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patch 10.2 compatibility

Started on 17 December 2009 by superdan1313
Latest Reply on 13 January 2010 by Stam
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So steam has just downloaded the new 10.2 patch and now I can't use fm scout genie as the database causes it to crash. Does anyone know a way to fix this or do you just have to wait for a new version of genie?

Help this is really bugging me.
Me too.
no fix mates :(
we'll just have to wait.
or try another utility until then.
Do you know any utilities that might still work, I've tried a few but got nada so far, it's really annoying, I've just been handed my transfer kitty and I need to find some bargains!!!!
do i have to install 10.1.1 before i go with 10.2?
i'm still playing 10.1,and now want to upgrade to 10.2
No, apparently all the old patch data is included in the new one, so just go strait for 10.2, but if you use scout genie it wont work until there's a new release. Bummer
tnx mate, i've just finished my 11th season with arsenal,10 League titles, and i'm a little bored... i'll try 10.2 without Genie for now :)
so far only FM10SX is compatible with 10.2
but that is for Mac only
Thanks stam, does anyone have ant idea how quickly the new genie will take to be ready? It's normally a couple of weeks isn't it? Or is that just for the first version?
Ingame Hidden Attributes Viewer still working ...
after i patch the 10.2 i cant load my genie... any help???
You'll need to wait for an updated version of Genie to be released, it doesn't work with 10.2 as yet.
oh well... thx newae.. hope it wun b long for the release..
Who is responsible for the development of FM Genie Scout currently?? Can we get a schedule of the new version??? THX!!!
Eugene is the only one working on this.
No schedule on the next version, just a reassurance there will be one.
I'd say sometime in January though without being certain.

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