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Guadiolas Legacy

The Greatest Player to Never Play
Started on 2 May 2016 by Omniscient
Latest Reply on 2 May 2016 by Omniscient
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It has been 2 days since his father Josep Guardiola considered by many the greatest tactical manager of all time announced he would retire at the end of his contract in 2019. Now 18 years old Marius Guardiola is on his way to Cambridge, MA in the USA to study at Harvard University. No one really knows what Marius who is affectionately called "Pep" by many plans on doing. He has a brilliant mind but has not left any clues to those around him as to what his ambition is in life. His love for football however is obvious to anyone who spends more than 5 minutes with him. He is his fathers son, he plans to play for Harvard as an attacking center mid even though he had offers from some of the most prestigious footballing academies in Europe including La Masia. What no one knew is that Marius has no intention of playing soccer at an Elite level although he has been gifted with the skills to do so. His plan is to get a Doctorate from Harvard in Business Management with a bachelors in Psychology. He felt these two degrees would be the most beneficial to him in his pursuit to become the greatest Football Manager of ALL TIME! It is a love that was instilled inside of him from his time as a child walking in Barcelona's and Bayern's front offices. He was infatuated with the business side of football just as much as the tactical. He thought if there was one way he could come out of his fathers shadow would be his ability to manage the business side of football just as much as his Tactical Brilliance.

It's now the summer of 2023 and Marius has just graduated from Harvard with his Doctoral Degree, he also broke the scoring and assist records for Division 1 in the NCAA. He has had offers to play from Arsenal, Barcelona, Dortmund and others yet he has not given it one minute of thought. Instead he has immediately rejected all offers. He was getting so many at one point that he had to hold a press conference to let the world know that he would not be pursuing a career playing football. Instead right after graduating he began his study's to achieve all of the footballing licenses he would need. It took him the course of 2 years but he has since gotten his Continental Pro License. Marius finally feels he is ready to start his footballing journey. He has made a list of exactly what he is looking for in a job and what his goals are.

START IN 2026 or 2027
1. Be a one Club Manager!
2. Manage a Club in the Top Division of Spain,Germany or England.
3. Create a Culture of Possession and Attack.
4. Develop the best Youth Academy in Europe
5. Win Champions Cup within the first 4 years managing.
6. Mentor and Develop a Legend, Have him become the Worlds Best.
7. His Player Apprentice, must break Club Scoring Record and Nation Scoring Record.
8. Beat his Fathers Record of 42 Trophies at the Highest Level.

His Goals have been set and the search has begun it is the start of the 2026 and starting unemployed he has let the world know that he is now going into management. The media is amazed that someone with his talent did not pursue playing. They wonder although he looks like his father will he have his fathers success. He has no doubt he is described as Driven, he has great attention to detail and no one that has met him has any doubt of his success in any venture. Once he shared his plans with his father Josep jumped up! He couldn't believe it! He was overjoyed to finally being made aware of his sons dream he simply could not wait to see which clubs will come calling after all he is the son of a Legend! He grew up in that atmosphere he was born to leave his mark in football! This is the beginning of the story of the Legend Marius "Pep" Guardiola.

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