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Overthrowing an Empire: One Yellow Wall at a time.

It is time for the bullying super power that is Bayern Munich to be overthrown for good and here is my journey to do so.
Started on 23 May 2016 by BeanyUnited
Latest Reply on 13 September 2016 by BeanyUnited

The Camp Nou

I walked out of the tunnel, my brand new expensive suit glimmering under the spotlights here in Barcelona. Me and Luis Enrique shared a few words on the touchline before the coin toss, wishing each other luck.

Always funny that isn't it, wishing the very person whom you wish to be unlucky so you can beat them, good luck. Sport can be a funny game.

I had drilled it into the lads in my team talk, if we don't score first we might as well pack our bags and sod off home, I secretly thought we had a lot better chance than the press and pundits were giving us, but I did, concede in my head at least that it was going to be a challenge.

Barcelona got us underway to a deafening roar from the 99,394 fans crammed into the stands for this clash. A chance to knock out the defending trophy holders, in your own stadium? The fans and players alike knew this could be a great night for them.

My lads started off with the energy and passion I demanded from them every single game, I have a little rule among the players, I allow you one bad foul each, so we can get stuck in and not get many red cards. Why have one 'enforcer' and leave him at risk of a double yellow for example, when you can allow every player a bad challenge?

No wonder the Spanish press hated me! Tonight just gave them even more reasons to.

Just three minutes into the game, Paul Pogba clattered Lionel Messi and sent the Argentine flying in the air, no foul, the ball found Neymar, who was then clattered by Jorge and the ball rolled out for a throw in.

Borussia Dortmund were here and they were physical as always.

Suddenly, another rash challenge from Jorge, left Neymar in another heap, but we counter-attacked, leaving the home side a man down. A quick pass to Pogba who switched the play out to the opposite flank, saw Mario Fernandes in enough space to look up and launch in an early cross.

At first it looked like there was no one any where near it, but suddenly the blonde quiff of Marco Reus could be seen leaping towards the ball, the deafening roar that followed was made by just a few thousand fans. The ones in yellow, as Reus headed the ball home after just six minutes. We had an away goal and now lead on aggregate.

Now I was doing the math in my head, if we score next, we lead 3-1 with two away goals, meaning Barcelona has to score three goals tonight alone to go through if we don't score again? It was too good to be true!

Just a few minutes later, Ruben Neves collected the ball in central midfield and pinged a pass out to towards Aubameyang, unfortunately the ball was woefully under hit and I was ready to berate the youngster when I saw Mats Hummels, the man I have never forgiven for walking out on us in the manner he did, tried to head the ball back to Marc-André ter Stegen but this was also woefully under hit.

Aubameyang latched onto the ball and rounded the helpless Marc-André ter Stegen who was left in no mans land by his centreback and my striker slotted the ball home and shushed the home fans as he celebrated.

All I could do is wink at Luis Enrique, as if to say, serves you right for tapping up my captain.

The next 30 minutes were enjoyable for me, we dominated possession, restricted Barca from having a shot and even hit the woodwork ourselves. However I was left fuming when Jordi Alba was able to nod home on the bring of half time to make it 2-1 on the night.

But I wasn't too worried, they still had to score twice without us scoring once, we were fine.

The second half, my men knew what to do, get stuck in!!! And get stuck in we did.

Boos cascaded down from the crowd as we kicked, pulled and pushed anything in a blue and red shirt. Anything that wasn't yellow and black, was quite frankly, bullied, by my men.

Between them, Messi, Suarez and Neymar hit the deck a good 13 times. The referee however, was more than happy for the game to be physical, not gifting the home side free kick after free kick.

In the end Barcelona just did not want to fight fire with fire and as the full time whistle sounded, I just turned round and shook hands with every single member of my staff and the players on the bench. A job well done indeed, we were onto the semi-finals.
Been a while.. I see great stuff #yellowwall #threelions
Hi guys sorry for the lack of updates recently especially unannounced, had stuff going on at home so took a small break/lessened my work load! Will be normal business again soon :)
Nice win hopefully some more updates soon, how dare you have a life outside of FM :P
Barcelona and the rest of the world really don't know what's about to hit them!
Barcelona were rocked! Brilliant result and performance, congratulations!
Love to see Barca getting roughed up a bit by yourself! Onto the Semi's!

Dortmund clinch a third successive title

After struggling by their stunning standards last month, Borussia Dortmund and Joshua Bean used the momentum from the Barcelona away win at the start of the month, to provide the Borussia Dortmund fans a third successive title, to make it Joshua Bean's and Co fourth trophy out of a possible six this year.

The Bundesliga title joins the German Super Cup, UEFA Super Cup and the World Club Cup.

Lets see how they achieved this.

FC Shalke VS Dortmund 0-0

Joshua Bean has often came out publicly and claimed that the eve of this fixture is the most nerve wrecking of his life.

Today's game was a rather big let down for the home fans, but with the away fans, despite expecting to win and desperately wanting to, they knew the point was literally putting them on the foot of winning another title, they were able to stay content with it.

It was a rather dull affair, as the scoreline suggests, but Bean said in his post-match press conference, "We have to be honest here. We have just beaten Barcelona in an away leg and have drawn away at our arch rivals to nearly win the title, we need to accept it is still a good point."

Mkhitaryan came closest for Borussia Dortmund, as he hit the bar from a header in the later stages of the first-half, in the end both teams settled for a bore draw.

Dortmund vs Nurnberg 2-0

A completely rotated XI from Joshua Bean still defeated the relegation battling side, as his own side moved closer and closer to this third successive Bundesliga title, to truly throw Bayern Munich off of their perch in current success, not historical of course.

32 year old, Turkish midfielder, Mehmet Topal, scored the opening goal of the game bang on the half an hour mark with a low strike from just inside the area going through the legs of the Nurnberg goalkeeper Rakovsky.

The keeper looked away in dismay as he realised what a mess he had made of the shot but it mattered little to Topal as the veteran midfielder jumped on the back of his team mate Fellaini, to celebrate with the fans.

The game was done and dusted when cheap but still carrying a huge impact striker, Leigh Griffiths from formerly of Celtic, latched onto a through ball by Gonzalo Castro and the Scottish striker powered the ball home into the bottom corner.

FC Koln VS Dortmund: German Cup Semi-Finals 1-2

A match that ran a lot tighter than Bean and his side ever would have wished and it was nearly thwarted by their own player, who was player for FC Koln. Luis Henrique, the superstar from Brazil, has been enjoying an average loaned season at the fellow German side, but with permission to play from his feeder club, the youngster scored the opening goal from the penalty spot after 53 minutes.

With just 15 minutes remaining and only one goal in it, Joshua Bean ordered his side of superstars to push forwards and attack like there was no tomorrow, "Why get knocked out 1-0 not trying, I would prefer losing 3 or 4-0 and at least say my side tried."

With these 15 minutes remaining, Park Joo-Ho found himself being closed down on the far side, but with his fresh legs having come on for Jorge, the fullback was able to knock the ball past his opponent and whip in a vicious cross which Portuguese winger Bruma rose the highest to meet and the goal soared past the clutches of the diving keeper.

But the following minutes were just not bringing success for Dortmund, FC Koln were doing a superb job and with holding out the expensive superstars of Dortmund.

But a hopeful looking cross from Mario Fernandes in the 93rd minute of the match, found Bruma and the winger was trapped on the corner line inside the area, instead of forcing Bruma out another two inches therefore off the pitch to earn a goal kick, Sorenson challenged him rather too enthusiasticly and Bruma went down like he had been shot.

The referee pointed to the spot and Paul Pogba, as well as breaking the transfer world record this year, broke FC Koln hearts when he converted to send Dortmund to another DFB-Pokal final.

Dortmund VS Wolfsburg 1-0

Despite knowing that winning here today would clinch the title, Bean sprung yet another fully rotated XI, thinking about the Champions League Semi-Final first leg against Manchester United next week.

As a result it was a boring but a win all the same.

But one moment of magic, from Leigh Griffiths, who scored the winner in the World Club Cup after 30 minutes, scored the one and only goal yet again, this time after 39 minutes, as a strike from his boot brought home yet another trophy in his debut season.

A long ball from Gonzalo Castro, allowed Griffiths to run onto the ball and from around 25 yards he let fly with a rocket which flew into the top corner, sending the players and fans into pandemonium.

It turned out to be the only goal of the game, as Dortmund went on to lift a third successive Bundesliga title.

We caught up with manager Joshua Bean as well as some players who played and some of the key ones who were rested.

Joshua Bean:
"Well what can I say! Three titles in three years? Not even I could have dreamed of this, when I first joined. I knew I had the ability and I knew I had the players. But three years in a row with one of the strongest Bayern Munich sides in history around with you? I just can't believe it! Of course I have to thank the players and the fans, but the fans mainly. This trophy is for you, heck every trophy I win is for you guys. I hope you all have a pint for me!"

Leigh Griffiths:
"I am speechless. Truly. I just don't know what to say anymore. I have won plenty of league titles at Celtic of course, but it isn't the same is it? Like it is a less famous league... And of course the competition isn't as high. No offence intended to the other teams but its just not is it! To score the winner in a World Club Cup final was amazing! To score the goal to bring home the title, regardless of the fact it was all but won, still means the world. I know next season I am not certain to be the backup with youngsters coming back from loan but I am happy for at what I have done."

Paul Pogba:
"Well league title after league title in Italy and then a league title here! Already in my career I have won more than lots of players ever do and the feeling of joy never goes away!"

Marco Reus:
"Unreal man just unreal! The success we are building here under Bean is earth shattering, I truly believe we are on the verge of one of the greatest footballing dynasties of all time. I mean if we carry on in this vein of form for some years to come, this could be the era that Borussia Dortmund are considered the best team!"

Dortmund VS Manchester United: Champions League Semi-Final First leg, 2-0

This semi-final leg, saw a rematch between the two sides who faced off in the last Champions League final, which Borussia Dortmund eventually won on penalties.

The good form just kept running for Borussia Dortmund, who were untouchable in the league, having just won it and still being unbeaten. They were not of course, unbeaten in the Champions League but they had been mighty impressive.

Former Manchester United youngster Paul Pogba, who controversially walked on the club and Sir Alex Ferguson, opened the scoring for Dortmund, with a bullet header from just six yards out thanks to a great cross from Mario Fernandes.

With a simple 1-0 on the cards, Bean knew that was possibly to slender of a lead to defend at Old Trafford and as his side bombed forward under his attack, Mkhitaryan skinned Luke Shaw with ease before dragging the ball back for Aubameyang who found the back of the net with a first time finish with seconds remaining on the clock.

Frankfurt VS Dortmund 0-2

A bread and butter victory for Dortmund here against a much weaker side. It took them 45 minutes to open the scoring, to the credit of the defenders, who were impressive up to this point.

The defence left Julian Weigl unmarked from a corner and the young German midfielder was able to poke it home from close range.

A near identical goal from Aubameyang five minutes into the second half, saw Dortmund leave with all three points without any real problems.

Monthly Awards

That is an outstanding month! :O You have one intense month left to secure another couple of important trophies, good luck!
Think you might be establishing your own empire in Germany here mate!

As I walked out onto the hollowed turf of Old Trafford, the famous ground of Manchester United, England's most successful club, I could feel the defeatist attitude around the ground.

The home fans had little hope, which for a club the stature of Manchester United, was odd. But I couldn't blame them. Their side trailed 2-0 after the first leg and they are facing the current UEFA Supercup, German Supercup, World Club Cup and Bundesliga champions of this season and still defending Champions League winners.

They were trailing 2-0 to arguably one of the best sides in the world and they were the team who beat them on penalties last season in the Champions League final.

I was still on the pitch in fact, viewing my sides pre-game warm ups and training session, when the PA system announced the Manchester United starting XI for the night.

David De Gea, Matteo Darmian, Eric Dier, Aymeric Laporte; Ander Herrera, Joao Mario, Bernado Silva, Bernard, Juan Mata and Anthony Martial.

Pace, pace and some more pace up front with Martial and Bernard. We would have to be careful there. It was evident that the side was announced early to try and make us overthink, but in my mind, there is no such thing as overthinking in football, merely under thinking or wrong ideas.

Mario Fernandes and Jorge were pulled aside as I ran them through their tactics defensively, for the night. It was clear and it was understood.

As I took my seat in the dugout and the United side prepared to take the kick-off I rubbed my hands, my God it was freezing tonight!

My sides controversial style of play, in which I instructed them to be rough, physical and ruthless when off the ball in order to win it back, was evident from the outset as boos rung down from the crowd, as Ruben Neves clattered through Ander Herrera just two minutes in.

As it turned out, Manchester United were not too fond of the physical style of play my side had while defending. In fact, they hated it. Shirking off the ball and asking their teammates to do the work.

It was this unwillingness to be on the ball which proved the final nail in the coffin.

A long through ball from former United youngster Paul Pogba, saw Aubameyang played through on goal, but despite the ball being too high for him to control, the defenders left him well alone allowing him to flick it on for Reus.

Reus's touch was heavy , only for the ball to run square in the penalty area. With a fear of being clattered from behind, neither Shaw or Dier was willing to claim the ball and eventually Aubameyang simply ran onto the loose ball and blasted it past a helpless David De Gea.

1-0 on the night, 3-0 on aggregate, there was no way that United were scoring four goals. It was game over and the fans knew this as some actually started leaving after just 15 minutes.

As the goal went in I merely just raised one hand in triumph as if to suggest I knew it was coming all along. To create a dynasty one must be successful over a period of time and in that period of time have at least one season where they dominated across the majority of the board. This season, as things stand we have the chance to dominate across the entire board.

Sadly for the neutrals, United had given up and I had no intention of gifting them a goal or two to build their confidence, with a naive gun-ho strategy and the home crowd had to watch another 75 minutes of my side playing out for the 1-0 win.

As the full-time whistle sounded out new Manchester United manager Unai Emery was no where to be seen, as he had already sulked down the tunnel. But heck if I cared, I was already jogging down the touchline, a mimic of Jose Mourinho all those years ago with Porto, as I ran over to celebrate with the away fans who were in ecstasy at yet another Champions League final.

But it wasn't the fact we were in the final that was so exciting, it was who we were to face. Bayern Munich had already booked their place in the Champions League final last night, I came to Dortmund to knock them off their perch, what better way to confirm that than to win every single trophy there is to win and to beat them in the biggest final of them all to do it?

It was unlikely that I will still be at Dortmund if they ever do overtake Munich in terms of league titles, but in the modern day, Borussia Dortmund were the new dynasty in Europe.

Justice: A month that could possibly make my side one of the best club sides in modern history ;)

mgriffin2012: It will be hard to ever overtake Munich in the quantity of domestic trophies, but I can certainly become the most dominant German side in this decade! ;)

A preview of two finals

Borussia Dortmund under the guidance of Joshua Bean, are on a run of form that can only be labelled as extraordinary.

Having already won four trophies this season alone, Joshua Bean has managed his side to the DFB-Pokal final and the Champions League final and here we will preview them both.

The DFB-Pokal Final: Borussia Dortmund VS RB Leipzig: Olympiastadion Berlin

A somewhat interesting match up awaits the fans of both these sides and German football fans across the globe, as Bundesliga winners face newly promoted second tier side RB Leipzig.

Just days before the DFB-Pokal final, RB Leipzig enjoyed promotion up to the Bundesliga where they will be excited to play Borussia Dortmund twice next season.

Due to the difference in leagues this season, it would obviously suggest a gulf in quality. But when you take into consideration the fact that the Bundesliga 2 club spent a mere £450,000 on players in the summer and winter transfer windows combined, it goes to show how vast the difference is.

Borussia Dortmund spend that much every two and a half weeks, on Paul Pogba's wages alone. In fact with the clubs recent promotion taken into account the entire club is worth an estimated £79 million.

Paul Pogba will cost Borussia Dortmund, £108 million alone. Paul Pogba, just one player for Borussia Dortmund, is worth £29 million more than the entire opposition club.

But finances aside, while everyone loves a David and Goliath story, no one, not even RB Leipzig own fans are truly expecting them to have any chance.

Regardless it is still going to be a day that they will never forget.

Borussia Dortmund fans prediction:

The fans were in optimistic mood when asked about their chances in the final, some even saying that if they lost, it could be the most humiliating moment in Dortmund's extensive history.

Scores of 5,6,7-0 were being thrown around but most agreed on a slight more sensible 3-0.

RB Leipzig fans prediction:

While there was some belief that they could upset the biggest of odds and win the DFB-Pokal most agreed that they did not have the ability to truly make this happen and predicted 2-0 to the Bundesliga side.

Players to watch:

For RB Leipzig the key performance if they are to have any chance will be that of the goalkeeper Martin Männel. The simple fact is, the entire side could have the performance of their lives and Dortmund are still going to create chances, they are simply that good.

So Martin Männel is going to have to be in rich form if they are able to see those chances out.

For Borussia Dortmund, the main man for the afternoon will be as usual German international, Marco Reus. The blonde haired German on the flanks has caused opposition trouble for years.

It will not be a shock if he proves to be way too much for the second tiered side.

Champions League Final: Borussia Dortmund VS Bayern Munich: Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

One of the biggest rivalries in German football, between the two modern day heavyweights of the competition.

Under Joshua Bean, Dortmund have quickly become the dominant side in recent history, but in terms of entire history, the achievements of the Yellow Wall and their side, pales in comparison to the true domination of German football that Bayern Munich has enjoyed.

But in football it is the modern day that matters on the pitch, with Borussia Dortmund dominating on the pitch these past few seasons, they are maybe for the first ever time, favourites to beat Bayern Munich in a major competition final.

Fans of the tournament of course will remember these two sides battling it out at Wembley in 2013, which saw the red of Bavaria lift the trophy after winning 2-1, this was their fifth of five total European trophies.

Dortmund however have two after winning in 1996-97 and last season under current manager Joshua Bean.

Speaking about the fact that Bean could become one of Dortmund's most successful ever managers if he wins in the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, he had this to say.

"Well of course, it is always a dream to become the best manager, or coach or even player of all time. But I am sure like myself, they would all tell you that while it is a dream of theirs, they very much think about the now and allow the fans and pundits of years to come to debate."

The reality is however, he has already surpassed his opposite number in the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Jurgen Klopp, by a large number of trophies. Klopp boasted two Bundesliga titles, a DFB-Pokal and DFL-SuperCup. Joshua Bean now however after just three seasons owns an impressive; three Bundesliga titles, one Champions League, a UEFA Supercup, one World Club Cup and one DFL-SuperCup.

What makes the tie even more interesting is the fact that Bean and Klopp, simply can not stand each other. In fact Bean once went as far as to claim "he [Klopp] is living off pest credits. He did exceptionally well here that is in no doubt, but he failed at Liverpool he was there for a total of 709 days I have been told, but in those 709 days he failed to deliver a single trophy of any kind, they finished fifth both seasons and he still spent £120 million. £120 million just to finish with no trophies and fifth both seasons? Awful that."

Fans predictions:

As to be expected, the fans consensus is split 50/50. Dortmund fans of course believe they will win and Munich fans of course believe they can win.

Munich fans have pointed to the fact that they are by far more successful in all competitions, showing that their side won't crack under any form of pressure. But with Dortmund being the favourites in the eyes of the pundits, then they are the ones under pressure to perform.

Borussia Dortmund fans however have argued that, a side does not get into the position of a sextuplet trophy haul by the end of one campaign, by cramping up under pressure. Furthermore, with just two league games left to play, Dortmund are still undefeated, meaning they are on the verge of an Invincibles side.

Dortmund fans and Munich fans agree however that it will be close. Munich fans mainly went for 2-1 in normal time, where as Dortmund fans have reversed the scoreline in their favour and say it will happen after extra-time.

Players to look out for:

In the red corner of Bayern Munich, they look to Mario Gotze, the former Dortmund man, to bring them home their sixth European trophy. He is not a man who suffers on the big stage, if you cast your mind back several years ago he scored the winning goal in the World Cup Final in 2014 against Argentina.

For Borussia Dortmund a lot of fans are stating that Paul Pogba has the main responsibility on his shoulders for this game. He has to create the sides attacks, while not over committing himself as Munich are to be feared on the counter-attack. His attacking and defensive abilities will be stretched to the maximum in the home of Real Madrid.

Good luck mate, hopefully you're going to add two more medals to an ever growing collection!
As the fans' flag reads: F*CK BAYERN!!! Good luck in both finals mate, bring 'em both home :D

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