way away form the relegation battle!
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It's been a tough month for me and the lads up north at South Shields. I took a trip back down to Weston for two reasons, to see everyone at the club and to improve my coaching skills for a day by helping my former age group and friends out. I've been impressed with certain players this month and by losing striker Nathan Emson to another club at the end of the month summed up how this club has performed this season: terrible. I am now 100% determined to end the slump this side is embarking on and I feel as if it is my duty to pull this side out of the relegation zone. Here is how the month of February went:


(Northern D1)3.2.2018-South Shields 0 Seaham 1(Hallam 75)

Shields:Rees, Draper, Hohn(Laight 76), Cooke, McCann, Feasey, Millar, Aspinall(Robson 76), Durham, Ironside, Howson.

Seaham:Richardson, Morris, Aziakonou, Forecast, Dudley, Donaghey, Sterling(Phillips 66), Oliver, Odour(Chilaka 71), Steele, Sharvin(Hallam 61).


(Northern D1)6.2.2018-Marske 4(Home-Jackson 1 60, Fell 28, Mason 36) South Shields 3(Osborne 24, Brown 82, Feasey 90+1)

Marske:Montgomery, Williams, Coulson, Grant(Hollingsworth 61), Lane(Coatles 56), Stephennen, Donnelly, Kelly(Rogers 45), Fell, Mason, Home-Jackson.

Shields:Greenwood, Bowskin, Robson, Hohn, McCann, Feasey, Millar, Osborne, Durham, Brown, Henderson.


(Northern D1)10.2.2018-Dunston 1(McDermott 56) South Shields 0

Dunston:Hope, Barrow(Gardner 65), Coulson, Smith(O'Donnell 45), Lowe, Smith, McDermott, Shaw(Armstrong 70), Lyn, Francis, Wharton.

Shields:Greenwood, Bowskin, Draper, Cooke, McCann, Osborne, Millar, Aspinall, Feasey, Durham, Henderson.


(Northern D1)18.2.2018-South Shields 4(Cain 69, Brown 74, Henderson 76 89) West Allotment 1(Ferguson 61)

Shields:Rees, Bowskin, Laight(Draper 82), Howson, McCann, Osborne, Aspinall, Millar, Cain, Brown, Henderson.

Allotment:Convery, Wright, Guest, Petrie, Poole(Fenton 58), Dale(Earl 58), Edwards(Coulson 51), Ferguson, Hine, Lofts, Gillead.


(Northern D1)25.2.2018-South Shields 0 Whitley Bay 2(Hawkins 40, Peacock 57)
Shields:Greenwood, Bowskin, Howson, Draper, McCann, Millar, Lingouba, Osborne, Ironside, Durham, Henderson.

Whitley:Ryan, Hancock, Young, Evans, Leigh, Seward, Youhill(Wilson 74), Clement, Hawkins(Peacock 45), Tait, Kerr(Duncan 63).


League Table

Yet again, I'm disappointed at us not being able to move up the league table, especially when our relagtion rivals failed to pick up maximum points. As it stands at the end of February, we currently sit in 20th, the last remaining relegation spot, sitting on 25 points, 3 points behind 19th spot, which is outside the relegation zone. I think that March is definately going to be squeaky bum time for me and Shields, and if we don't at least reach 33-35 points by the end of March, then I think that Shields will not be playing in this divison next season.


Player Of The Month-Max Brown

My recent signing has impressed me during February. Even though the 18 year-old complained to me that he wasn't recieveing enough game time, I'm finally happy I gave into a player's demands for once, because the former Coventry youngster managed to get 2 goals and 1 assist during the month as he was able to get into a good run of form when he played up top with a strike partner.
Still plenty to play for, I believe you can avoid the drop!
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My players are bottlers. Plain and simple. All of them are bottlers in my opinion. They are struggling to perform when it matters most, with us fighting the drop as we enter the final month of the season. I'm willing to play some of the U18's if results don't improve, and maybe that can spark some life into us. Here's how March went:



(Northern D1)3.3.2018-Washington 1(Cunningham 55) South Shields 1(Durham)

Washington:Stone, Thompson, Cunningham, Male, Riley, Mercer, Lowther, Briggs, Colquoson(McFarlane 52), Griffiths(Coghlan 64), Davison(Mason 64).

Shields:Greenwood, Bowskin, Cooke, Robson,McCann, Lingouba, Draper(Millar 64), Aspinall, Durham, Howson, Brown.


(Northern D1)6.3.3028-South Shields(Ironside 6, Cain 60) Sunderland RCA 0

Shields:Rees, Bowskin, Hohn, Howson, McCann, Draper, Millar(Robson 72), Lingouba, Durham(Brown 76), Cain, Ironside.

Sunderland:Smith, Wilson, Dudbury, Pell, McManus, Roscoe(Price 54), Baker, Cooney(Wade 59), Hancox(Pearson 59), Gillam, Smith.


(Northern D1)11.3.2018-South Shields 0 Newton Aycliffe 2(Whyte 14, Benn 17)

Shields:Rees, Bowskin, Robson, Howson, McCann, Myler, Osborne, Lingouba(Aspinall 90), Cain, Durham Ironside.

Newton:Mooney, Hurley, Knowles, McDonagh, Kershaw, Gardiner, Potts, Young(Robinson 73), Nicholson, Benn(Hickman 56), Whyte(Wroot 84).


(Northern D1)17.3.2018-South Shields 0 North Shields 2(Semple 9, Osmond 56)

Shields:Rees, Bowskin, Howson, Robson, McCann, Myler, Millar, Aspinall, Brown, Durham, Henderson.

North:Ottle, Sudice(Rendell 81), Semple, Richardson, Corrigan, Ashcroft, Whitham, Forster(Whaddecar 62), Bellow, Mason, Osmond(Roberts 75).


(Northern D1)24.3.2018-Morpeth 2(Townsend 5, Gray 28) South Shields 0

Morpeth:Maher, Salmon, Skelton, McIntosh(Wallace 60), Stephenson(Lancaster 71), Carr, Graydon, Beraki, Whittaker(Smith 60), Gray.

Shields:Greenwood, Bowskin, Robson(Cooke 74), Draper, McCann, Myler, Aspinall, Millar, Ironside, Cain, Brown(Howson 74).


(Northern D1)31.3.2018-Bishop Auckland 3(Muskwe 7, 56, pen 78) South Shields 0

Auckland:Johnson, Greasley, Dickson, Courtney(Kubwake 70), Jefferson, Lynam, Hotchinkiss, Giraud Hutchinson(Eliot 62), Shuttleworth(Molley 75), Gallacher, Muskwe.

Sields:Elsdon, Bowskin, Laight, Howson, McCann, Myler, Lingouba, Robson, Ironside, Cain, henderson.


League Table

Now it really is crunch time at South Shields. This month couldn't have been much poorer, with a mere 4 points collected from a potential 18. And with 3 games left heading into April, 2 wins out of a possible 3 is needed mathematically to secure our survival. If I'm going to make it as a manager, I can't afford to have a relegation with South Shields on my Cv due to it probably looking like a bad thing. But I do know that I, relistically, only have 3 games to save my job. Can I do it?


Player Of The Month-Luke Durham

I've decided to give Luke my prestigious award of March POTM due to his direct running at the opposition defence. Luke has arguably scored one of the goals of the season with his goal forthe month by curling into the top corner, and also claiming an assist along the way. Well done Luke!
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South Shields Relegated

South Shields have, this afternoon, had their relegation confirmed from the Northern D1 after a troubled season in which the club were battling against the drop for the season entirety.

The board expected Shields to at least stay up this season after finsihing 16th last season, their first season in the Northern D1, but Liam Drury's troops failed their task.

The club's relegation came after a hard-to-take 0-0 draw with already relegated Northallerton at South Shields' stadium, Fltrona Park, the stadium that Shields recently moved back intofollowing a small stint at The Kingsley Park Stadium while Filtrona Park was undergoing a stadium expansion.

It appears that the derby games Shields have taken park in against rivals, North Shields, have had an impact on the campaign. With Shields losing both games, North Shields were able to consign Shields to near-enough no hope.

Shields have struggled throughout the entire season, with the club struggling to pick up momentum and no consistency. With Drury's side picking up 30 points, ultimately saw the Northern side go back to the league they won 2 seasons ago.

The form throughout March was a pivotal part in our relagtion with the Newcastle side failing to pick up points from 4 out of 6 games and only gaining 4 points from a potential 18 on show. The derby game mid-way through the month also played a part as North Shields appeared to knock South for confidence and this ultimately paid the price, with Drury unable to get his troops fired up again to fight for the rest of the relegation battle.

However, during the winter months of the season Shields were involvd in a head-to-head battle with Penrith to try and stay out of the relegation zone but as Shields slipped away, Penrith improved and got away leaving Shields fighting a near-impossible fight to get out of the dreaded drop zone, which proved impossible nearer the end of the season.

Shields are the team who occupy the last remaining relegation spot, so every tem from 19th and up can go into the final league game knowing they are safe for one more season. However it is Northallertonand Washington who join Shields in Northern League D1. Can Shields bounce back though? Find out next season.
Unlucky to be relegated, hopefully you can bounce back and return to the Northern D1!
That must be absolutely gutting for you, hopefully you can bounce back.
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It's been a tough season for everybody invilved within South Shields, from everyone from the U11's to the first team and the board of directors. I give my sincerest apologies to everyone who loves this club, especially our loyal fans, that we were unable to survive in this divison during the end part of this season but roll on next season! Here's how the last month went for Shields:



(Northern D1)8.4.2018-South Shields 0 (Draper S/O 60) Thornaby 2(Davidson 77, Forbes-Swindells 89)

Shields:Rees, Bowskin, Howson(Myler 90),Laight(Hohn 77), McCann, Cain, Draper, Osborne(Aspinall 77), Durham, Ironside, Brown.

Thornaby:Hornby, Spooner(Robinson 60), Hunter, Wilkinson, Gibson, Furness, Edwards, Turnball(Davidson 56), Harvey-Davies(Capper 65), Boshell, Forbes-Swindells.


(Northern D1)15.4.2018-South Shields 0 Northallerton 0

Shields:Greenwood, Bowskin, Robson, Howson, McCann, Lingouba, Aspinall, Millar(Ospinall 64), Durham, ironside(Henderson 83), Brown.

Northallerton:Gregory, Hirst, Sampson, Laing, Campbell, Howell, Rhodes, Jennings(Jones 67), Wilson, Hilton, Gray(Reed 51) (Malone 67).


[size](Northern D1)21.4.2018-Norton & Stockton Ancients(Evans 19, Williamson 46 51) South Shields(Brown 29, 42) [/size]

Ancients:Roberts, Windle, Reynolds(Cotterill 66), Clarke, Williams, Seaton, Green, Gardner, Harrison(Smalley 83), Evans(Dean 77), Williamson.

Shields:Rees, Bowskin, Robson, Hohn, McCann, Durham, Lingouba, Aspinall, Cain, Henderson, Brown.


League Table

What an incredible season in the wrong way! Yes, we did manage to go down but I have enjoyed every moment of this season. However, we did finsih in 20th, one position away from safety, and 4 points away from surviving the dreaded relegation drop. Consett managed to win the league and earn promotion to the Northern Premier League First Divison North with 80 points from the 42 games played. Sunderland RCA and Shildon pushed Consett all the way and the pair finsihed 2nd and 3rd, both on 79 points. At the other end, it was Northalleton and Washington, who are lining me up as manager, `were the teams to join us in going down to the Northern League D2. But on this season, I can comfortably say that I can't wait till next season if I'm still in charge!


Player Of The Month-Jordan Henderson

Jordan is the lucky man to earn my last POTM for the 2017-2018 season. Jordan yet again impressed throughout the month with his pace, movement and his passing abillities as well as getting his 9th goal of the season. Jordan is a future Shields star and hopefully he can tear the Northern D2 up next season!


Season Stats

Top Goalscorer:Jordan Henderson-9
Most Assists:Brad Aspinall-7
Highest Average Rating:Brad Aspinall-6.96
Best Pass Completion:Max Brown-80%
Most MOTM Awards:Trevor Ironside and Luke Durham-2
Most Yellow Cards:Jack Bowskin-13
Most Red Cards:Matt Draper-2
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Liam Drury renews his South Shields contract

Recently relegated South Shields have decided to look toward the future after their surprise relegation from the Northern League D1 by deciding to renew 23 year-old manager Liam Drury's contract at Filtrona Park for the 2018-2019 season.

Former Aston Villa manager Drury, aged 23, has put pen to paper on a 1 year-contract with a further extension clause if the team earn promotion at the first time of asking during next season.

Drury deserves a contract because he is so young and he is ready to improve every team he is at. Drury is amazing as a head coach with improving the skills of his players, which has improved with players such as Jordan Henderson and his finishing.

Since joining South Shields last summer, Drury has brought with him an attractive style of football which the side plays and give the fans an enjoyable experience watching their side. Drury has also got wonderkid Henderson firing and Aspinall looks like a class act under the former Weston midfielder.

On his new contract at South Shields, Liam Drury said the following words: "It's a major honour to be trusted to try and lead South Shields back to the Northern D1 at the first time of asking. I would have understand if I was sacked after getting Shields relegated but I feel that the board have 100% confidence in me by offering me this contract. I want to nurture the youngsters we have in the first team and I think that this side is a side which can go all the way".

Right-Back Jack Bowskin also offered his thoughts on Drury's new contract, stating "It shows that the chairman and the board of directors are an ambitious lot with deciding to keep Liam in charge. He's an unexperienced man but I think he has the potential to do great things with us as a squad. And I believe he's the obvious choice to bring us back up" Jack said. But can Liam bring the side back up again? Tune into next season to find out if the squad can do it.
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Liam Drury:The big interview

With Liam recently renewing his contract at South Shields to stay on for another season, we decided to settle down with the 23 year-old English manager to try and get his thoughts on the season just gone with his young Shields side.

Drury on going down
It is a horrible feeling inside to know that we have gone down but I feel tha the club have the squad and facillities to climb back up.

Drury on the season
By my standards, it's been a terrible, terrible season for us. We struggled to gain any consistency throughout the season and that ultimately paid the price and had consequences.

Drury on Jordan Henderson and Brad Aspinall's season
I have loved these two and the chemistry they've had on the pitch this season. Jordan has been the top scorer this season and he's still a teenager so he can go a long way and as for Brad, this lad really can put chances on a plate for his team-mates when needed.

Drury on failing to reach expectations
I failed to keep this club up. Plain and simple. That's all I have to say on that.

Drury on renewing his contract
I am so pleased to have renewed my contract at Filtrona Park. It's a one-year contract, which will last until 2019, and I think it shows that the board believe I have what it takes to lead this club back up to the Northern D1 and I think this shows to the players, and most importantly the fans, that I am commited to this beautiful club.

Drury on why he returned to Weston in February[size]
I returned to Weston because mainly, Darcy wanted to take our daughter to see her grandparents for the first time. But I decided to go and help my former age group out during their training session and I enjoyed catching up with all the kids there and I can't wait to visit them again.

[size=15]Drury on his eye-opening experience throughout his career
I think that having been at two clubs in my career which have both been relegated during my time at the club has really been an eye-opener to me. Before Aston Villa, I was at Weston's Junior Sides so I didn't know how it felt to be in charge of a side who was battling relegation. But after that dreaded first season in first team management, I now know that this managing business is a lot harder and sometimes I wish I had the world's best players in my side but I now know how to deal with things emotionally and physically, which has made me a better manager overall.
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Lee Thompson signs for South Shields

Former Boston United and Sheffield United youngster Lee Thompson has agreed to join recently relegated South Shields on the 1st of July 2018 when Shields begin their journey through the depths of the Northern D2 league from recently relegated side Washington.

Thompson began his career at Sheffield United as a trainee in 2001. He was loaned out to Boston United in October 2002, where he made 6 appearances and scored 5 goals. A year later, Thompson joined on a permanent basis before making almost 100 appearances in the football league before being released in May 2005 after not agreeing a new contract. Thompson signed for Kidderminster harriers in the following summer, and made 34 appearances for the Harriers before signing for Worksop Town in 2006. He made 41 Worksop appearances. In July 2007, Thompson rejoined Boston before departing again. He travelled around the North playing for clubs at all levels before signing for Washington, where his talent was spotted by Liam Drury and quickly snapped up ahead of the new season.

On his latest signing as Shields manager, Drury responded with "It's smazing to know that we have a very talented veteran in our ranks here at South Shields now from the start of July. Lee is joining just after the original squad return from their pre-season holiday so it will give them a chance to get up to speed before any new arrivals join them. I'm aiming to play Lee in as many friendlies as possible in any position he can play. He's talented with his determination and leadership and I'm determined he is somebody who could be a future manager in the future. Finally, I would like to thank Lee on signing with us for the upcoming season".

When asked about him signing for Shields, Thompson stated "It's amazing for me to sign for this club which has huge potential to try and go places. It's got a young squad, a young and ambitious manager who wants to take the club back up to the Northern D1, and just because the club got relegated, that was an extra incentive to me signing the contract really because it gives me something to work towards next season with South Shields".
Good signing mate hopefully he can hit the ground running for you!
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[b12th April 2018

It was a cold morning in Newcastle, and I entered a coffee shop in the city centre. I settled down at a table with my mate Matt, who was in Newcastle this weekend having seen his Weston U15's team play Gateshead yesterday.

"How are the U15's doing this season?" I asked Matt as I took a sip of my hot chocolate. Matt nodded his head. "They're doing superbly. They've really grown into mature, professional lads from the days in which you were at the club mate" Matt replied.

"That's good to hear" I say. "Would you ever consider coming back to Weston?" Matt suggests. I shake my head. "No. Unless I was out of work and I was offered a role there at the club I'm afraid Matt" I reply to Matt's question.

"But your season is near enough over now Matt so going into next season, make sure the lads know what they need to do to have a chance of getting into the U18's and building a career" I say.

I finish my hot chocolate and look at my watch on my left wrist. "Well, I better get back to work now mate but keep up the good work at Weston. Give the boys a platform to build on and get them through to the U18's" I say. I then stand up before shaking Matt's hand. "I might be back in Weston during the summer. See you around" I say before leaving Matt and the coffee shop.
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14th May 2018

I was sat in the chairman's office with Gary Crutwell. "I feel that this season has been a major dissapointment this season in my eyes. But I feel as if this club can achieve good things in the future" I say to Gary.

"What made you decline the Washington offer?" Garry asks me. "Mainly because I want to stay at this club and I want to show everyone that I am commited" I reply with.

"So what are your options for next season?" Crutwell asks. I lean back in my seat, pondering my season for a moment or so. "Well, if I can keep the main core of the squad, especially Brad Aspinall and Jordan Henderson, I want to take this club back up at the first time of asking".

Gary notes this down in his notepad before looking at me, opposite him across the desk. "Well, Liam. We here at South Shields have been very impressed with your work here so far this season and we hope that with our backing, we hope that you are able to lead this team, full of talent and potential, back up to the Norhern D1 for the 2019-2020 season".

I smile at the chairman. "You may leave now" Gary says and I stand up from my seat before walking out the door and sighing heavily at the way my talk with the chairman went.

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