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Teemu's Big European Adventure

Started on 4 May 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 23 May 2016 by mgriffin2012
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8 yearsEdited

This will be my second story along with the Kevin Gauthier Story. Don't worry both will be running at the same time. The biggest difference is that this one focuses only on Europe and I will not be managing outside of it. Pretty much my goal is the same as the other story but the rules are a bit more stricter in terms of what clubs and Leagues I will manage.

RULES: Here are the ground rules I will be using to make this enjoyable.

  • Can't leave a club after first season no matter what, I must be at the club between 2-5 years before moving on
  • Can't get a job in a top tier league until I am at least 50 and have a Continental A License
  • Can manage in Finland anytime but Can't join a side in the Veikkausliiga until I am at least 40 and have a National A License
  • Try to keep my squad(s) as homegrown as possible
  • Develop Youth
  • No joining easy money clubs


  • 50 matches managed
  • 100 matches managed
  • 250 matches managed
  • 500 matches managed
  • 750 matches managed
  • 1000 matches managed
  • 5 manager of the year awards
  • 10 manager of the year awards
  • 15 manager of the year awards
  • 20 manager of the year awards

Club Based:
  • Win 5 League Titles
  • Win 10 League Titles
  • Win 15 League Titles
  • Win 20 League Titles
  • Qualify for Champions League with a club that has never made it before
  • Qualify for Europa League with a club that has never made it before
  • Win 5 League Cups
  • Win 10 League Cups
  • Win 15 League Cups
  • Win 20 League Cups
  • Win Champions league
  • Win Europa League
  • Win UEFA Super Cup
  • Qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup
  • Win Club World Cup
  • Increase clubs stature
  • Increase nations coefficient to become a top 25 league
  • Increase nations coefficient to become a top 10 league
  • Increase nations coefficient to become a top 5 league
MJK46's avatar Group MJK46
8 yearsEdited
I love the other story and i know this one is gonna be as good.

The Introduction

Hello there my friends I am glad you are here to get to know me better. Well my name is Teemu Nieminen and I am 32 years old. I was born in the city of Kuopio in Finland and played football there as well. I wasn't anything special when I played but at the highest level i was part of the youth set up of Kuopion Palloseura. After that I wound up playing semi professional football here in Finland and abroad in Europe.

On the personal side of things I have a girlfriend who is from Helsinki and she like HJK and fucking Jokerit the hockey club in the capital. I can easily forgive her on both fronts but that is hard when it comes to game day. Like every Finn male motor sports and hockey are my passion, I also love basketball. Kalevan Pallo aka KalPo are my hockey team and I also love watching the NHL. What is crazy despite playing football I was never really a fan of any clubs.

Playing was a lot of fun and I had a really good playing career but a few years ago I decided to hang up my boots. I a few times and had missed some time due to that. Since then I have mostly stayed away from the game except for a football school I help run. At times I miss playing but then there are times I don't

Now it has come to my attention that I want to become a football manager. You see I feel like I would be a great fit as an ex player and all so I have decided to put my name out there. I do want to be in Europe so I am open to any country. I prefer managing in smaller countries as I come form a small country football wise. I think it would be really cool to help grow a club.

Lets see where thing go for me
Good luck mate, going to be interesting to follow this as well as your other story! Can't wait!
Great intro! Looking forward to this, never witnessed management in Finland!
Nice, looking forward to this mate. Good luck!

The Interview

The last month has been really interesting for me in my search to become a football manager. I have been applying to a few places and have gotten several responses. Well I wasn't giving up hope as at times I felt that maybe some are waiting until mid season as it is too late to start fresh with a new club. Anyways I got this call form a number in the small island of Gibraltar. I was extremely shocked as I had not applied to any jobs.

Anyways I was off to Gibraltar the next morning and it was a quick eight hour flight to meet with the clubs chairman. Lucky for me this guy speaks English as I do. That Finnish education system is the best you know. Well after I arrive I take the quick drive via taxi to a place called Queensway Quay where the clubs office is located.

As I enter the building I am asked to wait a minute until the person who is interview shows up. I guess he was running late or something like that. Whatever as I have all the time in the world and I am in no rush to return home.

A few minutes later the Chairman comes in and apologizes for being tardy.

"Good afternoon are you Teemu Nieminen??"

"Yes I am sir!"

"Well my name is John Charles Camilleri the chairman of this club, I hope your flight was nice?"

"It was thank you for asking and nice meeting you!"

"Lets get down to business, should we??

"Yes that would be nice." Oh shit I did mean to sound so agressive

"I know you were not expecting us to contact you as you never applied but I saw your name and thought I would give you a call, the thing is here in Gibraltar football is popular but nobody wants to manage here due to how week it is and that all teams play on the same pitch."

"Oh I know all about that and I have no problem at all i am honored that you would give me a chance to interview"

"The first question I want to ask is why should I consider you to become our new manager?"

"Well I have a previous football background where I played semi professional for most of my career and that should help in management, I also have the drive to succeed and want to help this club grow."

'Even though we are a semi pro side we do still have goals and expectations, if you were to join us I would expect you to qualify for the Europa League in your first season and reach the semis of the Rock Cup, does that sound good?"

"It does and I think I could get us to that with no problem."

"If I was to hire you what are your goals for this club?"

"Well within the first five years I want us to be qualifying for Europe every season and by the third year win the league, Lincoln has won it since the 2002/03 season and needs to be stopped."

"Fair enough I really think you could be the manager to take control of this club, let me go over a few things and I will let you know in about an hour"

"Sounds good hope to hear from you soon."

Well that was a pretty interesting interview and i think I did great. I almost feel as if I have this job in the bag due to how excited he was and that he called me without me sending in my resume. Well I am outside looking at the Rock of Gibraltar and let me say that thing is pretty cool. These people have an amazing view. Well then Mr. Camilleri called me back in.

" Impressive right??"

"Oh yes it is I am envious of anyone who gets to play here because of it's beauty."

"Glad you like it, I got some good news and some bad news what would you like first?"

"I will take the good news first."

"Well I think I want to be the one to congratulate you on being the clubs newest manager!!"

"Awesome, so what is the bad news??"

"Due to our clubs status you will only be on a part time contract that last only a season and you will be paid €34,000 before taxes. Due to this one year contract thing of this as a probation period and once you prove yourself I will grant you an extension."

"Oh wow that isn't really bad news at all and I am very happy that you chose me to become this clubs manager."

So after I signed the contract before heading to the airport to return home he gave me a tour of the stadium we use. Victoria Stadium is beautiful buy oh my god it is in such a weird location right at the airport. Anyways it is time to head back home to my lovely girlfriend and get ready to move down here, i wonder if she wants to join me?? My contract begins on the First of July.
Looking good so far mate, those goal lists should keep you busy for a little while. Best of luck :)
You certainly have given yourself a workload, best of luck!
Damn, too little!!
C.J.Lippo That is what I was hoping for to keep things fresh and challenging

Griffo I hope it is as successful as the other story.

Balik Hopefully I can make this club into something

Manchester 62 F.C. hire first time manager

Posted on June 21, 2015

After last seasons fifth place finish Manchester 62 F.C. has decided to go Finnish. After a few weeks of a opening for the club Chairman John Charles Camilleri announced that 32 year old Teemu Nieminen will become the newest manager.

The 32 year old Nieminen previously had played football semi professional through out his native home of Finland and a stint in Sweden and Denmark. Since retiring from playing two seasons ago he has been out of the sport until now.

In today’s day and age, ex player who become managers is quite common but from someone like Teemu it is a bit different. With only being 32 years old he is considered to be a very young manager and to the fact he has no coaching badges is even more incredible. To manage without much coaching experience or knowledge of Gibraltar football culture is very risky, hopefully the chairman knows what he is doing.

With no coaching or managerial experience, Nieminen's appointment is certainly a strange and risky choice and even more so when you consider he has had no involvement in football whatsoever, in recent times. Regardless, chairman John Charles Camilleri is convinced that the 32 year old can shrug off critics and build this club up to become a title contender every year.

The biggest question that seems to be the hot topic among Manchester 62 fans is whether or not their new manager will be able to lead them to glory. Can Nieminen bring his new club success or will he struggle? We will see soon enough as the season kicks off in September.
Good luck in Gibraltar
Good luck mate, Gibraltar is certainly an interesting challenge :P

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