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Overthrowing an Empire: One Yellow Wall at a time.

It is time for the bullying super power that is Bayern Munich to be overthrown for good and here is my journey to do so.
Started on 23 May 2016 by BeanyUnited
Latest Reply on 13 September 2016 by BeanyUnited
Two awesome finals to be playing in, good luck in both!
Griffen: Thanks a lot dude! Doing well so far this season if I say so myself ;)

Jack: Going to be a tough clash but hopefully we can indeed F**k Bayern :)

Justice: Thanks a lot dude! Two contrasting finals indeed :)

Dortmund cruise against minnows

Coming into the DFB-Pokal final, Joshua Bean and Borussia Dortmudn fans could have been forgiven for their confidence coming into the match. When they reached the final and learnt that their opponents would be Bundesliga 2 side RB Leipzig they knew full well that the final was theirs if they played anywhere near their best.

While it may not have been their best ever performance, Marco Reus opened the scoring inside two minutes, when Leigh Griffiths competed for the ball and it floated towards Mkhitaryan who headed it back towards the far post where Reus was waiting patiently to tap it home.

RB Leipzig fans were disheartened by now, as they knew if they were to win today they needed to keep a clean sheet for at least 60 minutes. But they now needed to chase the game.

Just 10 minutes later, Paul Pogba found himself with time and space on the ball about 35 yards out, he looked up and spotted the run of Mkhitaryan at the far post. With a stunning curled pass, the ball landed near enough on the shoes of Mkhitaryan who volleyed the ball into the back of the net.

Joshua Bean was already shaking hands with his coaching staff, as if to suggest that he thought the game was already over.

The Dortmund fans, who were being spoilt by success in recent years, were still delighted to see their side surging towards yet another trophy.

It was still only the first half, but the game was well and truly over when Mkhitaryan added his second of the game, the winger collected a short pass from Pogba on the edge of the area and was able to jinx past his only marker and curl the ball into the bottom corner.

It was an oddly damp final, with the game over by the 30th minute.

RB Leipzig can boast that they scored a goal themselves, when they headed home from a corner, but they didn't push Dortmund any further than that and it was trophy number five out of six this season for Bean and his side.

After the final whistle, as the fans and players celebrated together, Joshua Bean had a quick post-match interview on pitch side and he had this to say.

"Of course I am delighted! No disrespect to RB Leipzig but we knew full well that the final was ours for the taking, the gulf in class is evident in the money spent for example. They were however, a credit to the competition. They made us work hard today and even scored to prevent a clean sheet. They can be proud of their performance in my eyes. There is only so much a lower league side can do against the current dominant force in Europe.

I am honoured to win the trophy for a second time in my career as manager and it goes nicely with the five other trophies we have won so far. It was of course not the biggest final we have coming up in these two weeks, but because of today, the fans have another night to celebrate and we are still on for a historic sextuplet. Thank you to the fans for travelling as always and we will see you in Madrid!

Congratulations on winning the trophy, another great moment in the manager's already-glittering career!
Brilliant mate! Hats off to you!
I never thought I would be in this position. I never thought that I would one day be in a police cell, let alone charged with man slaughter. The story was all over the world news with half an hour. My life was ruined.

It happened several hours ago, at seven minutes past five in the afternoon. I was midway through my drive home from work, a hell of a commute, nearly two hours. But the high pay and expenses I claimed made it worth it.

At seven minutes past five, I was roughly one hour into my commute home, when suddenly the dark sky overhead opened up and down pored what was being labelled 'the worst storm in Germany for 50 years.'

I had no choice but to carry on, I was on a bending and twisting country road, there were no places to pull over and stop. If I did so I would be more likely to be hit by an oncoming car.

Of course I slowed down as the heavens opened, I was no religious man, but I was starting to think Armageddon was finally upon the human race. Lightning and thundered crashed all around me and in all honesty I had never been so scared in all my life.

Sadly, I had no clue that this was the nicest part of the next few hours.

According to police reports, about 20 minutes had passed, by this point in the story. So lets just stick with that.

20 minutes later my cars bluetooth system dialled rapidly, as multiple calls from my wife were bombarding my phone. I hesitated to answer, but by the fourth call I looked around to make sure there were no cars nearby and I answered. Hands free of course, it was Bluetooth after all.

"Hi honey.... Yes, yes I am fine I promise, no no... the weather is awful I know but I am safe I promise... Yes I am fine! Sorry what was that? Darling slow down! What do you mean Lucy has been hospitalised!?"

As I filtered the news that my youngest daughter had been rushed to hospital after collapsing at school, my mind was far from on the road. I was already mentally planning the route to the hospital instead of home.

I didn't notice my foot pressing down on the accelerator.

I didn't notice my speedometer reach 70MPH on a tight country road.

I didn't notice the all black Bentley in front of me.

I noticed nothing until my world exploded.

I had hit the Bentley head on at 74MPH the police examiner estimated, going off the damage caused to both cars. I was sent flying onto the wheel, but thankfully the airbags went off and I was cushioned from the collision. Several moments passed and I was dazed and confused.

What had happened?

I looked up, to see the scene from my nightmares.

In front of me, no more than a few metres away, a mangled remains of an expensive car was tangled around my vehicle, I was strong enough to push myself out of the seat and rush to the drivers aid.

I yanked open the door and saw a scene which would have been well suited in a horror movie.

There was blood everywhere, the mans face was just a pool of mess. Ironically, the judge would later point out, I was one of the most well respected physicians in the country, due to my job I could tell the damage of someone just by looking at them.

Looking at this poor, un-moving man, I knew I had killed him.

I called the police and an ambulance, I didn't bother to try and run. My car was too damaged to drive and even if I did run off they could merely trace my number plate in seconds.

I decided to try for a pulse as a last gasp attempt, because I didn't want to admit that I was about to go to jail for a very long time. I turned the mans head towards me to try for a pulse and fell back in horror.

It was at that moment I realised that this crash would be reported, in every town, in every city, in every pub throughout the entire world.

The death of any man would be bad enough.

But the man before was instantly recognisable.

My face would never be forgotten, my life was ruined.

This is where my story comes to an end because in my arms, I cradled the now lifeless, bloodied body of Borussia Dortmund manager Joshua Bean.
:O :O :O :O
Dun dun dun. That is some drama
What the?? This is sad news man but extremely well written :(
Yes everybody, you read that right. On the verge of a Champions League final I, Joshua Bean, was involved in a fatal car accident. Kind of a bummer I know! However all is not lost, as over in England, a fantastic new story is developing that I would like you to join me in reading.

But until then, thank you for divulging into my life and celebrating with me as we won trophy after trophy.

Have I mentioned Celtic yet ;)

Finally I would personally like to thank everyone who made this story so fun to write and those who gave constant feedback to make me feel as if my story was getting somewhere. Pop over to my new story and lets have fun again!

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