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Overthrowing an Empire: One Yellow Wall at a time.

It is time for the bullying super power that is Bayern Munich to be overthrown for good and here is my journey to do so.
Started on 23 May 2016 by BeanyUnited
Latest Reply on 13 September 2016 by BeanyUnited

Borussia Dortmund fans prepare for an influx of signings, as Bean streamlines the current squad

Joshua Bean today announced the departure of seven Dortmund players, claiming that they either needed experience out on loan or were not good enough for the squad so were sold.

Today shows the first time that Bean has been ruthless towards his Borussia Dortmund side, in the name of making certain of a strong squad. Bean promised fans that all the money from transfers "would be invested in incoming signings this very summer" and that the wages that have been saved "will be used to sign young and very promising players towards the end of the window".

Great season and some nice moves in the transfer market. Shame Passalack didn't develop well but, you seem like you can cope without him
Decent moves in the market, also hopeful about the development of Durm - great prospect in my opinion :D
@ninjaskill Thanks a lot mate and yeah I am disappointing that he had to go, but my squad is more than strong enough!

@Jack I am still holding my hopes out for Durm! At the very least he may improve his transfer value by a few million :)

Borussia Dortmund announce double signing of Jorge and José Giménez

Borussia Dortmund fans were left in shock, when Joshua Bean announced at a pre-season press conference that they have signed Brazilian left-back, Jorge Marco de Oliveira Moraes, 20 years old, from Brazilian side Flamengo. Followed with the signing of José Giménez, 21 years old, from Spanish giants Atletico Madrid.


The young Brazilian left-back was signed for just £11 million, which is coup when you take into account the amount of years the youngster has in front of him and that he is to instantly be the sides new starting left-back. Creating a ferocious wing four of Marco Reus, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Mario Fernandes and now Jorge.

All quick players and all are good on the ball, meaning going forwards this Borussia Dortmund side has reached new heights of unstoppable.

Furthermore due to his pace, it makes up for some of his mental stats that are bound to improve upon playing regularly, despite being a good man marker as it is, if he is found out of position his pace should be sufficient in aiding him to recover.

Joshua Bean said at the press conference that he was "confident that Jorge can bring a new dimension" to his Dortmund side and that "he is for sure going to be a starter from the off".

José Giménez

The centre-back from Atletico Madrid, broke all kinds of club records when he was signed for a staggering £55 million, with a lot of the £55 million coming in instalments over the next four years.

Bean claimed that while he understood that the fee "would demand performances of the highest standard" the fact that he was just 21 years old and already, one of the best centre backs in Europe, just makes this worth it. Bean told any fans wary of the transfer, just think about how good he will be in four to five years, but Bean was quick to make it clear that "José Giménez is already one of the best players in Europe in his position. Let alone in a few years"

The Uruguayan centre back, made his name when he started playing during Atletico Madrid's title winning season, including scoring against arch-rivals Real Madrid in the Copa Del Rey in January of 2015.

It goes without saying that José Giménez will be the first name on the team sheet.


I am extremely happy with these two signings and hopefully they will be the first of many! Scoring goals was no issue last season, but hopefully if we are able to concede less, some of the tougher games against sides such as Bayern Munich can be turned into 2-1 wins rather than 2-1 losses!
really good story enjoying the read gd luck for next season
Big signing in Giminez hope he lives up to the fee. Jorge is a great signing as well
@jono923 Hey dude thanks a lot! Glad you are enjoying the story and I hope I have a long term reader :)

@Ninja Huge fee which I am not used to doing but with this side I just felt a splash on one or two defensive players was needed!

Dortmund stunned by Hummels demand to leave

Club captain and German international Mats Hummels, has today shocked the coaching staff and fan base, as well as fellow players, with his demand to be sold to Barcelona with immediate effect.

No one is free for comment from Borussia Dortmund, but it is believed that the club captain made an unscheduled meeting with manager, Joshua Bean, at his office, to announce that his agent has been in discussions for some days now with Barcelona representatives, after telling the Spanish club that he is in fact for sale.

Understandably Joshua Bean was furious, not only at the mere fact that his club captain was demanding to leave just weeks after completing a domestic double, but the fact that the players agent had already set the wheels in motion.

While from what our sources at the club are telling us, that Hummels will be allowed to leave and that Bean has conceded he has no power in this scenario. Bean is not rolling over and taking the defeat, reportedly stalling on the Barcelona offer of £22 million, demanding £30 million to have his player.

The manager has also forced the centre back out of the sides, pre-season training, making him train with the Under 19s for the following days.

Bean even threatened to refuse to sell the player, if he refuses to come into training for the following few days. While, as we stated before, no one is free for comment from the club, we are led to understand that many players have taken this as a personal insult from Mats Hummels and that relationships are frosting over.

From a dramatic few hours here, it would appear Barcelona have their man but they will have to part with £30 million, in up front cash, before he can officially become a Barcelona player.

Dortmund fans left worried by sale of Kagawa

Amidst the outrage at the situation involving Mats Hummels, fans were left scratching their heads when Borussia Dortmund announced via their website, that Japanese international Shinji Kagawa is to be sold to Paris Saint Germain, for a club record of £45 million.

In the press release, found on the clubs official website, Kagawa had this to say to the fans.

"It is with a heavy heart that I am confirming that I am to leave the club once more. I very much enjoyed my one year under Bean and he improve my game immensely. I know full well that I am a player that not only did Bean value and rate very, very highly, but that I am also welcome back any time.

However PSG, have offered the club a fee that they believe is too good to refuse and in a meeting with the clubs board, I agreed that I was not being forced out and I was allowed to reject the clubs decision if I decided.

However the fee of £45 million, is a hefty sum and after being given assurances by Bean on who it will be invested in, it is my wish to help the club by agreeing to my sale.

I want to thank the fans and Bean for all they did for me last year, I had a great season. I also want to assure fans that the coaching staff and club officials have it all under control."

Bean was no free for comment because according to our sources, he was in the process of finalising the Hummels deal with Barcelona as well as negotiating incoming transfers of their own.

Borussia Dortmund announce double signing including huge shock

Joshua Bean was under pressure to perform in the window this summer, Shinji Kagawa had just backed his bags and left for Paris Saint Germain, for a stunning fee of £45 million.

Club captain and German international, Mats Hummels, was on the verge of leaving, just after Bean had finished stalling on the transfer, preventing Barcelona from integrating the player in their pre-season plans.

But today Borussia Dortmund announced two major signings of first team players.

Gerónimo Rulli

The Argentinian goalkeeper joined the German champions, from Spanish club, Real Sociedad for an expected fee of £20 million.

The Argentine, who is 24 years old, wowed pundits and football fans across the globe last season, for his stunning year with the Spanish side. He won Real Sociedad's player of the season as well as being tipped one of the best emerging goalkeepers in Europe.

It was evident to all that Dortmund needed a new goalkeeper, conceding goals was becoming a worry of Beans' and while a new left back and centre back, goes a long way to ensuring that they don't concede as many goals.

The key man will always be the goalkeeper, you can have the best defenders in the world, with a sub-par goalkeeper, you are going to concede.

Gerónimo Rulli joins the club on a five year, £49,000, a week contract, meaning that he only takes up the smallest of portions of the wage bill.

Xabi Alonso

The Spanish defensive midfielder, shocked the world today, by leaving Bayern Munich for their domestic rivals, Borussia Dortmund, for just £5 million.

The 35 year old, who promised fans that he still has two to three years left in him, cited the potential to win "more trophies" as a major reason as to why he made the move from Bayern Munich to current DFB-Pokal and Bundesliga holders, Borussia Dortmund.

Alonso is a man who has won literally everything that there is to win, domestically and internationally.

With Liverpool, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, he won numerous league titles and domestic cup competitions, as well as multiple Champions Leagues. With Munich he enjoyed success under manager Pep Guardiola, as a deeper midfielder with the free pass to spray passes to the flanks. A role that Bean is key to see the Spaniard to fulfil again, if our sources are to be trusted.

The Spanish, veteran, has joined Borussia Dortmund, on a one year £155,000 a week contract. Making him what appears to be a, one season wonder, while Bean potentially eyes up a future and more long term holding midfielders for next season.

No doubt a controversial departure in Kagawa, but two brilliant signings in Rulli and Alonso - especially nicking him off your rivals so I'm hoping he'll score a trademark Alonso halfway line goal at the Allianz ;)

Mats Hummels finally departs as Dortmund also announce new youth signing

Mats Hummels

After three weeks of fall outs, slagging matches and reported bust ups between manager and player, Mats Hummels has finally be allowed to move to Barcelona for £30 million up front.

Bean, who was left outraged not only at his captains demands to leave, but in the manner of which he was doing so, forced the German international to train with the Under 19s while missing out on pre-season training with both Dortmund and Barcelona.

Barcelona representatives were left outraged, as their soon to be centre back, was unable to partake in a pre-season tournament away in China, missing out on valuable bonding with teammates.

However, Bean, when asked about this reported poor feeling between the clubs, simply replied "buying one of my players is ok, it is part of football. But the manner in which they went around it, has left a very sour taste in the mouth. Especially among the players."

The club captain, who had been at the club since 2008, has won numerous team and personal accolades such as; the Bundesliga three times, the DFB-Pokal twice and the DFL-Supercup twice.

He will certainly be missed.

Nahuel Rodriguez

The unknown youngster signed off the back of the Head of Youth Development, the HYD, personally scouted the man himself and indicated that he believes in a few years time, his worth will be considerably more than what he was brought for.

So at the very lest Dortmund have earned some petty cash, on a young player, who also has the potential to be a future squad player.

The Dortmund scouts were in debate about his potential, some argued that he can be a star in the First Division where as some others claim he will be more of a squad player. But at £1.7 million, it is a no risk business.

2016-07-04 16:42#234886 Jack : No doubt a controversial departure in Kagawa, but two brilliant signings in Rulli and Alonso - especially nicking him off your rivals so I'm hoping he'll score a trademark Alonso halfway line goal at the Allianz ;)

Thanks a lot dude! Yeah Kagawa sale hurt me but £45 million for a player imo holding back Mkhitaryan, with demands for game time, is a no brainer! Sad to see him go but couldn't say no :( I am also very happy with signing of Alonso

Shkodran Mustafi signs five year deal with Dortmund

To replace one German interntional, Joshua Bean has called upon the services of another one.

Mats Hummels left Borussia Dortmund for £30 million yesterday, but today Shkodran joined the German champions for £32 million, meaning Dortmund have replaced Hummels and only lost £2 million in the deal.

The 24 year old, German centre back, signed a five year, £82,000 a week contract, making him a long term replacement and long term first team player.

This signing also means that in the one season that Joshua Bean has been Dortmund manager, he has a completely new defensive set up. A new goalkeeper and four new defenders.

The German, played 72 games for Valencia in two seasons and last season he averaged a very impressive 7.32. An average for a 23 year old, which is not to be laughed at.

He is well known for for his man marking ability alongside his immense tackling, he is a physical prowess in the air, making him a threat from set pieces as well making him a defensive beast.

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