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January Transfer Window

Started on 1 January 2010 by joefeery
Latest Reply on 26 January 2010 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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stam : What about Milevsky? He's a towering and powerful striker to cope with EPL and I think would do well with Rooney.

I would love Milevsky at Liverpool. Someone like him would be perfect for Torres, hes a big strong target man, works hard. He'd be that 'Deep Lying Forward' kinda guy. I wonder how much he'd cost.....
xtremeganesh :
I would love Milevsky at Liverpool. Someone like him would be perfect for Torres, hes a big strong target man, works hard. He'd be that 'Deep Lying Forward' kinda guy. I wonder how much he'd cost.....

:yes I'm lovin the technical FM term "Deep Lying Forward". I'd say in the current inflated market £10m-15m
Upsetting that! In one of my games he gets bought by Barca for £1.2million...

I know thats only a game... but i can dream :)
try to keep on topic, well if owen coyle goes to bolton which tbh will probably happen, who will he buy? will he raid burnley? and who will replace him at burnley?
Fmpanda : from my spurs point of view

i think we should rid ourselves then mainly gain of deadwood

pavychenko, bently and hutton

for pple coming in? maybe a left winger to give us another option then krancar (martin petrov possibly?) and i hate to say it a CB becuase from wat i hrd woodgate is pretty much screwed as king is now with his injury

but on a side note dawson and bassong have stepped up to the plate brillantly, i just think they need cover now and not be cover

Rangers fan we have no money and have not signed a new player in 18 months apart from Rothen on loan and he lived up to his name our transfer chat is whos leaving aparantly several English clubs in for Boyd Sporting Lisbon in for Mendes Novo to Deportivo and Bougherra being watched by several clubs hope none of them will happen tho. Hutton is amazing and only not done well for Spurs due to series of injuries i would take him back up here in a new york minuite.

Take Pavychenko and Bently as well for that matter
well coyle is going bolton and curbishley looks good for burnley which would be amazing for them, kept charlton going for a long time with no money. as burnley is a local team i would love to see them do well with curbishley.

bolton caannot raid burnley, they have no good players but an alright team.
I am greek I watched your team the last decade just focused on the ugliest league of europe, getting the titles with the way you did!
First of all, it is really stupid to compare teams like Porto and Lyon with Olympiakos, cause French football is really the next Premier League and Primera Division, and second cause they got the point in with youth facilities there and be patient on the growing of talents!
Your President is powerful but as all the presidents of FC teams in Greece he is unaware of the football reality mate!
Porto has got with Mourinho and the great players they got back in 2003-2004 two european trophies, well Olympiakos had nothing of the kind, and to be honest he doesn't have a chance!
Have you seen the last 3 yrs what Bordeaux did?
Bordeaux was like Olympiakos but never got a title and now it seems they have dethroned Lyon for good, they got I dare say along with Chelsea and Barcelona the best playing teams in Europe atm!
As far as transfers go here in Greece, all the teams without exception mate do really suck, they prefer to get medium level players or even old faded stars, just to get the greek titles or pursue an opening to european qualification just to get money in their cashiers!
Greek football was doomed from the point we got Euro!
We did nothing to provide future concepts but some really smart businessmen like Rechagel did make some money from selling all the good players we got there in Portugal to European clubs, especially Germany!
We suck man, we have to swallow that, if you ever visit a European country go check their great teams and check their philosophy, facilities, talk with people you will see the difference!
The only great greek team that did something out there was PAO (I am not their fan)
they have a time to remember when they went to the finals!
We got what we deserve!
Greek teams kick the ball, european teams play football!
Babel's on his way to Birmingham, but Liverpool want £12m for him instead of the proposed £9m. Would be an amazing move for Birmingham.
Every man and his dog could see Babel has more potential than he has showed so far at Liverpool, hes a class player on his day, but hes been very inconsistant for us. He needs to sort his mentality out. But if he went to Birmingham, hed play every week and maybe that would be what he needs?

Ive seen it so many times now that im certain Liverpool have bid for Athletico Madrids Maxi Rodriguez, on a loan to buy basis.
babel is like nani, both have a lot in their lockers. but they just dont seem to have that head to get it all out and be consistent.
RedArmy20 : babel is like nani, both have a lot in their lockers. but they just dont seem to have that head to get it all out and be consistent.

Tru dat.

And Nani will be gone from United soon enough, but you know if he goes to a smaller team he'll be really good. The mentality that is expected from players at United seems to weed those who arent tough enough.

Carlton Cole to Arsenal? Just what they need (an yet another player on the long list of those Id rather see at Anfield.....)
Carlton Cole would suit Arsenal as he's a good physical player and would play a similiar role what Henry did, but not in that style. Liverpool definately need a few strikers because as soon as Torres gets injured its N'Gog who fills his boots and no offence but he's not a premier league standard player. As for Nani I could see him being involved in a swap deal. He has his moments of brilliance but its hitting form that's his problem, he still got talent though
I've heard Liverpool have rejected an £8m bid from Birmingham. They want another £4m, I suppose in order not to make any losses on signing him for £11.5m
Damn straight! I hope we squeeze out every last penny we can if were going to offload Babel, no more of this terrible business like what happened with Keane. We might as well have just posted Tottenham £4million for nothing.

Tottenham in for Miguel Veloso?
If Tottenham get another midfielder there will be fights for first teams spots. Their current used midfielders are: jenas, huddlestone, modric, krancjar, bentley, lennon, palacios. Veloso would make a good signing as he's got the defensive skills aswell.

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