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Teemu's Big European Adventure

Started on 4 May 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 23 May 2016 by mgriffin2012
Bruh is there anyway you can zoom in on the pros and cons of the players youve signed, can't read it very well
2016-05-06 15:50#230992 Atoobie : Bruh is there anyway you can zoom in on the pros and cons of the players youve signed, can't read it very well

Right clicking view image helps if not I will increase the font size
Red Devils lose opener to Angels 1-0

26 September, 2015

For the season opener it was supposed to be a great day for the Red Devils and new manager Teemu Nieminen but that didn’t happen. Against newly promoted side Angels our club was expected to win by a large margin but sadly that did not occur. All match long Angels seemed to be able to counter every move made by the Red Devils and due to that our club would not do a thing. Every time the club attempted to score Angles would be there and stop it or we would just not connect properly. It was also a bad day as the club amassed a total of four yellow cards on this sad day. Angles would score the only goal of the match in the 29th minute.

“I can’t really describe how disappointing this result was, I feel we should have done better and it is my fault for not making the changes when I should have.” said Nieminen

The next match for Manchester 62 is set for an 8:30PM kickoff against league champions, the Lincoln Red Imps, they are designated as the home squad for the match that will take place on October 10th.

Unlucky mate, but there is plenty of time to recover from this and still go on and have a great season!
Not the best of starts but I am sure you will be fine!
mgriffin2012 I hope this is the last of us losing

Griffo Lets hope this team needs a lot of work
MJK46's avatar Group MJK46
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October Recap

1 November, 2015

For our beloved Red Devils the first month of competition in the 2015/16 edition of the Argus Insurance Premier Division was a month that had its ups and downs. Manager Teemu Nieminen had his first full month of league play and seemed to adapt as it went on.

During the first two matches of the month the Red Devils would continue on their down hill slide in the relegation zone during a three match losing streak. The two losses against Lincoln Red Imps and Europa FC really had hurt the teams morale and it looked like the season was over earlier than thought.

Luckily enough some adjustments were made and the club was able to bounce back. Finishing off the month with two shutouts against Britannia and Lynx, we got to see the club finish October in fifth place.

Player of the Month:

28 year old John-Paul Duarte was the best player for the club during the month. Appearing in all four matches he was able to be the most productive player on the pitch. He would score three goals in both wins. Two of the goals came against Britannia.

Managers Thoughts:
This was a very interesting first full month of competition for this club. While I am disappointed in a three game losing streak that started last month, I am very happy about the turn around. I am looking for John-Paul (Duarte) to continue what he had been doing in the upcoming month. Maybe it is me but I have a feeling that the match against Britannia turned things around for the better.

What to look forward to in November:
November is set to be an abbreviated month with only three matches due to the National Team fixtures mid month. In League play the club playing host at the Victoria stadium twice when the Red Devils face Gibralter Utd (7 November) and Lions on the 28th. The lone match where the club is set to be the away side is against St. Joe's on the 21st.

mixed start man.....
A mixed first month, hopefully the next will be all wins
Two wins and two clean sheets to end the month gives you a very good base to build on for the next run of fixtures mate, keep it up!
Not a bad start at all. The final two victories will put you in good stead for the future.
Live For FM Gibraltar is really hard if you are not Lincoln Rep Imps...

Balik I hope so as well if not I need the rock cup to get to Europe

mgriffin2012 I just need to take things one at a time

Justice Thanks man
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November Recap

1 December, 2015

The second month of league play was pretty average due to a win, draw and a loss in all three matches. Currently in 6th place the Red Devils are currently ten points behind league leaders Lincoln Red Imps.

Beginning the month Manchester 62 drew against Gibraltar Utd in a really competitive match by a score of 1-1, Jeremy Lopez was the sole scorer for us. Matchday seven saw the club lose a very close contest to St. Joe's. Finally the month ended up on a high note when the Red Devils got their third win of the season with a 2-1 victory over lions.

Player of the Month:

Veteran attacking midfielder Jeremy Lopez had the best month of all the players. Thanks to his work ethic and good training this moth he scored in both matches where the Red Devils scored. In total he has three goals this season.

Managers Thoughts:
Another interesting month and better than the previous. What I was happy about is the fact the team is finally starting to really gel in the tactics and are starting to play like a team. That match against St. Joe's was disappointing as we were so close to scoring many times. Oh well next time we will beat them.

What to look forward to in November:
The final month of football in 2015 is going to have three matches once again. For the first contest on 5 December Manchester 62 will be facing Glacis Utd as the away side. After that match is complete the club is looking to get revenge on both Angels and Lincoln Red Imps after losing to both earlier in the season.

The Meeting

19 December, 2015

So we just got done losing to league leaders Lincoln Red Imps by a score of 3-0. I was not surprised that we lost to them as they are truly a class above the league. Anyways I am getting ready to head back to my place to see the girlfriend and all of a sudden I get this call from John Charles Camilleri and he is pissed off like no other. He tells me I need to get my ass down to Queensway Quay within 20 minutes or I am fired. So I drop what I am doing and hull ass.

Finally I get there and he tells me.........

JCC: "Sit your ass down and shut the hell up and speak when I say so" While he is saying all of this with curse words every few seconds I start getting scared.

JCC Continues: " Look here Teemu i knew it was a risk hiring you and now i regret it, you have ruined my club and you have fallen way below our expectations, why do you think this team is preforming so badly, don't give me bull shit."

I think Are you serious it is only December and we still have most of the season left and we are only in 6th place.

TN:" I understand why you are so upset and I apologize, but this is my first job and I am still learning, look I have been asking you for more money for scouts and you haven't given me any so I am going in blind during the transfer market, you also need to see we can still make third place and a European spot fro the cup, please trust me."

JCC: "That is no excuse and you are saying it is my fault, being new is no excuse, maybe it would be best if we parted ways."

TN: "No sir I did not mean it like that I just want to improve, what do you recommend I do to save this job?"

JCC: "You know what, fine but this is your last chance, if you fail you are out understood??"

TN: "Yes sir!!"

JCC:I will give you more time, but I expect you to pick up nine points in the next five matches, if you fail it is game over and you are fired, there is no negotiation to this, are we clear?"

I think to myself Oh boy this is going to be hard but oh well I think we can do it.

"I can do that and will not let you"

John Charles Camilleri cuts me off and says, "Don't bother finishing that sentence and get the hell out before I change my mind....."

So I quickly get out of my seat and leave, now this is going to be really interesting and I hope to god I can stay. I really like this club. I think he has taken it too far to be honest as we lost to the best team in the league and are still able to make Europe. Oh well my night has just gotten worse.
Shock me... United is a mid-table club ;)

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