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L.A.D. 2

The footballing (mis)adventures of two great friends...
Started on 16 October 2016 by C.J.Lippo
Latest Reply on 24 November 2016 by Hellsdoom
Another episode of Manuel's Mobile coming up? Very intriguing

Wha….umm…..maaaahhh, Hello?

Hello JC? It’s Manuel

Oh, Manuel, Hi. You know it’s like 3am here?

Oh sorry JC, I forgot about the time difference.

Never mind mate, I was having a horrible dream, so you’ve probably done me a favour.

Oh really?

Yes Manuel, You wouldn’t believe it but bacon was not delicious anymore!

Uh, ok...

I ran around the supermarket trying to warn people but they wouldn’t listen! By the time they got it home to eat, it was too late! So many breakfasts ruined, Manuel.

Yeah right.

You do know it’s the most important meal of the day right?

Uh yeah, listen, I might let you get back to sleep mate.

No, no, it’s nice to hear from you. This whole bacon thing has me too upset to sleep anyway, so how are you?

I’ve been better JC.

Oh yes, the whole missing millions thing. You needn’t worry Manuel, I was very careful!

That’s reassuring JC

Anyway, by this stage the police will have turned their attention to a certain member of the clubs accounting staff who has mysteriously come into some money recently.

Oh god JC, don’t tell me you’ve framed someone? They could go to jail!

Better them than me old mate! Anyway, what’s so terrible? 3 meals a day, free HBO & plenty of casual sex. Sounds like my last vacation!

Sounds like your entire life JC! Anyway, it doesn’t matter, my reputation is ruined. I’ll never work as a manager again.

Don’t be so sure Manuel. I’ve done quite well for myself over here, investing in the local produce & such.

Oh yeah?

You sound surprised! I’ve even bought myself my very own football team. It’s a 2nd division side but we are in need of a manager, if you see where I’m going with this?

I think I do, yes. JC, with all due respect, I have a Serie A title on my resume, I can’t fly half way around the world to manage a 2nd division club!

Oh, I’m sorry if it’s beneath the mighty Manuel Pablo. I didn’t realise the demand for a manager suspected of embezzlement would be so high!


Exactly, so it’s settled. You’ll come work for me. In a year, maybe two, this will all have blown over & you can head back to Europe if you like. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it here & we can build ourselves a dynasty.

Ok, JC, Once again, you’ve talked me into it.

Excellent news, whack some Shakira on the jukebox & get your arse over here! I’m off to the supermarket to buy some bacon!


Patrick - However did you know!? :P
Surely JC can give Manuel some of the 1.2 million to buy a new phone, I mean that thing is a brick
2016-11-02 06:08#238275 ninjaskill : Surely JC can give Manuel some of the 1.2 million to buy a new phone, I mean that thing is a brick

He cant even work that one out! Imagine how confused he'd be with an I-phone! :P
Loving the creativity here man :D

After a gruelling 17 hour flight, Manuel touched down at Barranquilla’s Atlantico airport & hastily made his way over to collect his luggage.

At the carousel, he was greeted by a local man holding a crude banner which read; Manell Padlo. Bemused, he glanced around the gathering crowd before finally deciding to approach the man.

“Mr Manell?” The man spoke “I will take you to see Mr Carlov, yes?”

Manuel nodded, relived that the sign was for him, & followed the man through the terminal to an exit where a long black limousine awaited.

Quickly darting ahead, the man opened the back door & gestured for Manuel to enter. Manuel obliged, expecting to find Juan Carlos relaxing in the back, but instead found that he was all alone. Disappointed, Manuel’s next port of call was the cars mini bar. After 17 hours in the air, he could definitely use a drink. Once again though, Manuel was to be disappointed. Empty! The cheap bastard, He thought.

After what must have been at least 45 minutes of staring soberly out of the cars ridiculously dark tinted windows, Manuel’s journey finally ended at the steps of what could only be described as a palatial estate on the city’s outskirts.

Again, Manuel’s door was opened for him &, as he stepped out of the limo, the man gestured for him to leave his luggage before climbing back into the driver’s seat, leaving Manuel at the foot of what he guessed to be a 50 stair climb to the residence’s front door.

With a sigh, Manuel began the climb &, as he approached the top, he was relieved to be greeted by a familiar face.

“Manuel!” A voice echoed “Welcome”

Oddly enough, the face that greeted him was not that of Juan Carlos, but rather his brother, Miguel.

“Miguel!” Manuel began “It’s been a while. I didn’t even know you were here! That’s quite a climb!” He huffed, staring back down from where he’d come.

“Yes well, you know Juan Carlos, nothing but the best will do!”

Manuel nodded & the pair entered the front door.

“Is he here?” Manuel asked “Juan Carlos I mean” Feeling the need to clarify.

“Yes, yes, I will take you to him” Miguel assured & gestured for Manuel to follow him.

The pair continued down a long corridor before finally stopping outside a large double door entrance at the hallways end.

“He’s in there” Miguel stated, motioning for Manuel to enter.

“You’re not coming?” Manuel asked.

“I do not go in there” Miguel replied “It makes me……” He had to think “Uncomfortable” He finished.

Slightly confused, Manuel opened the door & immediately understood what Miguel had meant.

Directly across the room, slumped over a large, expensive looking desk sat JC. Asleep, passed out or dead Manuel could not tell.

Unsure of how to proceed, his eyes began to wander around the room.

The first thing he noticed was how dirty the place was. Rubbish was thrown on the floor, almost every surface contained a plate with a half eaten meal on it & the air smelt mouldy & unclean.

On the walls hung various paintings, mainly religious depictions from what Manuel could tell. He recognised the last supper & the crucifixion of Christ, though many of the others looked obscure & of poor quality, but what did he know about art?

To JC’s left, at a much smaller desk, & equally as unfazed by Manuel’s presence, sat a bare breasted young girl of no more than 19 or 20, who chewed bubble gum whilst feeding large stacks of money into the counting machine in front of her.

“Nice aren’t they!” JC finally spoke, lifting his head from the desk “I told you I was doing quite well for myself!”

“I can see that” Manuel replied wearily.

“Come, sit” JC motioned to the chair in front of him, before realising it was stacked with bags of “produce.”

He raced around the table & quickly lifted the bags onto the desk before again motioning for Manuel to sit.

“Would you like to try some?” He asked, pointing to the white powdery substance “It’s some of the finest the country has to offer”

“No thanks” Manuel politely declined, taking his seat.

“How about that” JC tilted his head towards his young assistant “I know you want some of that, don’t you Manuel!?” He smiled as, for the first time, the young lady lifted her head & gave Manuel a flirtatious wink.

“Can we just get down to business?” Manuel pleaded, as he felt his face turning bright red.

“Haha, of course, Manuel. We were only teasing.” He continued “As you can see, my business here takes up much of my time, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you too much about the football club. For that I have bought in my brother, Miguel. He’s my eyes & ears in that department &, having started a club from scratch back in Spain, is quite knowledgeable. He will, for all intents & purposes, be your boss & Director of Football, Manuel. Is that ok?”

“Do I have a choice?” Manuel asked rhetorically.

“Of course not Manuel, what I say goes around here!” JC laughed, somewhat unnervingly. “Now go, go. Talk to Miguel. We have booked you the penthouse at a nearby hotel until something more befitting turns up, he’ll take you there & show you around the club & such.”

“Ok JC, sure. Good to see you again!” Manuel stood & began to back out of the room.

“Likewise my friend, you & I are going to do great things together, I can feel it!” JC countered, before snorting a freshly cut line from the desk.

Crap, Manuel thought. This can only end in disaster…..

Those words at the end sound rather ominous...

Exhausted by travel & slightly disturbed by his meeting with JC, Manuel decided to forego any club duties for the day & head back to the hotel for some much needed rest.

He was joined in the back of the limo by his new boss, & D.o.F., Miguel Angel Valeron, who saw the trip as the perfect opportunity to cover some of the basics. Manuel perhaps would have objected, but Miguel had Aguila & he could, most definitely could use a drink.

Miguel explained that Juan Carlos held little to no real interest in the club, aside from using it to clean the money he made via his other interests, so any success the pair enjoyed would most likely be in spite of JC, rather than because of him.

As such, the budgets Manuel had to work with would be on the modest side while expectations were almost non-existent. JC will be happy as long as we do not embarrass him.

Miguel went on to explain that Juan Carlos had also requested that all squad bonuses & the like be kept at the bare minimum in order to keep overheads low & stop the football side of things eating away at his profit margins. A request that would no doubt be met angrily by the playing group.

None of this information made Manuel feel any better about his decision to travel to Colombia to work for his friend, but the beer was helping a little, & at least it seemed that Miguel would be taking matters seriously, which was a relief.

As the limo pulled up at the entrance of Manuel’s luxury hotel, Miguel pulled out a number of files that he had prepared, containing various club & squad information for Manuel to inspect overnight & the pair agreed to make an early start the following morning.

Finally alone in his room, Manuel poured himself a glass of scotch & examined the various files.

His first match in charge would be a friendly match against 1st division side, Jaguares, in 5 days time, leaving him little time to prepare. However, his first competitive match would be against the same opposition in the Colombian Cup on the 10th of February. So that friendly could be an important learning experience.

Though he appreciated the effort, there wasn’t much more he could learn from these reports &, with that thought, he decided to call it a night.

Tomorrow he would meet the players, inspect the facilities & take charge of his first training session.

For now though, it was time to sleep, a task made much easier thanks to the wonders of alcohol.

Not going to be easy mate, not at all but think youll start working your magic on this club in no time!
That is an incredibly tough team to take on! You have all my luck mate :P
mgriffin & Jack - Its definitely going to be a challenge for Manuel, that's for sure!

Thanks guys! :)

Manuel's First Day

As the limo pulled into Barranquilla’s unremarkable training ground, Manuel couldn’t help but feel a bit conspicuous.

Of the 15 to 20 cars already present, Manuel figured not too many were less than 20 years old & here he was arriving in a car that undoubtedly cost more than most of his players’ homes.

Better still, one of his first tasks as manager would inevitably be to explain to those same players why their millionaire owner & fat cat manager had seen fit to cut their playing bonuses to the bone whilst obviously sparing no expense on their own indulgent luxury. Talk about an awkward introduction!

Following a brief tour of the complex (Basically one of the coach’s pointing to a patch of grass & saying that’s where we train.), Manuel was lead into the change rooms to meet the players for the first time.

“Hello every one, my name is Manuel Pablo & I am your new manager” He began “Many of you will probably know me…..”

“Yes, we all know who you are.” He was interrupted by club captain, Kevin Sandoval “Let’s cut to the chase Manuel. Why is it that our bonuses have been slashed this year? It’s not good enough I’m afraid!”

Manuel thought for a second.

“Look, we all want what is best for ourselves & also for the club. At the moment money is tight & lowering your bonuses provides us with more money to spend on the playing roster. A stronger squad will mean a higher finish, which in the end, means more money in your pockets. So in a way, you’ll all be better off.” A slow clap began in Manuel’s head, what a load of shit that was!

The players begun to murmur & Manuel could feel the discontent growing.

“Look, It’s not ideal I know” Manuel started before the murmurs could become a roar “but it’s done! All we can do now is get out there & show them what we can do!” He pushed through the crowd, signalling for the guys to follow him out onto the ground.

On the pitch, Manuel was joined by Miguel & the other coach’s & began to relax as he put the guys through some drills. He was definitely more comfortable here than in the sheds answering questions.

All of a sudden, in perfect unison, the group stopped & stared in Manuel’s direction.

Manuel’s eyes darted nervously from Miguel to the other coach’s before realising the players were actually looking beyond him. He spun around to see what all the fuss was about & discovered JC, heavily armed guards either side of him, leaning on a fence watching proceedings.

“Back to it!” Manuel shouted before shooting Miguel a weary look & wandering over to see what JC had wanted.

“I thought you were too busy for this!” Manuel chuckled cheekily as he approached.

“I had to see how my old mate was going on his first day.” JC retorted “How are they?”

“They’re not happy JC. They don’t like having their bonuses slashed!”

“I thought as much & it just so happens that I have to perfect idea to get them back on side!”

“Really?” Manuel questioned.

“Yes! Wait for it! A stripper pole in the change rooms! Every game a different beautiful, young women taking their clothes off!”

Even the guards chuckled.

“Strippers? Really? Do you know how hard it would be to change into your match day kit with an erection Juan Carlos!? Besides, many of these guys have wives or girlfriends. How do you think they’d react to strippers in the change rooms?”

“They’d never have to know, it’d be our little secret. Anyway, we’d keep it tasteful, topless only! Nothing fires a man up like seeing some top class boobies Manuel!”

“Yeah I’m not sure that’s the right kind of fired up JC, we’re trying to win football games, not inspire a gang rape!”

“You really think it’s a bad idea?”

“I do JC, sorry.”

“Oh well, back to the drawing board I guess. I’ll think of something to put a smile on their dial though” JC assured, before departing the park.

Back on the touch line, Miguel inquired what that was all about.

“I think he’s gone mad, Miguel.” Manuel bemused.

“Tell me about it. Did you hear about the bacon incident?”

“You mean his dream?”

“Dream? I wish! No, he actually ran around a local supermarket telling people not to buy bacon. The police were called. He’s not allowed back.” Miguel chuckled.

I was on my way to the airport, in attempt to secure myself a player contract in Barranquilla, and then the stripper pole was removed. :(
hahaha mate i love your imagination! This is brilliant! :D
C.J.Lippo's avatar Group C.J.Lippo
4 yearsEdited



Just the 4 new faces as JC's restrictive budgets begin to take their toll. Regardless, I feel all 4 will be quality additions so lets take a closer look.


3 formations that I believe can get the best out of the team. Obviously, old faithful will be my first port of call having served me well throughout my career but if things aren't working, I wont be afraid to experiment!


Couldn't have asked for much more as we finish undefeated. With the exception of the final result, we beat the teams we were supposed to beat & were more than a match for first division sides, Jaguares & Junior. Our new players seem to have settled well, now we just need to do it when it matters.


Well, we start in the Cup against familiar opponents in Jaguares. Having held them in pre season, I'm a little more confident of securing a result there than I perhaps otherwise would have been.

From there we head into the league to face Valledupar, Tigres & the hilariously named Universatario Popayan (Not sure why that makes me laugh to be honest). To be completely honest, I know nothing about these sides & will be relying on our local coaching & scouting staff to keep me informed. From what I've seen so far though, I think we should do well. How well? Got me buggered!

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