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Overthrowing an Empire: One Yellow Wall at a time.

It is time for the bullying super power that is Bayern Munich to be overthrown for good and here is my journey to do so.
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10:30 am, 11th February, 2018

They say you know exactly where you are and when it happens, when the biggest moment of your life comes around. Looking back on just hours ago, I already know this is the biggest moment of my life, my managerial one at the very least. It is unlikely to get close to being this good again, in terms of short-term euphoria.

But wait hold up, I am getting ahead of myself here, the words are just writing themselves even now as I mean to correct to myself I can't stop!!

Today I was
Earlier today I wa
Ok lets start over..... I was sat in my living room, the TV on as I read the morning paper, of course I got most of the news I needed on global events and sorting events, from the internet. But I do enjoy reading a well argued piece by respected journalists, especially on political events.

I could hear the local sports news station on the TV in the background, declaring 'Breaking News' and they panned outside the historic stadium. My eyes shot upwards, onto the TV. Why were they there? What was going on here??

The reporter was speaking hurriedly as security were desperately trying to make room, for the people leaving. The reporter's from all over the world were speeding through their reports.

I was glued to the TV screen.

"and earlier today, (they) shocked the footballing world by announcing that (he) was to leave his job. There is no rumours as to who is linked with the job, but one thing for certain is the supporters will be worried."

I wasn't expecting the following phone call, but as a supporter I was taking an interest.

Suddenly, the guitar riff from Blink 182's all time hit 'All The Small Things' started blaring out, signalling that my phone was being called. I nearly fell out of my chair as I grabbed for the phone.

Unknown number? This is odd I thought.

"Hi this is Josh Bean, who's speaking?"

"Hi Joshua, this is (......) I am delighted to get a hold of you. I am guessing you have heard the news?"

"Of course, it is all over the news!!"

"Well I think you understand why we are here, so lets cut to the chase, we want to offer you an interview to discuss the opportunity. You are the main candidate by far and we would be delighted if you joined us."

I was in shock. Me? Surely not? But I knew that there could only be one answer.

"I will be there, say 1pm tomorrow? Don't tell the news stations. Thank you sir."

Several moments later after finalising travel details, I put the phone down. I wiped my brow.

I had a hell of a lot to think about.

I looked at the TV once more 'Roberto Martinez sacked' screamed the bulletin down the bottom of the screen, the phone call was near enough an offer to replace him, the meeting tomorrow was nothing more than a formality. They knew I would never turn down this job.

I picked up my phone once more, thinking momentarily before finding my parents number, I called and waited for them to pick up.

They would kill me if I didn't tell them instantly.

Tell them that their son was to be the England maager.
Wow! So well written man, love it, see if you can better what Allardyce will be doing

Joshua Bean hired as the next England manager

In news that shocked the footballing world, Roberto Martinez who enjoyed stints with Wigan and Everton, before taking over from a retiring Roy Hodgson was sacked earlier yesterday morning.

Current Borussia Dortmund manager Joshua Bean, has been appointed on a three year deal, which will see him through the coming World Cup and the 2020 Euros.

It is understood that he will remain Borussia Dortmund manager, much to the relief of the players and fans as they currently sit a top the Bundesliga table, undefeated and still in all cup competitions.

The FA cited "a lack of player to manager agreement" as the reason for the surprise decision to let their man go, just five months before the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

In essence this is a politically spun way of saying that, the players wanted Martinez out and they got him out. Some have argued that players having such influence is a dangerous thing, but so close to a World Cup the FA believed they couldn't risk a squad of discontented players if they were to have any chance.

The FA move quickly for Bean

According to a source close to the English manager, his club Borussia Dortmund, were in fact contacted by The FA, before the announcement of Martinez's sacking, was even broadcasted on all news channels.

The club knew about the approach for Bean, before Bean even knew Martinez was sacked, suggesting that they had decided some time ago to sack their current manager and instantly chose Bean as the replacement.

It took just over 24 hours, for Bean to arrive in London, meet the interviewing committee, take a tour around Wembley and ST Georges Park and be announced to the press as the new manager after signing his new contract.

Joshua Bean has decided to meet the worlds press tomorrow afternoon, but without a press officer or members of the FA besides him. It is believed he wants this as without them at his side, he is able to have a more open and honest press conference, something he enjoys in Germany.

How will Dortmund cope?

As it was there manager, after giving permission for Bean to speak to the England national team, they simply released the following statement.

"We have been approached by the English FA in relation to the services of Joshua Bean, after assurances that he will be allowed to occupy both roles simultaneously we gave them permission. It is out understand that Bean is on his way to London to complete these talks."

They made it abundantly clear to fans that Dortmund were keeping their manager regardless of what happens with England.

The question is, will Dortmund cope with their manager being away from the club so often?

The answer, is simply yes.

Logically he will keep scouting similar between the two clubs, in other words, he will have his assistant manager and other trusted members of the England backroom staff, watch potential players, while he is managing Dortmund.

The under 21's and under 18's are likely to be run as they are at Dortmund, with Bean allowing the managers to play who they wish, as long as they stick to the tactics and formations of the first team, to allow players to be moulded and ready for first team action.

Of course Bean will be asked if he is able to fulfil the demands of both jobs, but I personally see no reason as to why he can't.

England as they stand

The weirdest part of the Martinez sacking was that while the players were supposedly not enjoying part of his regime, but his form has been impressive. He has controlled 12 matches which they have won 10, drew one and only lost one.

It if form that can't be argued with, they were playing attacking and fast paced football. But for whatever reason, the players had not taken to his hands on approach, some sources claiming that they believed Martinez was always on the brink of destroying their form, by tampering with the tactics too much.

In fact, they had won 10 in 10 and then went on to draw and lose their next two games with players blaming Martinez for messing with the tactics too much.

Bean will be taking over a strong England squad which also boasts a strong influx of youth, which is exactly what Bean enjoys at Borussia Dortmund.

The current squad and rumours of whether they will remain

Here we will be looking at the current England squad left behind by Roberto Martinez and we play debate whether Bean will keep them for the World Cup in a few months.


Joe Hart: The current England and Manchester City number one, at 30 years old, Hart has made a reputation for himself as being a reliable shot stopper in his earlier days, but as age creeps, so have the mistakes. He stands little chance of adding to his 79 caps, as Bean prefers younger goal keepers as well as openly stating he is not a fan of Hart last season, when his Dortmund side faced Manchester City in the Champions League.

Jack Butland: This is a man who will be optimistic about Beans's arrival. Before signing Rulli, Joshua Bean openly admitted that he was looking at Jack Butland, but the keeper's asking price was set too high by Stoke City and to the respect of Bean, Butland was keen to remain at the club. Expect him to be the starter.

Fraser Forster: The current Sunderland keeper is of course in contention for the starting spot, with Butland only slightly ahead of him, one could argue a run of good form could see the former Celtic man, starting between the posts.


Luke Shaw: The 23 year old left back, has been one of the best Premier League player these past three seasons. He has been simply sensational for Manchester United and it is obvious he will remain a key England player, especially with Bean liking younger players.

Nathaniel Clyne: The right back for Liverpool, has been in equally superb form in the past two to three seasons. The 27 year old is hitting his prime just before the biggest few months of his career and it is obvious that Bean will be keeping the Liverpool man around.

Calum Chambers: Another right back and another former Southampton player, now playing for Arsenal. The youngster has enjoyed a steadily growing career at Arsenal and excluding injury to Clyne, he more than likely won't be starter, it would be a surprise if he was not included in Joshua Bean's squad plans. He also fits in at centre back so could be a good, young utility option for Bean.

Kyle Walker: Another right back and another player that Joshua Bean has in the past, openly claimed he is not a fan of. The exact words were along the lines of, "Yes he is incredibly quick, but that just goes to show how bad his marking and positioning is that he is found out of position so often. He wouldn't be playing under me any time soon." So do not expect the Tottenham man to retain his place.

Kieran Gibbs: Currently at Aston Villa, the former Arsenal man has never lived up to his expectation. He is unlikely to retain a place under Joshua Bean.

Centre backs

Chris Smalling: A very strong centre back who has performed well both for international and club sides. If it wasn't for the sudden burst of ability from John Stones then Smalling would be the main man at the back, he will for sure keep his spot.

Gary Cahill: At 32 years of age, the current Chelsea third choice centre back, will more than likely be cut so close to his final World Cup. Bean liking to player younger players as they can fulfil he demands of high work rate is one thing, but 32 is too old for most managers. Alongside the fact that he is struggling to get game time for Chelsea, then it seems a forgone conclusion that he is gone.

John Stones: The 22 year old centre back joined Manchester City in 2016 for £33.25 million and ever since he has been one of the best centre backs in the league and Europe. He is the nailed on starting centre back and players will be fighting to play alongside him.

Phil Jones: The Manchester United centre back is another young English player that has never truly fulfilled his potential. Once tipped to be the best Manchester United player of all time by Sir Alex Ferguson, he has yet to become the best centre back in this current squad. He is a 50/50 as he is a very athletic centre back which Bean approves of.

Wingers/attacking midfielders

James Milner: The workhorse of English football, the man that his split opinions for years. At 32 years old his best attribute of stamina and hard work, is starting to fade. He should be seriously be worried about his place in the side, as Bean looks to test out several younger and quicker options.

Theo Walcott: Yet another former Southampton player, who joined Arsenal at a young age. Now at 28 years of age and 63 caps for England later, he has never really proven himself. Look for Walcott to be shifted to the side if Bean can find a true replacement.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: Yet another Arsenal player who has come from Southampton, the winger is another who was highly tipped and has yet to payback those who believed in him. He has the pace but his first touch is very poor for a want to be international player. Expect him to be a 50/50 call from Bean.

Raheem Sterling: The young Manchester City winger has already racked up an impressive 43 appearances at just the age of 23 and his by far one of England's best players (yeah I know guys I can't believe it either) he is a certainty to be a starter for Bean.

Ross Barkley: Another young Manchester City player and another star player. He will be in the squad 100% but with Bean not playing attacking central midfielders, instead opting for a defensive midfielder to sure up the spine of his team, it will be interesting to see if Barkley is able to gather much game time. He of course could always be an impact substitute from the bench. But that could be a big risk to play.

Central and defensive midfielders

Jack Wilshere: The Arsenal midfielder was tipped to be one of the greatest English players of all time and well, that has just not happened. Not even close. In fact if Joshua Bean was to stick himself in central midfield in the opening game of the World Cup, he would still be applauded for not selecting Wilshere. To make it even weirder that Martinez kept him, he has yet to play all season for Arsenal. This summer he is to become a free agent. Don't expect him to be involved with England at least for this summer.

Fabian Delph: This is another obvious one. Delph will be no where near the World Cup squad under Joshua Bean, he is not even close to being good enough, alongside the fact that he isn't Joshua Bean's style of player. He has next to no chance.

Eric Dier: Arguably England's best player and one of the best central midfielders in the World. Dier has been gracing the turf of Old Trafford for two seasons now and has wowed fans all over the world. He is a certainty.

Dele Ali: The young central midfielder who was discovered by MK Dons, who now is a key player for Tottenham in front of a huge crowd at the 'New White Hart Lane' stadium, he is another certainty for Bean. Whether he starts or not is up to him, but he will 100% be in the squad that is for sure.

Danny Drinkwater: This is a tough one. He performs excellently for Leicester, week in, week out. But is he really international standard? Is it more down to the fact that Leicester have their tactics so well tuned that every player can perform out of his skin? That seems far more likely, regardless, Drinkwater is still someone to think about.

James Ward-Prowse: The very young Southampton player, he has only played four times so far for England. But he is everything Bean likes in a central midfielder. In my personal opinion he will not be a starter this coming World Cup but he will in fact be in the squad.


Wayne Rooney: 118 appearances and 48 goals (how he hasn't broken the record yet I do not know), Wayne Rooney is just two goals away from breaking England's all time goal scoring record, held by Sir Bobby Charlton who has 49. But it may be over for the 32 year old, whose performances have dropped drasticlly in the past two seasons and Joshua Bean is not the sort of manager to hold on to players for sentiment unless he is personally close to them. Expect Wayne Rooney to make front and back page news, as he is stripped of the England captaincy and booted from the squad.

Danny Welbeck: A player who is hugely underrated, but still not quite good enough to the be the mains striker. He could potentially be a squad player for Joshua Bean, but he may want to move on from the Arsenal man and try new faces.

Harry Kane: is certain to be the starter for Joshua Bean if he sticks to his one up top. Harry Kane has played 30 games and scored 34 goals. Yes that is right, 30 games but 34 goals. He is on course to smash the England goal scoring record out of the park and Joshua Bean will be looking to utilise him.

Danial Sturridge: A certain squad player many people would suggest, he hasn't been in the best of form of late, but he is explosive off the ball so he should always be considered.
Hello everyone I have only just noticed that my story has reached over 10,000 views! First story of mine to ever do so. Just want to say thank you to everyone who reads regularly and especially to those who have commented :)

Thanks also to Felix for his amazing banner as well as kits for next season :)

Hope you are all enjoying, onto 20,000! :)

To celebrate falling in love with the yellow of Borussia Dortmund here is a great cover of an even greater song.

Wow mate! This is great and congrats on 10,000 views! Any decent regens coming through the England ranks yet? Keep up the good work!
Love that picture of Phil Jones :)) But congratulations on reaching 10,000 views man! A real achievement for any creator on here :) Keep up the good work dude
@Atoobie Thanks a lot dude as always your feedback is greatly appreciated! :)

@LFC Thanks a lot dude glad to see you still reading :)

@Jack Thanks a lot dude! Nearly as good as your story now ;)
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Joshua Bean meets the English press for the first time

As Joshua Bean entered the press room here at St George's Park, the worlds press surrounded him, but the number of press from England was something he was yet to experience.

Joshua Bean's rise to the top has been the stuff of fairy tales, being appointed manager of Borussia Dortmund despite no prior managerial experience to his name at just the age of 21 and now three and a half seasons later he has; three Bundesliga titles, two DFB-Pokal cups, a German Super Cup, a UEFA Super Cup, a Champions League and a World Club Cup.

He has now just been named the manager of England, alongside his club role.

The Englishmen took his seat and welcomed the press and thanked them for coming along, now it was time for the questioning.

Press transcript

The Sun: "So Joshua, first of all welcome to the job. Now, can I ask, what was your initial reaction when you were offered the job?"

Joshua Bean: "I was beyond ecstatic. To manager one's own country is, in my opinion, the pinnacle of anyone's career. Especially with a World Cup literally just months away, that is something to be proud of for sure."

The Sun follow up: "Thank you and quickly, have you had time to meet the players as of yet. Or at least speak to some of them?"

Joshua Bean: "Well only being in the job for some 24 hours now, you would assume I would not have been able to. But I have managed to speak to ever single current squad player, whether via phone, them players coming to my hotel or the FA flying me about. It has been a hectic 24 hours, but I believe it was vital that I spoke to them before speaking to the press about them."

The Daily Mirror: "Josh, welcome. Could you comment on if there are any players that you know for certain who will be dropped from the current squad, when it comes to your first squad in just two months time?"

Joshua Bean: "Well I have spoken to every single player so there is no reason not to be honest. Yes there will be changes to the squad, as you know I am a manager who prefers to play youth players, the oldest starting player I have at Borussia Dortmund is 29 years of age. The average age is 25. I believe to leave a mark on an international team, youth is important. Expect to see fresh faces and the current younger players to be made starters rather than impact subs.

The Daily Mail: "Can you confirm who will be dropped then?"

Joshua Bean: "No I can not, it is too early to say for certain, even if I knew for sure, I would not tell you I am afraid as it is insulting to the players I mention."

The Telegraph: "Simply yes or no. Will Wayne Rooney remain captain and if not, is there a space for him in your squad?"

Joshua Bean: "Now this is one I can confirm. After talks with Roy Hodgson, Roberto Martinez and staff at the FA, they have all confirmed to me that Wayne, was a vital piece in every single player revolt. That is not the kind of player that I will have at my club and it is certainly not a player I would have on an international stage. I can confirm that he has no spot in my side.

The Guardian: "Josh, first of all can I thank you for your respect and honesty you are showing us. Could I ask you simply, what are your aims in the long term but also for the World Cup in a few months?"

Joshua Bean: "Well of course I want to win the coming World Cup, a quarter-final loss would be the minimum for a nation of this size and stature, even that would be disappointing. As for long-term, I want to leave this country with multiple international trophies as well as a secure future.

With several more questions being thrown his way, Bean eventually thanked the press for their time and left in a calm fashion. One thing was for certain, England, for good or for bad, was entering a very, very different football regime.
Yes!! I love you as England boss already! F*ck Wayne Rooney :)) Good luck bro
jeez thats an army of journalists right there ;)
Congrats on ten thousand views and the England job, always pressure that comes with it so good luck
@Jack The man has had two years on real life and still hasn't beaten the record!!! Harry Kane will break it very soon in my game I think so we need to get him off those set pieces ;)

@Atoobie Ikr I was swampped under ;) Nah I thought best leave it to papers I know well :)

@Ninja As always thank you Ninja!
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February Review

It was an incredibly busy month, becoming England manager alongside eight Dortmund games to over see. But of course with the form my men were in this season, the month was outstanding.

Mainz VS Dortmund 1-3

On a day of awful weather, Joshua Bean sent the travelling away fans home with a smile on their faces, as they saw their rather drenched team, batter the home side.

A simply yet deadly counter-attack, rounded off by a bullet header from Mkhitaryan opened the scoring on the day, after just six minutes.

It wasn't until six minutes into the second half however that the second goal came, courtesy of the penalty spot for Mainz following a foul from José Giménez

But Dortmund regrouped and regained control of the match, with Aubameyang scoring literally 39 seconds later, volleying home from a perfect cross by Jorge.

An intricate bit of play from Ruben Neves found Paul Pogba inside the area and the French international blasted the ball home, for his fifth of the season.

Hannover VS Dortmund: DFB-Pokal Quarter-final 0-3

A truly shambolic display from the home team in a big game, while the Dortmund side put out by Bean was of course favourites. Hannover were not even worthy of a 3-0 drumming, as Dortmund also dominated shots and possession, reaching 67% possession throughout the match.

Jorge scored a rare goal for his side after 35 minutes, his first of the season, with a sweet volley into the to corner following a blocked Aubameyang shot.

The second goal was rather more simple, with José Giménez doubling his seasons goal tally to two, as a Marco Reus corner to the back post, was met strongly by the Spanish player and his header hit the far post and rolled in.

Aubameyang of course managed to get on the score sheet once again, after his curling effort hit the underside of the bar and bounced over the line before anyone could hack it clear. The home fans were furious post-match and heaped enormous pressure on their side to improve.

Dortmund VS Bayern Munich 5-2

Former Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp was desperate to ignite a war of words with Joshua Bean, which the Dortmund manager had no problems in joining even claiming that Klopp was "vastly overrated and living off past glories". To which Klopp argued that his side would show up Bean and Dortmund come Saturday afternoon. That claim couldn't have gone much more painfully bad.

Just 15 minutes in, Pogba scored a stunning goal with a first time shot across goal into the far corner, to take the lead for the home side, following a wonderful pass from Julian Weigl his midfield partner.

But Dortmund's joy was short lived as Lucianno Vietto took advantage of some shoddy position from Gerónimo Rulli and he slotted the ball in at the near post.

But it was the visitors turn to be let down as Bean, who previously had only managed his side to one win in five against Munich, saw a wonderful first time ball from Paul Pogba play in Aubameyang, who rounded Neuer in goal and passed it into the net. 2-1 and only 18 minutes gone!

Sadly however, yet another mistake from Gerónimo Rulli allowed Thomas Muller to this time score at his near post, heading home from a wonderful cross by Depay.

The first half had already seen four goals, but it was about to see a fifth. A whipped in corner from Reus was headed towards the near post by Mehmet Topal, the midfielder found Julian Weigl how headed towards goal and José Giménez scored his second goal this month when he poked the ball home.

Weigl and José Giménez were pictured laughing and hugging as the joked about whether the latter and stolen the Germans goal. But Weigl snatched a late headed goal of his own, meet the ball at speed, from an Aubameyang cross to make it 4-2.

With the home fans already partying, almost as if to suggest that they thought the title was already a forgone conclusion with this result, José Giménez headed home from another Marco Reus corner to make it four goals in three games for the Spanish centre back.

Dortmund VS Hamburg 1-1

After such an emphatic win, Dortmund were heavily in front in the Bundesliga, pulling away from Munich. With that in mind, as well as the congested fixture list, Joshua opted to play a completely rotated starting XI.

Winger and debutante Negueba scored for Borussia Dortmund after 20 minutes, as they took the lead after some hard fought battling just outside of the Hamburg area.

After winning the ball, Park Joo-Ho threaded the ball through to Negueba and the 20 year old winger curled it past the on rushing keeper.

In reality Dortmund should have scored at least two more, by the time Hamburg equalised. Leigh Griffiths struck the bar with a volley from the edge of the area and Xabi Alonso went narrowly wide with a header from a corner.

But in the end, Dortmund were made to pay, as Hamburg drew level courtesy of Anthony Ujah latching onto a long ball from his goal keeper, before bringing the ball down with one touch and blasting it into the far right corner, from a good 20 odd yards out.

In the end a draw was acceptable for both sides.

Werder Bremen VS Dortmund 2-3

A thoroughly entertaining Bundesliga clash between the undefeated league leaders and the mid-table home side in Werder Bremen.

Mkhitaryan scored arguably the goal of the season, with a stunning scissor kick following a good cross from Mario Fernandes, after just one minute.

Mkhitaryan had a hand in the second goal also, but this wasn't well played it was defensively shambolic. Multiple missed tackles and a sloppy back pass saw the winger find Aubameyang unmarked in the area and he casually slotted it into the corner.

But, for what would turn out to be the first of two occasions, Bremen pulled the game back to just a single goal between the sides, as Rulli pulled off his best 2010 World Cup, Rob Green impression.

With the scores 2-1, Bean perhaps would be looking at his strikers to again score, but the goal came from Shkodran Mustafi as he headed home from a corner.

Rulli was also at fault as a header from the edge of the area bounced harmlessly towards him and he managed to dive over the ball. In the end his mistakes did not cose Dortmund and they extended their unbeaten run with another three points.

Juventus VS Dortmund: Last 16 0-2

A hugely important game if Dortmund were to retain their Champions League winners status, an away trip to the Old Lady.

One criticism of Juventus's style of play was that sides who make their wingers a priority as well as fullbacks, have a good chance of creating chances. Today saw Jorge play out of his skin.

He assisted Aubameyang for the opening after surging down the left flank, skinning two defenders on his way, a cross that was so perfect it would have landed on a sixpence, Aubameyang barely had to leave the ground to head the ball in.

The game was rather dull in all honesty, but an individual piece of magic by Reus saw him tee up Julian Weigl who was able to place it deftly past the keeper to make it 2-0.

As the final whistle sounded, Bean looked confident in his sides chances as they grabbed the two away goals.

Dortmund VS Hannover 3-0

A bread and butter result as they say. Joshua Bean for the second time this month decided to field his second XI as he gave his first team the day off after their impressive away performance during the week.

Gonzalo Castro opened the scoring with a deflected shot just four yards out, as the experienced midfielder enjoyed some positive game time under Bean this season.

From one seasoned midfielder to the next, Xabi Alonso who was enjoying his last ever season as a player, scored from the penalty spot later in the second to make it 2-0.

Dutch centre back Douglas then rounded off the win scoring a bullet header at the near post following an equally as powerful corner kick.

Borussia Mönchengladbach VS Dortmund 1-3

In one of the fiercest rivalries in Germany if not Europe, Joshua Bean enjoyed great success so far over his local rivals. But with Aubameyang injured the home fans were optimistic that they could out gun their hated rivals.

A stunning first-half hat trick from former Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths saw Joshua Bean's side finish the month with another three points.

A deflected volley from outside the area, after just five minutes, saw the ball creep in past a wrong footed goal keeper to make it 1-0 and give Griffiths his first goal of the day.

An undeflected volley from close range, following a wonderful cross from Mario Fernandes, saw the away side go 2-0 up after just 15 minutes.

Six minutes later and he had completed his hat-trick, scoring into the bottom corner from yet another Mario Fernandes cross, making it 3-0 after just 23 minutes as well as bringing up Leigh Griffith's 13th goal of the season.

Borussia Mönchengladbach did pull one back on the 30 minute mark but they never came close to pushing Dortmund again.

Managers Review

Of course I am very happy with the month, winning seven out of eight games, including a great two win away from home against Juventus, giving us a great chance to progress. I am happy with how every single player played this month and there is literally nothing I can fault.

Monthly Awards

What a goal
woah what happened in the cup mate, jeez xD

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