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Liam Knowles: Hopeful Stagnation

Started on 17 March 2017 by Jack
Latest Reply on 30 May 2017 by Justice
Ohhhh hopefully your past altercation doesn't bite you in the butt
Scott: Couldn't help myself ;)

MJK: Let's hope not!!
30th September 2008

Just about to tuck into my breakfast – Weetabix – if you’re wondering, had the spoon out, had the milk which was about to go off any day soon. The home telephone begins to ring, almost violently. I dash over to the telephone on the third ring. “Good morning, Liam Knowles speaking...”

“Hey! G’morning to you Liam! Listen, it’s John Ryan from Doncaster Rovers here and after your interview last week I’m delighted to say that myself and the management team have considered your application and would love if you could start your position as Fitness Coach tomorrow, if possible. There’s a huge match at the weekend and we need all the help we can get right now!”

Well that hit me like a tonne of bricks, I was half-asleep and he’s telling me to attend work tomorrow!

“Sure! Absolutely, Mr. Ryan. Would love to start tomorrow, thank you and the team for allowing me to be part of the club, it’s really a great honour for me!” I know that I sounded maybe a little too excited, but it didn’t matter – I was struggling to pay bills and I know that I needed a job to sustain myself at all.

“One thing that I didn’t mention at the interview, though – and this is going to sound a little unprofessional on my behalf – but as part of joining any full-time coaching team, there must be certain procedures that the governing body decide on. The one I’m talking about is a FA Coaching Course. You will start studying for your National C License almost immediately if that’s okay, you’ll be much better for it!” Ryan explained to me.

“Sure, it’s a lot to take in but I’m sure that’ll be fine, boss!” I responded, maybe a bit rash to be getting straight into studying for a course I know nothing about but it’s all part of the job. Nobody could help that – I am the one who chose this line of work.
Congrats on the job man
Cool to see you writing again man, best of luck, this should be good!
MJK: Thanks man :)

Griffin: Cheers fella! I certainly hope so!
7thth January 2016

“Morning Darren,” I began. I knew I was taking a complete step in the dark here, but this was my dream and I knew that if I stayed at the same job role I wouldn’t be able to make an impact on football which I always thought about, and believed in myself to do.

“Alright Liam mate!” said the unusually chirpy tone of Darren Ferguson – Doncaster’s new manager of about two months, taking charge in October.

“Yeah, not bad thanks – listen,” I paused, thinking through what I was about to propose to my employer. “Darren, can I speak to you about something really quickly?” I asked the manager, I tried to finish the sentence as quickly as possible as I felt for some reason it would make myself feel better for it – it didn’t, I sounded like a nervous school kid who forgot his homework and was about to explain it to his teacher.

Ferguson hesitated before coughing out, “Yeah, sure Liam. Pop into my office for a second I’ll tell the lads to wait.” He told me, before walking into the changing rooms to inform the players of his whereabouts.

“Cheers for making this time for me, Darren”

“Aye, no problem,” he said in his weak Scottish accent.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about my future – career-wise, obviously – I don’t want to drop a bombshell on you here or anything, but I have been thinking about getting into the football management scene. I know how much of a risk it is, but I strongly believe I’m capable of manning the deck. What I’m saying is that I will wait out until you can find a replacement for me, but I will be going at the end of this season.” There. Said it. Please don’t be an arsehole about it, Darren.

“I mean it’s your career mate, if you’re confident enough I won’t stop you. It would be a crying shame to lose you here with all your experience and all but if this is what you want to do, I’m right behind you.” Thank God he wasn’t an arsehole about it. But that meant that this was it. “We’ll keep you on until the end of the season. Gives you a chance to look around with a bit of a reputation behind you and us a chance to find a new replacement.”

“Cheers boss, it’s been a pleasure working here and I’m sure the next six months will be just as great.” I said as my parting comment, now it was simply getting into the market for football management. The hardest part.
The seeds have been sewn! Management here you come!
Nice update man
Darren Ferguson is sound in real life as well actually, met him on the first game of the season :P Good update mate and we may actually see you get a management job... about time. ;)
Griffin: Damn right!! :D

MJK: Thanks bro

Scott: To be honest, always hated DFerg for being Alex's son but in this story, he's a calm lad ;)

Liam Knowles - Football Manager.

Looks like a well qualified fella
'Bags of ambition' is the most important one. ;)
MJK: Gotta be in this game son ;)

Scott: All about that mental strength :P

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