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FMSE Feature Requests

Started on 10 February 2017 by Stam
Latest Reply on 24 June 2023 by kief
Hello! Im very glad to see a Greek person doing this amazing job! well done!
So, i want to ask if it's possible to add a feature to edit players statistics such as appearences,assist,yellow cards,fouls,PoM, etc?
Thanks in advance and gongratulation again for your work!
Any plans to add stadium editing? Capacity, expansion capacity etc.

I would like to opportunity to edit the board members (interference).. they constantly sell my top players and talents.. makes me angry!

thnx in advance!
On the online game (Fm touch) when I loaded the game Players are not loaded (When I am not the server), there are only clubs and I can only edit teams' facilities, youth recruitment and morale.

Do you have any plans to add more online features (Like editing club finances, players and staffs)?
Will the editor allow you to unlock non playable leagues?
I would like to open up the NASL, USL and the NPSL in the USA.
Apologies for the delayed response. I've been on my spring break (ended yesterday) and Thanos is preparing to move to another country, so we kind of skipped 2 weeks of FMSE development.

@taverham4: Yes, we'll get there eventually. Can't really say when at this point. Thanks for signing up to post your suggestion.

@Shaku: I'll check with Thanos if that's even possible, but it sounds fun.

@Fiend: In theory it can't work with games you're not the host. Are you sure certain club data can be edited?

@jkl620: League editing is not yet available. We'll look into that possibility for enabling pre-structured leagues, but surely it looks grim if you wish to add a totally custom one.
Hey is there any plans to add future transfers?

or even transfers themselves - i see the new swap player functionality but what if I want an official transfer of player for money?
The only feature I want is the support of 32-bit systems.
Will we ever be able to edit stadiums?
Edit stadium capacity and names is a great idea, is interesting also block player attributes and change the valour of the money like ingame choose
Would love if editing a clubs "based nation" and "continental cup nation".
What I would like is being able to edit competitions.
Match rules
Prize money
There is a way to make loans on this editor?
@Samaroy: Yes, future transfers is a feature that will arrive during the coming week.

@Obdz: That doesn't seem a priority for thanoulas I'm afraid; he believes there's not enough demand to justify the effort.

@Crpls: Yes. Can't really put a date next to that, but we might add that before Xmas.

@Alexxx: We'll probably add a recommendation for CA based on attributes you change. Ability to freeze attributes is also possible to add, but not on our priority list right now.

@linie: Why would it be important to change a club's based nation?

@claham: The first part of competition editing has already been implemented. The second part with stages, league tables and prize money will arrive during December.

@FelipeKraken: Not yet.
With the FMSE application. Is there anyway to edit a clubs transfer policy? if there isn't a way is there a possibility to add one, as it's hindering one of my saves as I can only sign under 23s

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