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L.A.D. 2

The footballing (mis)adventures of two great friends...
Started on 16 October 2016 by C.J.Lippo
Latest Reply on 24 November 2016 by Hellsdoom
Impressive signings and a solid preseason, good luck!
Some good results in pre season mate, hopefully competitive results can match them!
Pat - Thanks mate, am quietly confident we can do alright.

Mgriff - Lets hope so mate, feeling a tad better then I was beforehand anyway.
C.J.Lippo's avatar Group C.J.Lippo
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Match of the Month

Colombian Cup- Group Stage

As you can probably tell by the pulsating 17 seconds of highlights, this game probably wont go down as one of the classics.

Indeed, if you could somehow turn this match into a football video game, then watch this game on "key highlights" mode, the only things you would see would be the kick offs at either half & the one chance that is shown above. Not exactly highlight reel material.

Pre match, I ignored the advice of my assistant to play an extra man in midfield, to prevent us being out numbered, in favor of occupying their fullbacks in the hope of keeping them very narrow & easily dealt with. I think its fair to say it worked, considering they never really managed to threaten our goal, but the resultant match experience was less than thrilling.

Still, this is an extremely well earned point against the group favorites, which should see us in good stead moving forward.

A footballing based video game you say, now that sounds like an intriguing prospect to me :P

Decent point and nice not to lose
Loving that you are in South America for this!
A point is better than nothing mate!
What a thriller that was. :D


Not a great start. Not at all. Draw in the cup aside, the team has looked disjointed & uninspired, which is a real surprise considering how well pre-season went.

Back to back league losses against Valledupar & Tigres brightened only slightly by a very fortunate victory over Universitario Popayan to round out the month.

With the ball, we've looked clueless, barely capable of stringing 2 passes together, without it, lets just say we're a shambles. In fact, I'm struggling to come up with a single positive from February. I really am. I suppose, at least we got 3 points?


Stats & Info


A busy month, with 6 games in all, beginning with 2 games against Leones FC in the space of 4 days. Following that we head to Orsomarso before heading back home for 3 games on the trot.

Once again I have very little idea what to expect from these sides but if we continue to play like a bunch of busted arses, it wont be points that's for damn sure! Wish me luck.

Rough start, but I'm sure things will improve!


Hello, Manuel, congrats on your first win old mate!

Yeah, thanks JC, it was surprisingly nervous

I was thinking the same thing, Manuel. It seems the guys are a bit tense.

Well, that’s to be expected JC. It’s always important to get that first win on the board.

Yes, well, on that note, I have some good news. I’ve decided to employ a new staff member precisely to deal with the stresses of the modern footballer. I’m sure she’ll help immensely!

Oh yeah, what might that be JC?

A relaxation therapist Manuel!

A relaxation therapist? What exactly would she do JC?

You know, help you all relax. Suck your dick, cook you eggs, whatever you want!

What!? So you’ve employed a prostitute for the team! You have lost your mind Juan Carlos!

Not a prostitute, A relaxation therapist Manuel! Aunty Gloria is a trained professional!

Aunty Gloria!? Sure sounds like a hooker to me! A cheap one at that!

Manuel, repeat after me. RE-LAX-ATION Therapist! & she’s hardly cheap!

This is just insane!

Mock me if you will Manuel. I’m sure the first person to employ a data analyst or a sports phyciatrist were mocked initially as well. All us great visionaries are!

Yes I imagine it won’t be long before all the big clubs are employing relaxation therapist’s, Manuel. Hell, the likes of Man United would probably have a whole team of them!

I can picture it now! A group of therapists all working in the one clinic, with a head therapist to welcome the players & help them select a therapist to best suit their needs. Some high profile players may even need 2 or 3 therapists to help them relax!

That’s a brothel! You’re describing a brothel, JC!

RELAXATION CLINIC! Jeez Manuel, it sounds like you had better be Aunty Gloria’s very first appointment! I’ll book you in for 9.30!


Well that is one way to try and motivate and relax a team, didn't realise that you could get them on FM :P
Haha love it!
OK, I reconsider. Applying for a job at Barranquilla F.C. :D

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