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Ryan Ferguson: The Unorthodox Approach

For most, the battles stay on the pitch. For Ryan Ferguson, his battles are off it.
Started on 7 May 2017 by Justice
Latest Reply on 21 October 2017 by Aaron
7 trophies is unbelievable, there are no more words!
This is just... I have no words.
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Ryan Ferguson Resigns

Ryan Ferguson Officially Resigned From Whitehawk Football Club


It was the news that everybody knew was coming. Having taken charge of what was confirmed to be his last game as Whitehawk manager in the UEFA Champions League final on 27/05/2028, Ryan Ferguson today officially resigned from his role as manager. His departure ends a twelve year spell at the club which started on 01/07/2016, bringing a plague of trophies and football phenomena since.

Born in Liverpool on 23/11/1993, Ferguson did not have much success making it in the professional game. He, instead, opted to to begin a managerial career at the young age of 22, with a Whitehawk team that was, at the time, a semi-professional club.

He was an immediate success, with his tactical preparation and player recruitment and management yielding five back-to-back promotions, winning each of the five lower league titles on the way to the Premier League. He and Whitehawk won their first Premier League title in 2025, and have won three in total since. A run of four UEFA Champions League trophy wins also started in 2025, a phenomenal record.

Ryan Ferguson's Whitehawk Trophy Haul:
League Competitions
Vanarama National League South x1 (2017)
Vanarama National League x1 (2018)
Sky Bet League Two x1 (2019)
Sky Bet League One x1 (2020)
Sky Bet Championship x1 (2021)
Premier League x3 (2025, 2027, 2028)

Intercontinental Competitions
FIFA Club World Cup x3 (2025, 2026, 2027)
Domestic Cup Competitions
FA Trophy x2 (2017, 2018)
EFL Trophy x2 (2019, 2020)
FA Cup x3 (2025, 2027, 2028)
FA Community Shield x2 (2025, 2027)
EFL Cup x2 (2027, 2028)

Continental Competitions
UEFA Europa League x1 (2024)
UEFA Super Cup x4 (2024, 2025, 2026, 2027)
UEFA Champions League x4 (2025, 2026, 2027, 2028)

Total: 31Trophies

Renowned for his attention to detail in match preparation, Ryan Ferguson's Whitehawk teams have always been extremely difficult sides to break down, boasting an unprecedented defensive record. The past season saw his team add a ruthless attacking edge to their game, with the signings of Kylian Mbappé and Miroslav Novakovic adding flair and precision.

During his spell as Whitehawk manager, Ryan Ferguson also took the reigns of the England national team for two years, winning the UEFA European International League and the FIFA World Cup in the process, before resigning to return his full focus on club management.

Ryan Ferguson cited 'a need for change' as the reason for his resignation, and declined to add further detail. The resignation brings an end to a phenomenal era for English football, and his successor will have their work cut out to earn a fraction of the success he did.

Ryan Ferguson's Message

Ryan Ferguson:
"Well, we knew this day would come. It is with a heavy heart that I declare the end of my professional association with Whitehawk Football Club. From this day onwards, I will no longer be manager of the greatest football club in the world. It is not a decision I have made lightly.

The past twelve years have helped me to grow as a manager and as a person, as we achieved truly phenomenal triumphs together. It has been a very easy relationship for me to have with the club, as the players, staff, directors and, especially, the fans have shown a kindness and an unwavering support that any manager could only dream of having.

We've had some great moments together. I think the FA Cup semi final victory against Manchester United back in 2020 has to go down as one of the club's greatest ever victories. But, of course, the trophy successes show just good we have been on the pitch.

I know a number of fans might not understand why I have chosen this time to leave the club. It hasn't been an easy choice to make, and I have second-guessed myself at times, but it is one I had to make. I needed a change, personally. I'm thirty-four years old, and I've spent every second of the last twelve years of my life working my socks off for Whitehawk. I need a change, while I'm still young enough to give myself life targets.

I could not be any more grateful to the club for giving me the opportunity to come here, twelve years ago, and allow me to begin my career in football management. I had nothing, and the club had given me everything. I will forever be grateful to the club for that.

I would like to say thank you to everybody involved with the club. I would like to thank with all the terrific players over the years, the coaching staff, the staff who run the club behind the scenes, the directors, Jim Collins for hiring me twelve years ago, and the fans, whose support has been unwavering ever since. I may no longer be under contract at Whitehawk, but Whitehawk will forever hold a place in my heart."

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All, thank for following so far guys! Expect a slight change in how things are done in future updates!

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It's been an incredible 12 years, but I am interested to see what your next challenge is: i can't see Ryan taking the easy route and moving to another massive club
Trophies, trophies and more trophies on top... nobody will ever achieve more than what he has with Whitehawk I'm sure. The next challenge awaits..
Just a few winners medals in the collection ;)
Can't wait for his next journey.
Justice's avatar Group Justice
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Ferguson Taking Long Break

Ryan Ferguson Has Rejected Numerous Offers As He Continues Sabbatical


Just over three months ago, Ryan Ferguson guided Whitehawk to their fourth UEFA Champions League title in a row before announcing his resignation the following week. It brought an end to a twelve year tenure, and the end of an era in English football.

Markus Krösche has since succeeded Ferguson in the role, having previously won eight domestic trophies with Real Madrid, including three La Liga Santander titles. However, Krösche has struggled to inspire fans in a disappointing opening month as Whitehawk manager, suffering defeat in both the FA Community Shield and the UEFA Super Cup finals.

For Ferguson, the time since his resignation has been a quiet one for him, despite a constant interest in his services. The four-time UEFA Champions League, three-time Premier League and one-time FIFA World Cup winner has had a host of parties interested in his services, according to a source close to him.

A number of clubs across Europe has approached the Englishman, with the most notable names including FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus. Following the UEFA European Championships, a number of nations have also made an approach including England, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The latter reportedly offered Ferguson £140,000 p/w to manage the former world champions.

However, despite the heavy interest in his services, Ryan Ferguson has reportedly rejected all offers. The Englishman is said to have been enjoying his time away from football as he enjoys a long-term holiday for the first time in twelve years. A source close to him has reported that Ferguson is currently enjoying a spell in Stockholm, Sweden, and has not set foot in England since resigning from his role as Whitehawk manager.

Ryan Ferguson is not expected to return to football management any time soon, as he looks to recharge following a grueling twelve year spell in English football, and looks for new inspiration. Whenever Ferguson does decide to return to management, he will certainly have plenty of interested clubs.

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InfraRed, Fergie was never a fan of the easy route!
ScottT, I can think of another Ferguson who has achieved more :P
mgriffin2012, one or two ;)
De Magee, it'll be a little different to Whitehawk, I can assure you of that! :P

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Finally caught up after months away. Your journey at whitehawk was amazing and seriously you got this club from nothing to a powerhouse. I hope the next person in charge doesn't screw things up
A lot of top managers seem to like taking sabbaticals after they leave a club... I mean, they deserve it I suppose. :P
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Ferguson Suffered From Managerial Pressure

Ryan Ferguson's Agent Revealed Client Suffered From Managerial Pressure


Former Whitehawk and England manager Ryan Ferguson's agent Lewie Balik revealed the mental struggles his client faced throughout his time in the south coast of England. Lewie Balik, whose family owns Balik Sports News, listed the pressure applied by media and fans as the primary reason for Ferguson's troubles.

It isn't the first case of a professional involved in football succumbing defeat to the pressure of the sport, with Ryan Giggs and Aaron Lennon among the high-profile cases. Mental health of football players has become a major concern in the last thirty years, with the need for professional psychiatrists increasing since the turn of the millennium.

England has become the center for mental illness in football, with a vast number of high profile cases occurring in the Premier League. With the Premier League becoming the most reputable and most followed league in the world, the attention and expectation of football fans all around the world have been placed on players and managers in the division.

Lewie Balik reported that Ryan Ferguson was a long way from being ready to return to management, expressing his desire for fans and media to give him time. Balik described the media attention on Ferguson, since his resignation from Whitehawk, as 'incessantly disturbing' and 'extremely disrespectful to his privacy'.

Lewie Balik:
"Ryan (Ferguson) has been struggling mentally. The pressure of managing Whitehawk for twelve years has taken its toll on him, especially in the last few years when they were competing for all the major honours. It has left him feeling unstable and without confidence.

He started out very young, and he still is a very young person. He hasn't had much time to settle in to adulthood, as his job with Whitehawk took all of his time. He never had time to sit back and escape from the harsh, cold eyes of the media. The media in England is ugly, and tortures players and managers alike. The fans? They are no different, they are too expectant of their idols to perform, and willingly slay them on social media should they not perform to the high standards expected of them.

Ryan has tried to relax and get away from football for the time being, but he finds it very difficult with you lot in the media proving to be incessantly disturbing. He wakes up to cameras and microphones every day, despite moving to the other side of Europe. It is extremely disrespectful to his privacy.

He hasn't set foot in England since leaving Whitehawk, and I don't expect him to return any time soon should the media not change how they work. The fans too. They are overwhelming in their ignorance and have helped Ryan to lose his faith in English football. It is very sad.

I'm unsure if Ryan will return to management at all, but I expect that is his wish. He must be given to recharge and to rediscover why he loves football. Whether that be ten days or ten years, we have to be patient with him. He, of all managers, has earned the opportunity to rest. We should be decent and allow him to have his time and space."

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MJK46, thank you. And well, Krösche was terrible :P
ScottT, well I suppose managers can literally afford long holidays when they're earning more in a week than most people do in a year! :P

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That's no surprise! One day you are the king and the other day you're the devil in the eyes of the media.
Lewie Balik... for god sake :P I'm sure Ryan will be back sooner than we expect.
Justice's avatar Group Justice
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Ryan Ferguson Spectated Whitehawk In The Champions League Final


A lot had changed for Whitehawk in the two years since I resigned. Following my twelve year spell as manager, there was always going to be an adjustment period which would reshape the club, from top to bottom. Plenty would remain as was, but a new leader would bring new ideas and new philosophies, and look to make a mark on the future of the club.

Markus Krösche first arrived, fresh off the back of a successful treble-winning season with Real Madrid. He was an ambitious young German, who favoured a patient defensive game, with a flair for direct counter-attacking moves. The Real Madrid position which he left had been his first job as manager of a football club, and so was relatively inexperienced.

He was not successful at Whitehawk. A disappointing start to the season saw him and Whitehawk concede defeat in the FA Community Shield, UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup. It was a season without trophies for Whitehawk as they just about finished fourth in the Premier League. Krösche was shown the door shortly after.

He was always up against it, in truth. He was the first new manager at the football club in twelve years, and implementing drastic change was never going to be easy. I felt sorry for him, as it was a very difficult job to take on. He has been without a job ever since.

The start of this season brought Slaven Bilić to the club. He was my final opponent as manager of Whitehawk, when we took on Arsenal in the UEFA Champions League. He was very experienced and favoured a high-paced aggressive style of play. The fans appreciated that kind of change.

Bilić had a more successful season in the league, as he mustered a second place finish. He failed to win a trophy too, however, although that was yet to be seen. He had guided Whitehawk to the UEFA Champions League final, where they were to face José Mourinho's Manchester United at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Italy.

Over 70,000 fans crowded in to the historical venue for the all-English clash, and I was among these fans. Whitehawk chairman Danny Baxter had offered me a VIP ticket, one which I could not refuse. It was the first time I had sat in the stands at a football game in years, I had restricted myself to watching the odd game on television in the past two years.

Mourinho was the one to have the last laugh on the day, as his side battled hard for a victory in extra time. Manchester United had taken an early lead in the game, but Kylian Mbappé produced a magical effort to bring the game to extra time. However, The Red Devils proved too much as they scored to secure the trophy.

Despite my old club suffering defeat, the game itself was a huge turning point in my career. I was sat in the stands, but the magic of the game in such a venue had given me the inspiration I had been searching for during my sabbatical. I was excited, like a kid, as I watched the best footballers on the planet face off against one another.

I knew it was time to begin searching for a new managerial position. I wanted to be back in a dugout, battling it out against another manager and another team. The midweek preparation, the post-match analysis - I missed it all. It was time. My time away from football was over.

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De Magere, the media loves to hate!
ScottT, ;)

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Whitehawk need Ryan back, it's like Alex Fergie all over again at United! :P

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