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The Fields Of Anfield Road

The Fields Of Anfield Road
Started on 24 April 2018 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 24 June 2018 by TurboCarrilero
Great signing, that last line though ffs. I give up with you.
Scott: I Hope you stay :) xD

The Verge Of Success


January was another huge test for the team, we were coming off the back of a 9 game month into an 8 gamer and this one included playing the same team literally 3 times. So onto it...

Stoke up first at home in the Premier league was the easier test of the month and once again not much of a challenge. Chamberlain cropped up with one of occasional long strikes and Hendo our engine midfield contributed with his own 4th of the season.

Onto Leicester in the FA Cup 3rd round - Our first game in the competition - I was looking for another exciting and more importantly long cup run and we look like doing just that coming out 5-1 winners on the night.

A game that Leicester never once had any kind of hold on, we obliterated them from start to finish. Vardy got their only goal after Salah, Firmino and our youngman on the left Woodburn sent them hurtling out of the competition.

This left us in good stead for the next match where we would play..

Leicester again - in the Carabao Cup Semi Final...Avoiding Manchester United and Manchester City who will play in the opposite round to get here.

We'd had an easy run so far and as we literally just showed in the last cup game this was an absolute cake walk too. Four goals to Nil. You could say we're through but as we know the Carabao host 2 legs and nothing is over until the final whistle in football. We all Know that.

Thanks to a Salah hattrick and a goal from new boy Cutrone we were able to put one foot in the final already. Manchester United smashed their City rivals 3-0, all but confirming the final fixture on the 25th February.

Now we had to play Man City, and to be honest after already beating them at home I was very confident but I know the Etihad can be a tough challenge for some.

It proved to be just that this time round and after a good run of games in the cup we were thrown from the boat in a 4-0 thrashing that saw us take a huge hit to a title bid, luck was on our side with City not being our current main title rivals but this result could very well change that.

A truly disastrous result.

Firmino was the hero against Huddersfield 3 days later with a fantastic brace. The Brazilian has been on hot form recently finding his feet after a shaky start in the beginning of the season.

Huddersfield left with nothing, we came out with 3 points and 3 goals after Salah finished them off.

I don't want to talk much about the second leg of the semi final. Long story short - We won. Dominic Solanke with another 2 goals to add to his tally. He put in a fantastic performance. We would now play Manchester United in the final after their 4-1 aggregate win and our 7-1 win.

Well...It's been a rather long time since these two sides met in a final.

Bristol Rovers were our 4th round tie for the FA Cup and no I won't lie about it with the form we were on the 5th round was already in our sights. We put out the best team we could and of course we were rewarded with that

Another ridiculously high scoring game with 4 goals coming home in our favor courtesy of you guessed it! bSalah. Not forgetting Firmino, Cutrone and Arnold's 3 goals. Huddersfield, 5th round, bring it on.

Last up was West Brom. Always a bogey for Liverpool and for me particularly. Having scored 18 goals this month in 7 games you'd really expect this to be more of a simple ride against 20th in the league but when has that ever happened?

The game was quiet, too quiet. We were coming into full time at 0-0. Only in the 87th minute did we finally make a breakthrough from Henderson who split through the West Brom wall to slot home a potential winner, the crowd went nuts!

5 points clear we all though before James Morrison came into a 1 on 1 situation with Karius and tucked it over his head for 1-1 in the 91st minute! An agonizing point drop here...We could have been 4 clear.

Player Of The Month
Do I really even need to say it anymore? Seriously he's been fantastic...Again. To be honest I don't know how someone can be so good. This guys is absolutely world class and is currently sending us to a Premier League title as things stand.

Thoughts On The Report
It's been a really good month in the cups. Couldn't have been better actually. Four wins in total and not just wins, we absolutely smashed everyone.

Though the City result was hard to take and actually the West Brom result was even harder losing the extra 2 points so late but not to worry, we're still 2 clear and now we have a final to think about.
Liverpool genuinely can’t beat West Brom, can they?

Beside that and Citeh, well in once again.

Primed And Ready


What an absolutely HUGE month in store we have here. A title clash with Arsenal very hot on our heels. Palace away from home, always tough. An FA Cup 5th round tie. The First leg of our next Champions League Match, and a Merseyside derby. Not forgetting the Carabao Cup final either, the outcome of that result will be revealed in due course.

As you can already tell we've absolutely steam rolled ahead and had a 100% month firstly going to Crystal Palace and dominating them, after West Brom beat us the londoners themselves dropped to 20th place so I knew it would be hard, but we got a much needed win and kept Arsenal off our backs for at least another game

Salah and Firmino showing how formidable they can be once more...Seriously I'm getting bored of typing their names.

But onto Arsenal in what would be the most important game of the month regardless of any Cup Final. This was the big one, we could put ourselves a few more points ahead of the pack.

We were off to a terrible start and all I could see in my eyes was a big Tottenham shaped bottle. Aubameyang the leagues top goal scorer....I know right? Absolutely rinsing the defense for it's high line and using his incredible speed to burst on through and score the first of the game in the 3rd minute.

With half time approaching Gini Wijnaldum came in with his own reply to that early goal thumping home a pretty scrappy goal line scramble, but resistance was futile and we would go in at the break 1 goal down thanks to Cristian Pavons goal just 5 minutes after our own.

A tactical reshuffle was in order now, go out attacking and take them by surprise which to my delight we did though it took a total of 15 minutes for Salah to equal the scores with a deft finish from close range.

Then it was just another 5 and I was witnessing Patrick Cutrone jump a tackle, break free in the box and strike home an incredibly powerful shot from one of the tightest angles you can ever get. This was the winner, but Salah made absolutely certain to have the last laugh doubling his Goal Scoring rival Pierre's total for the game.

With Arsenal out the way we could move onto the FA Cup, another game which we had complete control in beating Huddersfield 3-1. Just a goal difference from our match last month. James Milner coming up with the goods in a man of the match performance. His hattrick will see us play Bristol City in the Quarter finals. Could this get any easier do you think?

And yes you heard right, 2 James Milner hattricks in one season. God.

Then came that thunderous theme tune, that beautiful theme tune, that angelic theme tune. Yes, the Champions League was back and 15 teams were on our turf. That's right, our turf. Ajax stood firmly in our way though and the rest would have to wait.

Salah scored only 5 minutes into the game leaving delighted eyes all around the stadium and Gini Wijnaldum decided it was time to come up with 2 in a month and an away goal.

Thanks to Bobby Firmino we were 4-0 up going into half time with 2 wonderful goals from coming from just himself. One foot in the next round already, what an easy tie we've had here.

Late on Ajax scored and it looked as though Hakim Ziyech had given his team hope but that man on a hattrick Bobby Firmino all but sealed Ajax's fate in the 91st minute again with a sublime finish from our front man.

Last and completely least...Everton.

Salah scored, and we won 1-0. But what did you expect? It's Everton.

Player Of The Month
For the purpose of wanting Salah to not just run away with this award, I'm giving this months to Firmino for outstanding displays all month long. Yes Salah scored plenty more, but when we needed him most Firmino was there with the assists, the goals and just generally was there as a squad leader. Well done Firmino.

Thoughts On The Report
We blitzed everything this month and we are now SIX points clear. I can't quite believe it myself. An FA Cup quarter final to come, a Carabao Cup Final, pretty much the Champions League Quarter final and favorites for the league. what more could I want right now?
2018-05-03 18:05#249182 Aaron :

The Ole' One In One Out

Here you go then. Everyone's favorite mong Harry Kane Harry Maguire!

Using that word is uncalled for. If you don't like him, call him something else. Or better yet, get over your obsession for Spurs. Was going to wish you well, but then again i fucking hate Lolpool. So hope you fall flat on your ass :)
AlfieLucas: Thank you mate, I'm glad you took the time to cry over a sentence used in jest.

You can look forward to much more of the same :)
Aaron, you are clearly obsessed with Tottenham Hotspur, the greatest team in London. Is it because of Tottenham's superior trophy cabinet? I bet Kane would claim he's the reason you're obsessed.

"He's one of our own". But only because he was turned down by his boyhood club Arsenal.

Carabao Cup Final 2017/18

The Carabao Cup has been an absolute breeze this season and at the beginning I begun by naming my biggest target for the season. A domestic trophy win. Something Liverpool have lacked in recent years.

If you recall we began our cup run with a tidy 4-1 win against Bournemouth thanks to goals from Salah and our captain Henderson. An own goal certainly sealed The Cherries' fate at the depth.

Stoke came next and were no hardship at all, after that it was Norwich who would roll over for us.

Played over two legs the semi final came in January at a time of high levels of fixture congestion where we would have to play Leicester twice more - Already playing them in the FA Cup that month.

We got through with relative ease smashing them of both legs, our counterparts Manchester United also beat their city rivals to ensure a North West derby final.

We were desperate to win such trophy so as usual in the cup I picked the best team I could and we would go all out for the win.

Alexis Sanchez, a player known for his high level of quality was a constant thorn in our side all game and it only took him 20 minutes to find a breakthrough for his side which left a sour taste in the mouths of the Reds.

The rest of the half was quiet and we would head back down the tunnels at 1-0 for half time.

I sent the boys out in a more direct manner, United were playing a rather high line it seemed and I thought our pace could get in behind them which it did, though to know avail as De Gea parried a well hit strike from Mane onto the post and out for a corner.

The corner came in from Henderson and our rather infamous centre back Dejan Lovren who came in for cup tied Harry Maguire - rose up to thunder it in with his head off the bar. 1-1.

Again quiet for a rather lengthy spell of the game it was looking like extra time was going to become the formality in this one. Man United had other ideas.

A well placed pass from Sanchez left Martial with little to do in passing it Lingard's way who was able to creep in a fantastically placed shot at the near post. The score was now 2-1 with 15 minutes left. The hope was leaving Liverpool fans' eyes.

Another 10 minutes went by and the team were becoming more and more agitated which was leading to a lot more mistakes being made and risks being taken.

For the 3rd time of the night Man United capitalized on that and were able to complete the 3-1 win over their main rivals and also bring home yet another trophy to place in the cabinet. All hope had gone for Liverpool fans.

An overall disappointing performance, I certainly wasn't happy with the way we played and in the moment I was probably a lot angrier than I am now. I've got the benefit of hindsight now and I see where our mistakes led. Where my mistakes led.

We won't be this poor when we come up against United again. Oh no. We've got unfinished business here now, we'll have the last laugh.
Disappointing result. Hopefully you will have the last laugh, eventually.

Beginning Of The End


With a pretty much perfect Premier League season in tact we were diving head first into a short month of March coming right off the back of a derby win, and a derby loss.

heavy hearted emotions for us in the loss as it was in a cup final and it was certainly a cup I would've loved to win but for me this means progress as cup runs are something of a rarity for Liverpool lately, though when we do get their we rarely win also, so it's imperative the next time we end up here...We win.

We were in a very solid state going into this month 6 points clear of Arsenal though the two Manchester clubs would be able to bump ahead of the Gunners by winning each of their games in hand which they did.

Manchester City had a mixed bag with only the one win and 3 draws, with United still very much behind them this meant the Red Devils had it even worse which left quite a huge gap for us to push on.

Our win against Swansea was nothing short of a formality in a 3-1 win but Southampton proved to be a tougher test. we could only gather the one point from St Mary's but we kept our heads in good stead for the game against Ajax.

With a 5-1 victory in the first leg we pretty much knew the game was said and done but I never take professionalism for granted. We'd run out with a weaker side ready for our next FA Cup game but the lads still performed to their best of ability coming out the victors, securing a Champions League Quarter Final draw for us.

The FA Cup was a big priority for us at the beginning of the season as you all know and so far we were blitzing it, in the 6th round that was no different as we took on Championship outfit Bristol City and won 2-0 thanks to our engine Jordan Henderson. The magic of the FA Cup was no where to be found for Bristol...

The big one of the month was indeed the last one, and it would have us pitted against huge rivals Man united for the first time since last months cup final defeat.

We looking to set the score straight and United had absolutely no answer for it as Bobby Firmino and Mohammed Salah ran riot on them, both thundering home a pair of braces and sending the Liverpool fans home happy, with the knowledge they'd sit NINE points clear at the top.

United would still have their game in hand though.

Player Of The Month
My player of the month for March isn't Salah, it's not Firmino, and Mane STILL doesn't get a mention despite being quite phenomenal this season. (Goes to show the quality of the other two)

This month I'm giving it to big Solanke who netted twice this month against Swansea and Southampton thus proving even more so that he's really starting to gel with the squad and prove the doubters wrong.

He's certainly earning his place in the team next season.

Thoughts On The Report
Not much to say really other than how good the boys have been once again, truly ruthless in the final third. Absolutely embarrassed United in their own back yard which I'm thoroughly pleased about.

We're 9 points clear with 7 games to go. We've been wondering if it was possible and I think now we know that it is. We are the favorites for the title and we need to take all that pressure of being at the top and channel it into something far greater.

We're going to come under a lot of scrutiny in the run in - We need to be ready. I believe we are.
Absolutely brilliant month there, especially the victory (and revenge) over United. Surely you can't let the title slip...
Scott: That result was nothing, there's a lot more in store for United. It's been a long time coming. In theory, this should just be a formality but we all know the Premier League run in is not to be taken lightly.

Champions League Quarter Final Draw

As the last remaining teams to play last Wednesday, Liverpool and Ajax battled it out at Anfield. Ajax looking to overturn a 4 goal deficit and Liverpool trying very hard not let it become an embarrassment.

The Reds of course were the favorites and of course proved that by being the last to throw the gauntlet into the hat after winning 3-2, and a whopping 8-3 on aggregate.

The teams Liverpool would potentially face in the last 8 come in the shape of Manchester United, Barcelona, Celtic, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Juventus and Paris Saint Germain.

The last 16 saw current holders Real Madrid exit early as Chelsea overturned a 2-1 win in the first leg and beat them 2-0. Shockingly Celtic went through over two legs when pitted against Manchester City.

Then Man United won 3-0 in their first match against Bayern Munich who returned with their own sucker-punch and won heavily - 4-1. United of course getting that crucial away goal to make it 4-4. How on earth.

So the obvious draw for Liverpool would be Celtic, the rest would all be incredibly tough tasks. So...Let's find out who we got.


So probably the one we didn't want. Not because they're the hardest of the lot but because we've played them 3 times this season.

That makes it two league games, a carabao cup game, two legs of a champions league quarter final and we could still meet them in the FA Cup depending on results.

That would make it SIX North West derbies for the year. Surely that's the most EVER?!

Only in FM.

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