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Manchester united fm16 Save HELP

Started on 27 March 2016 by Drakecity
Latest Reply on 5 April 2016 by thepeopleschampion
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basically im man utd had bad transfer window and have bad spells and am 7th after 22 games but made round of 16 in CL and out of capitol one cup.
Please help if you can i will send any screenshots if you need them and explain things to me as i am new often i find the first7 games with a tactic i will do really well and then suddenly go really bad also im having a lot of injuries and my tactics arent being understood even though all my training goes to it. Im currently in the 2nd week of january transfer have no funds but im looking to sell players but no one will buy them and my scouts have returned nothing back to me


First of all, you need to pick only three tactics. Changing too many tactics won't help. Choose what tactics you prefer or you can suit the tactic to the best players you have (my suggestion is 4-2-3-1 with wingers and Rooney as AMC Shadow Striker, or 4-1-2-3 DM with wingers and Martial as AML, while Rooney as STC)

Then, you need to have a team meeting. I think you have no winning streak? You can use 'Make sure that your head don't drop' or something similar and you should see some morale up in players (if you aren't using it before or near that time, if you used it before, it might not work because the players are bored to have a team meeting again and again)

the squad is okay, but too many wingbacks meaning you have bad transfer, in my opinion. also don't tweak too much in first season, because it's your first season. pull off those transfer listed players like Rooney and Blind as they are actually good for your first to third season of your career. buying lots of players also disrupt harmony because you will have competition and such.

i don't know if it's working but sometimes team talks helps too, especially on half time. depending on the situation, it helps a lot. like you burn their spirit when they are left behind 1 or 2 goals, or encourage them to add more when it's only 1-0. also praise when win, scold when lose. it helps, but not always.

i think that's all i can say. if you are confused on something, you should check some videos on youtube. use keyword 'FM16 tutorials' and watch it. I think you should start a new save if you think this save can't be salvaged anymore, but it's worth a try with (at least) my suggestion above.

hope those can help you :)
Thank you is there anywhere i can really understand tactics and how attacking football ect styles are created or just search youtube?
I would suggest a formation that looks something akin to this,

Martial (CF Support)

Depay (IF Support) Mata (IF Support)

Bastian (RP) Bender (BWM) Schneiderlin/Carrick (RP)

Shaw (CWB) Rojo( CB) Smallin (CB) Darmain (CWB)

De Gea (GK)

You want your fullbacks to overlap, i find that most of my assists come from them, team style Fluid/control. I find that rooney is too inconsistent and his wage too high. against the bigger teams counter especially if away. that should give you a fighting chance until you can make some better transfers.

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