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The Fields Of Anfield Road

The Fields Of Anfield Road
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ScottT's avatar Group ScottT 2018-05-13 14:13
gb 1179 posts 158 likes joined Apr 04, 2016
What a brilliant tie! Liverpool fans would love to see you progress at the hands of United.
Aaron's avatar Group Aaron 2018-05-13 14:57
00 2056 posts 240 likes joined Aug 10, 2013
Scott: They would indeed, I certainly would too. Though I'd have much prefer a different challenge.
Aaron's avatar Group Aaron 2018-05-14 11:59
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Champions League Quarter Finals

Game: Manchester United vs Liverpool
Venue: Old Trafford
Date: 3rd April 2018
Man United Lineup: De Gea, Valencia, Smalling, Rojo, Criscito, Blind, Herrera, Matic, Mata, Sanchez, Lukaku.
Liverpool Lineup: Karius, Gomez, Magurie, Van Dijk, Moreno, Wijnaldum, Henderson, Salah, Firmino, Mane, Cutrone

United vs Liverpool is always a tough matchup for both sides but in recent years Liverpool have found it harder between the two to find results home or way, that had changed somewhat this season.

For the first leg we went in without Alexander Arnold who was injured for a week or so and had to settle for sufficient back up in Joe Gomez.

The ref blew the whistle and from the word go we were on the back foot starting from the word go. Mata being left with acres of space in the box for probably the 100th time against Liverpool made no mistake in the 3rd minute to net home.

Matic then came up with his own blockbuster of an effort from 30 yards out - Truly unstoppable. 5 mins had past and the tie was already slipping from our hands.

Both sides were very even, same possession, same shots, same everything but when it mattered most United could finish. Lukaku ended our hopes of becoming semi finalists ensuring our 3-0 loss.

Or did he?

Game: Liverpool vs Man United
Venue: Anfield
Date: 11th April 2018
Man United Lineup: De Gea, Valencia, Smalling, Lindelof, Criscito, Pogba, Herrera, Matic, Mata, Sanchez, Lukaku.
Liverpool Lineup: Karius, Gomez, Lovren, Van Dijk, Robertson, Wijnaldum, Henderson, Salah, Firmino, Mane, Solanke

The second half of the tie was pressure free for us. We were 3-0 down and ultimately had nothing to lose, so I sent the boys out there with clear heads, and told them to attack.

I decided to go with Solanke, believing that a young inexperienced mind might be the difference, and I think I may have been right.

15 minutes went by and we had a corner. Henderson whipped a bad boy of a cross into a dangerous area then low and behold our man Solanke rose up and headed one in off Antonio Valencia. The goal initially went down as an own goal.

Again the game was extremely even despite a large number of shots going against De Gea's goal. Unlike the first leg though it was us who could finish and Wijnaldum fired home a rocket at the near post which followed an exquisite killer ball from Firmino.

We came out at half time 2-0 up, and we only needed one more. That all changed 10 minutes in when Sanchez snuck a 25 yard curler from out of no where. Our whole outlook on the game was changed once more and we would now need three goals.

We got one of those in the 65th minute coming from Salah who latched onto a low free header in the box.

That was it though, 3-1. We needed another 2 goals given that only one would send United through on away goals.

Gutted. Truly gutted. We came so close, and put in a fantastic performance. Just like the last 16, the jammy bastards had done it again.

See you next time United, hopefully in the FA Cup.
Aaron's avatar Group Aaron 2018-05-15 11:04
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Beginning Of The End


As you can see April has been a sublime month. Forgetting the UCL quarter finals in either side of the Newcastle game we had a 100% record in the premier league/cup competitions.

Of course we started with Newcastle where we would go up against former Liverpool manager and friend to the club Rafa Benitez who seems to have somewhat of a length record when it comes to helping Liverpool out. (Thanks for spanking Chelsea Raf x)

Heading into this month we knew the run in was all but upon us and nothing other than a win in every game would do for us, and for me. We wanted to blow this league out of the water and we start off well by smashing the Toon 3-1 at Anfield.

All of a sudden, a message pops up in my inbox. The run in. The only 'top' side in ours being Chelsea. A game we all saw as a must win, more for the bragging rights really, but that would come at a later date. First we had Leicester away from home while Arsenal would take on Newcastle. United, Swansea. And Manchester City, Brighton.

We came out with a rather convincing win having seen a flurry of goals go in from Solanke and the like. United won rather convincingly, City did too. Arsenal though...Arsenal had lost to Newcastle. At a time where we really needed it most.

Then came West ham who we would play on the very same date of the Manchester Derby. If we won, this would be a win/win situation. Someone was going to drop points here, maybe even both.

The good news was that the team we wanted to drop points more so than the other did just that. News had flurried in at Anfield of City's terrible defeat. Terrible defeat for them anyway. For the first time in probably forever Anfield had become a supporter of United and they did just what we needed.

The who else but that Egyptian king to break the hearts of City and Arsenal fans all around, scoring the only goal in a 1-0 win. So so close to the title now. We've got one hand on it!

Before we could get our hands on that trophy though, Wembley awaited us for a second time this year.

Watford would be our opponents and all that stood in our way of getting to the FA Cup final. The day before, United beat Chelsea in the opposite semi meaning we would have to play them a 6th time if we got there.

The only exciting thing in this one was our defense. Watford couldnt break through, neither could we. In attack were abysmal. Unfortunately for the travelling Liverpool fans we couldnt treat them to an exciting game, but I think we all know they've had their fair share in recent years anyway. They were probably glad for this.

Extra time spun on and without a goal in site, it was penalties. Trust Milner stepped up for the first, slots it home. Deeney the second, cool as you like. The next two were Cutrone and Carillo who both scored tying it up 2-2. Arnold took our 3rd and half of Wembley cheered the young boy as it nestled into the top bag.

Chalobah stepped up and missed the first of the shootout, and who else would you want on the next one other than Salah? Who made no mistake in making it 4-2.

That was it, Watford had to score. Kabasele steps up...MISSES! The Liverpool fans erupt as the realization that an FA Cup final beckons hit home. What a result!

Now the one we were all waiting for. Here we go then.

Everyone knew that we could win the league here if results went our way, meaning with a few games left to do it the title was now all but ours. Arsenal had won the day before, City had drawn, United had drawn.

Salah kicked off proceedings with a lovely one two and finish with Firmino in the 40th minute. The away fans were going mental.

As the game drew on, hope was starting to dissipate for the Burnley fans who needed a result here to achieve survival but at the expense of the clarets Liverpool would go on to FINALLY WIN THE LEAGUE as SALAH the main man, the man who brought us here today finished our opponents off in the 75th minute, an 89th minute goal for Burnley just wasn't enough!


Player Of The Month
Dominic Solanke gets my vote once again for even more outstanding performances in front of goal bagging two against Newcastle and Leicester. He's been on fire of late and has kept Cutrone out of the team quite a bit really.

The English lad has gelled really well this season and I'm glad to finally say that all my doubts have now disappeared. He will be in this team over the returning Origi next season.

Thoughts On The Report
Simply wow. Wow. We've won the league. Something I didn't expect to be saying at the start of the season. I can't quite believe it myself but finally we are here, and it's good to read "19 times" after all these years.

Thanks to Firmino, Mane, Henderson, Arnold...The whole team and most importantly Salah, we are the top team in England for the first time in 28 years oh does it feel good.

Whatever comes next, this team will go down as legends. Bring on Man United in May. We want our revenge.
ScottT's avatar Group ScottT 2018-05-16 16:25
gb 1179 posts 158 likes joined Apr 04, 2016
Finally that elusive Premier League title has found it's way to Liverpool. Well in!
Justice's avatar Group Justice 2018-05-18 00:26
00 4921 posts 605 likes joined Feb 11, 2013
Aaron's avatar Group Aaron 2018-05-22 11:02
00 2056 posts 240 likes joined Aug 10, 2013

May Day, The Unimportant


As you all now know Liverpool are Premier League Champions for 2017/18. It's been a tough old year for us boys in Red but we've made so much progress in such a short space of time and we've really written ourselves well and truly into the history books with such a remarkable unlikely title victory.

At the beginning of the season my goal was to bring home at least one domestic cup, we've gotten to both finals available. One lost, one still to play. That goal could still be complete but if not then we can still look back and say we accomplished something even bigger.

From 2010 to 2017, it really has been stormy skies for Liverpool. Some would argue even before that and to some extent they'd be correct.

Though this year we are top boys in England and we want to remain that way. At the end of the storm is a golden sky and I fully believe we can see it shining bright right now.

At the end of the year, we've really continued as we had all season. Smashing Brighton, and picking up a point against Chelsea who I am still yet to beat a long with Tottenham.

It's no issue though as in the end we came out on top and had the last laugh. So to round off the year, here is the final standings for the Premier League.
What a season. Two sides in Liverpool in Arsenal doing what no one expected and finishing above the rest. Spurs surprising everyone by finishing outside the top 4 in quite some time. And Chelsea staying true to life putting in one of the worst title defenses in Premier League history.

It really has been fantastic. Onto the FA Cup, tick tock Man United.

Player Of The Month
Dominic Solanke has once again been fantastic. 2 goals against Brighton sent Liverpool fans home a very happy bunch on the last day of the season. In front of the kop too.

This boy has been remarkable and he fully deserves it.

Thoughts On The Report

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