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The Fields Of Anfield Road

The Fields Of Anfield Road
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Aaron's avatar Group Aaron 2018-05-30 21:46
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Justice, Scott: DILLY DILLY
Aaron's avatar Group Aaron 2018-06-09 14:10
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2018/19 Transfer Roundup

So I left you all on the very positive note of winning the FA Cup. Which also meant securing the double as we'd won the league just 2 weeks before. It's now been probably 2 weeks since then but finally I'm back with another update and where better to start than the very beginning of the season where we conclude our transfers for the year to come.

After a successful season it was now time to solidify constant progression at consistency at the very top. My personal solution to this would be to follow suit in that of Man City, Barcelona, PSG etc and absolutely blow everyone out the water in one fell swoop.

We had a massive budget under lock and key and I was more than ready to translate our new found success into some massive signings.

Coming into the summer transfer window we already knew Keita would be on his way in, so that was done and dusted. Not to worry about.

In total we made 4 signings including Naby. I felt like we had already a big team with great quality, also players coming through like Woodburn and Wilson. I wanted another midfielder as last season we were found out with our depth in the position. A goalkeeper was always in my mind last season despite Karius' fantastic performances. we needed a left back too.

So our left position needed some strength in depth. Clyne was now back in cover for Arnold so our other flank wasn't too much of an issue. This guy is probably the most underwhelming of the few however he's young and to me looks extremely talented for an 18 year old. He comes in with a price of around 7.75M mainly because admittedly it was a bit of a scramble towards the end of the window.

Now we have our new goalkeeper. A position which many Liverpool fans will probably praise me for strengthening. Especially with this particular man. A big Liverpool target in real life too and a good friend of our man Firmino will hopefully provide solidarity from the back for many years to come.

though my aim for him this year is to play second fiddle until roughly December when he has a grasp on the language - Currently, he doesn't speak a word.

Now a gargantuan signing. I've surveyed this player throughout the last year, and he had a brilliant season with Lazio, though it could have been better I feel like surrounded with more quality he will make the entirety of the league his own. He's go every quality, from strength, speed, power, and he's got a fantastic head on him too.

He took out a huge 70M from our budget leaving us hard pressed to sign anyone else, hence the scramble for Pavlov.

Our outgoings will more than likely surprise you. We actually did most of these after pre season had ended as I wanted to get the best feel for my whole squad before committing to any huge sales.

Despite common belief, Moreno (In game) is a class left back, and I wasn't going to sell him however I felt like the offer from Monaco was way too good to pass up. Another reason for the Pavlov scramble.

Origi leaves us with Solanke's recent form improving. Mignolet, Ings, and Flanagan will also be leaving for a combined amount of around 32M which in my eyes is fantastic business.

Allan leaves for 4M to Reims, Markovic couldn't seal a permanent move so will be off to Porto on loan and the rest of our youngsters will be looking to prove their worth on loan also. Kent, Brewster and ejaria being the main guys on my watch.
walkinshaw's avatar Group walkinshaw 2018-06-09 14:39
au 346 posts 54 likes joined Jul 03, 2014
some top signings to bolster the team mate, Allison looks a beast on fm cna say I've never taken any notice of him tbf.
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_LiamBoro's avatar Group _LiamBoro 2018-06-10 19:21
gb 2 posts joined Jun 10, 2018
Ryan Kent is a huge talent, I have to admit. Cannot believe you managed to get so much for Moreno, top business pal.
Up the Boro and Adam Clayton x
Jack's avatar Group Jack 2018-06-22 19:03
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UNREAL BUSINESS. Savic is gonna tear it up. Allisson is gonna be able to catch a ball. Aaron, you're revolutionising Liverpool and there's nothing anyone can do about it.
Justice's avatar Group Justice 2018-06-23 17:01
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Bye bye Mignolet </3
ScottT's avatar Group ScottT 2018-06-23 18:16
gb 1276 posts 176 likes joined Apr 04, 2016
Agree with Jack!!

TurboCarrilero's avatar Group TurboCarrilero 2018-06-24 23:42
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I've just read the entire thread in one sitting. I registered just to tell you this. Well done.

Ps please continue!

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