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Ryan Ferguson: The Unorthodox Approach

For most, the battles stay on the pitch. For Ryan Ferguson, his battles are off it.
Started on 7 May 2017 by Justice
Latest Reply on 21 October 2017 by Aaron
Incredible! Just incredible!
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The End Of An Era

Martin Tyler Gives Ryan Ferguson A Special Send Off In Commentary


Martin Tyler: "It is the end of an era. The closing verse of a remarkable adventure has been written. Another chapter in the magical world of football has come to a close. The moment football fans all around the world have been dreading has finally arrived.

Sir Ryan Ferguson's journey through the tiers of English football with Whitehawk, and his conquest of European and world football with the warriors of the south coast, has finally come to an end. Twelve incredible years have passed since an unknown and inexperienced twenty-two year old was handed his first role as football manager, for a club competing in semi-professional football. What followed after, well it will forever be described as the greatest tale that football has ever produced.

He leaves the club, after all these years, as a young thirty-four year old man, younger than a number of players he took charge of. Not once was his age ever brought in to question. He was always a believer in ability over age in regards to his players, and his players showed him that same respect.

He has had his critics and his enemies, none more so than José Mourinho, but Ryan never fought fire with fire. He fought his battles on the pitch, even if the attacks on him were often off it. He showed a maturity and professionalism that has become ever-so-rare in English football, and always put the good of his players and staff above all.

Fifteen years ago, English football said goodbye to the great Sir Alex Ferguson. Now, the tale of another great Ferguson's adventure in English football has concluded. They may be unrelated by blood, but they are certainly related by ability, demeanour and success. Neither one will ever be forgotten, and both will be celebrated.

For Ryan Ferguson, his story still continues. The end of one chapter has brought the beginning of a new one. Whether he ends up in Spain, France, Italy, or elsewhere, who knows. One thing is for certain; he will be successful wherever his journey takes him.

It's a time for celebration and rejoice. Football could not have written a better ending to a remarkable story. He leaves Whitehawk the way he arrived - with a bang. Sir Ryan Ferguson, English football salutes you!"

Comment Section

De Magere, <3
mgriffin2012, I was up off my feet celebrating that late winning goal!

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Ryan will surly be missed at Whitehawk and in England, what a manager. Nothing but respect for the man.
The emotion... a simply incredible journey has come to an end. #ThankYouRyan ;)
incredible stuff <3
"I swesr you'll never see anything like this again!"
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From Russia With Love

Ryan Ferguson Reflected On What Followed The Champions League Final


They say that all good things have to come to an end sooner or later. I guess they were right. I guess there were fans who were disheartened by the news that I had managed my final game as Whitehawk manager, so for them this idea existed. Twelve years as a manager was a long time in the day and age where I had been in charge, with many of the fans not even born when I initially took charge. I guess it would take time for some of the fans to adjust.

I was under no illusion of what I was leaving behind when I had completed my final game in charge. Would I achieve the same success somewhere else? Would I have the same money available to me to bring in who I wanted? Would I have the same quality of players at my disposal. The answer for each question was no.

I thought about the squad of players I built. I brought in Anton Nyman at the age of 18 for a very low fee, and allowed him to make an immediate jump from playing Swedish football to starting in the Premier League. I spent £60,000,000 to bring Kinsley Osagie, a 19 year old at the time, to take him off Chelsea's hands in the hopes he would achieve greatness. I spend £50,000,000 to bring Kylian Mbappé to the Premier League, where he would win the Ballon d'Or.

I thought about the trophies we won. Three Premier League titles, four Champions League titles. We had become one of the most successful football clubs in history within such a short period of time, it was remarkable. It all started with five league titles, and five promotions, in a row, and now I would leave on the back of a seven-trophy season.

These thoughts last for a few minutes when the final whistle at the Luzhniki was blown. I closed that avenue of thought in my mind to allow the celebrations of the season to begin. We were all on the pitch in Moscow, singing and dancing in the rain. We paraded the Champions League trophy around to the 40,500 Whitehawk fans that made their way to a wet and rainy Russia. I took it all in, for what was potentially the last time in my career.

We continued to celebrate until the next day. The party fever failed to end. As we arrived at London Gatwick Airport, we were greeted by thousands of football fans. Not just Whitehawk fans either. It was, in truth, one of the only times I saw English football fans united, and not to share hate or spite. It was beautiful.

A tour bus awaited us, as we lined each of the seven trophies alongside each other on it. We made the short travel to Brighton, our home, where the streets were crowded and an atmosphere of pure elation awaited us. The city was well and truly painted red, as we were roared on. The players loved it, and interacted well with the fans.

The parade ended at Brighton's pier, where a stand awaited us. We said our thank yous to the fans, celebrated our trophies and wished them well for the summer. It was also my chance to say goodbye. I was stuck for words, in truth, and found it difficult to open my mouth. But I knew it was the right thing to do, and I gave them my gratitude for their unwavering support during my twelve year spell.

I was in tears leaving the stage. I had given twelve years of my life to the cause, and now it was all over. My official resignation would not occur just yet, with plenty of formalities to take place, but I would no longer be carrying on my duties. Over a third of my life to date had been dedicated to Whitehawk Football Club, and it felt as if a piece of me had been torn away.

It was the right thing to do, to leave Whitehawk. I had no doubts in my mind that my decision was what I needed to make in my life. Whitehawk had become my drug, and I needed to live without it. The initial pain of leaving was always going to be difficult, I understood that. But my time at the club shaped me, for better or for worse. I may have ended my career as Whitehawk manager, but I would never stop loving Whitehawk.

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De Magere, hopefully its just the beginning for Whitehawk! No matter where I manage next, I just hope Whitehawk can keep the momentum going!
ScottT, the end of one journey bring the beginning of another!
InfraRed, incredible support <3
mgriffin2012, Gary Neville - "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH"

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It's going to be strange to see Ryan without Whitehawk and Whitehawk without Ryan </3
Justice's avatar Group Justice
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Mbappé Named Best Player In Europe

Kylian Mbappé Was Named As The Best Player In Europe For 2027/2028


Kylian Mbappé was today awarded the prize of being named as UEFA's Best Player in Europe for the 2027/2028 season. The French attacker had impressed in his debut season for Whitehawk, having signed in a £50,000,000 deal from AS Monaco last summer. Mbappé helped Whitehawk to seven trophies in a very successful season.

Whitehawk Team Mate Kingsley Osagie Was Runner-Up For The Award

In a show of how excellent Whitehawk were in the past season, Mbappé's team mate Kingsley Osagie claimed second place. The English attacking midfielder was also in fine form, especially towards the end of the season, despite a spell on the sidelines with injury.

However, the season was all about Kylian Mbappé and his heroics for the English champions. This was not the only award he earned for his efforts, as he picked up the Ballon d'Or for his performances in the year of 2027.

It was Mbappé's direct goal contribution which impressed during the season. Playing on the left of Whitehawk's attacking four, Mbappé notched up 34 goals and 26 assists in just 55 appearances. A direct contribution to 60 goals, in total. Not bad at all.

Kylian Mbappé Reaction

Kylian Mbappé:
"I am very grateful for this award. Is a sign that I had a good season and that I can be happy with my performances on the pitch. To win an award of such prestige is very much a privilege that not many can experience and not one I ever imagined I could have been honoured with before.

I had a very exciting season this year. I moved to the Premier League to play for the best football club in the world, where I was lucky enough to have won a lot of trophies so far. We played some great football in very exciting games and I have plenty of good memories to take away from this season.

I have to dedicate this award to Ryan Ferguson, the manager who brought me to Whitehawk and made everything possible for me this season, as well as my team mates who helped me to settle in. We achieved a lot together and I am in no doubt that they have all helped me to grow as a player, and as a person."

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ScottT, all things come to an end </3

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Let's just hope he can continue to reach the same levels after your departure!
Justice's avatar Group Justice
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Season 2027/2028: May Review

An Overview Of Whitehawk FC In May 2028

Ryan Ferguson: It was my final month as manager of Whitehawk Football Club, and what a month it was. May brought with it the final games of the Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League campaigns, and the trophies were there for the taking.


Whitehawk Won Two Finals In The Month Of May

1-1 Draw (2-1 Agg Win) vs PSG (H), UCL Semi Final Leg 2 - 02/05/2028
Attendance: 26,786
We were down to bare bones for this game, but had an advantage from the first leg to hold on to. After a solid defensive performance in the first half, PSG broke through us early in the second to score, and to level the aggregate score. However, we got a goal through an unlikely source in Emanuel Mammana to tie the game on the evening, and win us the tie on aggregate.
Adalberto Peñaranda (Paris Saint-Germain) - 8.3/10

5-0 Win vs West Ham (H), Premier League - 06/05/2028
Attendance: 26,786
It was an absolute demolition job, and our joint-biggest win of the season in all competitions. Kingsley Osagie and Tomas Mrva ran the show for us. Osagie bagged himself a brace, while teenage striker Tomas Mrva went one better and scored a hat trick.
Tomas Mrva (Whitehawk) - 9.6/10

3-0 Win vs Huddersfield Town (H), Premier League - 09/05/2028
Attendance: 26,786
It was the Kingsley Osagie show in my final home game as Whitehawk manager. The English attacker scored twice while Miroslav Novakovic also got on the score sheet as we brushed Huddersfield Town aside.
Kingsley Osagie (Whitehawk) - 9.3/10

1-1 Draw vs Southampton (A), Premier League - 14/05/2028
Attendance: 46,600
It was my final Premier League game as Whitehawk manager, and the result wasn't a perfect one. Kingsley Osagie continued his fine goal scoring form in the game, but Southampton came back to earn a share of the points.
Alejandro Pozo (Southampton) - 8.1/10

1-0 AET Win vs Chelsea (N), FA Cup Final - 20/05/2028
Attendance: 90,000
It was tense, tight and nervy. Chelsea manager John Terry had his team well prepared to dig in and fight for their lives. The game ground out to extra time, where some sharp thinking from an indirect free kick saw Tomas Mrva header home a flick-on from Kingsley Osagie. CHAMPIONS!
Facundo Foti (Whitehawk) - 7.8/10

2-1 Win vs Arsenal (N), UEFA Champions League Final - 27/05/2028
Attendance: 81,000
My final game as Whitehawk manager, and what a stage it was! Champions League final against Arsenal.... couldn't ask for much more. Arsenal took the lead courtesy of an unfortunate own goal by our captain Stephen Lacy, but Miroslav Novakovic equalised for us before half time. Teenage sensation Tomas Mrva produced the goods once again to score a superb winner with minutes to go in the game. CHAMPIONS!
Stephen Lacy (Whitehawk) - 7.3/10

Overall: Two draws, but I have to be delighted. We rounded off the season with an unbeaten month, and two final wins. What more could a manager ask for?!

Premier League

Whitehawk Finished The Premier League Season Unbeaten

We were very clear winners, in the end. A fifteen point gap between us and second place Manchester United emphasised our consistency this season. Chelsea and Manchester City completed the top four, while relegation became a reality for Crystal Palace, Huddersfield Town and Bristol City.

Player of the Month

Tomas Mrva Was Whitehawk's Star Performer of May 2028

Tomas Mrva had a smashing end to the season, scoring the winner in both the FA Cup final and the UEFA Champions League final. Big things are expected of him, and he can certainly be considered a superstar now after his heroics!

Tomas Mrva's Season Stats:

Appearances: 42
Goals: 13 (144 minutes per goal)
Assists: 0
MotM Awards: 2

Attacking Play
Shots On Target Ratio: 64.52% (40/62)
Dribbles Completed: 31 (0.74 per game)
Key Passes: 11 (0.26 per game)
Cross Completion Ratio: 7.69% (2/26)

Defensive Play
Key Tackles: 0
Tackles Won Ratio: 66.67% (4/6)
Interceptions: 18 (0.43 per game)
Mistakes: 15 (0.36 per game)
Disciplinary Record
Fouls Committed: 16 (0.38 per game)
Fouls Against: 32 (0.76 per game)
Yellow Cards: 1
Red Cards: 0

General Play
Pass Completion Ratio: 87.05% (464/533)
Headers Won: 31 (0.74 per game)
Distance Covered: 5.83km per game
Key Moments: 24 (0.57 per game)
Matches Won Ratio: 78.57% (33/42)
Average Rating: 6.85

Assistant Manager's Report
Current Ability:
Potential Ability:

Comment Section

mgriffin2012, I'll come back to haunt him if he doesn't :P

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Season Twelve: Season Review

An Overview Of Whitehawk FC In Season 2027/2028

Ryan Ferguson: It was my final season as manager of Whitehawk Football Club. The final year of a twelve year chapter of my life. I set out to make it the best season possible for the club and I would settle with nothing less than total domination.


Kylian Mbappé Joined Whitehawk For £50M

Not too many big names left the club. Brahim Díaz and João Félix left the club for reasonable fees, despite both only joining the club the season before. We wanted a bit more of a cutting edge in attack, truth be told. Riccardo Mansueto also left the club in search of more regular football, while Australian international Jordan Turner departed in January. A number of players were loaned out.

We made a number of signings for our starting lineup. Miroslav Novakovic arrived from Watford to become our new right wing attacker, while Emanuel Mammana arrived on a free transfer from Manchester United to become Stephen Lacy's new partner in central defence. Kylian Mbappé was the big signing, and he would become our new left wing attacker. A number of youth players were signed, including Chavez Miller who arrived from Arsenal in January for a potential fee of £59,000,000.

The squad was strong. There was a great mix of youth and experience, with plenty of versatility and quality among the group. We had a solid core which survived from last season, with attacking flair added by Mbappé and Novakovic. We were very confident that we could achieve greatness with the group of players we had.

FA Community Shield

Whitehawk Claimed The Community Shield With Victory Over Man City

It was a hard-fought contest as we set our season off with a bang. Manchester City looked to battle us all the way for the trophy, but we held on to the win having scored two first half goals. A good way to begin the campaign.

UEFA Super Cup

Whitehawk Defeated Arsenal In The UEFA Super Cup Final

This was a much more straight-forward game for us as we blew Arsenal out of the water. We were down to ten men for some time in the second, following a red card, but we proved too strong for Arsenal in the end.

FIFA Club World Cup

Whitehawk Conceded 0 Goals In FIFA Club World Cup Success

We were up against Tunisian side ES Tunis in the semi finals of the competition and we fielded a second string team. We proved too strong for them, however, and marched to the final after a comfortable two goal win.

Mexican side Tigres UANL awaited us in the showpiece event, but our first choice team was far too good for them. A 4-0 victory emphasised the gulf in calls between us, as we marched to another trophy victory.

Premier League

Whitehawk Were Unbeaten In The League Throughout Whole Season

It was another unbeaten league campaign for us! We were pushed hard in some games, most notably whenever we played our football in Manchester, but held on to secure a fantastic feat. We enjoyed our best set of results in December, January and February, as our rotation policy helped keep our players fresh while other teams had injury issues.

Our goal scoring record improved drastically from the previous campaign, but our defensive record was nowhere near as good. It was still very impressive, however, and we can take pride in having the best defensive record in the league again.

Well, the big results came against Manchester United. A 4-4 draw at Old Trafford certainly thrilled the spectators, but I was not pleased as we conceded a three goal lead in that game. We did smash them 3-0 in the reverse fixture, however, so I can be pleased with that. Our biggest league win came in a 5-0 thumping of West Ham in May.

League Table

Whitehawk Finished The Campaign Fifteen Points Clear At The Top

We were well ahead of second placed Manchester United by a sum of fifteen points. We didn't quite reach the 100 points mark, but 98 is pretty good too. Our defensive abilities certainly helped us in our quest for the title, which I think we can say we deserved.

Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City completed the rest of the top four, alongside ourselves, while Arsenal, Everton and Stoke City qualified for the UEFA Europa League through league positioning. Crystal Palace, Huddersfield Town and Bristol City suffered heartbreak in the form of relegation.

UEFA Champions League

Whitehawk Suffered Just One Defeat En Route To European Glory

We were drawn a fairly routine group this season. AC Milan, Olympique Lyonnais and RSC Anderlecht were our opponents in the early stage of the competition, and we defeated all of them. A 5-0 thrashing of Olympique Lyonnais was one of the highlights, but a stunning 4-2 victory at San Siro against AC Milan was certainly the most iconic victory.

Atlético de Madrid and Bayer 04 Leverkusen provided stern opposition in the second round and quarter finals, respectively. We did, however, squeeze past both to earn a semi final place against Paris Saint-Germain. Despite being without a number of injured key players, we held out for a narrow aggregate victory against the French champions.

Arsenal awaited us in what proved to be my final game as Whitehawk manager. It wasn't an overly exciting final, by any means, but we scored a late winner through teenage striker Tomas Mrva to win the title at Luzhniki in Moscow, Russia.

FA Cup


Whitehawk Defeated Man Utd, Arsenal & Chelsea To Win The FA Cup

Games against Barnsley, Aston Villa and Millwall proved to be very routine victories for us. However, we played in one of the games of the century against Manchester United in the quarter finals. A 3-3 thriller brought the game to extra time, where teenage striker Chavez Miller scored a sensational winner. We then battled hard to win a semi final against Arsenal.

The final against John Terry's Chelsea was an absolute stalemate. Both sides dug in to survive, and it took some very quick thinking for teenage striker Tomas Mrva to score a superb winner in extra time.


Whitehawk Defeated Manchester United In A One-Sided EFL Cup Final

The majority of our games in this competition were routine victories. Burnley, Brighton and Tottenham didn't really stand a chance, in truth, as we brushed them away. Manchester City proved tough to crack in the semi finals, but we broke their will in the second leg to earn a place in the final.

We were expecting a very tough game in the final against José Mourinho and Manchester United, but we ended up absolutely dominating. It was a fiery game, with two players being sent off, but we ran out deserved 3-0 winners in the end.

Whitehawk Football Club

Stephen Lacy & Kylian Mbappé Were Among Whitehawk's Top Performers

The fans voted for captain Stephen Lacy as their player of the season, but I have to go for Kylian Mbappé. The French attacker scored and assisted a total of 60 goals throughout his first season at the club, and made all of our dreams possible.

World Football

Chelsea Lifted The UEFA Europa League At The VELTINS-Arena

Chelsea secured a major European competition in John Terry's first full season as manager. They defeated Borussia Dortmund in extra time in a thrilling final to win the trophy, earning John Terry many plaudits.

Kylian Mbappé won both the Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year awards for 2027, having shone for club and country. FC Bayern Munich's Reinhold Stoll placed runner-up in both, while Manchester United's Facundo Colidio had to settle for third place in both.

Comment Section

De Magere, <3

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A final season to remember, perfection all across the board.

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