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Taking Custom Kit Requests.

Want a kit for your custom fantasy club, hala at me and ama help you out.
Started on 2 May 2017 by Malawian Boi
Latest Reply on 13 June 2020 by Choco
Hey, please could you make an Everton home & away strip for me?

Kit manufacture; Addidas

Sponsor; Titanbet

Thank you very much
Please Ferro Carril Oeste home and away kits. Link contains designs. Thank you in advance.
The green and white kits are the ones I want please. Feel free to make a goalkeeper kit too although that is not a necessity.
jjmaingrain's avatar Group jjmaingrain
6 yearsEdited
Hey, loved the Rangers ones earlier, were they done? I have found these and, would love these as well if you can?


Image doesnt seem to show, so added the link below to them

Enter text for the link here...
Hello Malawian Boi. Are you still around here, and do you still help out making kits? I have the CPv templates i want and know how i want my kits to look like. It is nothing special really, 4th division clubs from Norway and i only should need help with changing the colours on the templates. I only have paint3d and sketchbook, and honestly i am not any good at those two programs either. It is 8 teams i am missing kits for, 2 home kits is finished as the templates was the same colour as those home kits. I will put in picture of one of the home kits that are done and the away kit i tried making from that same template so you can see.
I found this SmartShirtDesigner2 program yesterday. Just awesome little program that made kit making so easy.
2017-08-26 13:24#245981 Malawian Boi : found it a bit difficult so I searched up for the kits and found them in the link hereEnter text for the link here...
Could u please make me an arsenal kits with classic colours, adidas sponsor and fly emirates for fm19. If that's too much don't worry.
Hey i was wondering if i could get a Circle logo and a Addidas or Nike home and away kit for Football Manager similar too the HOLME FC green badge from Lollujo for my local place called Golspie in the highlands.

Was hoping to have that same green as Holme for my team. with the home kit the same green as Holme and a Blue/Cian away kit with Orkney ferries as sponser on both.

The badge can include a fishing boat and this hill and statue on the bowling logo. The team will just be called Golspie FC.


Thanks a lot if anyone can help.
Can i also ask you for a Club Logo

I would like it to be a round logo like that of -: Borussia Dortmund

Where it says "Borussia" i would like ik to say AFC Mokum and
where it says "Dortmund" i would like it to say "Amsterdam"

In the middle where it says "BVB 09" i would like the flag of amsterdam filling up that space
With the three Saint Andrew's Crosses vertically placed

If you can place 1977 somewhere that willbe great to

Thanks in advance

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